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The official American Vegan Kitchen recipe review (to be updated)!

A comfort food, diner style book by Tamasin Noyes (AsstroGirl on PPK).

All american spice blend
I had to take the heat off earlier, otherwise this would have burned. So far I've used it in seitan recipes in this book, and I never really get a distinct flavor from it. well, it's not hard to make and appears in a lot of recipes here, so I think it's worth throwing together if the spices are on hand. (fb)
easy to make. didn't cook it and i don't think it mattered much. give food a little heat and flavor. easy enough. i do use a little more in recipes than what it calls for (bp)
a blend of several things and then toasted.  It was a good and tastey blend. I was wary of her call for 1 tbsp of cayenne as well as red pepper flakes, but I like heat.  But when I made the above soup I added the additional pepper flakes she wanted but left out the hot sauce. (tweety)
I like all the spices in here, and it smelled amazing, but I couldn't necessarily detect it in the soup. It's a nice blend to have mixed together, though. (AC)
I didn't cook this, just mixed together the spices. Substituted marjoram for the dried parsley (didn't have any) and used regular paprika instead of smoked. It's good, I used it in the corn and bean chowder and added some liquid smoke to make up for the lack of smoked paprika. Might use this in place of creole seasoning in the future. (eldsjal)
Basic vegetable broth
I combined this recipe with the broth bag idea from the PPK100 (frozen veggie bits), and it was fabulous! I left out the potatoes, because I've heard those shouldn't go in broth, and I was making it for potato soup, anyway. Also didn't have any scallion or shallot, but had other random pieces. I used the all American spice blend, and the other seasonings. Mine came out a bit spicy on its own, but it was wonderful for the soup. Love the red wine in it. (AC)
Savory seitan
I baked it and when I flipped it half way it seemed not even close to done... I left it in the oven maybe an extra half an hour just in case, haven't tried it yet but will report back... I plan on using it to make the Southwestern Wheat Meatloaf and the Tex Mex Taco Salad I believe. (amymylove)
This is delicious! Our favorite seitan yet. Unfortunately, I had to halve the recipe, because I only had a tiny box of VWG. I used chickpea flour for the soy flour, but I think followed the recipe otherwise. I followed the cooking times, and I think it came out perfect. The texture is fabulous. I think it's a pretty chickeny seitan. It was kinda hard to roll out each patty because it was so springy and just kept springing back! I would try to roll each piece thinner next time. Loved it, and will make again! (AC)
i just had some today, cut 2 cutlets into cubes, fried it up in some oil, and added it to some leftover mac and cheese (with VW's Melty Cheese) with frozen broccoli... very good and def savory (amymylove)
Loving the AVK Savory Seitan too, I used garb. bean flour too, since thats all I had, and more broth instead of wine,....I also let it bake for probably 15 minutes longer than the recipe called for because I take no chances with yucky spongey seitan, and it came out PERFECT...there is nothing better than a perfect seitan....make some "nuggets" with mahsed potatoes and gravy tonight..yummm... (babysgotsauce)
I used chickpea flour because it sounded like a good idea, and because I don't usually keep soy flour on hand. I also had to omit the nooch because we're out and so is our stockist!  I made twelve cutlets, and the dough was pretty springy, but I was able to smoosh them out pretty thin without too much problem.  I accidentally forgot to cover the baking dish with foil, so there wasn't much broth left in the pan by the time they were done baking. I only tried a little bit of one cut up in a vege satay, but my husband has been using these on his sandwiches for work all week and says it's one of the best seitans yet, with a good 'meaty' texture . Will definitely make again! (oww)
The cutlets are fabulous.  The recipe is easy peasy.  I will definitely make again...often.  I made the recipe with only tiny mods based on what I had. Braggs for the bowning liquid (what the heck is that anyway?), garbanzo/fava flour for the soy flour and used un-chicken broth and a bit of water in place of the veggie broth. My husband was so excited about these little buggers!  (thhf)
This is the first time I've cooked seitan in broth, I usually bake it.  I was a bit skeptical, but it turned out wonderfully.  This is the best seitan I've ever made.  I don't usually have non-wheat flours, but I randomly had some rice flour.  I used that in place of the soy flour.  I have no idea if they are similar, but it seemed to work fine.  I halved the recipe and and made 2 large cutlets.  After they were finished cooking, I diced them for the Beer Simmered Seitan. The texture was perfect.  (lotus)
DH and I loved the seitan this way. My kids, who usually like seitan, didn't like it..I have no idea why! (L2A)
my favorite seitan recipe (lotus)
I really liked the flavor of this seitan and look forward to using it.  The texture of the deep inside was a bit messed up, chewy and dense but that's my fault for not rolling them out thin enough, I noticed afterward that she said 1/4 inch thick which is extremely thin. (tweety)
I don't know why, but the cutlets turned out very rubbery. I cooked them as directed and used my oven thermometer, but it didn't look cooked. Perhaps it has to cook longer? (haricot)
Slow cooker version for roasts
I always hesitate to make a new seitan recipe...(if it ain't broke don't fix it..) but I like this one.  I used the slow cooker variation and it was very hassle-free, which is nice for seitan.  It also makes quite a bit, which is also nice! So far I've used it to try and make the Seitan Katsu, it tasted great but looked nothing like the picture, and I didn't have enough of the ingredients for the sauce.   (babysgotsauce)
It IS savory. The texture turns out great with the slow cooker method, cooling in the slow cooker and everything. Seems like a pretty good all-purpose seitan recipe, and I like that you can leave it alone for 8 hours. (fb)
I didn't like this at all. I made it using the slow cooker version but wasn't impressed with the taste or texture. (intheend)
I've reviewed this several times because we love this recipe so much!  This time I decided to try the slow cooker roast version.  I tinkered with it a little and it was pretty delicious.  In addition to the ketchup, I added about a tbsp barbeque sauce and added a little more than the indicated tsp browning sauce.  I divided the dough into 2 roasts instead of 4 and only needed about 4-4.5 cups cooking broth.  To make it more similar to the roasts I remember as a child, I added a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, some dried thyme, and rubbed sage to the cooking broth.  About 2 hours before it was done, I added carrots, peppers, mushrooms, and celery.  I should've added onion, but I forgot. Because of timing, I wasn't sure it would be able to cook for the full 8 hours, so I cooked it on high for about 5 hours, then when I realized I had more time, turned it down to low for the remaining 3 hours.  The broth reduced nicely and was so flavorful!  This was really good, but there is another crock pot roast that I think has a better texture.  Again, this was good, but I think the texture is better in the cutlet version. (lotus)
Seitan lite
my favorite seitan recipe from here so far. has a sort of cheesy/chicken-like taste, good texture (not gummy/stretchy at all). i think the long cooking time and letting it sit in the oven after turning it off really help it absorb stuff and become more dense than be really chewy. I also really like the herb combo in it. Somewhere in the book, the author suggests reserving any leftover seitan broth and using it for the next batch of seitan/etc. I've been doing this and it has worked out really well; the broth winds up being rich enough that it can be diluted for other recipes to sub for vegetable broth. (fb)
F'ing love this. So tasty and fb is right- this is a chickeny seitan, the most realistic one I've made so far. (intheend)
I majorly failed at this. I tried to 1 1/2 the recipe, because I had 2 cups VWG. I think I did ok with the dough, but then I crowded my big pan too much, and they just wouldn't cook. They very slightly firmed up after resting, and I had to majorly saute them to be edible, but still a fail. I will have to come back to this, and do it properly. Very sad! (AC)
Rise and Shine
Any day French toast with sweet spread
pretty good. there's nothing "eggy" about this, but it doesn't really try. I'm ok with that because it's bread (yeah!) and greasy, so all is forgiven. I was using a non-stick pan and the batter didn't stick (i've had some french toast batters stick on my pan before...). The spread is good & indulgent, and we didn't need all of it for the french toast. I wound up using the rest on toast. Worth it, not too difficult. (fb)
I used the very vanilla bead to make this and it came out great. The sweet spread tastes so good too! The only thing is that I felt it was an overkill as it was super sweet. (intheend)
Apple sausage breakfast quesadillas
I feel like I'm gaining weight while eating this. Cream cheese mixture with fake meat in a tortilla. It doesn't taste like the cheese of a quesadilla, but it's good, and goes well enough with the apple. There was actually a bit too much apple & seitan (more apple though), and I was using regular (10 inch?) wheat tortillas. The apple didn't soften too much while in the quesadilla, so expect a little crunch. (fb)
Avocado no relish

Around the clock coffee cake
I thought the topping stuff would be more crumbly, but it would up being a paste. But it was tasty anyway. The cake itself came out kind of dense, but that's fine for me for coffee cake. I would think sour cream would help it be fluffier (same with the cinnacrunch muffins), but it seems like it makes it more dense compared to vinegar or lemon juice. It's a pretty good cake all in all, and the amount of the topping vs cake is pretty good, but I like the JOVB one so much that i'll probably just stick with that recipe. (fb)
Blueberry oat short stack
I didn't like these. It tasted like there was too much baking powder, and it still had a raw dough type of flavor. Too bad. (fb)
Chinatown scramble
the eggiest of the scrambles so far (unexpected... i thought the chinatown one would be more... tofu-y). I added some bok choy in addition to the rest of the ingredients. Overall it was a pretty sound scramble, but I don't think I would specifically seek out each ingredient again; I'd probably use the general formula for the tofu scramble plus whatever vegetables I have. (fb)
Cheezy tofu potato skillet
This was really good, but it took FOREVER. I can't decide if it is worth the time and trouble. Its the hashbrowns from above, grilled veggies, easy cheese sauce (which was far from easy), and seasoned grilled tofu. We all loved it, but it was just way too involved, and then a small portion ( no leftovers!). If I go to that much trouble, I want leftovers, dammit! I might try this again, but just use my much easier cheese sauce and tofu scramble on top of the hashbrowns. (L2A)
dreams came true. like L2A said, a pain in the butt to make. would rather do hashbrowns, scramble, and my own cheese sauce. actually i did use my own cheese sauce recipe from the uncheeze book (bp)
Instead of hash browns I pan-fried some tater tots. The tofu portion was pretty good. I actually really liked the 'cheese' sauce, which was surprising, and I did find it easy. Simmer some things, add cornstarch + liquid mix - worked out fine for me.  (fb)
Quick and easy cheezy sauce
(far from easy) We all loved it, but it was just way too involved. (L2A)
Cinnacrunch muffins
I would go out of my way to a cafe or store just to get these muffins if that's what it took. I had to add a little more grease to the crunch part to get it crunchy, and I had to bake the muffins a little longer than directed. They were actually kind of dense, but it didn't matter in an omg-these-are-so-tasty kind of way. I think that having chunks of sugar and cinnamon in the muffin is better than just having a cinnamon muffin, because the flavor is more varied or something. Like a cinnamon roll made into a muffin. (fb)
These were great, but again, takes too long. I didn't read ahead, and when I found out the crunch had to sit for 2 hours, I was like, "NOOOOOOO!!!!" WHen I make muffins, I want them like, 10 minutes ago. So I didn't let that crunch part cool all the way, and they still came out OK. I think I will just do the crumb topping from VW next time and not worry about that whole 2 hour thing. The muffins were divine even without the topping though!  (L2A)
I didn't exactly follow the recipe, but they turned out really well.  I too, was bummed to read about the 2 hr cooling, but I had the time, so it wasn't a big deal.  I used 1/2 cup applesauce and 1/4 cup oil.  I didn't have a whole cup of brown sugar, so I only had enough of the crunch to sprinkle on top of the muffins.  To make up for that, I added about a tsp of cinnamon to the batter and about 1/2 tsp maple flavoring.  I want to make them again with enough crunch to add to the batter, but they were really delicious without (and with a bit fewer calories). (lotus)
Cinnamon flapjacks
They were ok. It worked, not really impressive in any way. I'll stick with JOVB pancakes. (fb)
I left the batter nice and thick so the pancakes were fluffy. These were so good and the aroma of the cinnamon was a plus. I will be adding them to my breakfast rotation. (intheend)
Shredded apple

City skillet
Pretty good. It's like the whole "breakfast plate" scrambled together, which I enjoy because I'm lazy. But, it's really mainly a tofu dish. (fb)
Classic cafe hash browns
YES! This is IT! It's so simple, and it works. I guess the part I've been messing up all these years is the squeezing the water out part. They are perfect! (L2A)
A great hashbrown recipe! I've never done the plate thing, and I've never used EB instead of oil. I love the plate idea. These came out perfectly. Next time I would just use fewer potatoes for my pan, and more onion and salt. Yum! (AC)
Country skillet
hmm it's fine but not my favorite. just sort of something i might throw together anyway. (fb)
Another great meal from this book.   I followed the recipe pretty closely except that I used golden potatoes, fresh parsley I had from the CSA instead of ddried, lacinato kale from the CSA instead of chard, I used baby bella instead of cremini mushrooms, and instead of cayenne I used chili peppers.  I cut down on the cooking time at the very end after adding the potatoes instead of cooking five minutes, I just heated it up about a minute.  So good. (tweety)
Followed this pretty much exactly. Only thing I changed (and recommend) is instead of adding the nooch and spices dry, make a little sauce out of them first by mixing with makes it easier to distribute throughout the dish. You would have to have one HUGE ASS skillet to get this all to cook together like the recipe states..I had to take out the peppers and sausage before I could cook my tofu. I added everything back in together and then sauced it up. I think next time I might crumble the tofu for a more eggy like dish. Very, very good though. Will make again! (L2A)
Diner tempeh breakfast patties
I didn't really follow the directions for this.  I did use the indicated ingredients, but I didn't have time to marinate the tempeh, so I ended up pan frying the tempeh, then simmering it in the marinade.  Under close watch, I raised the heat to thicken the marinade and coat the tempeh.  I diced about 3/4 of the block to add to the Mushroom Barley Stew, with the the remaining 1/4 sliced on top of the stew.  (lotus)
Meh....too sweet for my taste and the flavor didn't come together to excite me.  To make for less drama in my life, I crumbled the tempeh rather than try to slice it.  I made this go with the mushroom barley stew.  Not sure what to do with the rest, I might make it with homefries, mushrooms and more All American Spice. (tweety)
Darngood donut bites
I loved the way these tasted but when I was mixing the dough it was very wet and had to add a lot of extra flour. This messed up the texture and they became very dense. I guess they are suppose to be super moist but then it's hard to handle them. Any input? (intheend)
Yeah, dense. I didn't take the sizing of the donut bits seriously enough, and the slightly larger ones were somewhat uncooked in the middle. However, the cooked ones were also pretty dense. I think I'm just a yeast-donut, not a cake-donut, type of gal.  (fb)
Hubby's home fries
Good basic way to cook homefries.  I used smoked paprika for the paprika option and of course used cayenne.  Whenever I've made home fries before I just fried them usually having them burned on the outside and undone on the inside.  This method of fry-bake solved that problem forever. (tweety)
Mediterranean scramble
i liked this because it does reflect the "mediterranean" flavors - herbs, lemon, spinach, etc. it's not eggy but it's good. (fb)
Loved this.  Very unique, but still keeping that tofu scramble idea.  I used beet greens that I got from the CSA instead of spinach, kalamata olives for the black olives and used chopped tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes. (tweety)
Mexican style beans on bread
i didn't like this so much. i like poblano, but there was a bit too much here, making the beans kind of blegh. the french toast was 'meh,' but that's partly on me because i had no nutritional yeast (it was bland, though i'm not sure how much the Tbsp yeast would have changed things). There was also a *lot* of the batter for the bread. Hm? I feel like there's either way too much or way too little batter in this book. i need to start being able to estimate how much i'll need. (fb)
Noodle omelet
Solidified pretty well, actually. The pasta tends to dry out though, but I guess that's a given. Kind of eggy, easy to eat, maybe a little too easy. (fb)
Savory stuffed French toast with mustard shallot sauce
interesting. even with the 'ham' and pear, the french toast by itself is kind of plain. i couldn't make the shallot sauce as i didn't have any shallots, so i ate it plain and J ate it with ketchup. they're like lightly battered sandwiches. for more flavor, i would increase the sage in the batter. the pear cooked fine in the toast, and I used fresh french bread and didn't have a problem cutting pockets without tearing. (fb)
Seitan breakfast strips
Salty! They are a pretty good bacon sub, and they get crisp & chewy. It mainly tastes like soy sauce + ketchup + liquid smoke, which is fine by me. It's kind of a lot of steps, but it's much more cost effective (and a better sub) than buying fake bacon stuff. It makes a lot, but they were addictive so they went fast. (fb)
Slow cooker

Southwestern griddle
Again, like taking a whole diner dish and making a scramble out of it. I liked the addition of the avocado salsa type of stuff that goes on top.  (fb)
Loved this!  Nice combination of spices and herbs along with nooch make for a tasty and hearty scramble meal in a skillet.  Has avocados are expensive here and the Florida one I had wasn't ripe so I omitted that, but I loved the topping of tomato, lime and cilantro.  I shortened the cooking time at the end to about 8 minutes instead of 15.  I used store bought tofurkey sausages instead of homemade, Thai chili instead of jalapeno, and baking potatoes instead of red.  (tweety)
Spiced sour cream waffles with peaches
Too much baking powder. I think part of the problem (also with the oat shortstack) is that the sour cream reacts with the baking powder while you wait for the first waffle/pancake to get done, so once I went back to get more batter, it was already full of air and inevitably deflates. So it almost seems like the amount of leavener is to make up for this fact, but that means it winds up tasting metallic. I'd rather skip the acid ingredients and use a tsp of baking powder or something. (fb)
Summer waffles with lemon sauce
Sorry Chelsea Waffles, these are the best textured waffles I've made. Though the Chelsea ones come very close. Crispy, fluffy, tasty. I only let the batter sit an hour because I didn't want it to over-rise. Now I think I need to re-try the Raised Waffles from Vegan Brunch to see if all yeasted waffles are this great. (fb)
I didn't make the lemon sauce. These are the best! We enjoyed the raised waffles from VB, but not this much. We have had a favorite waffle (JOVB) for years now, but this surpasses. They aren't even really that much more work (just rising time). I let mine rise a little over an hour. I used almond milk instead of soy, and the full packet of yeast (2 1/4 tsps instead of 2). I didn't even add any extra milk which I usually do. They cooked the best of any waffles, as well. Absolutely no sticking and no splitting. The batter is funny, though! It's like Nickelodeon gak or goo or something. They cook crispy on the outside, thick, and chewy inside. They aren't crispy crispy like JOVB waffles, but more.. chewy without being dense. The flavor is excellent. I made 8 waffles (freezing 6). Will make again! (AC)
Lemon sauce

Sweet and crunchy French toast
Wow this is yummy!!! I bought TJ's Cornflakes just for this and I'm sooo glad I did! Crunchy and sweet! I ate mine with Raspberries, Brown Rice Syrup, and EB, Taj had his with maple syrup and Lots of EB.  Very good, it tastes like deep-fried french toast would taste. (babysgotsauce)
tasty! this one is a little tricky to make, though. because of the difference in size between the cornflakes and sugar, the sugar seemed to stay on the bottom of the plate and the cornflakes on top. the only solution i can think of for this is to spread it out very shallow. anyway, because of that i had to mix it each time before pressing a side of bread down. the cornflake/sugar/cinnamon mixture stayed on the bread fine in the pan. even though the "any day" french toast is easier to make and doesn't require cornflakes (something i don't normally have at home), i'd rather make this. i think the crunchy sweet cinnamon thing is worth it. (fb)
Yuuuuuum! I was really into this. I liked the crunchiness from the cornflakes and the softness of the bread. Seriously this is the best french toast I've ever made. (intheend)
Tofu rancheros
Fine, not phenomenal. I've never had huevos rancheros so maybe i just don't like this dish too much. It lacked anything too distinctive for me. (fb)
I loved this.  The sauce was a nice mild sauce.  I used yellow instead of red peppers because it's what I had.  The tofu mixture was a very nice blend of spices, beans and nooch that paired very well with the sauce.  I ate it burrito style with avocado. Yummy (tweety)
This was a good Americanized version of the dish. I enjoyed it but two members of my family said it was a little spicy. I didn't think so at all but if you're sensitive to spice then consider yourself warned! (intheend)
Vegan sausage links
A lot of spice, but not much of it is detectable in the end. It kind of tastes like American sausage (fennel helps), but is a bit mellower and sweeter. The method of making seitan really works here, as the texture is pretty dense, not spongy/gummy/stretchy in any way. I think I'll be adjusting other seitan recipes to the methods used in this book, as these are the best results I've had texture-wise without having too many add-ins to the dough. (fb)
The texture was great on these but I just hated the taste and find these completely inedible which is a bummer since so many ingredients go into them. I'm not even sure what I would recommend to leave out or change since there's so many things that could have been the problem. I'd recommend just sticking with Vegan Diner's Italian Sausages, those are the best. (intheend)
I made the spicier version and really liked them! The texture was spot on, though next time I'll alter the spices a bit. I'm the only one who eats seitan in this house, yet they were gone within a week...(eldsjal)

Very vanilla raisin bread
I threw everything in my bread maker and this loaf turned out wonderfully. It's really soft and isn't sweet but the sweetness comes from the raisins. (intheend)
Raisin bread glaze

Western omelet
The batter was actually quite easy to work with. I was able to make a little more than half of my omelets actually neat, as in no splattering, tearing, and I folded them over successfully. Kind of eggy, nothing extreme (it might be worthwhile to add black salt to the batter). I liked it, and just because of how easy they were to make, definitely worth doing again for "omelets."  (fb)
Yankee cornbread with blueberry sauce
It came out fine, though it never really got darker on top, mysteriously. The description says it's sweet, and sure enough it is a little bit, but my fav cornbread (the TJ's mix...) is sweeter. So it's not ridiculous or anything. It came out a little dense, and though fine, I still prefer the mix version. I didn't make the blueberry sauce. (fb)
Baked poppers with lime cream
Tastyyyy. First, these do not come out spicy at all. They jalapenos wind up tasting a bit like bell pepper. Second, the cream cheese browns in the oven and tends to ooze a little bit. Delicious ooze. I didn't make the lime cream for dipping - not necessary! the coating got crispy; sometimes i have poor luck with this when baking "fried" type of foods, but not here. Would make again. (fb)
Agreed! These are very delicious. The spiciness will definitely depend on your peppers. I cleaned mine well (my hands burned all day...), but had some that were still pretty spicy, and some that were not. Mine didn't ooze too much. I didn't use the toothpicks, because it didn't seem necessary, but a couple of mine did come apart when I was turning them over. They stuck right back together, though. I had 8 large jalapenos, and only enough filling for 6. I also did not make the sauce, but I would if I could get the sour cream. The double dredging was slightly annoying, because I can't keep a wet/dry hand that way..but it was fine. Oh, I decided to use both the water chestnuts and celery, because it seemed interesting. Loved it! The coating stays on well, browns nicely, and tastes perfect. I will make again. (AC)
I made these a second time, and they were super spicy! Hard to eat spicy. I guess you can't tell how hot your peppers are going to be, but wah! (AC)
7 in1 seasoning blend
easy to prepare, but not sure how much it added to the coating. (fb)
I don't understand why this has oil in it, and quite a bit of oil for the spice amount. It just goops it all up. I think it's a nice blend, but I'd try it as a dry spice. I was thinking I'd have some leftover, but 1 recipe is used for the poppers. (AC)
Besto pesto dip

Besto pesto

Bistro asparagus twists
made them for our Memorial Day Beach gathering yesterday and they were a big hit! I made them bigger with about 4/twist and with a little more dough around the outside because a) I'm lazy, and b) thats the only sure vegan thing there, so I wanted it to be filling.  They were good! I only used Veganaise and added a little pesto. (babysgotsauce)
Really yummy! I don't know that I've bought puff pastry before (and would do so very infrequently b/c it has a bunch of unhealthy stuff in it!), but these were good. I used spicy mustard instead of hot, so I used a bit more. It made it a little difficult to wrap the asparagus because some parts were wet, but I just held the asparagus and wrapped the strip around. I made about 25 with 1 full sheet. I recommend cutting the pastry strips pretty thin, especially if you have skinny asparagus. I made the dipping sauce as is, except with spicy mustard and all vegenaise. (AC)
These were really good.  I took someone else's advice and used about 4 spears per twist.  I used spicy mustard, added some dried tarragon and sliced portabellos.  They weren't difficult to roll, I just had to be a little careful not to let the mushrooms fall out.  I was a little worried about the asparagus burning, so I brushed the exposed parts with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  For the dipping sauce, I didn't have any sour cream, so I subbed some cream cheese.  I think it's basically the same, just thicker.  Anyway, I thought the twists and the sauce were pretty delicious.  I'll probably make them again, but not often, because like AC said puff pastry is pretty unhealthy...expensive too. (lotus)
Cafe spinach dip
Tasty. I've not had spinach dip before, but this was creamy, vegetabley, and a little bit spicy from the pickled jalapeños. Easy to eat, overall approval.  (fb)
Cashew cheeze stuffed squash blossoms
This was one of those recipes I figured I would never make because of the elusiveness of that ingredient... squash blossoms. Apparently they only appear in some markets for a short amount of time, but I found them at my regular market for... over a month. Anyway, the cheese stuff is very rich, has a strong nutty/miso flavor, and definitely doesn't need to fill up the whole blossom (though I guess that depends on how big those are). It seems like it's pretty hard to thoroughly dry blossoms, so I got a few splatters while frying them, but overall it was pretty easy. I've never had squash blossoms before, and the thought of it is kinda weird... but it's sort of like artichoke. Except with less flavor, hence the cheese stuff. I liked them, but overall they're pretty greasy items, so I'm 100% ok with only being able to make these once a year. (fb)
Deli reubenettes
Cute. The filling tastes great, and hearkens back to some 'real meat' thing, like sausage or whatever. Even though it's supposed to be corned beef. But I've never had that, so oh well. The mixture is pretty dry, which provides a little challenge for neatly packaging them into the puff pastry. Also, I believe there was some deal with making triangles from the dough, but I just did rectangles because none of my pieces were really squares. All baked fine. (fb)
Everbody's favorite taco dip
would fool anyone. (longerlook)
Meh. I added more lime juice, some to each layer. It still felt like it didn't have much flavor though.  (fb)
Fried avocado wedges
with salsa were incredible. (longerlook)
Hmmm hot avocado thingies. Because they're rich, it turned out i could only eat so many at once (like... 2 or 3 wedges). I was afraid I would inhale the whole thing as a finger food. I always heard that avocado can't be heated, but nothing epic happened to it. It stayed the same consistency, just heated and maybe a little more acidic (how does that happen?). Anyway, definitely needs to be eaten with something spicy. I didn't have salsa so I ate it with sriracha - a perfect fit. They froze and reheated well. (fb)
Fried dill pickles
soooooo good!  I made a dipping sauce out of veganaise, ketchup and chipolte hot sauce (lubi)
WEIRD. too weird for J to barely try, actually. The dill is nice in the dough, and it does crisp, and my fryer didn't do any scary popping (I was afraid that would happen from moisture escaping from the pickles). It's hard to eat many, because the vinegariness of the pickle get to you. But they're best eaten immediately, because if left out or reheated, the pickle shrinks down as it loses water, egh. Fine if you eat them right away, just serve with some mild, non-acidic sauce. (fb)
Glorified green beans

Green salsa

Lettuce wraps
Man, 1/4" dice of a pound of tofu is serious business. I got lazy, and by the end, randomly hacked away at the block of tofu. I don't think the recipe suffered from this sloppiness. Anyway, I probably should have actually pressed the tofu/etc, because as it baked it exuded a lot of liquid, and so even the resultant mix (after frying everything) had a fair amount of liquid. Not really a problem though, it can be poured off. I'm usually not big on 5-spice, but it was mild enough here that it was good, and the amount of soy sauce isn't too crazy. I second the suggestion of the author in adding chopped peanuts (or maybe even peanut butter) to the wrap. The filling itself also goes pretty well with rice. (fb)
Movie night potato skins

Cafe potato skins
Addictive. I used some coconut bacon bits instead of seitan strips. They weren't too hard to prepare, and I would make them again. I think they would be good for serving to others. (fb)
Portobello sticks
I changed this a bit, using button mushrooms instead of sliced portobello. I wound up having way too much batter. This might have been me though, since the portobello is supposed to be sliced pretty thin (1/4") and so that would probably take up more batter. I don't really know how much herbs in the batter adds to the recipe. I don't think I can taste it. Fried well, got crispy, and the mushrooms (whole ones) got done. (fb)
Roasted corn avocado salsa
Kinda sorta more like guacamole with some corn. But I love both of those things. It's not very spicy at all, so it could be easily eaten by itself or with other food as a garnish/sauce/thing.  (fb)
This was pretty good. I did add a couple tomatoes. I didn't like it as much as I wanted to, because the avocados didn't stand out, and it was a little blah. It was a good mellow topper for spicy things, though. (AC)
Roasted garlic pretzels
Faintly garlicky, and not quite pretzely. They're fine, but not exactly like soft pretzels. I looked up some recipes online after, and it appears that generally more baking soda is used in the boiling water (like 1/3-1/2 cup versus the 2 Tbsp here). That might help the pretzels get their characteristic color and taste. (fb)
Spicy balsamic maple wingz
One thing I changed is that I didn't coat the finished wings in the sauce, instead we just dipped them. The sauce was pretty interesting, tasting exactly how it sounds (balsamic + maple + spice), but I didn't need the full amount for the wings, so I'm glad I had it on the side. The "wings" are pretty good by themselves, like mini, savory fried chicken. J requested to have these every day, which I politely declined. (fb)
St. Louis T ravs

Easy marinara sauce

Stick to your ribs pot stickers

Pot sticker dipping sauce

Tempting tofu dippers

Pineapple pomegranate dipping sauce

Three chile hummus
Kind of spicy, but as you proceed to eat the entire bowl in one sitting it seems milder. I like the combo of poblano + chipotle. (fb)
I followed the recipe except for serrano instead of jalapeno. I really like it, and the flavor combo is great, but I don't know if I would turn to this again for hummus; mainly just because of the extra prep and oven time. I dunno though, the flavor is good and unique. The consistency was very good, and much less tahini than I usually use. If I did make this again, I think I would add more of the roasted garlic. I love that she uses so many unique flavor combos! (AC)
Tomatillo guacamole

Two bite eggless rolls

Spicy soy dipping sauce

Soup of the day
Big soup minestrone
Excellent.  This is a very hearty soup with lots of herbs and spices that come together perfectly.  To my irritation I forgot carrots at the store so I left them out, I cut back a little on the red wine and used only 4 cups of broth for a thicker consistency.  I used crushed red peppers instead of hot sauce, and a can of chickpeas instead of green peas which I don't like.  Loved this! (tweety)
this was a very good, solid minestrone recipe, but I wasn't amazed by it. I used white beans since I don't like tempeh and used the red wine.  I think I also added a little balsamic vinegar and mustard powder.  I will try another minestrone soup before going back to this one.  (thirteenblackbirds)
Bistro French onion soup
I didn't care much for this, but I can't seem to like French onion soup (tried a couple other recipes). So maybe it's me. (fb)
Black bean soup
Darn tasty, and very spicy. I mixed almost all of the soup and added quinoa and guacamole to my bowl. Next time I'll top it with sour cream, as suggested, to tame it a bit. A very good recipe that I'll return to many times in the future. (eldsjal)
Fantastic!  The flavors came together really well and I loved the smokiness of it.  She calls for 6 oz. of minced potatoes.  All I had was an 12 oz. baking potato and I used the whole thing and did not mince but small diced it.  I used two cans of black beans and one of pinto.  She also calls for chipotle pepper powder (genious), hot sauce and jalapeno.  I used the cipotle and skipped the others in favor of some dried hot peppers I had and that was plenty of heat. (tweety)
Chase the chill chili
A good chili recipe. The addition of beer gives it a "deeper," but kinda strange flavor. But I think this flavor works well for chili, maybe not so great for other things. Then again I don't like alcohol in general, sooo... yeah. I would make it again, assuming I already had beer on hand. Easy to eat, never got tired of it. (fb)
Delicious!  I finished up my savory seitan for this chili.  Again, what I like about this cookbook is how the flavors all seem to come together well.  To me I can taste this in layers with the beer being a strong taste (I used a strong ale and only half the amount she says, but it still adds that flavor), along with the chipotle peppers and the seitan and the tomato goodness.  Hone run dish again. (tweety)
This recipe rocked my tastebuds. It's easily the best chili I've had. The cocoa, the beer, the molasses, the chipotle... There's so much win in here! Instead of whole canned tomatoes I used two cans of crushed, and completely skipped the fire-roasted ones. Therefore, it turned out just a bit too spicy, so I added one tablespoon of maple syrup and that made it perfect. Variations of this recipe will be my go-to from now on. I'm going to try using TVP instead of seitan, or mince the seitan in a food processor to make it resemble ground "beef" as Tamasin suggests (eldsjal)
Corn and bean chowder
Another home run dish.  Loved how everything comes my irritation I still haven't got carrots even though I was at a farmer's market today and just left that out.  I like how blending the corn and broth makes it a creamy consistency.  I added a tad bit more chipotle for heat and loved this meal! (tweety)
thanks to Tweety for his review of this, which inspired me to try it.  It was fabulous! I really love this chowder. I followed the recipe closely, but my changes were to use extra corn (1.5 cups, from 3 cobs), to simmer the cobs along with the chowder, and to wait until the end to blend part of the chowder using an immersion blender. the flavors in this are fantastic. (thirteenblackbirds)
Good soup! But very hot. I used just a little more than one tablespoon chipotle and it burned in my mouth. But I fixed that with some more broth and a little agave. I didn't have any celery so I just upped the amount of celery seed instead and I used all cannellini beans. Also added some more parsley, an extra tablespoon of nutritional yeast and a bit of liquid smoke (due to not using smoked paprika in the all american spice blend). I wasn't crazy about it after I just had cooked it, but I let it sit in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and then I really liked it. Still hot, but not overpowering. I really liked the that it was creamy and thick and hearty at the same time. (eldsjal)
Creamy cold avocado cucumber soup

Great gazpacho

Loaded baked potato soup
It's good, and the miso gives it a distinct taste. It's good without the sour cream, but better with it. I didn't add any "bacon." (fb)
This really tasted like a baked potato with toppings. I used fresh chives instead of dried and omitted celery salt since I didn't have it. I'm trying to eat more soups since I generally dislike them but this was deeeelish. (intheend)
Absolutely delicious.  I followed the the recipe exactly, except I used kale instead of broccoli.  I garnished with some leftover tempeh bacon.  (lotus)
Yummy! I made homemade broth for this, and did the baked potatoes and roasted garlic. Do not like miso, so used some marmite. The only sour cream I had was previously made into a lemon/dill dip, so I just used that! I, unfortunately, did not have any scallions. Very hearty with great depth of flavor. Love the chickpeas in there. (AC)
Mighty miso soup
This is a very filling miso soup.  I halved the recipe and used shredded savoy cabbage instead of napa.  Delicious. (lotus)
Excellent! The veggies and spices come together nicely.  I think the addition of orzo and Chinese five-spice to miso soup is pure genious.  I used regular cabbage instead of bok choy and added Thai chilis for heat.  (tweety)
Mom's noodle soup
Like chicken noodle soup; the spices/herbs really help with the broth's flavor, I think, to make it similar. The only problem I had with this is that by simmering the Seitan Lite for a while (over 10-15 minutes), it gets gummier & chewier which is not great. Next time I would set the seitan aside after sautéeing it, and add it at the very end. The broth will probably be fine without it simmering in it. I added broccoli, which was good. (fb)
Mushroom barley stew
Winds up being pretty thick. Not a whole lot to stay about this one... it's mushroom-barley stew. Tastes good with extra pepper and thyme. (fb)
I pretty followed the recipe for this; just a few modifications.  I used hulled barley that I cooked ahead of time in veg broth.  I added the other liquids to the barley later and cooked just long enough to reduce and soak into the barley.  I cooked the mushrooms, other veggies, and herbs together, then added them to the barley.  I used way more tempeh than called for.  I used about 3/4 block diced into the stew, then sliced the rest and served it on top. (lotus)
Tamasin is so redeemed with this dish.  I loved it!  The flavors came together real well, it's hearty and filling.  I used baby portabellas for the mushrooms.  Fantastic! (tweety)
Pasta and bean soup
Very good.  I used brown rice pasta for the pasta, and I dramatically cut down on the cooking time.  I sauteed for about three minutes instead of the ten and simmered the soup only 15 minutes.  I also used only four cups of veggie broth in order to make it thick like I like it, instead of 6 to 8 cups.  I thought I had the right beans, but used what I had which was garbanzo, red kidney and black. (tweety)
This is a nice, simple soup. It's good for a nice, light meal. I used cilantro for the parsley because we don't like parsley! I also used mini bowties (so cute) for the pasta. I like all the beans in this, and the flavor is good. I used 6 cups of broth, and I think that's plenty. (AC)
Seitan brew stew
It kind of has a Thanksgiving-y flavor, probably because of the rosemary. I liked it a lot, though I don't like beer. I sorta don't like chunks of potato in stew anymore, but I liked it here (I also cut the seitan & potato a little smaller than directed).  It was like the definition of savory. I probably shouldn't have eaten it so fast... (fb)
Smoky cauliflower and bean soup
yeaaah. I like recipes like these because it's basically a balanced meal by itself. I used Tofurky sausage instead of the Vegan Sausage Links, and it wasn't smoky (no liquid smoke - were the Vegan Sausage Links supposed to impart the smoky flavor?). ah, i see now it's supposed to have smoked paprika. I used regular. Anyway, it was totally fine without a smoky flavor. Would make again. (fb)
Even with the smoked paprika this isn't all that smoky but it is really tasty! It has a lot going on in it- carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, noodles, beans, sausage, onion, garlic, and seasonings so it's a great one-dish meal. It has just the right amount of depth from the wine so it's not all boozy tasting. (intheend)
Salad bar
Asian slaw
awesome!!! (L2A)
I don't really love slaw, but I liked the Asian slaw in the (San Fran) wraps.  I had to use green cabbage, but I know I would've enjoyed it even more with Napa.  I used a poblano pepper instead of jalepeno. (lotus)
One of my favorite slaws. P pretty much hates cabbage (I used green), and didn't like this much when he first tasted it, but he liked it mixed with the rice dish I made. ..which says quite a lot! I didn't have the snow peas or red bell pepper, but I used cucumber and a hot red pepper. The dressing is nice and different with the peanut butter. Very good. (AC)
Asian style salad bowl
I like. I didn't exactly add all the ingredients of the salad itself (I think I left out broccoli and bell pepper?), but I kept the tofu, dressing, sugar snap peas, etc, the same. The marinade for the tofu seemed kind of odd; I had no idea what it would wind up tasting like, but came off with that generic Asian-y flavor (yeah!) and the tofu actually absorbed the flavor, and sure enough I had enough left over to make the dressing with. The dressing is also pretty good, though pretty heavy on the peanut butter (though I'm 100% ok with that). I like the raw napa in the salad; it's more agreeable/mild to me than white cabbage. I would make any component of this salad again. Side note - steaming sugar snap peas is weird to me. Just sayin'. (fb)
Bistro chopped salad
(French dressing)I only made the dressing. It was pretty good! Tart, sweet, and tomato-y, similar to store-bought French dressing, but not syrupy like it. I'd definitely make this again, and it was easy to throw together. (fb)
BLT potato salad
Not a whole lot different from any other potato salad. Instead of the breakfast strips recipe, i used some fake bacon from May Wah. It worked. (fb)
Cafe broccoli salad

Creamy garlic basil dressing
I used this as a pasta sauce, and it was really good. I soaked the cashews, but used a little less than 1/2 cup. I also just added the garlic clove raw. It was yummy as an alfredo type sauce. (AC)
I didn't like this. It was too plain on salad... maybe it would be a different story on pasta. I was surprised because it has elements i love (cashews, garlic, and basil) but wound up being kind of bland and unimpressive. (fb)
Deli potato salad
I thought it was weird using ranch dressing for potato salad instead of mayo, but the difference isn't too noticeable. I liked the generous amount of dill. There's a pretty good amount of dressing for the amount of potatoes here. (fb)
My love affair with Tamasin remains unscathed with this dish as she scores another home run in my book.  It was so good I literally had to use all my self control not to gorge on this and gobble it up.  It used the below reviewed Ranch Dressing. (tweety)
Ranch dressing
Not quite like ranch; I think the herbs and such are a bit different and more varied here than in ranch. But, it was still good in a tart, salty, herby way. I would thin it out for salad dressing. (fb)
This is what makes the potato salad good.  I did not have any fresh herbs and used dry and to my horror I bought marjoram and didn't have any thyme so used that and some oregano instead.  I hate sour cream and omitted that all together and still loved it. I don't think I'd use it on salad as it's too thick and rich, just perfect for potato salad. (tweety)
Farmhouse tomato salad
I didn't get heirloom tomatoes, but made this with some pretty nice red and orange tomatoes. I had to quickly throw it together, so I didn't do measurements. I used used a sprinkle of sugar for the agave. Came together extremely quick, and a nice little summer side salad. Very fresh. (AC)
Fried corn salad
Good. The corn gets tougher with frying, and the salad itself is pretty lemony. Dill also gives it a nice "summer" taste. Addictive - we ate it all at once. (fb)
Really good! I didn't change much, but just sauteed the corn right after I cut it from the cobs (not pre cooked). I also used some green pepper and some roasted red. It's nice and fresh, with no flavor overpowering. Everything just comes together really well. It's not too vinegary, so P enjoyed it as well. I'd make this again. (AC)
Homestyle macaroni salad
Pretty regular macaroni salad. Had plenty of dressing, and seems like a reliable recipe. (fb)
Italian deli pasta salad
Pretty regular pasta salad. There's nothing that makes it stand apart from others, but it's a good recipe and one I would likely use again if I happen to have the ingredients.  (fb)
I disagree with fb's review! I think it does stand out. Most pasta salads are just mayo based with the typical veggies, but this has some different stuff going for it, and does make me think of an Italian deli. I think it's really good, and P liked it; he normally hates pasta salad. I'd make it again. (AC)
Midtown Greek salad
I sadly did not have most of the ingredients for the salad, but it did inspire me, and I made the dressing for my Greekish salad. I halved the dressing recipe because I tend to not eat leftover dressing, and added 1/2 of a lemon's juice. Very nice Greek salad dressing. My salad had romaine, tomatoes, chickpeas, red onion, and all the Kalamata olives I had left. Delicious. I ate two huge salads, and had a bit of dressing leftover from the half. (AC)
I liked this salad, but not so much the dressing. Sometimes I really love vinaigrettes, but not so much here... not sure what it needs or I would need to omit. For the salad itself, I like the new "ideas" I get sometimes from salad recipes rather than doing the same old salad I always do. It's caused me to add bell pepper and olives to my current salad rotation thing. The feta is also pretty good... (fb)
Faux feta
I like this. I always liked uncooked tofu on my salad, so this was pretty much a given. it doesn't have as sharp of a flavor as some other "feta"s have, but that's ok by me. The added herbs are nice, and remind me of a pre-herbed tofu that used to exist... sigh. I would make this again, for any salad. (fb)
Midwest vinegar slaw
Yum! Tastes just like the vinegar slaw you get at restaurants! It was perfect paired with mango bbq beans from AFR and seitan bacon. (eldsjal)
Being from the south I was intrigued because every slaw I've ever had has been creamy.  I like vinegar so I thought I would try this.  It was quite good.  I enjoyed the vinegary taste and with the mustard and agave made a good combination.  Another winner from this book. (tweety)
Mustard mac and slaw

Not so nicoise salad
I kind of had a hard time eating this. I liked the dressing - creamy but not one of those super thick ones that needs to be liberally watered down. The vegetable combo, not so much a fan, not sure why... I guess I'm not much of a radicchio person, or maybe I was just tired of salad by the time I got to this. (fb)
Poblano macaroni salad
I wish I had made more of this. It looks like it might be too spicy, what with chipotles and poblanos, but the mayo mellows it out a bit. The first time I used poblanos was a Vegan Brunch recipe I didn't like much, and I thought maybe I just didn't like them. But they work really well here, in sort of a citrusy-spicy way. Leftovers I actually looked forward to. (fb)
It was good! A nice twist on macaroni salad... Couldn't find the right noodles at the lame store I went to so I just used macaroni noodles... I'm a whore when it comes to my vegan mayo so I added more when serving but it would probably be legit for most without. (amymylove)
Really good, I enjoyed this but next time I would leave out the white vinegar, maybe it's just me being a weirdo but I could definitely taste it. (intheend)
delicious! I didn't measure when I made this (may have used more mayo), added the black beans, omitted the sugar, and I roasted the red pepper along with the poblanos.  I will definitely make this again, and will likely add a third poblano pepper next time because I love them. (thirteenblackbirds)
Spicy tofu noodle salad
Good, much like deli-type Asian noodle salad. I went light on the onion, but it was still pretty strong. (fb)
I did not have Szechuan seasoning, but this was spicy enough to me without it.  We wanted a warm dish, so I lightly steamed the veggies and kept the noodles warm.  I used savoy cabbage instead of napa.  This made a ton, but we didn't have much leftover. (lotus)
Totally rocked the taste buds. I used penne for the noodles, and regular green cabbage since I had that on had from the CSA.  I used sambal olek instead of Szechuan sauce. I cut back on the agave to 1/8th a cup because 1/4th seemed too sweet.  I did not add any extra salt because 1/3 a cup of low sodium soy sauce was salty enough. Maybe because I didnt' use four cups of cabbage and the noodles were 14. oz. instead of a pound I thought it came out just a tad too greasy.  I would subtract one of the tablespoons of chili oil in the beginning.  I didn't following the serving suggestion for the tofu and just diced it, fried it and tossed everything together. (tweety)
Sweet and sour slaw

Tex mex taco salad
I wish I had more of this. Since I already had the seitan (I used Seitan Lite), the meat part was easy to make and was good all by itself. The dressing itself is good, tangy, creamy, and a little spicy. There's a lot of "meat" and dressing compared to the salad, so we had leftover of both parts. We used the rest in tacos - went well. (fb)
After a 12-hour shift I wanted something quick and had the seitan already made, so I made the topping only and served it fajita style and it was delicious. (tweety)
I did a version of this with a different topping. I made a soy chorizo and bean mixture with some of the topping ingredients. The dressing is good! I didn't have sour cream, so used all Vegenaise, and worked with the other proportions. The 2 chipotles were pretty spicy. I served it with the roasted corn avocado salsa, so I did 2 avos in the salsa instead of another on the salad. (AC)
Three bean salad
Very good. I made half the recipe and used one can of kidney beans instead of a half can of that and a half can of chickpeas (so it was a two-bean salad). The lemon zest really adds something, and the salad as a whole is well-seasoned. This is actually a 'salad' that can be eaten on a bed of lettuce because of that and because there is some extra dressing. Would make again. (fb)
Really flavorful and fresh. I used pinto instead of kidney, but otherwise followed the recipe, I believe. Really well rounded and tangy. There is extra dressing, so I think you could even add some lettuce within the salad to make it bigger. (AC)
Sandwich board
All American incrediburgers
Kind of like the sausage, this appears to have a heck of a lot of seasoning (and it does), but nothing really comes through at the end, except maybe garlic. Also, the TVP I used might be bigger than usual, but it was near impossible to get it incorporated in the dough; it kept popping out. Ultimately I piled the TVP that spilled out on each burger, folded it over, and steamed it that way. Even though they don't have a huge flavor, they worked well as burgers.  (fb)
This was declared as the best veggie burger by my family and I have to agree. The only thing is that 6 patties is not realistic- they are way too thick! I got 8 out of the batch. (intheend)
I just made these even though I do not have the cookbook because Tami was so kind to post the recipe on her blog ( The texture is awesome! Also easy to make since it only uses pantry staples. I don't have the recipe for the All-American Spice Mix so I just used a home-made chili-powder mix instead which worked very well. The only thing I notice that could be improved is that the patties need a little more salt. Next time I make them (and there will be a next time)  I will up the salt to 1 tsp. I also made 8 patties out of the recipe, 6 would have been too large. One more thing: I added some marmite (1 heaping tsp) to the TVP-water mix to add a little more beefiness and umami and I think it helped things. (seichou)


Almost Philly cheese steak sandwiches
It's good, but not the best out of the sandwiches. Only because I like the others so much. (fb)
I can't comment much on this since I messed up the seitan, but the sandwich was still fairly enjoyable. Not exactly something I'd want to make again, but pretty good. (AC)
Chickanini sandwiches

Deli style cutlet sandwiches
This recipe calls for my faaavorite seitan recipe from here, Seitan Lite. For this reason, it was most excellent. I added some sliced hot yellow pepper to the bell pepper/mushroom mix, which worked well with the sandwich. The cheezy mayo stuff is pretty good here, but the seitan itself has enough flavor that it probably doesn't need it entirely. I would definitely make this again.  (fb)
Grilled cutlets

Diner brats

Fifty fifty burger buns
They came out ok. Denser than bread that I usually make, but it worked well for the burgers. I made half the recipe and made 4 buns instead of 3, which was still large enough.  (fb)
These are dense like fb said but I still enjoyed them. I'm not sure if they would become my go-to bun recipe though since I have a few others in rotation. (intheend)
Really good. I like dense burger buns! It's not the ultimate burger bun recipe though. (eldsjal)
Mine weren't really dense at all! I made the recipe as is, but they did rise longer for each time. I made smaller rolls, but still baked for about 17. They were pretty light (even with the white whole wheat), and good flavor. I did the EB and black sesame seeds. Mine took a little longer to start rising for the first hour, but did well after that. A good basic dough. I didn't even need to add extra liquid or flour, which is rare for a bread recipe, for me. (AC)
Fork and knife reubens
Yeahhh I liked this. I used Seitan Lite instead of Savory Seitan again, and it worked well. I've never had a 'real' reuben, but this was good because it had a little bit of sweetness and spice to it. (fb)
Reuben dressing
It's pretty good, but I'd rather make a mayo-based dressing, both because of the extra step of grinding the cashews and because mayo versions seem creamier. (fb)
Greek town gyros
The seitan for the gyros is plainer than the other seitans I've tried from this book, which makes it more bread-like in flavor (I like bread!) and mild. It comes out pretty firm and dense, not gummy at all. Making seitan seems like so much work to me, but this wasn't really time consuming at all. I used TJ's whole wheat pita bread, and that might be smaller than the pita suggested, because I needed twice as many to use up the fillings (I guess you could have a hugely stuffed pita though). I like it - summery and refreshing.  (fb)
I did not like the Tzatziki sauce at all so I used a recipe from VeganDad instead which was much better. The seitan is definitely plain and I just wasn't really into this. I did make my own pita bread using a recipe from Peter Reinhart which was awesome but other than that, I don't think I would make this again. (intheend)
Tzatzika sauce
It's like all the dressing of tzatziki and a quarter of the cucumber. Pretty tart, and didn't need any salt added. I don't think paprika is too typical? and it didn't really need it. I used all mayo, as I didn't have yogurt. Pretty potent; I had some leftover after the gyros. (fb)
I did not like it at all. (intheend)

No tuna melt paninis

Cheezy mayo
A fairly simple recipe, and a good condiment. It tastes like it sounds - nooch + mayo - so it's not exactly a cheese sub. Still good, fatty, cheese-like. (fb)
My favorite burger condiment to date. (eldsjal)
Old fashioned tempeh burgers

Burger sauce

Peanutty tofu kale pockets
Instead of the American spice blend (I ran out), I used Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute. The tofu itself was good and well-seasoned, but the peanut sauce takes over. I actually didn't need all of the peanut sauce; it's pretty thick and creamy. It's kind of halfway between the salad-type peanut sauce and the dipping version of peanut sauce - kind of vinegary but not a lot. (fb)
Peanut sauce

Portobello popeye club sandwiches

Route 66 seitan sandwiches
I noticed that most of the sandwiches in here call for quite a bit of "meat" per sandwich. I made half the recipe but still got four sandwiches out of it (the whole recipe, which makes four sandwiches, seems to yield 8 individual patties if following directions. the patties I made were ~1/2" thick and 4" diameter, big enough for sourdough bread). The seitan for this isn't as flavored as Seitan Lite, but it was burger-like and a simpler recipe than the Incrediburger recipe, so I'm more likely to use this one again for a "beef" type sandwich. (fb)
Peppadew relish
I didn't use peppadews (I haven't seen those in forever), but instead used jarred, roasted Piquillo peppers from Trader Joe's - they're sort of like mildly spicy bell peppers, without as much of a strong "bell pepper" type flavor. Anyway, I like the relish. Even J, who hates bell peppers in any form liked it. Interesting... Sometimes home-made relish type things have too much vinegar & onion for me; this one didn't. (fb)
San Fran seitan wraps
LOVED these!!! The Asian Slaw was awesome!!! DH and I loved the seitan this way. My kids, who usually like seitan, didn't like it..I have no idea why! The only thing about this book...READ the recipe all the way through before you decide to make it. A lot of them call for other recipes that are in the book. This one for instance, called for the Asian Slaw, Simple Seitan, and then the really making 3 recipes. It would be better to spread it out over a couple of days!!! I was in the kitchen way longer than I had expected to be. (L2A)
We loved these!  The savory seitan from this book is my favorite seitan recipe and the marinade made it even more delicious.  I don't really love slaw, but I liked the Asian slaw in the wraps.  I had to use green cabbage, but I know I would've enjoyed it even more with Napa.  I used a poblano pepper instead of jalepeno.  Good stuff! (lotus)
Sandwich bread
This is a good, simple bread. The texture is almost right on, but the flavor was a little off for me. Just a tad. I think it might be because I'm not used to using bread flour? I used my mixer, so it was easy to put together. The dough is definitely stiff, as she says. I was afraid the mixer was going to break! I wasn't sure if any oil was included in the dough, or just for the bowl. My dough rose pretty well in the bowl, but when I moved it to the pans to rise, only one of my pans rose nicely! I have no idea why. I think the loaf pan was too big or something, but it stayed a bit flat. Anyway, the bread sliced nicely and it's tasty. (AC)
This is the only bread I've made that slices nicely for sandwiches.  Definitely my go-to recipe. (lotus)
Seitan on a shingle

Seitan po boys
I wasn't too careful about measuring the cabbage, but I don't think there's quite enough dressing for it (or at least not enough for me). I used the seitan bacon from this book. It works, not really phenomenal or anything, but I've never had a po' boy so I probably just wouldn't be a fan of the "real" thing. (fb)
Sloppy joes
A bit darker and sweeter than regular sloppy joe recipes. Enjoyable, and quite sloppy. (fb)
Sloppy Joses

Smokin BBQ portobello sandwiches
Freakin' declicious.  That's all I need to say.  I was expecting it to be good, and then after gobbling it up, I realized it was beyond good and very very plesant surprise.  I followed the recipe exactly, but I didn't have mayo to spread on the bread, which is shame because I think chipolte and mayo are a good combination. (tweety)
I thought this was very good, but not too stand out. I think I enjoyed it more than P, but he's not a fan of messy sandwich type things. I used onion buns, and they sandwich was enjoyable. Very simple and a nice sauce. I followed the recipe as well. (AC)

Smokin chipotle BBQ sauce
thick and quite good.  Very hot and spicy like I like it. (tweety)
Yummy sauce. I didn't use the chipotle powder because my chipotles are quite hot (so much so that I had to squirt in some agave), but did add a little extra ACV. I like this sauce, but don't know that I would seek it out again. (AC)
Tex mex stackers with salsa spread
Use the optional jalapenos if you like a little sizzle on your tongue! I loved these sandwiches. I also used seitan lite since that's all I had on hand and it came out great. I used homemade sourdough Italian rolls which worked out great. (intheend)
Ultimate tempeh salad sandwiches
This is a good sandwich filling.  I pretty much followed the recipe, except I didn't steam the tempeh.  I didn't really have good bread slices, so I served the tempeh on a bed of spinach with bread on the side. (lotus)


Main dishes
21st century tacos
hm, nothing too special about this, but it's good as a taco. but not so much alone. I like the taco meat from the taco salad better. (fb)
My fave TVP taco meat so far! I only used a 1/2 tsp of cumin but other than that I stuck to the recipe. It was so delicious! It makes a ton so I'm going to freeze half of it. (intheend)
Yes, this is the best taco meat I've tried, I loved the chipotle in it and that it was a little "juicy". My omnivore father loved it too, he happily ate it for two days in a row and said that he wants this instead of beef taco meat for all his tacos in the future. Enough said. (eldsjal)
This is a good TVP meat taco, but I'm not a huge fan of TVP. I think we both prefer bean tacos (I threw in some pintos). I might do this spicing with just pintos or refried. I did enjoy these, and mine came out quite spicy with a whole jalapeno and chipotle. Good seasoning. (AC)
Beer simmered seitan stroganoff with cracked pepper
Didn't like this. Yeah, so I don't like beer anyway, but its use seemed to be going so well in all the other recipes that I figured I'd give this a try but... it wound up being odd, bitter, otherwise bland, not so great. Beer enthusiasts may feel different. (fb)
I enjoyed this recipe more than anything I've made in a while.  I didn't have tamarind paste or worcestershire sauce, so I added some Braggs.  I also used fresh parsley instead of dried.  I didn't have flat noodles, so I made parsleyed orzo instead.  It was absolutely delicious.  (lotus)
Parsleyed noodles
Made this with linguini, because that's all I had. I love this recipe. It sounds very simple, but it is so flavorful. I could eat this every week. (haricot)
I love that recipe too.  I can't remember if I've actually made it with noodles, but I've made it several times with orzo.  Delicious! (lotus)
Blue plate special wheat meat loaf
It's good. Even after the baking the gluten maintains a bit of stretchiness, but isn't too bad. Tastes pretty American, whatever that means. Has enough flavor to be eaten alone, no gravy. (fb)
turned out weird as well, it tasted good but was too crumbly, i could tell when i was kneading it and should have added more gluten or something... i will report back on the leftovers (amymylove)
Brewpub tater tot pie
healthy, filling, wasn't the best thing in the world. (longerlook)
I wasn't a huge fan of this but my family liked it. I felt like it was kind of plain- I should note that I used veggie broth instead of beer since I think it's nasty. (intheend)
Cajun pot pie
I liked this a lot. The filling was a tad sweet and was smoky. And I like black eyed peas, so hey. Also heavy, but good food, good comfort food.  (fb)

Chicago style deep dish pizza
Holy crap! It was sooo delicious. It sort of reminded me of pizza hut pizza. I have not tasted pizza like this in so many years. I didn't do all of the toppings she suggests, but used jarred roasted red peppers, onions, and fresh tomato. Daiya cheese...... My only complaint is that it doesn't make enough to feed a family of 4. Noah and I pretty much ate the whole thing ourselves. Without a second cast iron skillet, I'd have to just make this for 2 people, or cut it really small for an appetizer type thing.  (L2A)
J LOVED this, and proclaimed it the best pizza I've ever made. I liked the toppings and the style, but I didn't like the crust as much. It wound up not being very chewy and kind of dense/crumbly for me, but maybe it was just that time. Still, I would more likely use a different crust recipe next time but keep everything else the same. I think I'll also have the sauce on top of Daiya in every other pizza I make too. (fb)
One of the best pizzas! It's only slightly more work with the layering and crust, but not much at all. My dough came together very well, but didn't seem to rise as much as other pizza crusts. It rose for 1 1/2 hours+, but I guess it did just fine! I used crushed tomatoes for my sauce, and grated the garlic in. I usually cook my pizza sauces, but this was delicious. I followed the recipe. I wasn't sure if ALL the sauce should be put on, but I used it all except maybe a spoonful. For toppings, I didn't have all the ingredients for the sausage, so I just did the mushrooms with some onions, and added orange and green bell peppers, and some leftover roasted poblanos and jalapenos. I used Daiya mozz (but not quite the whole package). I really like the cheese on the bottom! The whole thing is incredible. The crust is pretty perfect. I baked it at the 500 for about 17 minutes, and then 400 for maybe 10? I was afraid it would be hard to get out of the pan, but wasn't really at all. A delicious pizza that I will make again! (AC)
I think I prefer regular pizza... I used pepperoni crumbles instead of sausage which was tasty, but otherwise I thought it was pretty meh. Plus the filling kept falling out. (eldsjal)
Eggplant parm with tomato basil sauce
There was definitely, definitely not enough coating for the eggplant. Making half the recipe, I got through a few pieces of eggplant and the coating was gone (I brushed off some coating from each piece too). I'm not sure if the amount of eggplant should be less, or if "1/4 inch" is an underestimate of how thick they should be (1/4 inch is pretty thin...). With the leftover slices, I just fried them by themselves. I subbed walnuts for pine nuts. The sauce was good, and tastes pretty similar to the marinara you'd get at a restaurant. (fb)
I didn't make this exact sauce, but made my usual homemade with some mushrooms. I used slivered almonds and some cashews for the nuts, and increased everything b/c of fb's review. I used 1/3+ increments instead of 1/4 and still did not have enough coating! I had a huge plate full, and thought for sure I'd have some leftover. I initially started coating the slices very thoroughly, but didn't have enough for all my eggplant. Anyway, it does adhere very well, and the flavor is good. I salted my eggplant, and then also had it in the fridge after breading, as suggested. I think I had it in the fridge too long though, because my eggplant basically cooked down to nothing! The flavor was good, and coating stuck well. (AC)
Fettuccine alfredo
unfortunately we were out of broccoli.  I served it with whole wheat penne, sautéed onion/carrot/zucchini, and some tofu bacon.  I didn't have any roasted garlic, or have time to roast any, so I just used a bit more crushed garlic and added a bit of garlic powder.  I also don't really understand chillies in a tin, that's not something I've ever seen, so omitted those.  This sauce went down really well, thick and creamy but not too heavy.  Would make again. (oww)
did not turn out well for me and i am seriously bummin... i know it had to do with the wine i used cause that was all i could taste (amymylove)
This sauce was really interesting and tasty. Might cut down on the vinegar next time. I used roasted pepper instead of jalapeños, but next time I'll use jalapeños, I think it would give the sauce something extra. One of the best vegan alfredo sauces I've had, no doubt. (eldsjal)
Tastyyy. I didn't use *quite* as much broccoli as called for. The alfredo sauce is pretty great. I admit I've never had "real" alfredo, but J has (up there on the list of favorite foods), and he really liked this and thought it was similar. It would also be a reasonable "mac and cheese" type of dish too.  (fb)
This is seriously amazing! I think the sauce is a genius combination of ingredients. I only made a couple minor changes-I'm too cheap to buy pinenuts, so I used slivered almonds for the pinenuts (I will try it one day!), I also used dijon mustard for yellow because we currently have this freak bottle of yellow mustard that is really spicy; didn't think that would work well. I only had 1/4 cup white wine left, so I used water for the rest. It's so good!!!!!!!! This will become a regular, and I don't even really have regulars. It comes together fast, the flavor is perfect, and it's just delicious. I stuffed myself way too much. I highly recommend the broccoli addition. I had some weird thing happen with my food processor where a lot of liquid randomly leaked out the bottom, so I tried to compensate. I thought I could have let the sauce thicken a bit more, but P said it was perfect. He loved it as much as I did. One of my favorite things in a while. Make it! I personally think it does taste pretty traditional. (AC)
I've never been an alfredo fan, but have never made a vegan version before, and given AC's rave review above, I thought I would give it a try.  This was another one of those "OMG this is freakin' amazing" experiences.  I had to stop myself from overeating.  I pretty much followed the recipe, except I didn't have arrowroot and only had about one tbs of corn starch that I used, and I cut back on the amount of broth to just 1 cup.  I splurged and used pine nuts since it's the first of the month and a new grocery budget for me.  Thanks AC for the inspiration!  I loved this! (tweety)
My fellow VWers are right, this is a damn good dish! Don't skip the broccoli! It tastes wonderful in this. (intheend)
I made this for the 3rd time. I don't think it's ever been as good as that first time, for some reason, but still delicious. I think I've learned to cut down the vinegar a bit, and I would cut down on the cornstarch some as well. I don't think it needs that much. (AC)
Grilled seitan with heirloom tomatoes

Grill pan

Pan fried

Italian big bowl
I was concerned about the lack of much tomato involvement in this pasta dish, but it turned out fine. Still, I'd prefer to add some tomato sauce. (fb)
I was sure there was no way I wasn't going to love this.  I used 1/2 lb of ziti rather than linquine or fettucine.  I also made it very thick by eliminating the wine, and pasta cooking water and using about 3/4 cup of veggie broth, which is why I only used 1/2 lb of pasta.  I didn't cut back on any of the other ingredients.  I used Tofurkey Italian sausage.  The combination of sun dried tomatoes, capers, kalamata olives, and garlic was pure good eatin'. (tweety)
Made this with some brown rice linguini and it was very tasty but next time I would use veggie broth instead of wine. I felt like the wine was a little bit overpowering but overall I was very satisfied with this dish. (intheend)
Italian style seitan with linguine

Vegan parmesan

Margherita pizza with roasted red pepper sauce
Pretty good. I added extra sliced tomato on top as well as some fresh basil under the cheese. The red pepper sauce winds up being pretty thick, and it doesn't have a very strong "pepper" flavor what with the vegan cheese, etc. I baked the pizza on a pizza stone, which made the crust *really* crispy. I prefer a little more soft chewiness, so I probably won't do that crust again unless I'm using a metal pan or something. (fb)
I only made the crust and topped it with my own sauce and stuff. Loved the crust! The best I've made! (eldsjal)
Loved this so much! I used all AP flour in the dough, and used the optional herbs. Awesome dough! Came together well (with the other 1/4 cup water), rolled easily, and baked perfectly. I love how it's thinner. I followed the sauce recipe, but did not use the roasted red peppers! I made one pizza as the margherita, and the other with red peppers, kalamata olives, and spinach. I used FYH monterey, which is nice because it's mild. I think the tomatoes on the margherita pizza made it a bit soggy, or it could have been because that pizza was on a stone on the top rack. The other pizza was on a pizza pan on the bottom rack, and the crust was perfectly crispy. I liked the sauce without the roasted peppers, so I'd do that again, and the crust again! I suggest using the bottom oven rack. (AC)
Mexicali seitan
Decent. I left out the jalapeño and added some ketchup at the end to balance the spiciness. Had it with rice and sour cream. Think it would be better with tortillas though. Not sure if I'll make it again, in terms of flavor "spicy" was the only thing that was really going on. (eldsjal)
Pesto lasagna with slow roasted tomatoes and mushrooms
I looked at the directions for the tomatoes and was like "noooooooooo it takes foreeeeeever" but it was actually really worth it. The tomatoes were still juicy and sweet from being in the oven forever, and the lasagna itself was delicious. Pesto + roasted tomatoes = excellentness. The amount of pesto is probably too strong for pesto haters though. Whatever. (fb)
Red eye tofu with vegetable skewers
I didn't do the whole skewer thing, and instead made the sauce and let the cubed tofu simmer in the sauce for a while. The sauce itself tastes mostly like barbecue sauce, but is a touch bitter from the coffee. Otherwise it doesn't taste much like coffee. The way I did the recipe there was plenty of sauce, and I liked it because I like barbecue sauce. (fb)
I didn't skewer anything, just used the sauce over tofu/carrot/broccoli/capsicum/onion with rice.  It was our first recipe using liquid smoke, and my husband declared the sauce amazing, but wasn't too sure about the meal as a whole, which probably just means I should have followed the instructions rather than making stuff up! (oww)

Salisbury style seitan with mushrooms
Even though I didn't like the seitan, this dish was scrumptious and I would make it again trying another type of seitan. (intheend)
I used to beg for Salisbury steak tv dinners when I was a kid and my mom would never buy them, so I was pretty excited about this recipe.  I used shiitakes instead of cremini and definitely less than 4 cups, but I thought the amount I used was enough.  Other than that,  I followed the recipe pretty closely.  The sauce is pretty delicious, but next time I think I'll make my cutlets a little thinner for this recipe.  I like that it doesn't dirty a whole lot of dishes and comes together fairly quickly if you have the seitan made ahead of time.  On a side note, I've made the savory seitan a million times and it turns out great, but this time it was weird for some reason.  Thankfully, not weird enough to mess up the recipe.  (lotus)
Seitan and herb dumplings
This is like the stew form of chicken pot pie, consisting mainly of your seitan of choice and dumplings (there's a lot!). I had to cook longer than stated to get all the dumplings done. And hey, the herbs in the dumplings are actually detectable.  (fb)
Seitan goulash with kraut
A bit odd, but enjoyable. Sauerkraut and caraway in a tomato stew, hm. But it worked. It's pretty heavy; I'd served with plenty of rice and/or bread. Very savory.  (fb)
I really liked this goulash with sauerkraut and caraway seeds. Sounds weird, but tastes fabulous. It was great with the parsleyed noodles. (haricot)
Seitan katsu with tonkatsu sauce
tasted great but looked nothing like the picture, and I didn't have enough of the ingredients for the sauce.   (babysgotsauce)
Interesting. First, I am biased because I like Seitan Lite so much. And I like things fried with panko. I've made seitan katsu before, from a different cookbook, where the seitan was a bit plainer, and the whole cutlet was battered, panko-d and fried, and then cut into strips. The rearranged steps is apparently how "real" tonkatsu is, and is served with just shredded napa than a slaw (I ate it this way and didn't make the slaw... lazy). The way it's prepared here makes it more like chicken fingers, and probably more suitable to serving a few pieces per guest rather than a whole cutlet per person. The tonkatsu sauce came out much tangier than sweet, which is different from store-bought sosu I've had. Not a bad change, it's just very strong. Definitely didn't need the full recipe of sauce, actually, but it seems versatile enough to use elsewhere. It was kind of funny because I got vegan worcestershire sauce from an Asian market for this recipe, when sosu itself is a version of worcestershire sauce. Oh yeah, I liked it. it's easy to make assuming you already have the seitan on hand. (fb)
This totally rocked. Might be one of the best seitan dishes I have ever eaten. The sauce was a hit with the whole family too. I think the seitan could be versatile...eaten with tartar sauce it could be like fish (it sort of reminded me of fish sticks-blech!). With buffalo sauce, like wings! So yummy. I am getting back into this book again....loving it!!! (L2A)
Southern fried seitan
Usually when I fry stuff I have a batter, but this was basically dredging in flour & then dipping in soymilk, and repeat. It yielded a thin but crispy crust on the seitan. It was good, and the cutlet size of Seitan Lite lends itself to a chicken-sandwich type thing. Also, I had way more flour & soymilk for this than needed. Maybe even more than double what I needed.I hate it when this happens, because the flour is seasoned so I can't just reuse it somewhere, I pretty much have to figure out other things to fry or discard it.  (fb)
YES! Oh man I wish I were eating this right now, it is totally worth the calories. I had enough flour/milk for 6 pieces. (intheend)
Southwestern wheat meat loaf
Like the other wheat meat loaf, except more tomato-y and spicy. I liked the other one better though this one had a stronger flavor. I think maybe this would be better not as a loaf but broken up into something else, like pasta, stir-fry, or soup. By itself the flavor is a little too strong. (fb)
Spaghetti pie with arrabbiata sauce
Ok. Each component was kind of bland... (fb)
My family and I really enjoyed this! It's not something that will blow you away but it's a great Italian comfort dish. This would be great to serve to omnivores as I tried it on my picky brother and he liked it. (intheend)
Yes, it was a little bland. But with some extra boost of spices, I think it will be great. Will definetely try it again. Might even just make the sauce, I really liked that. (eldsjal)
Sweet garlicky ribz
Very good! The BBQ sauce was so tasty I froze the leftover so that I can use it again. The texture of the ribs improves with time so I would advise making this a day or a couple of hours in advance. The only part that sucked was trying to knead it since it ends up really stiff but other than that, I have no complaints. (intheend)
The sauce is kind of like barbecue sauce, but more tart. It was tough getting the gluten to stretch to the specified dimensions, so I just cut it into eight pieces when it was stretched as much as I could get it, which worked out fine. After steaming, some of the pieces had stuck back together, but they were easy to separate. There was a lot of sauce, and the seitan got firm but retained some chewiness. Good stuff. (fb)
These were delicious, but somehow I didn't find them particularly sweet nor garlicky...I'm used to huge amounts of garlic, though.  I made a few changes based on what I had/didn't have in the kitchen.  We don't eat tvp so I just omitted it.  I subbed arrowroot for tapioca and used regular sea salt.  I didn't have any red wine so I mixed red wine vinegar with a little sherry.  That seemed to work as a sub.  I also used Braggs instead of Worcestershire.  These were definitely hard to stretch, but I think I got them stretched enough.  The sauce was super tasty and I ended up with enough left over for another batch.  Next time I make these, I will probably double the ribs so that I don't have leftover sauce.  (lotus)
Grill pan

Tempeh cutlets with creamy tomato pepper spaghetti
The tempeh went well with this, and the sauce was a little sweet and didn't have an overwhelming bell pepper flavor. I liked it. (fb)
As you can see in my pics, I didn't eat the two dishes together.  The creamy tomato-pepper spaghetti (I used other whole grain pasta) was fantastic.  I did not have red pepper, and used almond milk, but was faithful otherwise.  The sun dried tomatoes and other ingredients blended well.  I knew I was hooked when I kept eating it out of the pot by the spoonful before even putting it on the pasta to sit down and eat. The tempeh cutlets were pretty good as well.  I did think it was a bit tangy with a whopping 3/4th cup of red wine vinegar in the marindade, but I like vinegar so it wasn't all that bad. (tweety)
We love tempeh and this recipe has one of the tastiest marinades I've used.  I subbed Bragg's for worcestershire sauce, but otherwise followed the recipe.  I marinaded the tempeh for about 3 hours, but next time I'll probably let it set overnight for some extra flavor.  I didn't have green peppers, so I used all red and subbed poblano for the jalepeno.  I also upped the garlic, used fresh basil instead of dried, and added a couple splashes of balsamic vinegar.  The sauce was tasty, but not my favorite.   For some reason, when I read "tomato-pepper sauce" I was thinking more like cracked black pepper instead of bell pepper.  Maybe that's why I thought it was lacking.  I fixed that by adding a ton of cracked pepper to my plate at the table.  Despite my confusion over the sauce, this was delicious.  Cams thought so too.  I'll make it again, for sure.  (lotus)
Tempeh stroganoff stuffed potatoes
So unhealthy but so good! I used seitan instead of tempeh and baked it at 400 degrees to make it absorb the marinade faster. I also served it with some roasted green beans like suggested. Very enjoyable meal. (intheend)
SO GOOD.  These are very filling and each of us only ate half a potato for dinner, so next time I will probably halve the recipe.  There were a lot of steps to this recipe and it was kind of labor intensive, for a week night, but worth it.  OMG...such good comfort food. (lotus)
Tuna free noodle casserole
Ok. Kind of bland, actually. I feel like it needs more than salt... a seasoning of some sort... (fb)
Definitely make sure you start this about 2 hours before you'd like to eat. The end result is awesome though! We just loved the taste and the creaminess. I really enjoyed the roasted chickpeas in this since they end up kind of flaky. (intheend)
I liked this a lot! Certainly not bland, the amount of spices was perfect! And it didn't take as much time as I thought to put it together either. I've never had tuna casserole, but I recommend it to everyone who loves a tasty, creamy pasta dish! (eldsjal)
Wet bean burritos
I misread the ingredients list, and wound up having fresh poblano pepper instead of the dried pasilla/guajillo. But it worked out anyway, and I added a little chili powder too. The sauce seems really thin, and baking burritos with such a liquidy sauce made me think they were really enchiladas, but the sauce dried up a lot so they were more like... really soft burritos? Anyway, pretty good, a good way to hide vegetables. Not as simple as making a burrito could be, but oh well. (fb)
I used burrito sized tortillas and got 6 of them so this definitely makes a hefty portion. The filling is perfectly spiced and has a little bit of cheesy flavor from the nutritional yeast. The sauce had just a little kick without being overly spicy. This recipe is a keeper. (intheend)
Choice of Sides
Baked beans
Good. I was lazy about chopping the chipotle, so I put it in whole with its adobo sauce, and then removed the chile prior to serving - it was still reasonably spicy. The beans themselves kind of dry out in the oven after all that time, so I wonder if they could just go in the oven for a shorter period. Sweet, spicy, smokey. (fb)
Baked onion rings

Beer battered onion rings
Worked out pretty well. I ran out of wet batter, so I added some of the flour part plus more beer as I went. The batter made as directed was too thick for me, and I had to add beer to that too as I went. The onion rings themselves cooked well, the batter got golden-brown and crispy, and fried at 375º, they didn't come out too oily. I made half the recipe, and supposedly that amount "serves 2". You'd have to be really serious about onion rings for that to happen. I think it serves more like 3-4 for a half recipe. I froze the extra and reheated them in the oven at 300º for a few minutes, which worked well. (fb)
Bistro broccolini
allsum. (longerlook)

Braised peas with radicchio and shallots
So, as it turns out, I don't really like radicchio. But i like peas, so I ate this. Sometimes I like dressed-up vegetable-only dishes, but I think I'd rather add peas to my standard fare. (fb)
This was good, but nothing special.  I had never had radicchio before, but I liked it.  This is a good, kind of dressed up way to eat peas. (lotus)
Not a huge fan. I even bought a shallot for this, which I never do because I can't tell the difference between it and onion. The radicchio is just too bitter. The peas were ok, but didn't enjoy this much. (AC)
Cheezy mac and greens
It doesn't taste like mac & cheese. Comparing this to the other recipe (another mac & cheese on the opposite page), it looked like there might be some error in the ingredients. The other recipe uses a pound of pasta, serves 6-8, uses 2.5 cups soymilk, 1 cup nutritional yeast. this recipe uses a half pound of pasta, serves 4, uses 2.5 cups soymilk, and uses 1/4 cup nutritional yeast. I decided that, if there was an error, it was probably the soymilk because it seemed out of proportion to everything else, including the thickener. Anyway, the sauce wasn't very cheesy. It was more floury and with a slight mustard taste, and adding more soymilk (I used 1.5 cups instead of 2.5) would have just made it more bland. It would have been fine if this was a soup base or a roux-based sauce for something else, but it doesn't come off cheesy at all to me. Still eatable, but I was hoping for something similar to the alfredo sauce. (fb)
Creamed corn
Rich & sweet. After cooking the creamer + corn attains a kind of tacky texture though. I think I'd rather eat the non-cream type of creamed corn (if that makes sense) because though this was good, it wasn't worth the extra calories of creamer.
Double stuffed spuds
These are good.  I mean, they're just a twice baked potato so that part is normal, but the filling is great! I additionally rubbed the outside with a little oil to make them a bit crispy. (babysgotsauce)
Very similar to the cafe potato skins, but it wasn't as good to me. Probably just the difference in potato - russet just isn't as good as yukon. (fb)
Coconut bacon bits
So I just had to try these. They are a good alternative to TVP bacon bits, which I don't like. I tried to follow the recipe exactly but right as I was pouring in the shredded coconut I read, DO NOT USE SHREDDED COCONUT...whoops... It still tasted good, and the shredded looked very bacon bit-y after coming out of the oven, so I don't think it mattered much as far as taste goes. Good recipe, interesting. (babysgotsauce)
sticky, sweet, salty, smoky. easy to burn ¬_¬... they still taste like coconut though. and also coconut texture. that's fine by me, but maybe not a coconut hater. (fb)
Handcut potato chips
This are ridiculously delicious and simple.  I used a mixture of russet and purple potatoes.  These would be super simple with a mandolin, but it wasn't very hard to slice them thinly with a knife.  I can't wait to soak them in vinegar and try them again.  (lotus)
I made these again.  This time I used purple sweet potatoes and I added the 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar to the soaking water.  We didn't notice the vinegar at all.  I don't know if that was because of the sweet potato flavor, or if I just need to add a lot more vinegar.  Either way, they were still delicious.  We both love these and I know I'll make them again. (lotus)
Mashed potatoes with homestyle gravy
Just what I wanted! The potatoes are pretty much the only way I know to make mashed potatoes, so nothing new there, but delicious. I used unsweetened almond milk. My version of the gravy was perfect for the taters. Once again, I cut wayway down on the oil (made a small portion of the recipe). I did a creamy style gravy using the almond milk, and of course cut down on the flour for my small bit. No Worcestershire to add, but it still came out rich and yummy. I used dried parsley. I think if I was making this larger portion, I would up the herbs, because I basically used those amounts for my portion. (AC)
(gravy) Delicious. That's all I have to say. (intheend)
Jalapeno gravy
legit. i used it on a half batch of VW's cheesy bean and cheese enchiladas instead of the regular cheese sauce (amymylove)
Midway French fries


Roasted broccoli and bell peppers
I liked this, it wasn't amazing but it's a good side dish and better than other roasted broccoli recipes I've tried. I used a lot of fresh garlic and also some grape tomatoes.  My only complaint is that the broccoli started to overcook before I thought the bell peppers had softened enough, so next time I would start the bell peppers first. (thirteenblackbirds)
Rosemary carrots
Very quick, easy and tasty way to add a veggie side dish to any meal. (tweety)
Surprisingly good. We don't usually like cooked carrots much, but this way works. I sauteed everything instead of steaming, and used the fresh rosemary (so good). Quick, easy, and good. (AC)
Southern style rice and red beans
very good. made a double batch, used quartered mushrooms instead of the sausage. yum! would use more collards next time (bp)
I like it. Beans, rice, greens, smokiness. (fb)
Excellent!  Nice combination of veggies, rice and beans...the only minor change I made was I used grapeseed oil and not olive, and used a bit more All-American spice than she called for.  I used tofurky kielbasa for the sausage rather than make my own.  Yummy! (tweety)
very good, I really enjoyed the smokiness. next time I would add more of the All-American Spice Blend. (thirteenblackbirds)
Stovetop mac and cheeze
not great. (longerlook)
I did make a few changes, but was surprised at how well it came out. I don't usually like really nut. yeasty things, but this worked. I did 1/2 pound shells, cut way down on the oil, used unsweetened almond milk, cut down on NY a bit (halved the recipe, basically), and didn't use onion powder or thyme-added a bit of chili powder. The cornstarch didn't make it weird, thickened quickly, and was a fast recipe. Tasty, and satisfied the craving...which some mac and cheezes just don't do. (AC)
Did not taste much like mac n cheese initially, so I helped it along with some lemon juice and miso. It was better, but I'm not likely to make it again - there are better recipes out there. (fb)
Taters and strings
Good. The ingredients are simple, but the lemon juice makes it special. Easy to eat a lot! (fb)
Veggie fried rice
I added bok choy in addition to the other ingredients, and i added sesame oil at the very end rather than frying with it; I hear you're not supposed to use high heat with sesame oil? Anyway. It wound up being not very strongly flavored, which is fine for me as it was eaten as a side. It would probably need a little something more if it were a main, though. I may have added more than 3 cups rice though (not sure). It works as a fried rice recipe, but I'll probably stick with a simpler recipe in the future. Even though I just called this plain. Oh well. (fb)
The Dessert Case
Apple butterscotch pie

Brown sugar
I didn't have the butterscotch chips so I used the brown sugar instead. The taste of this was divine and it made my kitchen smell amazing. I really enjoyed this but I have to say that I was not at all pleased with the pie crust recipe in this book. I decided to try it instead of using my faithful pie recipe from VB and I'm sorry I did. It was just way too soft and tore easily. Other than that, I'd highly recommend this. (intheend)
Apple crisp
Very easy and yummy. Took maybe...15 minutes (slicing apples) to throw together. It's pretty sweet, but good. My top did get crispy and golden, and did not get soggy when sitting around for a couple hours. I did not need 7-8 apples for an 8" dish..more like 4 large. I threw in some orange juice with the lemon juice. It's weird for me to not have oats on an apple crisp, but this is good and very easy to do to use apples. (AC)
Apricot cream cheese cookies

Banana split cake

Cherry chocolate bread pudding with vanilla sauce

Vanilla drizzle

Cherry turnovers

Chocolate chip quick cake
Very good. Especially with coffee, since it isn't really sweet. It reminds me of like a chocolate chip shortbread or biscuit. (dannibazaar)
Very easy and very good. I like how it doesn't call for too many chocolate chips... these things are expensive around here. Will make it again. (haricot)
Crispy bottom peanut butter pie with chocolate fudge sauce
DH made the peanut butter pie for me for my birthday and it was incredible! It reminded me of something fancy that would be served at an expensive vegan restaurant. No fancy ingredients (we had them all!). The crust might have been the best part....chocolate rice krispies! (L2A)
Very heavy & rich. My favorite part is actually the crispy-chocolate bottom. Pretty unique. The recipe itself is kind of similar to the black-bottom peanut butter silk pie from VWAV, though more in concept than actual ingredients. ... i like the VWAV one better, just because i'm more of pudding person than an ice cream person. but i wouldn't mind combining the recipes into have a chocolate-rice-crispy crust with a peanut-butter-tofu filling. YEAH. (fb)
Double dark Mississippi mud pie

Lime avocado cream in puff pastry

Maple cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting
The cake has a nice texture, and isn't too sweet. The frosting *is* sweet, and tends to get a bit melty at room temp. I especially like the frosting  - cinnamon + sugar + cream cheese = excellent. (fb)
I got it in my head that I was going to make these cupcakes, than I discovered I was out of maple, I did an experiment.  I mixed maple extract into agave nectar, and I think it was a pretty darn good substitute.  I ended up adding a bit more maple extract than the recipe called for later on.  I don't know if that would be necessary with actual maple syrup.  The batter was really thick, so I added a little soymilk.  I didn't over-fill the liners, but the cakes puffed up with muffin-like domes.  The frosting is absolutely delicious, but was a little thin for my preference, so I added more sugar.  Cams and I both thought the cake tasted like graham crackers and the frosting reminded me of cinnamon pop tarts.  These are really, super delicious!  (lotus)
Mocha vegan ice cream

Mom's apple pie

Fast and easy pie crust

Mom's tapioca pudding

New York style cheesecake

Mini cheesecakes
I made mini versions using cupcake liners. I didn't make a crust and instead used a Hob Nob for each mini cake's crust. The cheesecake part got pretty firm (they probably heated more evenly than a whole cake). I baked them for about 20 minutes. They were good, a little milder than the cheesecake I normally make (this has less lemon juice). (fb)
Oatmeal raisin cookies

Peachy keen cobbler
Really easy and yummy! I used 4 peaches, and 2 nectarines. The "hardest" part of this is to peel and slice the fruit. I didn't measure mine (all I had), so I bet I could have used more. I wanted more filling and more liquid in the filling. The flavor was excellent, despite my lackluster fruit, and the topping was light and fluffy, with good flavor. I think mine only baked about 38 minutes. I'd make this again, but make sure to have enough filling. (AC)
Pineapple upside down cake
I've made a few versions of this before but this one smokes all the others. I subbed out the AP for whole wheat pastry flour but that was all. It took a little longer to bake but it came out great! (intheend)
Spiced chocolate pudding cake
Good cake, but I would want to tweak the "pudding" part. It was too watery and sugary for me. That is to say, I'd probably increase the cocoa. And make less of it altogether, because there was a *lot* of it compared to the cake. I like the 'spice' in it. (fb)
Yum! I made this sans the spices (I'm the only person in my household that likes the comnbo of chocolate and spices...) and made a little less of the pudding part than called for (as per fb's suggestions). It was so delicious. (dannibazaar)
Disappointing for me. I've been wanting to make this cake for a while, and the end result was somehow bland and missing something. I had to add several additional splashes of milk because my cake batter was way too dry. I don't know that I think there is too much pudding, but none of mine is very tasty. I'm finding that if things have coffee in them, but don't taste like coffee, they will taste flat. Maybe that's it... just did not work for me. (AC)
Vanilla espresso shake
Pretty good shake, but not quite as good as I expected. It makes two servings, but those servings are quite small. I thought I was going to have two large glasses of milkshake like in diners, and not two tiny glasses. (haricot)


I just got this in the mail from Amazon and all the recipes sound mouthwatering! On first view I was a little overwhelmed by the large ingredient lists and the amount of deep fryin' goin on, but hey it ain't called the American Vegan Kitchen for nuthin'.  And I think the majority of the ingredients I have on hand. 

I made the Bistro Asparugus Twists for our Memorial Day Beach gathering yesterday and they were a big hit! I made them bigger with about 4/twist and with a little more dough around the outside because a) I'm lazy, and b) thats the only sure vegan thing there, so I wanted it to be filling.  They were good! I only used Veganaise and added a little pesto.


Oo, those look delicious! I really should consider buying this book...


I want this book. I want St.Louis (my hometown) T-Ravs. I need them here in Switzerland.


Thanks Danni, they were great, going to try one of the seitan recipes tonight.

You should Kt- its very 'American'


I love any recipe that's really american. This book looks awesome, I'll have to pick it up when I'm in the States in July. I love making typical American food for my Swiss husband, I have him hooked on pb & j! :)


just bought this book because of the weekly giveaway...

i'll let you guys know how bad i am at cooking some of this stuff as soon as i get to try some of it out.


Savory Seitan (slow-cooker roast)
I always hesitate to make a new seitan recipe...(if it ain't broke don't fix it..) but I like this one.  I used the slow cooker variation and it was very hassle-free, which is nice for seitan.  It also makes quite a bit, which is also nice! So far I've used it to try and make the Seitan Katsu, it tasted great but looked nothing like the picture, and I didn't have enough of the ingredients for the sauce.  

The Sweet and Crunchy French Toast

Wow this is yummy!!! I bought TJ's Cornflakes just for this and I'm sooo glad I did! Crunchy and sweet! I ate mine with Raspberries, Brown Rice Syrup, and EB, Taj had his with maple syrup and Lots of EB.  Very good, it tastes like deep-fried french toast would taste.


Double Stuffed Spuds

These are good.  I mean, they're just a twice baked potato so that part is normal, but the filling is great! I additionally rubbed the outside with a little oil to make them a bit crispy.

Coconut Bacon Bits

So I just had to try these. They are a good alternative to TVP bacon bits, which I don't like. I tried to follow the recipe exactly but right as I was pouring in the shredded coconut I read, DO NOT USE SHREDDED COCONUT...whoops... It still tasted good, and the shredded looked very bacon bit-y after coming out of the oven, so I don't think it mattered much as far as taste goes. Good recipe, interesting.


Double Stuffed Spuds

These are good.  I mean, they're just a twice baked potato so that part is normal, but the filling is great! I additionally rubbed the outside with a little oil to make them a bit crispy.

Coconut Bacon Bits

So I just had to try these. They are a good alternative to TVP bacon bits, which I don't like. I tried to follow the recipe exactly but right as I was pouring in the shredded coconut I read, DO NOT USE SHREDDED COCONUT...whoops... It still tasted good, and the shredded looked very bacon bit-y after coming out of the oven, so I don't think it mattered much as far as taste goes. Good recipe, interesting.

Sounds good! I've been neglecting this book, because I've been trying to cook extra healthy, but I need to throw a few things in! (not that there aren't healthy things in the book)


Double Stuffed Spuds

These are good.  I mean, they're just a twice baked potato so that part is normal, but the filling is great! I additionally rubbed the outside with a little oil to make them a bit crispy.

Coconut Bacon Bits

So I just had to try these. They are a good alternative to TVP bacon bits, which I don't like. I tried to follow the recipe exactly but right as I was pouring in the shredded coconut I read, DO NOT USE SHREDDED COCONUT...whoops... It still tasted good, and the shredded looked very bacon bit-y after coming out of the oven, so I don't think it mattered much as far as taste goes. Good recipe, interesting.

Sounds good! I've been neglecting this book, because I've been trying to cook extra healthy, but I need to throw a few things in! (not that there aren't healthy things in the book)

Yes, so many of the not-super-healthy recipes sound sooo tempting! I want to try the Midtown Greek salad, because it looks great.  I have had yet to be impressed with a vegan feta thus far in my life, they all just taste like tofu to me, so we'll see...


made the brocolini.... allsum.
made the tator tie pie... healthy, filling, wasn't the best thing in the world.

great review, huh?


7 layer taco dip would fool anyone.
fried avocados with salsa were incredible.


7 layer taco dip would fool anyone.
fried avocados with salsa were incredible.

those fried avos look/sound pretty dern good


7 layer taco dip would fool anyone.
fried avocados with salsa were incredible.

those fried avos look/sound pretty dern good

I was gonna say that fried avocado sounds pretty naughty. 


they were!


Midtown Greek salad
I sadly did not have most of the ingredients for the salad, but it did inspire me, and I made the dressing for my Greekish salad. I halved the dressing recipe because I tend to not eat leftover dressing, and added 1/2 of a lemon's juice. Very nice Greek salad dressing. My salad had romaine, tomatoes, chickpeas, red onion, and all the Kalamata olives I had left. Delicious. I ate two huge salads, and had a bit of dressing leftover from the half.


i cooked something out of this book almost every night for my family last week.
now i have no money for the rest of the month for groceries and i just setup a cot in the kitchen to sleep on... cuz i never leave it.





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