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The official Buddha's Table review thread

Yellow curry paste - I was trying to make this in my mortar and pestle because that's how I prefer to make my curry pastes but I could not get the New Mexico chiiles to break down! I ended up having to use my food processor for that but pounded down everything else. The chilies also stained my mortar and pestle and I ended up having to "bleach" it by letting it sit in the sun for a few hours so beware.

Yellow curry - This is everything that a curry should be, no joke! It's creamy and is just divine. The seasonings are perfect and exotic. I used green beans instead of taro because I don't like taro all that much.

Stir-fried vermicelli noodles - I added the spinach along with everything else cause I wasn't crazy about not cooking it. I had to add significantly more soy sauce to get it where I wanted it but this was good either way.

Thai iced tea - I add about 1 cup of sugar. This tastes really good with some So Delicious Coconut Creamer. If you don't have some, you could always use some Almond milk.


Banana Flower Salad
I've never used banana flowers before, and it was pretty cool. It's kind of a shame that so much of it gets discarded (it seems like those little banana bud things between the petals could be used for something...). I was skeptical that the whole core of it would wind up edible after simmering, but it did. 2 flowers yielded about 2 cups (I purposely chose smaller ones, though). I thought the salad was great (and used the optional coconut cream). It was a little sweet, limey and salty. The flowers themselves didn't have too much flavor, and was kinda like eating an (entirely edible) artichoke or something. I'd make this more often, except the flowers are a little expensive. (fb)
Creamy Green Bean Salad
In a way this doesn't seem like a salad, because this combo of ingredients seems like the red curry green bean stir-fry in here. Instead of making a paste of chilies, shallots, garlic and salt, I used some red curry paste. It wasn't spicy as I expected, overall. The flavor of the dressing is pretty much the same as that of the Banana Flower Salad. (fb)
Crispy Noodles
SO COOL. K, so I had to double-check that the noodles were fried in their uncooked form. I added an individual batch of noodles, a little less than an ounce, and after about 3 seconds, they instantly puffed up like MAGIC. and were done. In the end, I had a stack of fried noodles (only 4 oz dry) over a foot high. They weren't too greasy, either, as there wasn't anything dripping off them and the paper towels between them didn't get very oily. The syrup part took longer to condense for me, and it wound up being very strong. The recipe says to toss the noodles with the mushrooms, tofu, and sauce, but the size of the noodles doesn't really allow for this. I just kind of sprinkled it all on top. For other portions, I wound up breaking the noodles a bit so it could be tossed, which also made it less messy to eat =) (btw, very messy to eat). Overall, very cool dish, tasty (strong!) sauce, would make again. (fb)
Sweet-and-Sour Vegetable Plate
huh, what's this doing with the noodles? No matters: IT'S DELICIOUS. Tofu pineapple cashews water chestnuts omgggg. And it's perfectly sweet-sour and is garlicky and YEAH. AC, MAKE THIS NOW. OH WAIT YOU CAN'T. HAHAHA (fb)


spring rolls - Very tasty filling that I enjoyed a lot.  It calls for a whopping 3 tbs of crushed garlic and like FB pointed out that is a lot and I used maybe 1 tbs. (The Thai, along with the Koreans, are the garlic eating champions in the world).  I do need to work on my wrapping technique as they came out a bit loose and one or two fell apart in the cooking.


Stir-fried Vermicelli Noodles - Mainly I used this as a guide on how to stir-fry vermicelli noodles.  I followed his instructions on stir frying the noodles first soy sauce and sesame oil then setting them aside and cooking the veggies.  Where I went way off track is the ingredients...I didn't have any leeks so I used garlic and scallions, I omitted the mushrooms as I didn't have any one hand,  I used siracha instead of chili flakes, I added mung bean sprouts, and finally didn't serve it over spinach (I've done that before with vermicelli and it's good that way, but I some leftover tomato salad to eat).  I did use shallots and carrots and Maggi sauce. as he calls for.  (This is the cookbook that introduced me to the wonderful taste of Maggi a couple of years ago and I've had it on hand ever since).    The end result of way super good!


stir-fired eggplant with holy basil -  Delish.....I used Thai eggplant which I've never had before and the taste is pretty similar to regular purple eggplant but seemed more "seedy".  I used regular Thai basil and omitted the 2 tablespoons of sugar as my stir fry sauce is sweet already.  I also ignored the instructions to fry up some basil and shallots for garnish but used plenty of bail in my recipe.

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