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The official Radiance 4 Life review thread (to be updated).

Add recipe reviews for Radiance 4 Life: The 4 cornerstones of Ultimate Vitality by Tess Challis here, and they will be added to the compilation. Page numbers are included.

Breakfast and Beverages
Power Pancakes     42

Breakfast Quinoa   43
This was sublime! I have had oatmeal with pomegranate molasses, as well as blueberry-lemon-balsamic vinegar but never thought to put them together!!  I used blueberry-pomegranate juice, instead of pure pomegranate (store was out), frozen blueberries, and the zest from 1 lemon and this was decadent. My only issue was that it took more like 35 minutes for my quinoa to cook up and absorb the pomegranate juice, instead of 15-20 minutes. Did not add almonds. (blinknoodle)
Chia Power Pudding   44
I'm not so much reviewing, as I am asking about this. My chia seeds sat in the juice overnight and still, very minimal puddingness! I am curious if this is my chia seeds--they were $3 and very expired. If anyone else has made this I'd love to hear how it came out and how thick yours got. I hate to blame the poor chia seeds but this recipe is so simple and the ingredients are simple that's the only thing I can think of! (aggplanta)
I bought a new bag of chia seeds and this came out awesome! My old chia seeds must have lost their pudding power. I at ea couple spoonfulls at breakfast and was craving more mushy fruity goodness a few hours later--very refreshing. (aggplanta)
Sweet and Savory Breakfast Fritters   45

Frozen Bananas     46

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Shake   47
This was really good. Oops, I just noticed I used twice the amount of maca, but it was still good! I feel like all that agave is not worth the use of the raw cacao powder. Carob powder can also be substituted if you want to reduce your use of agave, but the original recipe is very nice and rich as is. (blinknoodle)
Eye Love You Smoothie   48

Spicy Pumpkin Pie Shake   49

Sunrise Smoothie   50

Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake     51
I found this to be much thicker than the other smoothies (probably because there are more frozen strawberries). I ended up adding more soymilk to compensate. Otherwise, I thought it was great. (blinknoodle)
Blueberry Bliss Smoothie   51

Acai The Light Smoothie     52

Maca My Day   53
This was how I got hooked on breakfast smoothies. All that malty maca goodness.  I used sweetened (original) soy milk.. I never buy the flavored kinds, but I bet the chocolate soy would work really well here, too. I have also added in greens here with good results. (blinknoodle)
Lemon Lime Aid  54

Pineapple Hibiscus Cooler   55

Sweet Almond Milk   56

Sauces and Dressings
Miso Healthy Dressing     58

Guilt Free Ranch Dressing   59

Maple Mustard Dressing   60
Used honey-flavoured mustard so  I used less maple syrup but otherwise thought the dressing was fantastic. (blinknoodle)
this was quick and easy and I put over steamed veggies and brown rice, it had a good flavor, but maybe a little strong on the mustard, I may have put a little too much in there, but when I mixed everything together and added seasoned salt, it was really good. (stacydan)
Lemon Ginger Miso Dressing     61

Ume Sesame Dressing     62

Ginger Soy Dipping Sauce     62

Onion Dill Miso Dressing   63
Honestly, when I first saw the ingredient combo I thought "ew". But I had just had a complete salad dressing failure so I was feeling like I might as well try anything. THIS IS SO GOOOOD. The taste is unusual, I'm not sure how to describe it except that it's savory, a bit tangy and mmmmmm! I think it makes a particularly good complement to hearty, grainy foods. I had it on a kale-hemp-grated carrot salad but am really dying to have it over some pan-fried tempeh or roasted veggies. In fact, this may have to be part of dinner tonight. Thanks for another vitalizing recipe Tess! (aggplanta)
Everyday Chicky Gravy     64

Sweet N Sour Sauce     65

Pretty Pico   66

Chicky Baby Seasoning   67

Snacks and Dips
Sweet N Spicy Turmeric Popcorn   70

Zesty Lemon Kale Chips   71

Babaganoush   72

Sprouted Dipper Chips     73

Spicy Moroccan Sweet Potato Fries     74
I really wanted to like these, but for some reason, these didn't work out for me. They weren't finished after 20 minutes, and after maybe 5-10 minutes more, I felt like the spices had burnt instead. I prefer the "Oven fries" from RHIW. (blinknoodle)
Rawcho Cheese Dip   75
I was in a snacky kind of mood and had a bag of Stacy's bagel chips that had sounded good but I didn't have anything dippy.  So I made this-super quick and easy to make and Yummy!  I ate almost the whole thing by myself! (stacydan)
This is mouthwateringly delectable!  The flavors work really well together and make a tangy, cheesy taste. I think I did just a tad more water/lemon than needed (I am not a careful measurer) so it was a bit runny so I added some more cashews and it firmed right up to more "dip" texture. This is so easy to wip together and so delicious I recommend you try it right away! (aggplanta)
Bold Lime Kale Krunchers   76

Green Velvet Guacamole   77
Lovely and simple guacamole. I even upped the lime juice and garlic a tad. I bet this isn't a green recipe if you just eat half of the recipe in a go! Ack! (blinknoodle)
Supercharged Hummus     78
I scoped out the umeboshi paste to try this and went with the juice from 2 lemon (less than 1/2 cup). I tried it without so much lemon and it wasn't as good. This makes a nice, zippy hummus and best when paired with something bitter. I actually loved it in a wrap with Romaine lettuce, flax seeds, almonds and prunes! (blinknoodle)
Zippy Dippy   79

Vegan Cheese Sticks     80-81

Raw Cinnamon Rolls     81
I did something wrong with these because they were not "ball-like" consistency, it was all crumbly and not sticky at all.  The taste was Awesome though and so I've just been spooning the mixture on top of pancakes, oatmeal, etc.  I loved the flavor, I just wished I could have made balls out them.  I probably used the wrong kind of dates, i've never used dates before, the bag said pitted dates and they were kinda small, but I measured 1/2 cup; so I don't know.  (stacydan)
Stacy: The problem you had with the raw cinnamon really have to PACK those dates into the cup. If you have too few dates, they won't stick. It makes all the difference! Try a few more dates (or really packing them into the measuring cup) next time & make sure you blend it enough. That should do the trick. (quintess)
Lemon Fig Balls     82

Gingersnap Nuggets     83
The walnut-raisin combo is good for a change of pace from my typical almond/date balls, as they are a bit more non-uniform in texture. Initially they were very zingy from the ginger (I use Penzey's if that makes a difference for the potency) so if you don't like ginger, decrease it. Despite the strong flavour, they were ok as an energy snack during exercise. Not my favourite, though. (blinknoodle)

Rustic Rebel Risotto
-Thought this was great! Loved the flavours. My rice was a bit crunchy and not as smooth as a typical risotto but darn, this was easy peasy. Only used 3 tbsp Chicky baby seasoning and no additional salt. Also used sweetened almond milk since that was all I had.

Holy Shiitake Lentil Soup
- Made this again. Really enjoyed it. Only used 2 tbsp Chicky Baby seasoning and less salt at the end. I am thinking next time I will use fresh rosemary, especially since it is thrown in at the end. Very good soup and quick to make.


Sweet and Simple Glazed Tempeh - had a tempeh emergency.. needed some fast and this delivered. I halved the tamari (used low-sodium) and agave. Worked well! :)


Onion Dill Miso Dressing - Delicious. I used only 1 tbsp oil and it was fine. I also went for a creamy version by adding in some tofu-cashew mayonnaise which worked really well, too. Love the miso-dill combo with the tang from the raw onion.



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