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The official Supermarket Vegan recipe review (to be updated)

Appetizers and snacks
Artichoke, chickpea, and spinach dip
Well, this is nothing spectacular, but for ingredients/time, it's pretty good. It's not much compared to the "insanely good spinach and artichoke dip (vw)," but it's still tasty. I added a couple more garlic cloves, the juice of a full lemon, and the artichoke marinade. I didn't use a full 1/4 cup olive oil (because of the marinade), and the oil that I did add made the dip a bit too runny. Worth making if you need a really quick dip. (AC)
Avocado tahini dip with lemon

Chipotle guacamole
Good basic guac with the addition of chipotle peppers.   I used a large FL lite avocado, added a lot of adobo sauce, and cut back on the onions.  I actually forgot the onions and ate a bunch without it and it was fine, and added a tad of onions later.  (tweety)
Curried spinach fondue with pita

Curried toasted cashews

Edamame dip with raw vegetables

Eggplant and black olive dip

Golden tomato bruschetta

Greek style spinach puffs

Green olive and almond crostini

Guacamole stuffed cherry tomatoes

Mediterranean style salsa with pita chips

Mushrooms stuffed with breadcrumbs, lemon, and thyme

Quick guacamole

Red onion and black olive tapenade
Quite good.  I used kalamata olives and cut down the red onions in half.  It was quite tangy with the kalamata flavor, capers and lemon juice.  Loved it. (tweety)
Roasted red pepper and eggplant confit

Spicy red bean dip

Sun dried tomato pesto toast
love this! my husband and I are both crazy for this pesto, I've made it many times.  Instead of draining the sun-dried tomatoes, I just omit the tbsp of oil.  (thirteenblackbirds)
Tuscan style crostini with white beans and sage
I made a version of this (following the method), but doubled the garlic, used a bit of olive oil (no veg. broth), and fresh tarragon. It was good! I'm sure it would be good with sage, just different. (AC)
we liked this quite a bit… it's basic, but a good addition to a simple pasta and tomato sauce type dinner. the sage is really nice in this. (thirteenblackbirds)
Walnut red pepper dip
a nice mildly flavored spread with great texture.  (thirteenblackbirds)
Warm cilantro dipping sauce with plantain chips

White bean hummus

Soups, stews, and chilis
First course and lighter soups
Buddhist hot and sour soup with tofu

Butternut squash and roasted red pepper soup'

Cauliflower and potato soup

Creamy curried broccoli soup

Easy cream of asparagus soup

Moroccan style gingered carrot soup with orange

Potato and leek soup

Quick Southwestern style kidney bean and corn soup

Roasted red pepper and potato soup with cumin

Tomato soup with thyme

Vegetable miso soup

Watermelon gazpacho

Heartier soups, stews, and chilis
African cabbage, carrot, potato, and chickpea stew

Asian style lentil stew
Asian recipes with lentils are rare (I think so), so I was positively surprise by this recipe and I was very good. Unfortunately, colors wasn't pleasant. Next time, it will be a good idea to add some vegetables for more colors! (gathdurwin)
Caribbean style black bean and hominy soup with plantain chips
Pretty good.  I couldn't find vegetarian black bean refried beans, so I used regular refried beans and pinto beans. Otherwise I stuck to the recipe except that I added fresh jalapeno instead of using canned diced tomatoes with jalapeno, and I didn't add any extra water for a thicker soup.  The plantain chips tasted excellent with this. (tweety)
Curried eggplant and black eyed pea stew
Good recipe for eggplants. I didn't use raisins. The mango chutney adds an interesting sweet kick to the recipe! (gathdurwin)
Curried roasted carrot soup with coconut

Easy lentil soup

French Canadian cabbage and navy bean soup with escarole

Hummus soup

Kansas city style two bean chili
yuck.  to be harsh, it tasted like ketchup, mustard, and bean soup. my husband thought it was okay. (thirteenblackbirds)
Quick tomato rice soup with zucchini and basil

Roasted tomato garlic soup with orzo and basil

Sweet potato and red pepper soup with toasted corn

Three bean barley chili
okay, not great. but i don't care for chili. DR and LF enjoyed it. Makes a TON (bp)
Excellent!  I think barley is a good addition to chili......everything really came together well for a nice taste....she uses 2 cups of prepared salsa which I thought was kind of lame in my snobbishness but it did save a lot of time and was quite good.  I added the optional corn and cayenne and subbed pinto beans for red kidney. (tweety)
Tuscan chickpea soup with sun dried tomatoes and rosemary

White bean minestrone with zucchini and rosemary

Coconut curried lentils with basmati rice- really nice. one of the better lentil dishes I've made.

Chow sauce- basic, good, but nothing special

Zucchini stuffed with refried beans and rice- not amazing but still very good. the recipe is pretty simple so I was surprised how tasty this was. I used Jasmine rice which was great in this.

Indonesian style marinated broccoli and cauliflower- didn't like this as the curry powder I used really overpowered the dish. I do like the idea of this, and how it was put together, so I may try again with a more coconut milk/ PB style sauce.

Roasted broccoli with garlic and lemon- good and quick side dish. i ate this with the Penne Vodka from V'con and it's a really nice recipe if you want an easy way to add something green to your meal.

French potato salad- As is, i thought it was bland but it's easy to jazz up… i used red wine vinegar since I don't have tarragon, added more mustard, added celery (the celery added a lot to the dish), red onion in addition to the green, and paprika.  I thought it was fabulous and I will make it again.. the recipe is a really good starting point.


tbb, glad to read you liked the lentils. 


Chutney and Peanut Pizzas - This was one of the more bizarre recipes I've ever cooked.  I did happen to have all the ingredients on hand, so I thought I'd give it a try.  It works and was pretty good.  I used Indian roti bread (which are just like tortillas) because I didn't have any pita bread.  Between the mango chutney which was quite sweet and the peanut butter this dish was very rich.  I probably should have spread it more thin because I only made two and the recipe called for four.


Mushroom bean burgers. Sounded super easy since it uses canned refried beans.  However, the multiple steps involved make this dish take longer to prepare than you might think.  I think it would be better to make the mixture ahead of time and keep it in the fridge until you were ready to make and serve the patties. I made a double recipe and used two boxes of white mushrooms instead of creminis. It might have been more mushrooms than called for, but I omitted the onions. I also added some celery.  When I was all done, the mixure was very gloppy and I had to add more oats and some breadcrumbs to get it firm eough to form into patties.  I made smaller patties so they would be easier to cook and flip. The flavor was good, especially using the cilantro. Don't add too much salt until the end since refried beans tend to be very salty. We enjoyed these and I will probably make them again.


Black bean and avocado wraps with shredded cabbage - Tasty, easy and quick to make.  No cooking involved, as it is to be eaten cold.  I did not add the optional sugar, and did not wait for it to be chilled and at it as soon as I made it.  Delish!


That chutney pizza looks good.. I have some mango chutney in the fridge that I wanted to use up and also some homemade pitas. Is the recipe just basically chutney, PB, raw tofu and onion?


That chutney pizza looks good.. I have some mango chutney in the fridge that I wanted to use up and also some homemade pitas. Is the recipe just basically chutney, PB, raw tofu and onion?

There's no tofu...the toping can probably be anything you want.  I used broccoli which it called for and red onions which it doesn't. 

The pizza sauce is peantu butter, chutney, low sodium soy sauce, water, lime juice, tasted dark sesame oil and finaly chopped garlic. 


Lol.. I didn't realize I typed raw tofu. I meant raw broccoli. Anyway, I think I'm going to make that for lunch this week. Thanks for the idea and ingredients!


Ginger Broccoli
This is AMAZING! I was expecting this to be a very "flat" dish but it was extremely flavorful!
I used regular white vinegar instead of rice vinegar.


Cincinnati Chili Mac  -  Excellent.  Pretty much your standard chili with the addition of cinnamon which is apparently what they do in Cinninati and pour it over spaghetti.  I did not use the optional sugar, I added chopped jalapeno, and used a can of unsalted plain diced tomoatoes instead of the diced tomato with green chili.


Ginger Broccoli - taking the above rave review into account I decided to try this.  I enjoyed it as well.  Quite simple and easy to make.  I love the combination of flavors.  I dramatically cut down the cooking time to make it crunchy.  (Tweety)

Spicy Thai Tofu Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil - very excellent dish.  I ate it room temp and didn't chill prior to eating.  Nice combination of spices.  For once I used the sugar she suggested (her love of sugar like Mr. Robinsons can be annoying) since I know that's what the Thais would do.  I used a lot less scallions because I want to take it to work without blowing my patients and coworkers away.  I love using lime juice in salad dressings like this one did.


Cuban-style fried rice with black beans and pineapple - Not bad...pretty good.  I was tempted when making it to add cumin powder to make it more Cuban, but wasn't sure how that would mix with the pineapple.  It was fine without it.  I used fresh hot chili peppers instead of cayenne and used brown rice.


Quick Greek Salad

Used everything except for the cucumbers. This is great and I usually hate salads!


Curried Eggplant and Black-Eyed Pea Stew: Good recipe for eggplants. I didn't use raisins. The mango chutney adds an interesting sweet kick to the recipe!

Asian-Style Lentil Stew: Asian recipes with lentils are rare (I think so), so I was positively surprise by this recipe and I was very good. Unfortunately, colors wasn't pleasant. Next time, it will be a good idea to add some vegetables for more colors!

Coconut-Curried Portobello Mushrooms with Basmati Rice: Excellent! The mix of portobellos and coconut it's incredible. Miam miam!

Apple-Almond Caramel Bake: I really loved this dessert and my friends too! It lasted only one day!

Crispy Peanut Butter Bars: Sweet! It's very good but you need to have a sweet tooth!


Stuffed acorn squash with long grain and wild rice, pecans, and cranberries - Very good.  I used the optional almonds and a little dried fruit because I didn't quite have enough cranberries.  I forgot to buy the the long-grain and wild rice, so just used brown rice.  I used my rice cooker and something changed the dynamics of the cooker and the rice wasn't done.  I didn't realize this until afterwards, so it was very irritating.  But I'm not blaming the recipe.  This would make a great holiday side dish, but I used it as a main course alongside a big salad.


Yellow basmati rice with chickpeas - I wasn't expecting much out of this dish and was pleasantly surprised that it was very delish!  I used brown rice and cooked it with the veggie broth and tumeric seprately in my rice cooker and mixed it with the sauteed onions and cumin seeds after it was done.  This made for extra crunchy onions which I didn't mind.  I did not add extra salt and I used grapeseed oil instead of olive, because I don't think olive oil and cumin seeds go together. I used a Maggi veggie cube for the broth.  I added the optional almond slivers and cilantro.


Rosemary lentils over polenta - very good!  Lential and rosemary are a natural combination that I really like.  For some reason I spaced out and didn't notice that she uses broth and water, and I left out the water, which caused it to reduce very quickly and be slightly underdone.  For the leftoevers I rectified that.  My bad for that.

I made the polenta first because I only had half a cup and wanted to get it out of the way.  Then while cooking the lentils I noticed she called for some of the ingredients like broth and garlic to go in the polenta.  I wish writers would just separate things like:  Lentils:  ingredient list, Polenta:  ingredient list....even if some of the ingredient are the same. 

Note to self:  read the recipe......the entire recipe before cooking.


Black bean and avocado wraps with shredded cabbage:

Excellent! I bought 8-inch tortillas so I was able to make a lot more than 4 of these so I refridgerated some and ate some right after making it. I used 1 whole lime instead of half and didn't use any sugar. At first I thought they had an off taste but when I tried one that was in the fridge it was 10X better.


Hummus pizza with sun dried tomatoes and kalamata olives

Despite having bought the worst pizza dough ever, this pizza was fantastic! It was a pizza filled with everything I love: garlic, hummus, sun dried tomatoes and kalamata olives. This pizza also has a ton of flavor, much better than regular pizza.


Orzo salad with lemon, corn, olives, and basil

So far this is my favorite recipe from this cookbook. Next time I'm going to up the lemon though but that's because I love lemon. I used dried basil instead of fresh because fresh is too expensive at this time of the year.



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