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The Official Vegan Cookbook Review

So there seems to be a million vegan cookbooks out there and this cookbook section is getting a bit long and unweildly, for me at least.

So everyone list the books they have and give a short review of it, how much you use it, if you'd buy it again if you knew what it was like before hand and anything else you want to share.

How cheezy (with a z) would I be to mention my cookbook ("Radiant Health, Inner Wealth")? I just got my proof via UPS yesterday, so I am getting on the marketing train! Yikes!
I must say, I am enjoying having my cookbook in the kitchen. My daughter was so excited tonight to make something out of it!!
There are over 235 vegan recipes in it, plus lots of bonus features. :)

Other cookbooks I like include:
*Raw Foods made easy for 1 or 2 people
*Millenium (although I use that one mainly for inspiration...even I'm not that motivated to spend 3 hours on one dish!) ;)


A lot of people would probably disagree with me, but I really have been disappointed by veganomicon. Every single thing I make out of there is disappointing. I also find a lot of the recipes are either expensive of overly time consuming. To be fair, it has some great ideas that would be good if they were tweaked, (like the enchiladas), but I don't feel as if I should have to do a lot of tweaking when I buy a book.


I totally agree with you. Everything I've made from Veganomicon has been OK, but not great and I've had to tweak it.

Vegan Vittles-Get the first edition if you can. It's a good introduction to vegan cooking, I've used it a lot.

How it All Vegan, The Garden of Vegan, La Dolce Vegan-Out of the three I wouldn't get La Dolce Vegan. I use them, but not a lot.

The Mediterranean Vegan-I love this and use it often. There are a couple gross  recipes, but for the most part, this rules!

Soy Not Oi!-You should already have this anyway, but it does have some good recipes.

Joy of Vegan Baking-Get it! Everything I've made from it has been awesome.


I've been slacking. I wil post books tomorrow and add my own opinions. Hopefully that wil spur others to join in. Hint hint.


Candelight Cafe, Native Foods, Vegan World Fusion, Peta cookbook and Vegan Family Favorites in addition to anything by Branna Clark Grogan... hth

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