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The official Vegan Diner review thread (to be updated)!

Add recipe reviews for Julie Hasson's Vegan Diner: Classic Comfort Food for the Body and Soul here, and I will add them to the compilation. Thanks to Eldsjal for this list!

Cherry Almond Poppyseed Muffins
Very good!  I used all whole wheat pastry flour instead of white, and about a cup of frozen mixed blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries instead of dried cherries because that's what I had.  I think the directions were sort of unnecessarily complex; you're supposed to alternate adding the dry ingredients & half of the milk into the rest of the wet ingredients.  Next time I will just sift the dry ingredients into the wet, stir it, and call it a day. The muffins had great flavor, though!  I like the addition of poppyseeds a lot. (JessaCita)
I followed the recipe, but agree it's a bit more of a pain to do this alternating stuff. I think that's leftover from when the recipe had eggs. Anyway, these are good muffins. Nice and light with mild flavor. Everything is balanced. Not my favorite muffin ever, but good. Would maybe be slightly more flavorful with the cherries. (AC)
Blueberry Nutmeg Muffins
Yum! You have to be a nutmeg lover to enjoy these, I think. I thought it slightly overpowered the blueberries (might add more if I was to make them again), but I like them. They rose nicely and the texture is quite fluffy. P said he thought they had a corny flavor?? which they don't, but I think he was referring to the nutmeg. I actually ended up making 2 separate batches of these, because I wanted to use all the berries. Each batch came out pretty identical, and good. I'm taking some to a family reunion. (AC)
Apricot blueberry

Mocha Muffins
I forgot the flaxseed when I made this and it didn't seem to affect anything but I should say that I didn't try them. I made them for my partner and her coworkers and everyone was raving about how good they were. (intheend)
Good, nice and moist. Nothing too special. I was a little surprised that there was no cocoa powder in the recipe, only chocolate chips. I added a tbs anyways I like 'em. (dannibazaar)
These are tasty. Very easy to make. Nice coffee flavor with the chocolate from the chips (I don't think cocoa powder is necessary). Subtle sweetness. Good texture. I didn't change anything, and mine were done in 20 minutes. Would make again. They aren't that sweet, so don't expect a sweet dessert. Will be great with tea. (AC)
These were ok. I made them side by side with the mocha cake bread stuff, and these weren’t as good. They dried out pretty quickly, and didn’t have as much flavor. (fb)

Apple Spice Coffee Cake
Very good! It tastes even better after you let it sit for a while...I wouldn't suggest it hot out of the oven. Great with a cup of coffee...or even better, some chai! (dannibazaar)
I made this for my daddy yesterday and he ate about a third of it in one sitting.  I only took one bite because I went back on high raw, but it was really moist.  I forgot to sprinkle half of the cinnamon sugar directly on the apples before covering them with the remaining batter so I sprinkled it all on top and it was just fine. (storm)
I followed this recipe exactly (even bought soy flour!). I used 2 granny smith, so had enough to make a full layer in between, then a decorative layer on top. Mine needed about 54 minutes to bake. For me, there's just something missing in this cake. It's almost like it's not sweet enough, but it has so much sugar! I'm not sure what it needs, but it wasn't special to me. I thought maybe it was because I tried it still slightly warm (had good texture), but this morning it's the same, just a bit drier. Even had it with chai tea, as suggested. Won't make this one again. (AC)
This was ok. Not amazing, but I think it could be with some changes… maybe more spice? LIKE CARDAMOM. Anyway, it was just kinda plain. (fb)
Cinnamon Orange Rolls
Nice orange-y flavor. A little lacking in the cinnamon dept. Might help to add some to the dough or a little extra in the filling. Couldn't find soymilk powder, so used soymilk in place of the water as suggested by the author. I don't like these as much as the cinnamon rolls from Vegan Brunch (best ever!!!), but they're still really good. (kristinv)
Scrumptious! Pretty much perfect. Excellent dough, nice rise, great texture and flavor, orange + cinnamon roll. I forgot I had hazelnut milk, and had no other nondairy milk, so I just did the liquids listed and added 2 tablespoons garbanzo bean flour (as some kind of sub for soymilk powder?). I dunno, it seemed to work well, and these are delicious. I did add another 1/2 teaspoon of (strong) cinnamon to the filling, and it still could have used maybe a bit more. Very good. (AC)
Banana Biscuits
Very cakey, not too sweet. I like them better with chocolate chips. (fb)
These are great! They're basically just fluffy scones. Not that I'm complaining. I froze half the batch for later use. (sb)
Banana Chocolate Chip Bread
This is so good! My favorite banana bread, or banana baked anything probably. I'm always looking for ways to use up ripened bananas we don't eat quick enough. I don't usually like HAVING to make banana bread, but this is worth it! I followed the recipe, even measuring the mashed banana (I used most of 3 medium ones). I might try applesauce for oil sometime, but not necessarily. Love this as is. She says to bake it 60 minutes, but mine was done after about 44, so watch it! The "worst" part was the long baking time, but not too bad at all. Will make again. This is probably better than the (really good) banana chocolate chip muffins in JOVB. (AC)
Fabulous.  Usually I prefer banana bread to be a little more on the "autumnal" side, with lots of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg - but this was a delicious change.  I used 3 small bananas (instead of 2 large), and in place of 2/3 cup of the AP flour, I used garbanzo flour.  The loaf still rose well & the crust turned a beautiful golden brown.  My loaf was perfectly done at 55 minutes.  My only critique is that it's verrrrry sweet, so next time I will probably use only 1/2 cup (or less) of sugar.  Oh, and once again, I find the mixing instructions to be unnecessarily complex; I just whisked all the wet ingredients into a large bowl, sifted the dry ingredients directly into that, and stirred just until mixed. (JessaCita)
made without the chocolate chips.  Really nice bread.  I don't make banana bread often enough to know whether this is better than my 'normal' recipe, but it is good.  It was nice and moist, but was very sweet - maybe I'd use less sugar next time?  I did end up cooking it for the full 60 mins, although I did check earlier based on AC's review. (shelloid)
Even with adjustments to try to make it healthier, it came out wonderfully. it was really good straight out of the oven, and the next day it was delicious.  I used all white whole wheat flour, reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup and subbed applesauce for half of the oil.  will make this again. (thirteenblackbirds)
This one is more crumbly than the one from V-Con, but also good.  Well, I've made six loaves so far and everyone has loved it. This is quickly becoming my favorite cookbook. (mdv)
YEAH delicious dense-ish banana chocolaty goodness. I still like the banana bread from vw better, but this is also delightful. (fb)
Carrot Pineapple Loaf Cake
I'm not crazy about pineapple, but I decided to make this because I wanted something different.  I added the shredded coconut.  Overall the flavor was very good, nice and sweet, although the loaf was a bit dense .  I was disappointed because I wanted the "light lovely texture" she describes.  Good, but not something I'm likely to make again. (thirteenblackbirds)
I also added the optional coconut. I used all AP flour, and I agree about the texture. I wouldn't call it a "light cake," but slightly like a bread. Mine wasn't dense, but it's not light and fluffy. I had a nice crisped top, and the flavor is good. It's nice for a different type of cake, but not my favorite. P said he would prefer it with a frosting. I baked mine for about 53 minutes. (AC)
Turns out that it is really not that good. It was ok the first day, but has not even been appetizing since. I had to throw out the rest of the leftovers. Leftover cake? Yeah. (AC)
Blueberry Loaf Cake With Lemon Glaze
Now this is a good breakfast. The loaf is so tender and flavorful. It has a lot of lemon in it- lemon juice, extract, and zest but it's not overpowering at all. (intheend)
Nice loaf cake! I did not have the soy flour, so I used garbanzo (3 tablespoons). I'll have to try the soy flour one of these days. I'm sure it makes it a bit lighter. The cake texture was good, though. Not too dense, not extremely fluffy. Flavor was lemony, but not too much. The glaze is nice. I wanted a bit more blueberry, but the cake is good. (AC)
This lemony sweet loaf with plump blueberries was wonderful. If you have guests coming over at short notice this is a good choice as it is easy to make and flavorful. I replaced the soy flour with cornstarch and it still rose nicely "into one gorgeous cake!"(to quote the author). My family and I enjoyed this with French press coffee after dinner, and my Mom even asked me for the recipe days later. (saskia)
Mocha Java Cake
I don't know about this one...  The only thing I changed was to use half prune puree/half oil because I just can't use 1 cup of oil in one recipe.  This substitution usually works really well for me, but this cake ended up quite dry.  Also, I think it's weird that a "mocha" cake doesn't include any cocoa powder.  The cake was pretty bland & I didn't care for the cinnamon flavor in it.  Won't make again.  (JessaCita)
So, I made these along with the mocha muffins (both as muffins), and then it turned out that these seemed like they would take longer to bake. I gave up and decided to let these sink (the toothpick did not come out dry, but then: MAGIC. They did not fall, and did not end up gooey. Further, they are greasy and/but delicious. It has a lot of coffee in it, and despite grinding it to a powder, it was still a wee bit gritty in the cake. Still, they were good. I think it’s kind of weird that both the mocha things aren’t coffee and chocolate, but coffee with cinnamon + chocolate chips, but still, tasty. One could probably use less oil, no substitution. (fb)
Diner Granola

Walnuts or pecans
This came out so well! I've only made granola a couple times, and this is very good. Pretty simple, as well. I should really make it more often, and maybe now I will. For the nuts, I used pecans, slivered almonds, and pumpkin seeds. She uses 1/2 cup hazelnuts, but I used close to 1 cup nuts. I used a few raisins for the fruit. I also used chia seeds instead of flax, because I'm out, as well as maple syrup instead of agave! Same basic recipe, different add ins. I like this method, and baking time was spot on. (AC)
Diner Donuts

Crispy Banana Cinnamon Waffles
I'm not sure what to make of this recipe.  I wanted to love it but as it stands it was a disaster for me!  I made a half batch and the batter was way way way to think....almost like a dough rather than a batter.  The recipe states to add a tablespoon or 2 more of soy milk if needed, but in my half batch I ended up adding probably a quarter of a cup or more.  I also bought rice crispy cereal especially for this recipe and I couldn't notice them in the final product.  AND for the first time ever the waffle stuck to the waffle maker.  I've never ever had that happen before, so I don't know why it would for this recipe or whether it was just bad luck.  In terms of the final product - meh it was ok, but nothing that special.  Couldn't really taste the banana or much cinnamon.  Don't think I'll bother making again...but may steal the idea of adding rice crispies to waffle batter in another recipe to see if it makes a difference. (shelloid)
Hmm. I was really hoping for the rice krispies to come through crispy in these. Sounded cool. I didn't notice them at all! Too bad, because I got crisped rice cereal just for this. I'm guessing if you wanted them to stay crispy, it'd have to be a drier batter and maybe added at the very end. Not even sure that would work. The waffles as a whole are fine, nothing to really write home about, and I didn't have the sticking problems like shell did - they cooked fine - but I probably won't make them again because I have other recipes I like better. (fb)
Orange Cornbread Waffles
These smell kickass when they are cooking. Did anyone drink orange julius? I swear this tastes like it in waffle form, which of course means they kick ass (I make a vegan version of orange julius till this day). This is a thick batter so I only got 4 1/2 waffles out of it but then again I think my waffle maker is freakishly big. (intheend)

Malted Waffles
Now this is a waffle! I only got 5 out of this recipe but they were fantastic. I really love the malted flavor and it did remind me of waffles I used to eat at diners. I'm a bread baker so I keep two types of barley malt around and I know most people don't but you really should go out of your way for malt powder to make these! (intheend)
Pumpkin Spice Pancakes
These are pretty good! And my hubby really liked them too. Good amount of spices. Tasted great with maple syrup. The batter is thicker than most pancake batters, so it doesn't bubble much on the top when cooking. It's easiest to look at the edges to tell when it's time to flip. (kristinv)
Delicious! These are some of my favorite pancakes. I added about 1 tbs oil to the batter and an extra splash of milk, so my batter was thinnish (the way I like it). The spices are perfect (I maybe added a bit more nutmeg), and the pumpkin flavor comes through well. Mine were very light and fluffy. Mine bubbled and fluffed on top, but do be sure to cook them enough. P had his as a waffle, and liked it a lot. He said it was nice and crispy, but the pumpkin didn't come through as much. The waffle did glue my waffle maker together, so I wouldn't do it as waffles again. (AC)
I think I must have done something wrong because mine ended up being "heavier" than I'd like. Maybe I didn't cook them long enough??? They were O.K., but I'm not sure I'd make them again. My son and I both think more spice is needed... or better yet, just let A.C. cook for us, lol! (abrimmer)
Good. The teeny amount of molasses seemed odd, so I subbed the sugar and molasses with brown sugar instead. (fb)
Spelt Chai Pancakes
I made these using all-purpose flour because I don't usually keep spelt on hand and had a few issues with it. I had to add more liquid than it called for (about 1/3 cup more of soymilk). Also, these didn't have a pronounced chai flavor. I would probably skip the steeping process and just bust a chai tea bag open and pour the contents into the batter. I need to try this with spelt flour next time. (sb)
Not good. Even with all the tea bags, the pancakes don’t come out tasting like chai (I think it’d be better to just use spices rather than steep tea), and the amount of sugar doesn’t overcome the speltiness. Ended up tasting very… healthy. (fb)

Whole Grain Pancake Mix
I'm so sad that these stuck to the pan kinda badly, because we both loved them. I followed the recipe for the mix, and then tried the 1:1 ratio of mix to milk, but needed more milk. I did 2 cups mix and needed maybe 2 1/2 cups milk, or so. This made about 8 pancakes (2 of which I had to throw out due to sticking). She doesn't mention adding any oil to the batter, but I think it would help. I tried to add some after the first pancakes stuck, but didn't seem to make a difference. Next time I mix some up, I'll try some oil. Otherwise, the flavor and texture are great-fluffy. (AC)
I used the last of this mix to make waffles. I had probably about the same amount of sticking in the waffle iron. I did try to add some oil to the batter, but I don't know that it made a difference. I also had to liberally oil the iron each time. They didn't stick as bad as some I've made, but enough to where I wouldn't make this again for that reason. They were tasty waffles, though. (AC)
My Big Fat Greek Scramble
I liked this.  I especially liked that after working a tiring 12-hour shift today this came together in less than 30 minutes. (tweety)
Very mildly flavored, but otherwise fine scramble. I think I’d prefer it with some lemon juice or nutritional yeast or whatever, but that’s easily done. I probably won’t make again, since I usually don’t use a recipe for tofu scramble anyway unless it’s omgdelicious. (fb)
Smoky Potato Scramble
Good.  I expected this to be brilliant and was a bit disappointed.  As much as I love nooch, I think 2.5 tablespoons is too much and added a gummy texture to it, but it could just have been me and my way of cooking it.  It still was good, just didn't meet my expectations.  I love smoked paprika and it was good in this.  I didn't have parsly so I used cilantro. (tweety)
Came together quick and easy since I had leftover potatoes in the fridge.  I reduced the nutritional yeast (based on Tweety's feedback) and added some black salt.  It tastes more or less as you'd expect - like fried potatoes and tofu scramble mixed together.  DH used leftovers in a wrap with salsa and daiya. (mdv)
Pretty good. More importantly: smoked paprika is delicious and goes perfectly here. (fb)
Breakfast Potatoes With Peppers And Onions
It's a potato recipe, so obviously it's good. I par-cooked my potatoes in the microwave instead of boiling. You need to have a jumbo skillet to get all this stuff in a single layer. I used maybe 1-2 fewer potatoes, so it was kinda heavy on peppers, but good. Takes a bit longer to cook if you have more stuff/smaller skillet. Did not do the parsley. (AC)
I enjoyed this. I used the smoky maple sausages from the PPK blog in this and it was tasty. However, my pan is not huge so I think I could have cooked it all a little longer, it wasn't exactly crispy. I don't think the sage gravy is necessary. I used it all as a filling for an omelet. It's a good basic recipe and I'll use it again. (eldsjal)
Skillet style

Biscuits And Creamy Sage Gravy
Very good! The gravy was divine...I did have to add some cornstarch to thicken it a little more, but whatev. Loved the flavour. My mum and I thought it even tasted a little "chicken-y." (dannibazaar)
The biscuits are good and really fast. I needed more almond milk to get the dough to come together, but it worked well. The texture was good, and pretty fluffy. I got an extra biscuit from the leftover after cutting. I'd make these again. The gravy flavor was good, but did not thicken properly. I didn't read db's review beforehand! I was impatient and just used it anyway, but it was more like a sauce. I wouldn't even call it "creamy," because it was too thin. Nice savory flavor. (AC)
I saw that the gravy was thin so I added an extra 2 tbsps of flour and it ended up completely thickened, I ended up having to thin it out just a wee bit. This is so good! I really like the two types of pepper and the flavor of the sage. It's completely different than what I usually make. (intheend)
These biscuits are wonderful!!! My favorite biscuit!!! I used all spelt flour, since thats what I had, and they were still so light and good! The gravy, surprise surprise, didn't thicken properly, even though I added more cornstarch after reading reviews, but it was still okay.  The biscuits are where its at though!!! (babysgotsauce)
very good. on the bland side but in a good way. both the biscuits and gravy came out great. (thirteenblackbirds)
I only made the gravy. I had the same problem with this as I had with the brown gravy, it turned out very thick. Maybe it's something wrong with my flour? It has a very plain taste, it's basically just white sauce with sage. It was good, but nothing extraordinary. (eldsjal)
Good combo, but either component (gravy and biscuits) could go with other things too. (fb)
Breakfast Benedicts Florentine
I figured as a fake benedict thingy it would have some fake egg thing, but it doesn’t. The combo of the sauce, “sausage,” and bread are good together, and I’m not sure if tofu would it anyway. (fb)
Garden benedict

Herbed Breakfast Sausage Patties
YUM!!! Super easy to make, low(ish)-fat, and incredibly delicious. (Jessacita)
Perfect for breakfast! I made these to go on top on the biscuits and top with gravy and it was grubbed down savage style. They have just the right amount of sweetness to give it that breakfast taste. (intheend)
Delightful, has a sausagey flavor, easy to put together. (fb)
These are delicious, although I would definitely recommend making them ahead of time and popping them in the fridge for a day before sauteing and enjoying because the flavor improves greatly overnight. Either way, slather these bad boys in some gravy or even some maple syrup for those with a major sweet tooth. (sb)
Fluffy Biscuits
Yup, baking powder biscuits. A staple recipe. (dannibazaar)
Good and really fast. I needed more almond milk to get the dough to come together, but it worked well. The texture was good, and pretty fluffy. I got an extra biscuit from the leftover after cutting. I'd make these again. (AC)
Basic biscuits, they rise perfectly and taste good so that works. (intheend)
Good & really easy.  VERY fluffy!  They aren't quite as flavorful as my favorite biscuit recipe, which contains nutritional yeast & herbs - but these are a great base for more flavorful toppings like baked tofu, gravy, tempeh sausage, etc.  I got 9 biscuits from the recipe.  (JessaCita)
a great basic biscuit recipe.  (thirteenblackbirds)
Why did I only do half this recipe. ‘Cause I did half the benedict recipe? Well, that is a mistake because THESE ARE GREAT. Flakey fluffy delicious biscuits, like biscuity versions of those JOVB scones. (fb)
Chipotle Scallion Double Cornbread
I sort of made this, but I didn't add neither chipotle powder nor scallions... Instead I used red onion and regular ground chili pepper with a few drops of liquid smoke. Damn, it was good though. I loved the whole corn kernels in it. I have only made cornbread once before and didn't like it at all, but this was so tasty, I could have eaten the whole pan by myself. I had it with the chili and it was a perfect match. The recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of sugar, I used only 1 but next time I think I'll use the full amount. (eldsjal)
I always prefer sweet cornbread, but this is good. Instead of chipotle I used ground pequin peppers. The amount of scallions makes it taste pretty oniony, but it’s not weird, but it might be without the chile. It dries out kind of quickly, but that’s cornbread I guess. (fb)
Sweet Cornbread
Not really that impressed with this cornbread. It was surprisingly not very sweet for having 1/3 cup sugar. Mine turned out pretty dry and crumbly. I followed the recipe, but was disappointed. Would not make again. (AC)
This cornbread is good, but it comes out just a little dry. The flavor is great and a friend of mine LOVES it, but I want to play with the liquid/oil measurements to see if I can come up with a better recipe. Anyway, pretty good! (sb)
Quite dry, and I thought it would be sweeter with the amount of sugar… the chipotle scallion stuff is better. (fb)
Reduced sugar

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Bread
While the filling is delicious, the bread didn’t bake quite right. My oven was at the right temp, but the inside was a bit underbaked while the outside was beginning to burn. On top of that, the dough wasn’t that tasty (but that may have been in comparison to the delicious filling). Oh well, I had high hopes for this one. (fb)
Walnuts or pecans

Cinnamon Sugar Bread
I made this on a whim after Kate was talking about it, and it's so good! I had all the ingredients, and it's really not too difficult. It really is a cross between a bread and a cinnamon roll. There's not enough filling for a cinnamon roll, but enough for a sweet bread. The actual bread is perfect! It rose better than any other bread I've made, which is weird because I wasn't sure about my yeast. I didn't use instant, so I proofed my yeast in the warm almond milk (which wasn't vanilla, so I added hazelnut agave and coconut extract). I do think next time I'd add maybe just a bit more cinnamon and sugar for the filling, but that might have been because my bread did rise so much! I baked it for 45 minutes, but did foil tent it part way in. The bread looked so perfect when it came out. The glaze is good to make it a bit sweeter. I should have waited longer for the bread to cool, because the glaze melted a bit. So good. I think P said he liked it better than cinnamon rolls! It is best eaten within a day, because mine got pretty dry..but I didn't wrap it up the best. (AC)
I made this a while ago and forgot to review it...and I made it again today (mistake! It's so hot....) But it's really good, and really easy. The bread is so light and fluffy...I love it. I don't make the glaze though. I don't like the idea of a bread with a glaze. (dannibazaar)
This bread is awesome.  I used mostly spelt flour because I only had 1 cup of white flour left in my pantry, which made me nervous because in the past, spelt yeast breads have not risen well for me.  To compensate, I used 3 tsp yeast instead of 2.25.  It must have done the trick because the loaf rose a lot & it is gorgeous!  Great flavor, and not too sweet.  Excellent with just a little dab of Earth Balance.  The loaf is still cooling (couldn't wait to try a slice!), and I can't decide if I want to add the glaze...  I really like the subtle sweetness as is.  I am so happy it worked with spelt flour because I always prefer to use whole grains over white flour when possible! (JessaCita)
I added the glaze & am glad I did.  It was good without, but extra delicious with it! (JessaCita)
Good bread, baked well, rose well and everything, but I didn’t think the glaze helped it out much. It was pretty dry either way, but better upon microwaving. (fb)
Cinnamon raisin

English Muffins

Double Cornbread Buns
Was not very cornbread-y in the traditional way (and you’d think with a name like “double cornbread”…). Ended up being fairly dense. (fb)

Old Fashioned Hamburger Buns
Very good...nice and soft. They come together so quickly! I made 8 nice sized rolls. I am a fan of smaller rolls myself, so next time I think I'll make 12 or so slider sized ones. (dannibazaar)
Super quick to assemble and light and fluffy as promised.  I did proof the yeast (as mine wasn't instant) before mixing into the dough.  The only difference between these buns and the store bought ones are a slightly crunchier outside crust and no gross chemicals.  Will definitely make again. (mdv)
I agree. These were simple and quick to make. They don't rise very much, but I guess you don't want much rise in a hamburger bun. I don't think mine were as fluffy as I would like, but I did have to use a tiny bit of bread flour with my AP, since I ran out (maybe 1/4 cup total). My inside texture looked like it might not be right, but it was good, just not fluffy. I'd do these again. The taste and texture are good. (AC)
Good but not magical; a little dense. Maybe it’s my yeast? Came out better than the “double cornbread buns” (fb)
PERFECTION! I subbed one cup of the flour for whole wheat and ended up having to let them rise about an hour longer before they were the right size, but it was so worth the extra time. Love this recipe! (sb)
Hot dog buns

Rosemary Sandwich Rolls
Fantastic!  Very easy to make.  The smell as they're baking is divine.  Especially good out of the oven with a bit of EB.  The recipe says this makes six rolls; I made 10, could have easily made a dozen.  Will definitely make these again and again. (kindnesstoall)
Very yummy! Great flavor and texture, not too hard to make. I don't think they are the absolute best rolls ever, but really good, and I wouldn't be opposed to making them again. I never do the switching mixer attachments in recipes, because that's just too much hassle. I mixed the beginning ingredients together, and used the hook. My dough rose for about 3 hours. I used regular yeast. The recipe actually only makes 4 sandwich rolls, so I just made 9 largish size rolls. You could probably do any shape. Mine baked for about 25. I had no issues. (AC)
Delightful. The rosemary is delicious, and the rolls come out quite large (the recipe could easily make 1.5-2x as many rolls). Good for making fancy sammiches. (fb)
Garlic Dill Bread
hearty delicious bread! we real enjoyed this.  I do not like beer, but didn't mind the flavor of it in this.  I use negra modela beer, and 1/2 AP and 1/2 white whole wheat flour. the outside was nice and crusty. I served this to go along with the Corn and Bean Chowder from AVK and it was an awesome dinner. (thirteenblackbirds)
My husband and son really liked this. I love that it went together so easily. I think I'd like to try it with a pale ale next time. (abrimmer)
This is some awesome bread. Lotsa garlic and dill, very savory. The beer makes it a little bitter, but it’s ok. Very fluffy for non-yeast bread. Would make again. Goes well with soup. (fb)
Whole wheat

Cheezy Sauce: Quite different from other cheezy sauces, because of the smoked paprika. I liked it a lot! I used it in a pasta casserole and it was really creamy, which surprised me a bit since it's made with water and not soy milk. I added the umeboshi vinegar and can't say it was very noticeable but since it turned out good, i'll use it in the future too.



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