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The official Vegan Fire & Spice recipe review (to be updated).

With some more list help from Erin! Continue to add reviews to:, or here, and I will add them to the compilation.

The Americas
Jamaican jerk spiced tempeh nuggets

Smokin' Texas caviar
this was really good!  I followed the recipe exactly and of course everyone in my family thought it was too spicy, but I thought it was perfect!  I really like the flavor of black-eyed was a nice change from regular hummus. (erinmonster)
Yum! Very flavorful although not as spicy as I would have liked. Has kind of a dry-ish crumbly texture, so it can be hard to get it to stay on a tortilla chip. Overall, a great way to enjoy black eyed peas. (kristinv)
Smooth and sassy guacamole
Good.  Pretty basic recipe with avocado, lime juice, tomato, onion, garlic and cumin.  She calls for minced canned jalapenos and I used fresh.  Instead of mashing she blends everything in a food processor for a nice creamy texture that I liked.  I used one huge Florida lower fat avocado and blended the fresh jalapeno at the beginning. (tweety)
Spicy hot nuts

Spicy plantain fritters

Soups and Stews
Carribbean vegetable stew
Ok so I was a bit hesitant to make this cause I was like beans, olives, pineapple, and salsa? WTF? But seriously all of these come together and it's an awesome dish. Every time you get a bit of a pineapple chunk it's sweet and you feel like you're eating dessert too. (intheend)
Chilled avocado soup

Close to callaloo
I love me some greens, so this recipe that calls for a bunch of spinach and a bunch of Swiss Chard sounded really appealing.  Unfortunately, I found the stew a little bland.  Other than salt and pepper, there are no herbs or spices in this recipe which probably would have improve things somewhat.  Callaloo is a Caribbean stew, so maybe some Caribbean type flavors in the way of thyme, cayenne, cumin or allspice might have perked things up a bit.  (peaceablepalate)
Jalapeno soup with tortilla triangles

Spicy corn soup

Spicy vegetable gumbo
made it for my daughter with the last of this season's okra a couple of weeks ago and it was so fabulous I had to sneak a cup for myself.  The only changes I made were to add some fresh serranos from my plants, a couple of bay leaves, and some Field Roast apple and sage sausage.  (storm)
Yucatan potato soup

Salads and Sides
Avocado and jicama salad with lime dressing

Black bean and corn salad

Cajun coleslaw

Chipotle corn

Island rice salad
I thought rice on top of lettuce would be odd but this totally works. The chunks of mango are a refreshing burst of flavor and the sauce that goes on top of the rice is sweet and tangy. (intheend)
Lime marinated white bean salad

Mexican fruit salad

Quinoa stuffed avocados

Rice and bean salad with cumin vinaigrette
Cold salads are one of my favorite things to eat during the summer months, and this one is definitely the best one I've come across thus far.  My husband and I often make a meal of this salad on lazy summer days.  We don't even bother dishing it out.  We just pass the container back and forth until we are thoroughly stuffed! (peaceablepalate)
Veracruz potato salad

Main courses
Argentinian inspired seitan cutlets

Baked seitan enchiladas

Barbados style grilled kabobs
These rocked! I used seitan I made from Vegan On The Cheap. I omitted the bell peper cause I hate it. I was hesitant to use the rum because I thought it would be overpowering but it completely cooks out. I wouldn't serve this on top of rice though.. it's very dry even when you do brush it with the excess marinade. (intheend)
Wasn't feeling these kebabs.  Like the Close to Callaloo recipe, I feel like this recipe could have used more flavor.  Other than fresh ginger and red pepper flakes, there was no seasoning in this recipe.  I'm thinking that maybe a little cumin, or allspice would give the kebabs more of a Caribbean flavor.  Too bland for my taste. (peaceablepalate)
Brown rice with creole sauce

Chilean stuffed peppers

Citrus marinated tempeh with sweet potatoes

Grilled vegetable fajitas

Jamaican style picadillo
I really liked this, however, I do not recommend adding the almonds....that almost ruined it for me - I guess I don't like crunchy things in my rice.  But everything else was awesome!  I cheated a little and used a dirty rice mix instead of plain - this way I didn't have to double the spices like I normally do with her recipes.  And I didn't have any jamaican curry powder, so I just used regular curry and mixed in some key lime spice - thought that made sense.....but it was good....I will make it again, without almonds! (erinmonster)
I made my own curry blend using this recipe: . I also used a red bell pepper even though I hate them because sometimes I can tolerate them in certain dishes. Well, this was a dish I ended up not liking them in. So if you are a bell pepper hater, heed the warning! Otherwise this was an exotic dish with all the flavors going on. I loved the addition of the raisins. (intheend)
Jamaican baked vegetables

Jumpin jambalaya
This is a simple and filling dish. I omitted the bell pepper and it was perfect. (intheend)

Red beans and rice casserole

Red hot white bean chili

Rice with tomatillos and chiles

Seitan fajitas with poblano chiles
Simple to make and delicious.  I added the lime juice and salsa after the seitan/pepper mix was in the tortilla, also wrapping some lettuce and tomato at the end.  Rather than pepper flakes, I sauteed some habanero pepper with the poblano/onion mix.  For a lower fat version, could be sauteed in the seitan liquid. (kindnesstoall)
Amazingly good!  Nice twist from using green peppers.  I followed the recipe, but what I think made it good (if I do say so myself) is that I used homemade seitan (the "faux beef" from La Dolce Vegan, my go to book for seitan) and the homemade picante salsa from this same cookbook.  I cut back just a tad because I only had six ounces of seitan and wound up eating the entire recipe in two burritos.  (tweety)
Seitan with tomato orange sauce

Spicy bean and spinach burritos
These were great!  Very simple.  Had everything I needed in the pantry. (purpledancer)
I decided not to drain and rinse the beans but instead refried them. I also used fresh spinach so this ended up being very watery after adding the spinach. It doesn't matter though- this was still tasty and I ended up pouring my salsa on top so it ended up as a wet burrito. (intheend)
Pretty good.  I did not add optional vegan cheese (since vegan cheeses generally suck).  Using the homemade salsa picante is a must for this dish.  I did not use frozen spinach but  lightly steamed a bag of spinach until it wilted.  I wasn't thrilled with her instructions to pulse the beans because I over did it and whole beans would have been just as good.  I wasn't sure I'd like the combo of spinach and Mexican food this way, but it was excellent. (tweety)
Tacos with salsa fresca

Dressings, Sauces, and Condiments
Borracha sauce

Brazilian lemon chile sauce

Jamaican jerk sauce
I chose to use the Jerk Sauce as a marinade for tofu.  It was good, but I don't think I like it enough to make it again. (purpledancer)
Mole poblano

Salsa fresca

Salsa picante
Very delish basic salsa with tomatoes, fresh jalapeno, cilantro, red vinegar, etc.  Since it's a raw dish I cut back on used maybe two tbs of red onion instead of the called for "small onion".  This could easily be my "to go to" salsa. (tweety)
Texas barbecue sauce

Mediterranean Europe

Chile Aioli


Spicy Olives

Stuffed Cherry Peppers

Soups and Stews
Basque Chickpea Stew

Escarole Soup

Garlic Soup


Italian Vegetable Ragout

Portugese Spicy Kale Soup
except I used chard cuz that's what I had.  The temperature dropped like a rock yesterday so my daughter asked for soup and this is what she got.  I always taste when I'm cooking for her (my little raw cheats) and I thought it was a bit bland so I threw in some thyme and that fixed it right up. (storm)
I've prepared this for my daughter twice and she inhales it.  Instead of zucchini I used two patty pan squashes and three fresh serrano peppers instead of cayenne powder.  It smells awesome....I wish I liked eggplant, but I just don't.  She gives it a big thumbs up. (storm)
Tuscan White Bean Soup
Good.  Nothing exciting, just your run of the mill Italian tomato soup.  The spice is crushed red pepper and it has fresh basil.  I cut back on the broth by one cup to make it more thick and I took her option to add noodles.  (tweety)
Salads and Sides
Artichoke Hearts with Garlic and Capers
I thought this was delicious!  I used a can of quartered artichoke hearts instead of frozen,  added a splash of veggie broth to the lemon juice that it sauteed in, and added a little Chicky Baby Seasoning to the breadcrumbs - the breadcrumbs were an excellent addition!  Andy wasn't a huge fan, but he isn't wild about artichokes to begin with. (erinmonster)
Arugula Potato Salad

Basque Eggplant Salad

Braised Chickory Salad

Cauliflower with Mustard Dill Sauce

Penne Primavera Salad

Red Pepper and Mushroom Salad with Walnuts

Roasted Catalan Style Vegetables

Roasted Potatoes and Peppers

Spanish Lentils

Spicy Spanish Potatoes
I really like the Potatoes and the Spinach.  I would make them again for sure. (purpledancer)

Sweet and Sour Onions and Zucchini

Main Courses
Farsia Intchauspe

Italian Easter Pie

Majorcan Baked Vegetables

Pasta Puttanesca

Penne Arrabbiata

Tempeh Cacciatore
Good.  Pretty basic recipe with tomatoes, oregano and veggies and lots of crushed red pepper.  I steamed the tempeh for 10 minutes because that's plenty of time in my experience.  I did not fry the tempeh ahead of time in the oil because in my experience tempeh always abosorbs all the oil and I would have needed more to sautee the veggies, so the last two minutes of sauteeing the veggies I sauteed the tempeh.  I did not have any parsley but I did have some basil and added that at the end. (tweety)
Vegetables and Chickpeas with Romesco Sauce

Vegan Paella
Huge disclaimer: The serving size for this is more around 10 than 6 and that's with it being the main dish so halve it if you don't want that much. Anyway, it was really good and even the tempeh in here couldn't ruin this dish for me, it completely blends in. I used seitan and sausages but next time I would just use the sausages and substitute the seitan for kidney beans like she suggests. What's also awesome about this dish is that it's made in one pot. (intheend)
Ziti with Fresh Tomatoes and Olives

Malaysian Rempeh Tempeh - Very good.  The recipe states to create a paste with chili peppers, shallots, chili and garlic and mine came out too dry for that.  The tempeh soaked up a whopping 3 tablespoons of oil (even after I steamed it) so that when I added the paste it started to burn so I threw in the sauce at the same time.  It doesn't call for much sauce so the rice was a bit dry, but that was o.k.  I omitted the sugar and forgot the cilantro.


Spanish lentils - This was very good. It's super easy to make, and not a lot of stuff, but less is more. It's simply onions, celery, garlic, serrano chile, and some sun-dried tomatoes....parsley thrown on at the end. That's it...not other herbs and spices, but the veggies season it well.

Vegetable tagine with seitan and apricots - Pretty good. This dish has apricots, onions, carrots, red bell pepper, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and spices. I didn't think I had almonds so I toasted some walnuts and that was a good sub (later found my almonds misplaced..doh). It calls for harrissa sauce for spice and I have paste and used plenty for heat. Everything came together very well.

Jollof rice and beans - This apparently is a West African style of rice and beans. I wasn't expected much but I really liked this dish a lot. There is just onion, green bell pepper, arlic, cayenne, rice, tomatoes, tomato paste, broth, beans and some parsley added at the end. That's it, but it came together nicely for a hearty and satisfying dish.



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