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The official Veganomicon recipe review (to be updated)!


Mix and match
Baby bok choy with crispy shallots and sesame seeds
very good. I used only 1 T. of oil and also used regular bok choy, since it was all I had. I put in the chopped stalks first to let them soften a little before adding the leaves. Also, I added some steamed carrots that I was trying to use up near the end. It's so tasty and pretty, too. I bet it would be even better with baby bok choy. (pp)
awesomeee (ponycakes)
made it  last night with adult bok choy.  it was really simple and yummy.  it only took about 10 minutes to fry up.  cant wait to have some more for lunch.  mmm. (kelsi)
Great side. I make this any time I have an asian-type dinner. Anything topped with sesame seeds gets an A+ in my book! (sb)
Hmm... There was too much sauce:vegetable for me here, but I had to trim my baby bok choy because it was dirty, so maybe I wound up with well under a pound in the end. Following the instructions strictly, the sauce (well, the sugar in the mirin) will totally burn (mine did...). I think it depends on what mirin you use - some are pretty much corn syrup (mine) whereas others are actual sweet rice wine. Better luck next time... (fb)
Cornmeal masala roasted brussel sprouts
I don't remember ever eating brussel sprouts, so I figured I should give this one a shot. I enjoyed everything about this dish EXCEPT the brussel sprouts. They were like eating foul little cabbage stems. Never again! I am going to try this recipe with fresh okra next time. oh, and I topped it with the Spiced Yogurt Sauce which was great (sb)
Ok, so I don't like brussel sprouts. I thought I'd try to get myself to like them using this recipe... but it didn't work out. The crumbs didn't form crumbs; it had way too much oil. It was more like a sandy paste. But I carried on, figuring it would crisp up in the oven. Not really - some parts were crispy but still hard to chew (the cornmeal makes it sandy...), and other parts were still soft and oily. In fact, I liked the brussel sprouts *better* than the crumbs. It might have turned out totally different had I added the oil 1 Tbsp at a time, until the right texture was achieved, but it was too late... (fb)
I didn't like this much at all, and I love sprouts.  It was...gritty.  I think the masala cornmeal might have been good in another context, but they didn't go with the sprouts at all, and they didn't stick to them properly. (spinachk)
Masala roasted okra
pretty good.  I used way less oil based on other's recommendations.  I think they needed to cook a little longer to get extra crispy. (icephrosty)
Easy stir fried leafy greens
Good. (sb)
used mustard greens and rhubarb greens, and they were good (but just about the same as I usually make them). I mixed them in with some orzo. (AC)
My greens were pretty bitter too, but its probably because I used dandelion & kale. I added some vinegar to them and it made than better. Looking forward to the leftovers for lunch! (lisa)
Escarole with capers and white beans
I used rainbow chard instead of escarole and pinto beans instead of white beans . It was really good. spicy! (lisa)
I used kale, and fewer capers. 1/3 cup seems like a ton of capers. I loved the flavor profile of the dish. The greens with the garlic/pepper flakes, and then the white beans and subtle caper flavor. White beans and capers go very well together. Great, simple, healthy dish. Had it over rice. (AC)
Herb scalloped potatoes
Very good and easy to make.  (willwolf)
Loved. The potatoes directions were a little unclear for me (one layer of potatoes in a large dish or several layers?), so I just made a half recipe in a square baking dish and layered, but next time I'll just do one layer in a large dish cause the pieces at the top were the yummiest. (taraja)
I agree (with taraja)! I had no idea how to actually assemble the dish, so I did as you did, and plan to do as you said for the next time! Or else mix the spices in so everything gets a nice layer of the yumminess! (jessacita)
Loved them. (vegan1)
Made in a 8x11 glass dish so I only had one layer of potatoes this time and it was really good cause each one had topping on it. (taraja)
very good. I used fresh herbs instead of the dry and I thought the garlic was kind of overpowering in some bites (maybe it was my fault?) but it was still awesome. (sb)
good. Next time I think I will layer the seasonings with the potatoes instead of just sprinkling them on top because the potatoes on the bottom were flavorless. Otherwise, these were tasty. (iluvtomatoes)
instead of layering this and that, I tossed everything in a bowl, swirled it around, and dumped it in the pan.  I topped with a generous layer of FHY mozz and some seasoned breadcrumbs.  My only regret is that I didn't make a double batch! (mdv)
i'm not sure what these are really supposed to be like, but they weren't creamy or cheezy at all.  however the flavor was very good...  i think they turned out weird because michael added more potatoes than it called for, but didn't up any of the other ingredients. (allularpunk)
I actually thought it was really good. I think I made them with chickpea cutlets, but I'm not certain. (melthibs)
I found these really bland and boring. The dried herbs and flour made it sticky and dry without enough flavorful sauce. (mamaanna)
I made these to go with the chickpea cutlets.  They were good, but mine didn't cook through properly, not sure why.  They were nice, but I think I prefer ACs barfy potatoes. (shelloid)
I have a mixed review. They use alot of spice and nutritional yeast on the top layer of potato, which didn't really mix with any of the other layers of potato, so you had a very crunchy, delicious, herby, spicy top layer folled by some very mildly flavored lower layers of potatoes. But that wasn't necessarily bad. The other thing I noticed is that it's not a very creamy scalloped potato dish like the one my mom used to make that uses some very creamy, very non-vegan ingredients. It was more like a tasty broth. I think this might get better as it sits. Still, this dish was by no means a dissapointment and I think with a few tweaks I might make it again. (aggplanta)
I liked these way more than I thought I would (I didn't like the lemony roasted potatoes). These are just really savory and yummy. The layering is confusing, but I think it's just one layer? So they all cook through and the top gets browned. I dunno, I might just do a smaller dish next time. I think the flavors are perfect for these taters. I had quite a bit of sauce, but that's ok. I just wouldn't be able to serve them on a plate without the sauce running into everything. Will make again. (AC)
It was okay...nothing special. I might be biased though, because the only scalloped potatoes I previously tried were cheesy and rich (back in my pre-vegan days). (kristinv)
Mediterranean olive oil and lemon vinaigrette
Made a double batch of this in the food processor to serve with moussaka and other Greek things.  It was great - added a little bit of extra olive oil because my lemons were extra tart.  This may be my new favorite salad dressing. (mdv)
Really good! Simple, but nice. I think I would add a little extra lemon juice next time. I used fresh basil for dried, but otherwise followed recipe. It's hard to find dressings that P likes, but he liked this one pretty well. Nice, basic lemon vinaigrette. (AC)
Lemony roasted potatoes
i added some frozen brussel sprouts and baby bella mushrooms to the mix and it was awesome!  the potatoes alone are good but i think the brussels really added alot to it cus they really soaked up the flavor more than the potatoes.. i cut them in half so the sauce got all inside the leafy layers.  i would actually consider using the brussel sprout/mushroom mixture with the sauce and serve it over pasta as a main dish.  it was super easy and the only other ingredient sub i made was to use ketchup instead of tomato paste. delicious! (ppc)
5 stars from me & my friends & family! I made them for a party and everyone was asking for the recipe. Then I was told by my dad to bring them to a family dinner just a few days later. It's worth mentioning that they took longer to cook than the recipe says. I think it might have been because I crowded them in a too small pan though. (lisa)
Meh. I don't think these are worth the trouble. We prefer regular roasted potatoes. I think I used too much oregano and broth. Oh well. They were aight. Oh, and I also used ketchup instead of paste. (AC)
They were excellent, but took waaaay too long to cook.  I ended up just uncovering them and broiling on high for about 15 min. to finish them on time.  I definitely liked the flavors, though. (ellen00a)
These took much longer to cook than they were supposed, for some reason.  But the flavour was awesome! These are a great idea if you've done traditional roasted potatoes to death. (spinach k)
I made these with the fennel salad, and ate them all on one plate, mixing everything together (I am weird). The potatoes were great, not as lemony as I expectd, which was a good thing, they were just right.  Taj and Kea liked them too. (babysgotsauce)
Not sure if these are what I'd call 'roasted' potatoes as they didn't end up crisping up that much - but maybe that's because I used slightly less potato than called for?  I also ended up cooking them for longer, as I got tied up with some work and forgot about them - although based on the other reviews I had expected to cook them for a bit longer anyway.  The overall flavvour was great and N loved them too.  I've tried other lemon-y potatoes (off vegweb), but these ended up being better so I'll use this recipe again.  They worked really well with the vegan 'fish' fillets I served them with. (shelloid)
Mashed potatoes
good, very basic mashed potato recipe. I can't tell the difference between these and non-vegan versions. I used earth balance, soy milk, salt, and a good amount of pepper. (wannagovegan)
Yep, good basic mashed taters. I actually set out to make this to do the pesto variation, but had a horrible accident where I poured my leftover pesto down the drain. I used olive oil for the EB. (AC)
Curry powder

great. I didn't measure my potatoes, so I think I probably could have added a lot more pesto since there wasn't a lot of pesto flavor throughout the pot. Next time, I'll follow it exactly. (sb)
Roasted garlic

Wasabi powder
eee my older brother is home from college and he hates me and usually wont eat anything i make but! he ate the potatoes! and! he said they were really good! hurray! i thought they were pretty tasty as well. i added three teaspoons of wasabi powder because i couldnt really taste it otherwise. (ponycakes)
didn't work out so well. I wanted to add enough so that I could taste it, but then I think I did too much. P couldn't even eat them, and I just get tired of eating them...I guess there's maybe a middle ground. You probably need to really like wasabi, also. (AC)
Mashed spiced sweet potatoes
These are a really nice side dish to accompany any holiday meal. It's a welcome change from the usual candied yams you always see at holiday suppers. (sb)
Way too much ginger for my taste, so I will tone that down next time for sure.  I'd honestly rather have my SP's mashed with a little earth balance and cinnamon and call it a day! (icephrosty)
perfect for Thanksgiving.  They're smooth and creamy with traditional Thanksgiving type spices.  No need to wait until Thanksgiving to make these though.  I like them any old time. (peaceablepalate)
Roasted butternut squash with coriander seeds
simple yet tasty way to make butternut squash which is high in potassium and Vit A.  I followed her instructions for crush ing the corriander seeds with a hammer.   (tweety)
I used an acorn squash for this (definitely not as creamy, and tasty), and used fewer smashed seeds, because the squash was small. I wasn't a big fan of it. The seeds were way too strong for me, and it was just overall meh. I did learn that I like grinding the seeds for a better coriander flavor. I'll use them in other coriander things. (AC)
Roasted portobellos
Amazing. I put these  on a sandwich, and honestly, I think it was one of the best portobello sandwiches I have ever had in my entire life.  It's very simple to prepare and it's an excellent way to use up extra portabello caps you have lying around.  The rest of the ingredients are cabinet staples so it's extremely affordable. (killer)
in my toaster oven, and they were awesome for burgers!  We just put a cap on a yummy toasted bun w/ vegenaise, avocado, and spinach. So yummy! Neither of us wanted to finish ours because then they would be gone and we couldn't enjoy their deliciousness anymore. They were suggested for burgers, sandwiches, or salads, but I don't think they would be quite as good on salad because of a texture thing for me. I think they belong w/ bread. This recipe was probably pretty basic, but we'd never made them before (I had a bad portobella mushroom incident a few years back and have been leary of them, but these burgers completely changed my mind!). (kb)
tasty as heck too! I can think of a few ways to use them already. (sb)
very quick and easy recipe.  I followed the recipe precisely and used them to make burgers.  Very "meaty" taste.  Would also be good I'm sure on a bed of lettuce. (tweety)
excellent (thirteenblackbirds)
Rutabaga puree

liked it a lot.  I didn't have coconut milk, so I just subbed olive oil and water.  This was my first time cooking  rutabaga and it was super easy. (icephrosty)
Since I am new to rutabaga, I halved the rutabaga and kept everything at the same levels. The amount of lime juice was actually a little too much (hehe... maybe should have halved that too), and I wound up using a little more coconut milk to make it creamy. It's hard to eat a lot of this at once... and I eat it sprinkled with some curry powder. Not *too* different from mashed potatoes. (fb)
Sauteed collards
YUM!  i loved the marinade (kelsi)
awesome and easy.  i will definitely eat collard greens way more often because this is so simple, quick, & tasty. (ppc)
I love me some collards! This is quick and painless, and tasty too! (sb)
This is really good.  The liquid smoke gave it a nice flavor and was not overpowering.  I added seitein to it to make it a meal.  I will make it again. (monkey7)
Wasn't impressed. (intheend)
These were delicious! It was my first time preparing collards at all, and I'll definately be making these again sometime soon. (dannibazaar)
So yummy! The leftover tempeh marinade was just perfect for these. It might be good with some caramelized onions added in, but we don't have to get too fancy. (veganrun)
Sauteed spinach and tomatoes
good!  Nothing too fancy.  super easy to make and quite good too.  I added mushrooms to mine along with the onions. (KMK)
Very good.  I didn't have peanut oil which I'm sure makes a huge difference.  I used olive oil and a touch of sesame oil.  I think the lemon is a nice touch.  I really enjoyed it and wish I made more.  (biodancer)
wrappd it up in a whole grain tortilla for a quick lunch. Very simple, but tasty. I used canned tomatoes because it's what I had on hand. (sb)
This is super simple but really tasty.  A nice break from my normal Asian-flavored spinach stir-fry. (kaykayaa)
I didn't feel like adding the ginger, and I used diced, canned tomatoes. I also added a ton of fresh basil. Eh, it's pretty much what I expected. (AC)
Mix and Match
Broccoli polenta
good under the Braised seitan with brussels, kale, and sun-dried tomatoes (dukkhaqueen)
Meh. Needs more flavr. Though I like this idea of putting things in polenta other than the usual suspects. (fb)
Even though this was bland since I used water instead of veggie broth I still like it.  I liked it best when broiled. (monkey7)
Believe it or not, this was my first time making polenta. I must say, it was really easy and it was very tasty with the Black Beans with Chipotle Adobo Sauce. Yum! Also, I discovered that my broccoli had molded, so I replaced the broccoli in the reicpe with finely chopped kale and it was super good! (dannibazaar)
Chickpea quinoa pilaf
good but nothing amazing.  only thing i did different was to use ketchup instead of tomato paste and i added some frozen spinach since it was sorely lacking in the vegetable area.  after tasting it i added some nutritional yeast and i tried it with some pecans and cashews in it, which really helped spruce up the texture which otherwise is pretty blah.  today i had some leftovers and put marinara sauce on it, which was good.  i plan on making a cheezy sauce and mixing that into the rest of it, maybe with some steamed broccoli too.  like a cheezy brocolli rice-a-roni.. er.. rice-a-phoney? (ppc)
I made this last week on the recommendation of blackrabbit - I thought that this was really good. Super simple to make, with ingredients I always keep in stock, and really tasty. The only change I made was using coriander powder not seeds as I generally don't keep seeds in stock.I used this as a side to my lunchtime salads and it went really well.  I could imagine if this was the main staple of a meal it may be, um, bland that's not really the word I'm after, but for a main it could get very same-y. I will definitely be making this again. (shelloid)
This was my first quinoa experience and I was nervous about it tasting bitter...but luckily, it turned out great!  I subbed blank beans and added more cumin, some lime juice, and cilantro.  Can't wait to try some other variations. (icephrosty)
This is quite excellent. At first bite I thought it seemed a little bland, but as I kept eating I felt like I found new flavors. It just kept getting better and better as I went! The tomato paste adds a new roundness of flavor and a beautiful color. It was incredibly quick and easy to make (why I chose it), and I will be making it repeatedly now. My bf is already requesting it, and we just had it a week ago! (veganrun)
It was okay. Not very flavorful as it is, but it works as a side dish. I upped the spices and added some garam masala. I'll probably use this recipe again, but play around with it a bit. (eldsjal)
Fresh dill basmati rice with chard and chickpeas
It was good BUT I used jasmine rice instead of basmati because it's what I had on hand. Also, I didn't think there was enough chard, so I'd probably triple or quadruple the amount next time (I love my leafy greens!). And, I don't know if the "bunch" of dill I purchased was more than a typical bunch, but the dill flavor was almost overwhelming. I love dill, but it was almost too much for me! Also, I added a handful of golden raisins and it really added a nice dimension to the dish. Good recipe though. I served it with the spiced yogurt and some steamed broccoli (sb)
I think the recipe means like, 3 and 1/2 c. water instead of 2, because it calls for 2 c. rice. I added some lemon juice, some garlic, and more cayenne, and used about 1 T. dried dill (didn't have fresh). Its tasty, but especially if you live along and will be eating it all yourself, it makes a TON. Next time I'd probably use the same amount of greens and dill and half the rice and chickpeas. (pp)
I didn't use chickpeas. This stuff has like the perfect balance of flavors, what with the lemon zest and dill and so on. Also, I used jasmine rice instead of basmati. I thought that the amount of water must have been a mistake and too little (i think it was 2 c water for 2 c rice), so I added an extra cup, but it wasn't necessary - there was too much water and the rice wound up being mushy. Still, I liked it. (fb)
This was really good.  I like the use of whole coriander seeds, crushed - I'm not sure if it makes much of a difference in the flavor, but it was fun to break out the mortar and pestle.  Plus, I already had some whole coriander around from the messy rice recipe.  I did everything as written, except for adding some steamed broccoli at the end.  I think that was a nice addition.  This dish doesn't have a super strong flavor - it is not too spicy, but not bland either.  It seems like it would be amenable to additions and experimentation.  We had it as a meal, but it would make a lovely side dish as well.  I'm going to try making this in my rice cooker next time -- I'll let you know how it goes! (vegrunski)
Very very delish!  I'm always challenged with rice dishes in some cookbooks because I always use brown and always use a rice cooker.  I was a bit wary of this recipe because I didn't think dill went with garam masala and cumin seeds, but the dill was the dominant spice and it seemed to blend well with the other spices. I needed to use some chard I got from today's CSA share and was pleased to also use up some dill and shallots I had on hand.  I used only one cup of brown rice, and about 1/2 cup of dill, but kept the other spices the same.  I didn't have a fresh lemon so used lemon pepper instead of lemon zest and didn't add any extra pepper.   I made the rice separate in my rice cooker with veggie bouilline instead of water.  After it was done I added the fresh dill and let it sit.  After the greens were done I mixed it in the rice-dill mixture and let it sit some more while I sauteed the onions, shallots and spices.  I then sauteed the chickpeas in for a minute and mixed everything together in the pan.  (tweety)
Israeli couscous with pistachios and apricots
It was good, an interesting combination of flavors. Not quite sure what to serve it with? But it's good on its own. I think I could probably eat it for breakfast! (pp)
good. Much better the second day though. I would probably add a little more dried apricots next time because I would like a piece in every bite. Overall pretty good (sb)
Good and different! I love big couscous and the flavors in this one were a great complement to a more savory meal. (mamaanna)
Messy rice
I was really impressed by the simple ingredients in the messy rice.  A generous dollop of Tofutti Sour Cream really added to the flavor. (mdv)
liked it. Simple and quick to put together. I changed it up slightly by using half brown rice and half lentils and really liked it. (iluvtomatoes)
Used quinoa instead of rice, but it was delicious. Will definitely make this again! (sb)
Simple and flavorful. I like that the rice tasted good on its own but it was mild enough that it still did its job as rice, being an accompaniment to the main dish (Creole Stuffed Peppers). (algae)
Came out far better than I was expecting. I expected it to be ok, but not very flavorful, but it's really good. I doubled the recipe, added a broth cube, and used annatto oil. The coriander is not overpowering (which I don't like), but the flavor is pretty much perfectly balanced. I usually don't like tomato paste or coriander seeds much, but this turned out really well. I used brown rice. It doesn't really resemble dirty rice at all, but I don't mind. (AC)
I was on a roll last night with burning things - my first batch was ruined because I got distracted and left it boiling for way too I tried again and it came out lovely!  I used a whole onion - it calls for 1/4 cup - but I like onion!  I loved the coriander in this!!  Will definitely make it again! (erinmonster)
Mexican millet
Amazing. Pairs up really nicely with the (chipotle) black beans too. (killer)
Very good. (storm)
love it (asenath)
awesome.  i thought it tasted just like boxed spanish rice, but healthier and fresher.  didn't add the cilantro (we are people who think it tastes soapy), but did add some sliced scallions on top.  mmm! (alllularpunk)
really good. I do have to add though, that I I didn't really measure anything and I think I added a bunch of spices that weren't included in the recipe. I was feeling creative.  (lisa)
made it with barley and it works really well.  I think barley takes the flavor better than rice. (mdv)
I had never cooked/had millet I didn't know what to expect, but it was pretty good. I used 3 roasted jalapenos..but it still needed a lot more heat. I also added a can of diced tomatoes, instead of fresh. I think mine needed to cook a bit longer..but I didn't know what texture to look for (more like rice, or couscous?). Overall, it was good (with potato and kale enchiladas). (AC)
very good.  Easy to make....... (tweety)
This was my first time cooking millet, and maybe it needed to cook longer? It turned out kinda gross and crunchy. The flavor was ok, but I couldn't stand to eat it with all the crunchy millet. (kristinv)
Saffron garlic rice
really good. I used white Basmati rice, about 10 cloves of garlic because I always double the garlic in things, and it came through beautifully. Its a gorgeous yellow color and the toasted almonds add nice crunch. Very impressive. Would definitely make again. (pp)
Awesome! I cooked the rice in Knorr veg buillion, which adds a great flavor. I don't really taste the saffron so I might add more next time. The crunchy almonds is a must and compliments the dish very well. Very simple rice dish that would go with just about anything. (iluvtomatoes)
I liked very much.  I used a bit too much saffron as I wanted to get rid of some I've had forever it seems.  I used my rice cooker and used brown instead of white rice.  Loved it! (tweety)
I wanted to make love to my rice cooker when this dish popped out. I LOVE it. It's just bursting with flavor. I served it with Chickpeas Romesco and I gained 20 pounds that night. (veganrun)
Soft poppy seed polenta
heavenly.  i added just about a teaspoon of dried thyme to the mix and a teeny bit less oil (2 TBSP seemed like a bit much).  yeah.  it was good. (allularpunk)
This is a good recipe. I'm not a huge fan of the texture of polenta most of the time, but this worked very well alongside my mediterranean meal. (sb)
In my memory, this is my first time making polenta. I've made grits, and lots of other things, but I don't think I've cooked polenta before. I think it came out a bit runny? I'm not sure, but it's really good. I don't know how much the poppy seeds add, but it's a nice, comforting dish. (AC)
I wasn't overwhelmed by this, I served it with the Roasted Eggplant Stew as recommended. The Polenta was good but nothing earth shattering...I think overall, I prefer my polenta crispy. (NJgirl)
Tomato couscous with capers
used rice instead of couscous (and changing the cooking time a little)  I liked the tomato couscous dish as well just not as much. (sb)
not anything to jump up and down about but good. I think what I've been finding with the dishes I've been trying from V'con is that they're great base recipes to work with but often need additions/modifications. But of course, it's all personal preference. I know for me, I like a lot of spices/seasonings. (iluvtomatoes)
My favorite staple.  A perfect side dish with so many things. (azvball)
ummm yeah, the optional cloves (i don't know what i was thinking even putting these in) RUINED the dish.  they overpowered everything and now i just have a crapload of leftover clove-flavored couscous.  and here's the truly crappy thing: when i went to sprinkle them in, the top flew off the container, drowning everything in cloves.  however, i scooped out EVERYTHING contaminated by the cloves (i thought) and couldn't even see any more cloves anywhere, added more couscous and water and it STILL came out tasting like clove central.  (i guess i'm asking here what i can add to this to cut out the clove taste, since i'm still going to eat it anyway since i can't stand to waste food.) (allularpunk)
Good, but a little bland like other people have said.  I usually leave out the capers because I'm not a big fan.  I like to add sundried tomatoes and an extra drizzle of olive oil over the top. (icephrosty)
quick, easy and good.  I made it to go along with the beans below.  I didn't have diced tomatoes so I used stewed.  I used the option ground cloves and it added a nice flavor. (tweety)
I didn't use the optional cloves because I didn't have any and I thought it would no fit.  I really liked this dish and loved that it was so simple. I may have liked it more than I should because I haven't had couscous in a year or more as N doesn't like it.  This dish is kinda bland but in a nice way.  I had it for lunch on it's own but I really think it is much better suited as a side.  I made a half batch - I used one 400g can of tomatoes and the juice came out to be a little more than the recipe called for (1cup instead of 3/4cup) but I used it all and it ended up perfect, and I ended up using double the amount of capers because I love them!  I think I will make this again but if I wanted to have it as a meal on its own I would be tempted to add some sort of nut (maybe cashews) to add more protein.  And I think using flavoured canned tomatoes would be even better - eliminating the need to add salt/spices and making it even easier! (shelloid)
Mix and Match
Black beans in chipotle adobo sauce
Amazing. Came out great and I really liked the chipotle sauce, for which again, I was able to use things I already had lying around.  The Mexican Millet pairs up really nicely with the black beans too. (killer)
awesome (kelsi)
made it according to the recipe except with the addition of a small bit of cilantro leaves and took them to the party.  They were/are HOT!!! Too spicy to eat alone, luckily they're really good with sweet cornbread but geez...  I kept getting "They are spicy...But they're good though." And my boyfriend was sweating!  If I make them again the spice is getting turned down somehow. (berryraw)
really good. I do have to add though, that I I didn't really measure anything and I think I added a bunch of spices that weren't included in the recipe. I was feeling creative.  (lisa)
Holy shit. I double the peppers because I like it extremely spicy, but these are spicy enough as is! I've used this recipe in tamales, and enchiladas and all kinds of other stuff. Really awesome, and too easy not to make often! (sb)
I was really unimpressed with this recipe. I thought it looked too simple, but I was hopeful that it would become something amazing at the end. It ended up tasting like black beans with really hot sauce on them. Boring. So, I mashed up the beans and made refried beans. This was a slight improvement, however, I do not plan on making this dish again. (veganrun)
I liked this a lot. the black beans themselves are good and the chipotle adobo sauce is delicious. i sometimes just make the chipotle adobo sauce to put in/on other things such as a burritos or veggie burgers.  (thirteenblackbirds)
I MUST be insane making a spicy sauce on a hot day like today. But it was really good. I liked the beans a lot. I'm not a fan of Chipotle anything (I have a thing against smoky flavours), but it was cool I guess. I'll make it again (on a cooler day that is...) (dannibazaar)
this sauce is good, but it needs something more. it's just chipotles and garlic and onions..I added cumin and paprika and oregano, which gave it a little something more. (sog)
very good!  I love anything chipotle, so this was right up my alley.  I halved the recipe, but added the full amount of salt by they were salty, but good! (erinmonster)
Loved this.  It's a quick, easy and painless way to make black beans and rice.  My "sauce" came out more like a paste which I used my immersion blender to mix which doesn't bother me a bit.  The chipotles I used were super hot, so I have some extra paste left over.  (tweety)
Cheater baked beans
pretty delicious. I cheated though, and added onion powder instead of reular diced onion. I totally cheated. HAHA, GET IT?! okay I"m done (sb)
I followed the recipe as directed, except that I baked them for a shorter amount of time...still turned out delicious! I felt so much healthier making my own BBQ baked beans, rather than eating the store-bought pre-made kind. They had a rich, slightly sweet taste that I love! Perfect picnic food. (iowachick)
I had to make a few changes based on ingredients, so mine came out a bit differently. I only had blackstrap molasses, so I used 1/4 cup of it, plus 1/4 cup brown rice syrup. I also had to use 1 can cannelini and1 can kidney. That being said, I followed all other directions. I can see how they would be better with small, white beans. The flavor is different, and I think it needs just a tiny bit more sweetness (at least mine did), and more salt. I prefer BBQ beans...not really worth the trouble, imo. (AC)
Chickpeas romesco
Loved. I used a small onion for the chickpeas instead of shallots, but otherwise followed the recipe. (taraja)
was really good. Simple recipe that worked great as a side! (sb)
pretty good too. Next time I may add a more cayenne and cumin seed, but that's because I am a spice fiend. (pp)
I really loved the taste of the sauce - sweet and spicy and tangy. I used more garlic than called for, onions instead of shallots (all I had) and 2 serranos (next time will do 3). I only used 14 oz. of tomatoes with their juice because that was all I had. However, I think it was plenty saucy maybe would have been too much with 28 oz can. I might have used more than 2 bell peppers, though, because I just used the rest of the jar I had? Anyway, it was very saucy even after reducing and went PERFECTLY with the saffron garlic  rice. Would definitely make again. (pp)
the description of these really built up my expectations, but these were just regularly good. I'd make it again, but it's not one of those omg-you-guys-have-to-try-this recipes. (fb)
Fantastic!  Very rich tomato-roasted red pepper sauce that combined well with the chickpeas.  I accidentally bought a can of crushed tomatoes, which was fine since you purreed them I just purreed the red peppers (which I roasted myself...very easy) and mixed them with the crushed tomatoes, I splurged and got fire roasted organic tomatoes.  I opted for the white wine instead of the broth.  I ground the almonds with a mortar and pestle.  I cut the amount of sugar in half and was glad I did, could have done without even the teaspoon. Instead of a red serrano chili I used Thai chilis that I have on hand. (tweety)
good, but not great....tasted like chickpea pasta sauce, which is delcious over pasta, but kinda bleh by itself.....we ate it all, but I probably wouldn't bother making it again. (erinmonster)
We both really liked it! I used some red onion for the shallot, and 2 chiles. It was more flavorful than I was expecting. I didn't do the whole processing of the tomatoes and red peppers..I think that's unnecessary. The sauce is going to be chunky anyway with the chickpeas, and the tomatoes cook down. I think some of the methods in Vcon are a little drawn out. Anyway, the flavor was really good, and different enough from a tomato sauce. I added an extra 1/4 cup of water. Had it over Israeli couscous. Will make again if I remember. It's always nice to have something that P is excited for leftovers. (AC)
Why isn't this getting the love here? I loved this dish! I roasted my own peppers (3) and served it with brown rice. Creamy, spicy, salty, sweet.. perfect. (blinknoodle)
This was kind of a pain to make and I ended up spraying my walls in the red sauce, but it was definitely tasty. Sweet and nutty and spicy sauce. It's very saucy, so maybe it could benefit from some added vegetables or something. I served it over polenta. (algae)
Freaking delicious. I roasted my own bell peppers, and I had pre-ground almond meal on hand, so that cut out a step. If you used jarred bell peppers, this could be together in no time. I served with the Saffron Garlic Rice and the deliciousness that ensued was epic. (veganrun)
This was pretty good.  The sauce had a lot more flavor than I thought it would.  I pureed crushed tomatoes with jarred red peppers.  Dry sherry was the only wine I had and I thought it worked nicely.  My chili pepper wasn't very hot, so I added a bit of chili oil to the sautee, then added some cayenne to the sauce.  I also added a little Hungarian paprika for a little extra kick.  I realized after I started cooking that I didn't have almonds.  It seemed fine without, though.  I served it with a sauteed mix of zucchini, yellow squash, and kale.  If I make it again, I will add some fresh parsley and maybe some other veggies to the sauce.  (lotus)
Yummilicious!  Rich, zesty, lovely.  A perfect side dish. (spinachk)
Mediterranean style baked lima beans
fantastic! This was my first time cooking and eating them so I didn't know what to expect. I served it with biscuits (using the biscuit recipe from the leek & bean cassoulet) and it was a big hit. Even my roommate who swore up and down she hated lima beans dug her fork in them. I didn't tell her what it was until after she ate her entire bowl. (sb)
I really liked them. I only used 1/2 of the oil called for, and they turned out totally fine. Next time I might reduce it even more. I also used soaked baby limas, and omitted the mint, 'cause I didn't have it and don't really like it anyway. I had to bake it a bit longer to get it to "dry out," but the end result was very good. It makes a ton, so I froze half for later. (pp)
I was sort of wary of this recipe, since I didn't like the Rustic White Beans too much (I figured they'd be similar for some reason), and because lima beans seem to be a classically hated "vegetable." But, I liked it. The sugar + vinegar in the tomato sauce made it a little sweet-sour, and the oregano went along with that nicely. While my beans were soaking, several of the skins just floated off (which I discarded), so after boiling some of them turned mushy (just made it a little hard to drain). I think the skins on the beans are kind of weird and chewy, so next time I'd made an effort to remove the skins. (fb)
These were so yummy! I cut the oil by half and they came out fine. I made the recipe in phases over 2 days so that I could use it as a work night dinner (soaked and cooked the limas one day, sauced and baked them the next) I omitted the mint because I didn't have any, but the recipe was fantastic. I had two servings and my mom literally ate the rest of the entire dish herself. Definitely a keeper! (NJgirl)
Rustic white beans and mushrooms
not anything to jump up and down about but good. I think what I've been finding with the dishes I've been trying from V'con is that they're great base recipes to work with but often need additions/modifications. But of course, it's all personal preference. I know for me, I like a lot of spices/seasonings. (iluvtomatoes)
very, very good. Great comfort food, very hearty tasting. I did eff it up a little bit by forgetting about it and boiled it a little too long on high heat so there wasn't enough cooking liquid in the end and I had to add more.. twice! The end result was a few beans here and there that weren't quite cooked all the way through. Completely my fault though. (sb)
This is more of an alternative to cooking plain beans than an actual side dish for me. It just didn't have enough flavor by itself for me. However, it would be good to use for something calling for canned beans. (fb)
very good!  I rarely cook white beans, so this was a treat.  Relatively easy to make, after the 8-hour soaking.  I used baby portabella and didn't quite have 1/2 pound, but it was a good flavor.  The water entirely absorbed or was cooked off and the beans were nice and soft and had a mashed potato type texture that I really liked when combined the the olive oil that was used to sautee the leek and mushroom.  I rarely cook wth leaks and it was a nice flavor. (tweety)
Things take longer to cook the higher up you are, so I had to add more liquid while they were cooking. That being said, the flavor was good(I love tarragon), but really not mind-blowing. Probably won't make them again, and if I do, I'll use the crockpot. (nmpixie)
Crumb topped casserole

Tamarind lentils
served it alongside the coconut rice out of VWAV and the spinach chickpea curry out of VWAV. They were the star of the meal! (sb)
LOVE. If you haven't made them with the coconut oil, then you are missing out.  I ignore the saturated fat aspect and indulge every once in a while.  I've made them without the tamarind (just added a bit of rice vinegar instead) and with and I think they are great either way, so if you can't find tamarind--don't despair! (kb)
outstanding.  (Served with collards w/ ginger-onion sauce and masala-'ghee' pasta). I followed the ingredients but put them in in the correct order for Indian cooking.  Oil, onions until browned, ginger-garlic paste (both mashed together w/ mortar and pestle), then tomatoes (1 whole canned tomato, chopped) until brown (yes, the tomato should change color), then the rest of the stuff.  Oh! And don't add the garam masala until about 15 minutes before serving, not after the tomatoes as it can get bitter with prolonged cooking. (mdv)
Ah, I was afraid that the tamarind in these might be too strong, but this was just perfect. I'm tempted to add coconut milk next time. (fb)
Love this recipe!  I actually used pomagranate instead of tamarind since that's what I had on hand.  I will make this again and again! (icephrosty)
I thought this a weird dish but was very pleasantly surpirsed about how deslih it was.  The combination of sour tamarind, sweet maple, and hot peppers (which I used instead of cayenne) was excellent.  I was out of fresh ginger to my dismay (I"m never out of ginger) and I had to leave it out, but no biggie since it was good without it. (tweety)
These were awesome! I bought an entire thing of tamarind paste for this recipe and I am not disappointed I did. The tamarind wasn't overpowering and the combination of the sweet and sour paired well with the Sauteed Spinach and Tomatoes and basmati rice. Will defiinitely be making a reappearance at my table. (gabbyouimet)
Another one of my favourite dishes. Healthy too. I add more tamarind paste though. Spicy, sweet, succulent lentils served with rice. Yum! (blinknoodle)
This is my first time making lentils not using red lentils and I was disappointed because my lentils were undercooked and I didn't see anywhere in the recipe anything about a longer cooking time for brown lentils. The sauce they were in was fantastic, I just wish the lentils were cooked more! (amymylove)
It tastes like Indian Snobby Joes! At first I thought the flavor was like OMG! But after a few bites I got tired of it. It might have been something wrong with my tamarind though. I think I'll make it again sometime, since I really liked it at first. (eldsjal)


Mix and Match
Tofu,tempeh, and seitan
Baked BBQ tofu
really good. If you've ever had the BBQ Tofu from Whole Foods, this tastes almost identicle. I'm tempted to try it with tempeh now! (sb)
oh my goodness!!! it was soooo amazing.  im so glad i made extra. (kelsi)
pretty good (bcnutrition)
(with apricot bbq sauce) Made this with friends tonight. We could only find dried apricots, but they worked just fine. The sauce really turned out delicious, just enough of each flavour - sweet, savoury, smoky...awesome. (tino)
Super delicious. I don't know if the tofu really needs the prep involved (oil, soy sauce, baking before the bbq sauce is added). My comments are more about the sauce than the tofu, so... (fb)
I didn't press my tofu for this as the type I had was pretty soft and I wass scared it would squidge all over the place.  I followed the recipe exactly apart from that (except maybe slightly less BBQ sauce than called for).  I loved the final result and found the bottom of my tofu nice and crispy and the top all nice and glazed from the sauce.  Niall did not like it, however and complained that the meal (served this with the creole stuff peppers) was far to vegan for him.  I kinda agreed but he preferred the peppers whereas I loved this. (shelloid)
Basic broiled tofu
quite delicious. (ponycakes)
good!  Nothing too fancy.  It was my first time broiling tofu, but it turned out well and was very easy.  I have some of the yummy sauce leftover and I will definitely use it again. (KMK)
it was so easy and it tasted great!  i ate it with my leftover pad thai for breakfast.  it had a nice chew exterior to it without having to coat and fry it. it would pretty much go with just about anything... (ppc)
good (sb)
Okay, this is definitely a keeper! It's really simple, but oh so flavorful and QUICK. Great recipe, and a go-to when I'm in a 'healthy' mood. (sb)
This didn't turn out quite like I was expecting. I was making it to add to something else, so I was mainly looking for the right texture, and this wasn't it. I wanted it really firm and chewy, and it was still pretty soft. I'm just not used to baking tofu! (AC)
My family loves this recipe! I make it at least once a week. I cut the tofu thinner than Isa recommended (basically, I get 32 triangles) , it gets crisper that way and I do press the tofu before using it. I modified the braising sauce slightly so that I have enough for 32 triangles and just to accommodate my own prefererence. I always use all the juice from 1 lemon,increase the water slightly to a scant 1/2 c and I use 2 tbsp tamari & 2 tbsp braggs in place of 3 tablespoons regular soy sauce. I add the scant tsp of oil directly to the sauce and then use a spray bottle to lightly cover the pan. I serve this my own version wasabi mashed potatoes and a seasame green bean recipe that I saw Rachel Ray make. (NJgirl)
Chickpea cutlets
Really good. (willwolf)
ok, but not great. I had them with mashed potatoes and brown gravy (Bryanna's). Maybe they would be better with the mustard sauce. I did get four out of the recipe, but they were very thin. I baked mine, so maybe that made a difference, but people on ppk said they liked them better that way. (vegan1)
Very meaty texture, tasty and good fried!  I plan on trying these again in the oven but I still highly recommend them either way! (Cali)
I didn't have bread crumb so I sub'd instant potato flakes, I didn't have garlic so I sub'd ginger, and I didn't have Hungarian paprika (or regular paprika) so I sub'd chipoltle pepper.  I chose the baking option, as opposed to frying.  It was chewy and spicy, but not too hot.  I could taste the ginger, but in a good way. (hh)
This is the only recipe I've made so far that I would say is just "eh... alright." However, I baked them & I think they might have gotten too dry that way. Next time I will saute them & I hope that will crisp them up & make them more moist. They had a great flavor, though! They just needed a little more...something. It was probably something I did, though, because it seems that people have been raving about these. (jessacita)
They were good, and I was only slightly letdown that they were the swoon with delight amazing that all the hype made them all to be. (vigilant)
loved them. They are on my menu for tomorrow and some other time next week. CeltKat made some for her supper last night and lunch today and suggested doubling the recipe because as is the recipe doesn't make a lot; so I'm making a double batch tomorrow and saving some for next week. I'll bake those, too. (bookmama)
They were pretty good, but I thought the lemony flavor from the lemon zest was a little overpowering. I will cut down on it next time. I think that'll make them excelent! They also did not reheat very well (in my microwave). They got kind of stringy. Maybe I didn't knead enough? (sb)
The same thing happened to me! Chewy & stringy in the microwave... However, after re-warming one in the microwave & having that experience, I rewarmed another in the toaster. Haha--not the toaster oven, just my regular toaster. And I actually liked that! It made it crisp on the outside, but not chewy. (jessacita)
SO GOOD. I did not add the lemon zest this time around and it was perfect.  (sb)
I baked mine (cause I don't like to fry things) and they were fantastic.  I don't remember how long I baked them for, but it was longer than the recipe said, cause i wanted them to be nice and firm, a little golden. (taraja)
used granulated garlic in place of pressed garlic because I'm lazy and also added chili powder and some roasted red pepper flakes. I pan fried them but had never pan fried anything before, so I baked them for a few minutes too for good measure. Served it up with some sun dried tomato risotto and a spinach salad. Super filling and delicious! My omni best friend and her SUPER omni boy friend really liked them and he even said it was the best vegetarian food he's ever had! Score one for our camp! And score one for me having dinner ready for unexpected guests. I had heard the cutlets weren't that big, but ours were decently sized and I'm definitely making more tomorrow for lunches this week! Totally delicious! I am stuffed to the brim! (lapetitepoire)
Amazing...  I was a little apprehensive because I envisioned them tasking like baked garbanzo bean patties - but oh no that was not the case.  I understand why everyone is raving about them now.  I also made the mushroom gravy out of this book and I think it was the best gravy ever.  Seriously, these two recipes go together like peas and carrots.  You must try. (kendrakat)
I really liked the chickpea cutlets and the mustard sauce, but I would probably add a tsp or two of agave if serving the mustard sauce to others, maybe my mustard is just extra zesty? (mdv)
great. Nice base recipe to tweak with different seasonings and serve up in a multitude of ways. The texture is awesome! These will be making regular appearances in my kitchen. (iluvtomatoes)
yummyyy. i ate two with mushroom gravy from vwav, and then one with the mustard sauce from vcon. i was expecting better form the mustard sauce, i have to say. i did feel quite ina garten-y though while i was making it..she does like to use mustard a lot. a "good dijon mustard" haha. i have one cutlet left in the freezer. any suggestions for another topping/use? (ponycakes)
absolutely fabulous. I'm not one for measuring things when I'm I was a bit afraid since I haven't cooked with VWG before..but they turned out perfectly. I made my own mushroom gravy variation, and it was the perfect addition. (AC)
seasoned them with poultry seasoning instead of what was used in the recipe and served them in sandwiches. It was more reminiscent of chicken cutlets. I think next time I'll use jerk seasoning. This is such a great recipe to easily try different variations. Yum! (iluvtomatoes)
I subbed Kidney beans and added some Mexican-style seasoning.  Outstanding.  Especially cold the next day with a slice of avocado on top. Oh.dear.god.mmmmm. (nutdragon)
decided to sub red curry paste for the other spices.  I took them to an omni BBQ and grilled them (even had to bring my own grill, lol). They were very good but next time I'll keep a closer eye, they brown FAST! (icephrosty)
I used some leftover chickpea cutlets  (frozen, uncooked) to make Buffalo-style chickpea sandwiches. I seared the partially thawed cutlets in a dry cast iron skillet (about 2 mins on each side) then baked them in homemade Buffalo sauce (hot sauce, EB, unsweetened ketchup , garlic, apple cider vinegar) for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  Then I sliced FYH mozz and put it on top of the cutlets, covered the baking dish in foil and baked at 425 for 10 minutes so the cheese melted. Slapped this on a roasted garlic-chive bun w/ thinly sliced onions and Better than Sour Cream (only creamy thing in the house vegan ranch would be nice). Good stuff! (mdv)
really good. (lisa)
they didn't really turn out nicely.  the flavor was AWESOME.  but they were kind of mushy/mealy in the center, or as bf put it 'raw-tasting'. the texture was definitely off.  i'm thinking one of two things might have been the culprit: 1. i didn't watch him very closely while he was mashing the chickpeas and when i looked over, they were pretty much a mush, like they would be if i put them in the food processor.  did this make the texture go weird? 2. maybe if i added more wheat gluten...  i used the 1/4 cup it calls for, but maybe if i had used more, it would have bonded better?  bf says next time he thinks we should steam them awhile before pan frying, but i think maybe it was just a bad combo of super mushy chickpeas and perhaps not enough wheat gluten. (allularpunk)
I loved, though my husband did not.  (dukkhaqueen)
I was a little underwhelmed by the chickpea cutlets.  Maybe my expectations were too high? I made them thin, as recommended, and they cooked nicely but the taste was a little too "wheaty" for me.  I would have liked a stronger chickpea flavor. (kaykayaa)
they were so gummy, I threw them away. What did I do wrong? I followed the directions, but probably fried them for longer than it called for because they didn't seem done. Is that what did it? (nmpixie)
made these twice now and when i shape them to the recommended size they seem too crunchy on the edges.  the flavor is really good though, so next time i'll just keep them thicker.  I baked them and they taste healthy instead of greasy. (ppc)
good.  I want to try baking them though, because they take a long time to cook on the stovetop.  I want to make bigger quantities to freeze, and it would be much faster to just cook them all at once in the oven.  Also, next time I make them I want to try a different combination of seasonings.  I would like them to be a little more flavorful or different or something.  Has anyone tried different spice combinations with any success?  We eat them with brown gravy on them, so the seasonings would have to go well with that. (purplenurple)
made them for the second time, but used pinto beans, and baked them. The pinto beans didn't seem to make much of a difference, but I definitely prefer frying to baking. Mine might have baked too long, but they came out too dry and chewy. Still tasty though. I think they will be good for sandwiches. I made my own dijon mustard gravy..and it was ok. (AC)
ok, a little too stringy and floury (bcnutrition)
Really good! Easy to make, tasty and a great "meat" type dish... as others have noted, just give in and fry them. A friend's omni parents loved these as well. (mamaanna)
these were all right. Not the awesomest seitan I've ever had, for sure. (fb)
i made them with mashed white beans instead - i used some extra seasonings and added nutritional yeast.. they turned out great! (ppc)
NOM. I added a bunch of cajun-y spices and I didn't have quite a full cup of chickpeas so I used lentils for the rest. So yummy. (sog)
I made them pretty thin and baked them. I loved how they got kinda crispy! I can see how these would be so good slightly blackened on a stovetop grill. (sog)
the gluten flour didn't cook at all! the rest of the cutlets were tasty but we'd get a chunk of raw dough every so often. We fried them first, then tried baking them for a long time, but it didn't really help. I want to try them again in case we measured something wrong, but I don't think we did. I was wondering about this because they're only supposed to fry for a few minutes per side, but whenever I make seitan it needs to cook for wayyyy longer, and I'm sketched out by eating raw dough, especially gluten flour just seems like it wouldn't be friendly to the GI tract I will report back after I try it again. The taste was super though! (tino)
covered them in the red wine roux sauce (p. 204) and served w/ the lemony roasted potatoes (p. 109). I fried the cutlets, which were very fun to make and shape into cutlet like pieces. I was surprised how well they held their shape when fried - because of the gluten strings. They were delicious with the red wine roux, which I made while the potatoes were baking and the cutlets were frying. A great meal for a Vegan un-meat and potatoes. I am so excited about this book! (jakewillcook)
really good! While I didn't care for the chewy texture of the black bean burgers brought on by the gluten, it really works here. (wannagovegan)
This recipe is a staple in our house. I cut the oil to 1TBSP and increase the soy sauce to 3 TBSP (I use reduced sodium)). I make the cutlets fairly thin and then I pan fry them in as little oil as I can to get them crispy. I serve with the mustard sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus. (NJgirl)
AMAZING! These were so filling and delicious. They really hit the spot for something big and manly and meaty! I baked them, and they ended up a tiny bit tough, so we made sandwiches out of them. One sandwich I used homemade BBQ sauce, and the other I used horseradish mustard. Both excellent! (veganrun)
Doubled the recipe and followed it pretty much exactly...At first I tried to pan-fry and they got crispy on the outside but the insides were still gummy/dough-y, so I baked them at 425 for about 15-20 on the first side and 10 minutes on the other side...then they were good! Crispy and the insides were not gummy at all! Others may find them too dry this way, but I prefer things like patties/burgers/nuggets crispy! My toddler ate a bit of them too, which is always a plus. (babysgotsauce)
yep I really really liked these.  I made them exactly as the recipe stated except I left out the lemon zest (didn't like that idea) and accidentally used 2/3 c VWG (stupid me!).  So they were a bit dry, but totally my fault. I baked them and I really liked the texture.  We got 5 patties out of the recipe and I think next time I'll try to get 6, and make them a bit thinner.  I loved the herbs/seasoning, but I'll also play around with other seasonings.  A really really good recipe as is, and also lots of potential for playing around with. (shelloid)
I've heard so much hype about these, I just had to try them out.  Unfortunately, I did something wrong somewhere because they did not turn out how I was expecting, texture wise - I think I added too much liquid - thought about adding more gluten as I was kneading, but didn't, so they fell apart while I was transporting them to the pan - and while flipping - BUT, they were delicious!  We kinda just piled the pieces on the plate and covered them in bbq sauce - but I think I liked them better plain! I will definitely try them again, measuring this time!  (erinmonster)
These were so good! I baked them instead of panfrying them. I will definately be making these again soon. (dannibazaar)
A friend had made these before and they were really dry for my taste, so I was hesitant to make them, but they came out wonderfully. It's nice that the spices are prominent enough that it tastes good on its own, unlike plain seitan. It's good with gravy too though. I gave one to a 20 month old and she proclaimed it to be yummy. (algae)
I  C A N N O T believe I haven't made these before!  Ridiculous!  I thought these were meant to be awesome but really hard to get right or something, so I never got round to trying to make them, fool!  Came together really easily, cooked wonderfully and the texture was awesome.  Mr oww had requested I make them again before he'd even finished eating his first one! f:Total win, will make many many many times again (oww)
a complete fail for me. I baked them and they seemed undercooked so I put them back in the oven and kind of forgot about them and they came out hard as a rock. I had high hopes for these, so high that my dumb self doubled the recipe, I don't know if I will bother trying them again. I served the Cutlets with some Mushroom Gravy. (amymylove)
Made these again, and they were amazing as always. Instead of just mashing the chickpeas, I pulsed them in the food processor so the texture was nice and even. I also never use oil in these...i don't really see the need. I also always bake them...they turn out nice and crispy on the outside, while a bit moist and chewy on the inside. Oh, and I used a tsp of Frontier brand chicken broth powder, so they tasted rather like a chick'n patty. (dannibazaar)
I've had this book since it came out, but this was my first time trying the chickpea cutlets.  They were really good, but I eyeballed the chickpeas and I think I used too many and not enough gluten.  They came together more like bean burgers than seitan.  Nevertheless, I used the fry method and they held together nicely.  I used a splash of lemon juice, but no zest.  After reading reviews, that was probably best.  Next time, I will be more careful with my chickpeas and probably try baking them. I served them with Rosemary Scalloped Potatoes and Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  Yum! (lotus)
These were really good, but they turned out kinda oily/greasy. I think I ended up putting them on paper towels to soak up some oil before serving them. I do want to try the baked version...seems like it would be less greasy. I remember the flavor being pretty good, although I'm kind of a spice junky, so I would be surprised if next time I play around with the seasonings a bit. (kristinv)
Chile cornmeal crusted tofu
baked it and it was way dry. Next time I'll fry it. (sb)
Ehh.  I baked it.  I didn't make any sort of sauce with it and maybe that was my mistake because it was DRY.  Maybe frying it would have been better.  I was also disappointed by the taste.  For all that chili powder and cumin and lime, all I could really taste was dry cornmeal and bland tofu.  Maybe some marinade next time? (biodancer)
had it on a sandwich with some coleslaw that I threw together. It was good! I think this tofu preparation is very versatile (AC)
tasty fried (the first time) and baked (tonight). I feel much better about it baked. I added lime juice to the soymilk, and to the crusted tofu before baking. The triangles were exceptional dipped in mashed taters! (AC)
super yum, even though i am unable to cut triangles in my tofu for some stupid reason.  i thought it would be kind of blah since the tofu wasn't marinated, but since it was sliced so thin, it didn't make a difference.  i baked it instead of frying, and upped the baking time from 12 minutes on each side to more like 15-20 minutes on each side, in order to make it crispier/chewier.  squeezed a lime on top and it was perfect! (allularpunk)
This stuff rocks! I fried mine and my goodness does it soak up a ton of oil! Definitely not healthy. My tofu was sliced thin so the cornmeal coating made a very nice crispy crust. One major note, I would reduce the soymilk mixture for dipping since I ended up with a lot of wasteful leftovers. Also, I think frying enhances the flavors while baking may not have the same effect. Maybe increase seasoning when baking? (iluvtomatoes)
I made these again, fried them this time, though. FUCKING AWESOME! I make these all the time. They are a great way to fool any tofu-hating omni into eating and ENJOYING tofu. great, great great recipe. (sb)
yay! this is a great fast, family friendly dinner to whip up after work. The tofu has quite a bit of flavor for not being marinated. (nmpixie)
I shape mine more like nuggets and they always turn out perfect - nice and crispy on the outside but moist inside.  I like to play with the spices and try different combinations. (icephrosty)
not bad. I liked the texture of the coating but the flavour wasn't strong enough for me - i think the tofu should either be marinated in something before the coating, or the coating needs stronger flavour (to be fair I have mild chili powder, but even with a spicier one I would have liked a more full flavour in general) (tino)
Curried tofu
I sometimes make this when I'm out of groceries. Pretty good, just make sure you have a curry powder that you really love. (nmpixie)
I didn't like this at all, the curry taste was was waaaaaaaay to strong.  Definitely will not make again. (icephrosty)
Very good recipe, but not unforgettable. (haricot)
Hot sauce glazed tempeh
fabulous. Two of my favorite things rolled up into one. HOW COULD I GO WRONG?! I used an African hot sauce and it was super out of this world!!!! (sb)
fantastic.  I had never cooked tempeh before (well, the SO had and it was nasty), but Isa really knows how to cook this stuff, it was tender and flavorful.  Grilled in my cast iron grill (taraja)
The tempeh was pretty good, but still not my favorite tempeh.  I'll make it again - probably grilled. (mdv)
this sauce was super tasty, but a little too spicy, mostly because we used a habenero hot sauce that we'd never had before, but it was still delicious.  i opened up my tempeh and it was moldy (way before the expiration date) so we did tofu instead.  pan fried it in a cast iron skillet, just in the marinade with no extra oil. yummmmm. (allularpunk)
This is one of my favorite ways to make tempeh.  It is very spicy, but I like that...and it kinda hides the bitterness if you don't feel like steaming beforehand! (icephrosty)
very good.  I followed the recipe precisely using cooking sherry for the wine, and the frying method. (tweety)
I made the marinade using Trappey's cayenne sauce, and used it as a sauce for pan fried tofu triangles. Delicious! It wasn't even too spicy. Pretty perfect. (AC)
my favorite tempeh recipe of all time!  My husband likes to dip tortillas chips in the leftover marinade, and got very upset with me one day when I threw it out (it had been in the fridge for almost a week for Pete's sake!). (peacablepalate)
Yum. This is hot, but not painfully hot. Makes a fantastic sandwich. I recommend cutting the thickness of the tempeh in half--this just lets in more marinade. (veganrun)
I liked this, although I left out the cayenne, and thank goodness I did, because it was plenty spicy already. Also, I think when I make it again, I would lessen the lemon juice, because it was quite tart. (spinachk)
This was nice and spicy (and I looooove spicy foods!). I think I would make this again if I could figure out what other foods to pair it with. Maybe some kind of rice dish? (kristinv)
Marinated Italian tofu
standard tofu recipe using italian seasonings. Nothing spectucular, but totally good. I panfried it because I prefer tofu that way. (sb)
The tofu was really good baked (325* for 1 hour and 15 minutes). (mdv)
baked it, but it was soooooooo salty.  i think this may be my fault since i used frozen tofu.  i knew it would suck up all the marinade, so i doubled the recipe.  and man did it ever suck it up.  generally good flavor...  just overpowering in every way. (allularpunk)
I like it. I was hoping that the balsamic vinegar wouldn't impart too much of a flavor, and it didn't. The tofu in general doesn't wind up very strongly flavored (though salty), but that could probably be changed by marinating longer. (fb)
Marinated Asian tofu
better than the italian, for me. My sister actually preferred the Italian. Great flavors that I, again, panfried. (sb)
kinda bland (ponycakes)
It's pretty good, but I like the Italian better. The tofu doesn't pick up much ginger flavor, but again, it could probably be marinated longer. (fb)
Seitan cutlets
had a really nice texture after pan frying in a little spray oil.  (Floured first with a mix of flour, garlic powder, paprika, lemon pepper, and salt.) They were crisp on the outside and firm but chewy on the inside.  The texture is softer than the seitan o greatness (seitan pepperoni) but firmer than poached seitan (which always turns out like chicken fat for me because I can't watch the stove for 2 hours).  I served it over polenta and topped with gravy.  I'm planning to use the leftovers to try the Vietnamese sandwich (French dip type thing...) (mdv)
These things are good. Nice and chewy, but I prefer the Simple Seitan recipe. (sb)
I liked the taste of these a lot (and the broth it makes while baking is pretty cool too), but it came out a little too elastic/chewy for me after being in the oven. It might firm up with some sautéeing or baking (dry). (fb)
The worse seitan I've ever had. It was gray and spongy on the outside, undercooked on the inside. This is a terrible method for making seitan. I'll stick to the regular method (veganrun)
I made these for the Vietnamese seitan baguette. They worked well in the sandwich, but I wasn't such a fan of them on their own and when I used the leftover seitan in some chili I thought it ruined the chili. But I guess those flavors just weren't meant to go together. They were really hard to stretch out into cutlets and were a kind of weird texture. (algae)
Simple seitan
This is my go-to seitan recipe and it comes out perfect every time. Love it! (sb)
great, sooo much easier than the VWAV one, which I've been using for the past 6 months. I think the temperature of the water and length of kneading are what makes a seitan recipe a success.  I kneaded the dough longer, (5 min?) then kneaded each piece longer too, (another 5 min a piece) until it was really hard to manipulate.  I didn't do the pre-boil of the broth, just heated it while making the dough.  I only let it actually boil for like 60 seconds then turned it down to a very low, barely simmer.  Success, I didn't have any goobely, spongey pieces I had to cut off, (I usually have to trim the outsides of my homemade seitan like its meat.....gross)  This is my new "go-to" seitan recipe, yummy! (babysgotsauce)
This was my first foray into making seitan, and yes, it was quite simple!  I mixed up the ingredients in the bread machine rather than kneading by hand (as indicated in this recipe: Beefy seitan), but then I followed the cooking instructions as written.  I though I would end up with a sticky mess coming out of the bread machine, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a smooth, pliable ball of dough.  The flavor probably depends a lot on the broth you use - I was afraid the seitan might come out too bland, but it was just right with the "beef" bouillon I used.  My only complaint is that the outside did end up a little spongy, even though I was pretty careful not to let it boil too long.  Maybe the boiling isn't really necessary?  I'll have to read up a bit more on seitan cooking methods.  I might just do it in the slow cooker next time, but this time I didn't want to wait that long.  I'm planning to use this in a stir fry for dinner tonight. (vegrunski)
I've made this many times before, so this review doesn't beat out all the others, but for some reason it came out too gummy....which is annoying because seitan is so time consumming to make.  I blame it on my batch of VWG because everything else I did followed seitan rule perfectly.  I was able to trim off the outside pieces of the chunks and use enough of the insides for breaded seitan.  I froze the outside spongier pieces to put in the food processor for tacos or veggie burgers. (babysgotsauce)
When I made this, I got a little sponginess on the outside too.  It wasn't noticeable once I sliced it up and put it in my stir fry, but I wonder if it's the cooking method?  Did you bring yours to a boil (it says to *just* bring it to a boil in the instructions)?  I was reading in another thread that the slow cooker is a good way to cook seitan, and now I'm wondering if it really shouldn't be boiled at all. (vegrunski)
An update - I tried this recipe again, this time doing the cooking in the slow cooker.  I would highly recommend it.  There was no sponginess on the outside.  I did a quadruple batch, and my 6.5 qt slow cooker was almost filled to capacity.  I cooked it for 5 hours on low.  I did the kneading in my bread machine, as I did last time.  I froze 3 of the 4 chunks, and will use the 4th in a stir fry of some sort tonight. (vegrunski)
I really haven't tried to make very many seitan recipes, so I always try to be careful when I do try. This one worried me. It's really simple to prepare, and I tried to keep a very close eye on my broth, but at one point it was boiling for a few minutes. So, the seitan LOOKED very spongy...and kinda weird. The only thing I did differently was to reduce the soy sauce by a bit in the broth. I followed all times, but let it sit in the fridge for a while before using (my seitan is always better that way). That being said, the flavor is SO GOOD. One of the best. The texture is not quite there..not spongy, but not very firm. After frying, it's ridiculously good. Love loved it. I might try some other recipes, but wouldn't be against coming back to this one (I'd knead longer and watch broth more carefully). (AC)
Smoky grilled tempeh
I used tofu because I don't like Tempeh.  I marinated about 15-20 minutes while I was making my side dish.  Then I grilled the tofu on my George Forman.  I kept pouring more marinade on the tofu every couple of minutes.  When the marinade dripped off into the little catch dish I just poured it back on.  The tofu came out really juicy and full of flavor. (biodancer)
This is a good recipe, but not as good as the hot sauce glazed tempeh. (sb)
I wasn't impressed. I could taste the apple cider vinegar in the marinade and that just ruined it for me. Plus, the tempeh didn't really absorb the marinade. (intheend)
I'll give it a B.  First things first - even though the title is "grilled," upon closer inspection, the directions require a cast iron pan for the grilling. We have a very nice grill, but no cast iron, so that was out.  I used the pan-frying method, and even though I kept spooning more marinade over the tempeh as it cooked, I still ended up with about half the marinade left over - that's ok, but I feel like the recipe should say approximately how much should be left.  The marinade is wonderful - a nice mix of sweet, salty, sour, and umami (yeah!).  But it doesn't really absorb into the tempeh much.  The surface of the tempeh was delicious, but the inside was just plain tempeh.  But, when I ate a few smaller pieces that had broken off the tempeh during pan-frying - wowee!  Those were good.  I think this recipe would benefit from cutting the tempeh with a larger surface area.  Next time I would either cut the tempeh so it is half as thick, or maybe cube it.  I haven't made tempeh bacon yet, but this sauce seems like it would be ideal for that. (vegrunski)
Update - I sliced the leftovers so they were half as thick (say, 1/2" thick rather than 1") and sauteed them again in the leftover marinade. Success!  It definitely seemed like the flavor went all the way through, rather than leaving a plain middle.  So, I'd say the recipe is just about perfect, as long as you slice your tempeh half the thickness (or thinner, if you like). (vegrunski)
did a double take when I saw she calls for two tbs of liquid smoke.  That seemed like a lot, but I went for it.  This was quite tasty.  I broiled them and my issue was she said to pour the marinade over the tempeh the marinade surrounding the tempeh burned to the point it set my smoke alarm off when I wasn't looking.  The tempeh itself was fine, just the surrounding marinade burned.  This was very irritating.  But it might be my fault for setting it on high and on the 2nd rack.   (tweety)
I also was a bit concerned about the 2 tablespoons of liquid smoke, and I didn't have the internet to check to see if this was an error. I went with one, and I think 2 would be just fine. This was pretty tasty, but I recommend cutting the thickness of the tempeh in half to let in more marinade. I cooked these on the Foreman grill and that was awesome. I also love that there's a recipe for collards using the leftover marinade--I usually throw leftovers in a container and let it sit in the fridge forever until I throw them out. Great use of ingredients! (veganrun)
Tangerine baked tofu
I found the taste way too strong. It'd only be good chopped and added to plain rice or something. I won't make this again. (haricot)
Acorn squash, pear, and adzuki soup with sauteed shiitakes
I used 1 acorn, 1/2 kabocha instead of 2 acorn. I cooked my own adzuki beans, since the ones at the market were either extremely sweetened or like $3.50 for a can (and this was a Japanese market!), so I got some dry for $1.50/half pound. That being said, it cooked up to about 2.5-3 cups, so I basically doubled the level of beans in this soup. For the shiitakes, I added the sesame oil after they were done sauteeing (along with the soy sauce), since sesame oil has a pretty low flash point. Anyway, this soup - sweet, thick, and hearty. Even though the amount of beans is doubled, it's not that noticeable, and without the kabocha (and another acorn), this would probably be less sweet, but it works either way. My boyfriend claimed he hates squash (winter included), but somehow loves this soup. Mwahahaha. (fb)
this was pretty good. The mushrooms on top were my favourite part - absolutely delicious! juicy and flavourful. The soup itself was ok, but I think the whole thing should be pureed, or else everything but the beans, to give it a better texture. (tino)
Ancho lentil soup with grilled pineapple
pretty good. I was expecting more flavor out of the ancho chile powder that you have to make yourself and was kind of let down by it, so I added some that I had in a spice jar. The pineapple was great on top, though. (sb)
good but not amazing. I liked it fine, but it was a bit bland. Good concept, but a bit weak in the execution. (mamaanna)
Ah, I love this soup. Admittedly, I don't grind my own spices, I just sort of sub them. And I don't have ancho chiles (I probably could, but...) so I just use cayenne pepper + roastingness. Also, I didn't grill the pineapple - I just tossed it some in a hot frying pan. I don't think the pineapple is necessary, it just looks pretty against what looks like plain ole lentil soup. (fb)
Baked potato and greens soup with potato wedge croutons
Another really good recipe, however, my Potato-Wedge Croutons did not come out right at all, I think it's probably best to coat them in oil and then shake them in a bag of the spices--as that's usually what works for me.  She says to wet them with water and then dredge them in the spices, when I tried this, the spices didn't stick very well, which unfortunately caused part of the potatoes to burn and the rest of them to not cook correctly.  I definitely recommend this soup for anyone who loves or hates kale, too.  I have mixed feelings about kale because sometimes it just doesn't work, but it definitely works well with potatoes. (killer)
used baby spinach instead of kale. it was ok. really potato-y. i added bac'n bits because it kind of needed something. the croutons were really tasty though, and the four omnis i fed it to said they liked the soup. if i made it again, i'd probably add some other stuff in since it's kinda just potatoes.. (ponycakes)
I made half the recipe, and used a whole bunch of kale instead of 2 cups (it's kinda hard to measure kale volume anyway). I didn't make the croutons. I liked it, but again, it is as the title describes... there's nothing super special that stands out, but that's ok with me. Also, I think you could cheat and just boil the potatoes; I don't think baking them adds too much extra. (fb)
We really liked this soup. It's definitely potato-y, but potatoes are yum. My croutons came out perfectly, with the described method. I did microwave "bake" my potatoes, so that probably made them a bit more sticky for the water/spices. I followed the recipes, except for some spices that I didn't have. I used Italian seasoning mix instead of the thyme, and parsley in the crouton spices. I also did mustard greens instead of kale. I think the flavor is really good, the croutons are really good, and I liked the creaminess from mashing some of the taters. The non mashed potato liquid parts were a little watery, but not too bad. I'll have to make this for my potato loving mom. (AC)
Um, awesome.  My meat-loving boyfriend loved this too.  Add the wine, it really adds amazing flavour.  This soup might seem like it has too many steps, but actually it comes together pretty easily. (spinach k)
I enjoyed this, however I did not see the point in the potato wedges - yes, they were good on their own, but once you stuck them in the soup, they were soggy and lost their appeal.  But the soup itself was delightful - a bit watery, but not too bad.  I microwaved my potatoes because I'm lazy and didn't want to wait, but I followed the recipe otherwise. (erinmonster)
I made the soup without the croutons because it sounded like they weren't really worth it, but I added the paprika and extra thyme to the soup instead. I made half a recipe so that we wouldn't be eating it for days on end and ended up with 4 servings. Oh, and I didn't have fennel seeds or white wine so I left those out, and used a mix of frozen chopped kale and spinach. I also microwaved the German potatoes I use, which aren't the kind you think of for baked potatoes but they were fine. I thought the soup was pretty good! Not super special, but simple and good. (algae)
Black bean vegetable soup
very good. I wish there were more veggies in it, so next time I'll add some extra carrot, celery and bell pepper. I didn't seed my jalapeno because I love heat in my food and it's perfect. Recipe makes a ton and I'm excited to see how much better it gets after sitting around all day (sb)
the amount of onions in this had me worried--I did not want onion soup!  But it all boiled down nicely.  I added some chopped tomato, cuz I had some leftover.  I agree with another post here that I would add more celery and carrot next time--just because I like a chunkier soup with lots of veggies.  Topped it with avocado. The flavor definitely improved as it sat.  Also, I added all salt at the very end.  Even my picky-eater 5-year old deigned to dip his quesadilla in it. (kaykayaa)
I made this, with a few changes: half the onion (1) was cut into big slices and boiled with the beans, one clove of garlic crushed and boiled with the beans too, plus a little marjoram for boiling as well. I also never drain/rinse beans after soaking/cooking (so they stay black/brown and not light purple...). This was really delicious soup (and I used water, not broth), and after about half was gone I puréed the rest. Good either way, better puréed IMHO. Healthy, tasty, AND affordable. (fb)
This is the best black bean soup recipe I've used.  I didn't have jalepenos, but I added some chipotle powder.  That gave it a nice smoky spice.  I also added some barley that I soaked and cooked ahead of time. (lotus)
Broccoli potato soup with fresh herbs
I liked this, my bf didn't. He said it was too plain. I guess I was expecting exactly what the title was (ok, broccoli + potatoes is probably not the *most* flavorful thing in the world, but it passes). It's a pretty simple, healthy soup. (fb)
I really loved this this.  I peeled the tough part of the broccoli stems and used the whole stalk. The fresh mint and dill at the end were very tasty.  I cut maybe five minutes off the cooking time to keep the broccoli from being too mushy.  I love any opportunity to use my new immersion blender, although I'm still learning how not to splatter, but getting better.  (tweety)
I was surprised at how much I liked this, because it was so simple, but really nice.  The herbs are lovely, but I made the soup without them and it was still really good. (spinachk)
Chickpea noodle soup
Good. I used regular pasta, and used about 6 ounces, and it was too much.  (vegan1)
omitted the carrots cus i didnt have any but i added some fake chicken and used spaghetti noodles broken up.  its really good, but i did add an extra cup of water while it was cooking and it could use even more now.  but! i also tried a forkfull of it cold (since it was more of a noodles in a thin sauce today when i took it out of the fridge) and yum!  not bad at all! (ppc)
goooood. i left out the mushrooms because I don't like them. but i added extra carrots and celery. I also used only about one T barley miso cause i couldn't find brown rice miso in small containers and I didn't feel the urge to spend like 15 dollars on a HUGE tub of it. but it was deeelish. definately could use some more water, but i'm looking for ward to maybe endind up with noodles in sauce tomorrow (owalkerjillo)
Very good soup. i like it without the chickpeas and with celery and with collard greens ( i added 8oz frozen chopped).  the collard green and miso flavors pair nicely in this soup.  (thirteenblackbirds)
Yummy, salty, warm and comforting. Not a dish to make for company, but it's some wholesome tastiness anyhow. (mamaanna)
I used noodles that soaked up all the liquid, but it tasted great hot off the stove! Comforting and tasty. (sb)
I got twinkie #1 to eat mushrooms... mwahahahahah... (K2)
I used udon noodles instead of soba, but I'm sure that doesn't make any difference. This was a really good, comforting soup. I made it for my mum when she was ill this weekend. Definitely a keeper and its a breeze to whip up. (dannibazaar)
Quite good.  Nothing exciting, just good hearty soup.  I used whole grain spaghetti for the noodles, and four cups of a salt-free veggie broth and 2 cups of water.  I included the optional mirin for grins and used yellow miso since that's what I had.  I think rather than using boxed broth a veggie boullione would have been better. (tweety)
Creamy tomato soup
I made this with some grilled cheez sandwiches  with jalapenos and sun dried tomatoes... and watched Clueless with a long-time friend. Really hit the spot! I added some fresh basil, and that really kicked it up a notch. (sb)
EXCELLENT!! (teepee)
i left out the potatos (didn't have them) and it was still really good! (bp)
The title does not do this soup justice. tomato + sundried tomato + potato = awesome. It's what I want in a soup recipe - something undeniably better than the canned version. Also, I added basil. (fb)
This is such a comforting soup! It's great on a cold day with a warm slice of homemade bread. I love a good creamy tomato kicks Campbell's soups arse! The flavour the sundried tomatoes imparted was delicious, too. (dannibazaar)
Not really my cup of tea. But I don't love tomato soups in general. If I were to make it again, I'd add something sweet, like a little bit of sugar or agave syrup. (eldsjal)
I was looking for a tomato soup that did not call for fresh tomatoes, since it's winter.  This one is pretty darn good.  I love sundried tomatoes, so that's probably why I liked it so much.  I used fire-roasted canned tomatoes and yukon gold potatoes.  Blended in the pot with my immersion blender, this was pretty quick and simple.  I topped with green onions and served with daiya grilled cheese sandwiches.  Perfect for a quick weeknight meal! (lotus)
Double pea soup with roasted red peppers
I thought that this was just okay...I kind of expected it to be better, but I'm always sort of disappointed with split pea soup anyway.  The roasted red peppers do improve the flavor, though, I think maybe I'd experiment with doubling the roasted peppers and halving the amount of frozen peas. My bf who *loves* split pea soup liked it a lot. (killer)
It's a solid soup recipe.  Nothing life-changing, but certainly very nice and satisfying.    Roasted red peppers are so nice in any recipe!(KMK)
Now, this is not the best pea soup I've ever had, but it's the best recipe I've ever had. I think it's worth the extra effort, and I shall remember it when I'm sick and in need of soup. (fb)
French lentil soup with tarragon and thyme
It's reasonable. The tarragon give it a licoricey flavor... I don't really like licorice-type flavors, but it's ok here. There wasn't enough liquid, though - I had to add a cup or two, and even then it was dry.  (fb)
I think this is my favorite recipe from the book so far! This is SO good...the flavors really work together wonderfully here, and it tastes even better the next day. (wannagovegan)
definitely not the last lentil soup recipe i will ever get, but certainly good. (kelsi)
delicious! I'm very happy with it and I'm going to make it again soon. It didn't take that much prep time--just chop up a few veggies. The only other lentil soup I've had was a nonveg kind with pork in it and all I could taste was salt but this had a really great flavor, the spices and veggies were very balanced. I can't wait for leftovers tonight. We had it with roasted broccoli and some sourdough bread. Yum! Perfect for a rainy night. (aggplanta)
Yummy.  The tarragon and thyme are lovely and light in this soup.  Something different from your average lentil soup.  It was too salty until I watered it down, but that might have been my fault. (spinach k)
This was a great weeknight dinner.  It was quick, healthy, tasty, and filling.  I followed the recipe except I used about 1/2 cup canned tomatoes instead of fresh.  I served it with Outrageously Easy Big Bread seasoned with tarragon, thyme, and cracked pepper.  The leftovers have gotten pretty thick in the fridge, so I think I'm going to eat them for lunch over some quinoa.   (lotus)
Fresh corn stock
Heck yes! I use this in EVERYTHING I cook over the summer. It is in constant rotatio and I'm so excited to have fresh corn back in stores for summer. YESSSS (sb)
I like that I can make this from the casualties of the previous recipe. It's kind of unclear in the directions though - it seems to say that you simmer the stock uncovered, but you lose a lot of liquid this way. I had it mostly covered, and I still lost enough liquid that I had to add more water. And it still didn't yield 5 cups. ? (fb)
a MUST. wonderful, and would benefit ANY soup!!! I love it because its a way to use the corn cobs! I have to always remeber to make that stock when I have corn cobs laying around! (babysgotsauce)
my first attempt at making my own stock/broth. turned out good, but i wasn't overwhelmed.  i also was confused about what to do about the liquid lost from simmering uncovered.  (thirteenblackbirds)
delicious. It will make a nice, refreshing lunch on this hot summer day. (sb)
Homemade vegetable broth

Hot and sour soup with wood ears and napa cabbage
I didn't use napa. This was pretty similar to hot and sour soup I've had, except this was a little too sour for me. I should have gradually added the vinegar to taste, but that's ok. I probably would have settled with 2/3 of the amount of vinegar. Good with rice, and would probably be better with rice noodles cooked in. Hard to eat a lot at once, because of the acidity.  (fb)
This is my new favorite soup!!! SERIOUSLY... i added some extra fresh wood ears and no tofu... those were my only changes. So good! (amymylove)
grand! I didn't have dried mushrooms or I just used white mushrooms, and added red pepper and a little chopped, fresh jalapeño. I don't have chile I used sriracha and sesame oil. I served it over rice, and sauteed my tofu first..and served it on top with the scallions. Yum!(AC)
It was good, but I used a little less oil and added more vinegar and soy sauce.  I also baked my tofu matchsticks before putting them in the soup. (mdv)
my favorite V'con recipe so far.  I've made it at least 4 times.  Although I have to use way less chili oil because I used the full 3 teaspoons once and it was so hot I could fell the burning in my ears! (biodancer)
This is a great soup. It definitely has strong hot and sour flavors, but in a good way. My only complaint is that by the time you get to the bottom of the soup bowl it gets kind of gross. You get tiny pieces of broken tofu and bits of pepper (though I used black instead of white because I dislike white pepper) and soggy scallions and it's just kind of unpleasant. But the soup is delicious. (algae)
Midsummer corn chowder with basil, tomato, and fennel
Oh, tasty. It's definitely more of a vegetabley chowder than creamy, but still good. I like the faint licorice flavor the fennel gives it (and I hate licorice), and I think Thai basil goes well with it (what I used). I pureed more of the soup than it said to, just because I like it smoother. Overall a sweet, refreshing soup. (fb)
We pureed about 2/3 of the soup so that it's not as chunky and it is sooooooo good!!  A few changes to the recipe - canned sweet corn, no fennel and veggie broth instead of corn stock. Don't let all the steps fool you, it's a bit time consuming, but the end result is well worth it.  It's perfect for a chilly evening! (jewel)
followed the recipe exactly except for the bunch of spinach that I tossed in at the end with the tomatoes and basil. I served it alongside some spiced cornbread muffins. YUM! (sb)
nice and easy! (bp)
well, minus the fennel and tomato and plus zuccinni, red lentils, and this is hardley a review, yet I had to post that the Fresh Corn Stock (which is the following recipe in the book, and a MUST,) is wonderful, and would benefit ANY soup!!! I love it because its a way to use the corn cobs! I loved the soup, and so did my family! I have to always remeber to make that stock when I have corn cobs laying around! (babysgotsauce)
i liked this soup and my husband loved it.  i omitted the fennel.  i made the fresh corn stock, so from start to finish this took a very long time. i will probably try a different corn chowder next time. i've never made/had it before, so i didn't know what to expect.  (thirteenblackbirds)
Porcini wild rice soup
I didn't quite make this correctly, as I could not find dried porcinis. However, I just added some extra fresh mushrooms, and it ended up super delicious anyway. It was so thick and filling--definitely meant for a cool autumn or winter night. It did, indeed, taste like quite an expensive bowl of soup. I can't wait to try it with the correct ingredients!  (veganrun)
Amazing!  I love wild rice and mushrooms, so maybe this wasn't a hard sell for me, but it really is a delicious, sophisticated soup. (spinachk)
This was a huge disappointment, especially considering the fact I had to spend a lot of money to get dried porcinis and wild rice. It was just so bland. I did replace the cremini mushrooms with regular white mushrooms, but I don't think it had much impact. (haricot)
Roasted yellow pepper and corn bisque
Absolutely delicious, served it in a bread bowl. My only complaint was that I don't usually cook with summer squash, so I didn't know I had to peel it and the directions just said to cut it lengthwise and slice thinly. I had chunks of squash skin in my soup even after pureeing it. Oh well, was delicious with an iced cold beer. (sb)
I used red & yellow pepper (oh well), and this was mighty tasty. I had no idea about some sort of summer squash in this... I might have forgotten that ingredient... but this was quite tasty besides. It's sweet.  (fb)
Smoky red peppers 'n' beans gumbo
I can't believe NO ONE'S reviewed this. This is one of the first recipes i ever wanted to make out of vcon when i got it a year and a half ago but never did. instead of the okra (I didn't have any and i'm not really sure if I like it because i've never had it) I used a whole bunch of celery and added about 1/2 tsp gumbo file powder. I also didn't have any green bell peps, and this calls for two of them, so i just added an extra red bell pepper. I don't eat seitan a lot and it is recommended in one of the side columns of this recipe, so i added about 1/2 cup leftover grilled tofu. I really, really liked this. It comes out as a really thick type of stew.. i guess that's what gumbo means anyway? I have lots of leftovers in my fridge and i will definitely be making this again as the weather moves into coldness. (sog)
I have been wanting to make this, but never seem to have enough of the ingredients on hand, but made it a point to get them last night, even the beer, and we never have beer around.  It was worth it! Very, very good! I did not have any tomato paste, but it still thickened up quite a bit.  The tomatoes I had were spicey and they gave it a little of an extra kick, and the beer flavor definetely mingled well with everything, without being able to really "taste" it too much.  Very good, and Taj LOVED it! He said it was even better than the kinds with seafood.  Oh yeah, and I added crumbled tofu just for the heck of it, which didn't add much taste-wise, but was good as well. (babysgotsauce)
Spicy peanut and eggplant soup
Fatty, comforting and delicious. Fantastic on those cold winter days! (sb)
I was expecting this to be insanely rich, but it was kind of regularly rich (maybe like a thai curry?). I had no green beans so I used chopped snowpeas instead and some bell pepper. I also didn't salt/rinse my eggplant initially, with no ill effects (I never know what this bitterness is that we're getting out). Anyway, it's too rich to eat a whole bowlful of it alone, but it's great half and half with steamed rice. It's not super peanut-y even. (fb)
Fattening and delicious! Friends were practically licking the pot. 5 stars. (mamaanna)
I would not make this again. It was so heavy and I got tired of the strong flavors after eating a few bites. But it made so much that I was eating it for days because I didn't want to waste it. I left out the green beans, but I don't think that was why I didn't like it. (algae)
Tomato rice soup with roasted garlic and navy beans
I really enjoyed this soup.  I made it without the beans because DH doesn't like them, and it still turned out really well.  The garlic flavor was subtle the first day, but I could detect it more when I ate leftovers.  Very simple recipe. (icephrosty)
I did the sautéed garlic variation instead of roasting, and reduced the water by about one cup. Also, I used short grain brown rice instead of long (the author recommends long grain because short "doesn't like to cook in tomato broth," but it cooked fine). It's a nice hearty soup, and thickens up a lot in the fridge after a day or so (but I reduced the water by a cup, so...). As far as the tomato part, it tastes pretty similar to canned tomato soups, which may or may not be a bad thing for you. I ate it with a little bit of "Italian seasoning" sprinkled on top. (fb)
I halved this recipe (I didn't want 12 servings if it wasn't really tasty!), except I used the full amount of garlic and herbs. I also added 1 qt of veggie broth instead of using water. It turned out well and was really easy/cheap to make. Nothing blow-your-mind amazing, but it made a healthy dinner and tasted good. (mamaanna)
really good. (willwolf)
it was awesome.  michael had it without beans and he loved it and i had it with twice as many beans and i loved it.  it was also realllly easy to make. i felt super sick, but i just needed some iron, so i read the directions to michael as he made it and hes not much of a recipe following kind of guy. (kelsi)
It didn't go over well.  I'm not sure why.  On paper it was wonderful.  I made it on Monday and there is still a ton of it sitting in the fridge.  My bf and I just have not gone back for more.  I was surprised that even with two bulbs of garlic, it didn't taste very garlicy.  I was overall disappointed. (biodancer)
This is pretty good. I halved the recipe, but should have used the full 2 head roasted garlic. I couldn't really taste the 1 head that much...and I roasted them just for this. I guess my brown rice was short grain (I couldn't tell!) because it didn't really cook that well. I think the beans really add a lot, and it definitely seems like it will be much better later. Wouldn't make again specifically, but tasty and filling. (AC)


Almost all American seitan pot pie
I used wine, don't know why, I don't particularly care for the taste of it!! Next time I'll omit the wine and use extra broth. (K2)
It was amazing!!!  Seriously, set aside two hours and make it now.  I was going to substitute applesauce for some of the fat in the crust, and veggie broth for some of the peanut oil in the filling, but I am so glad I didn't. It was hearty and satisfying and the fat content wasn't too bad when divided out into six servings.  (Still not something I'd eat every day!)  The seitan gets really chewy in the oven and I found this to be the recipe's only downfall.  The texture was too meaty for me - I think next time I'll make it with three cups of freshly cooked chickpeas instead. DH on the other hand, loved the seitan's texture so I guess it's a personal preference. This was the first pastry crust I've ever made that turned out flaky instead of dense and weird.  (mdv)
So so so good! I absolutely LOVE pot pie, but my boyfriend hates it. However, we both loved this dish. My pastry crust was perfect--and I was glad I didn't make a bottom crust, even though I'm not used to that. It was the perfect balance of filling & crust. I used grapeseed oil (not peanut) and cut it by about 2 Tbsp., and also added a bit of soymilk to the filling for more creaminess. I think next time I will use less seitan because even though it was good, I found that there was so much of it that it overpowered the vegetables just a bit. But the taste was delicious! Definitely time-consuming with all the chopping, sauteeing, and baking, but really easy. My omni mom & dad loved it, too. I will definitely make this again! (jessacita)
Comforting, delicious and everything I could ever dream of in a pot pie. So, dare I say, meaty... and just great. Solid recipe! (sb)
Tasty tasty tasty. Looking at this recipe, it looked pretty labor-intensive, but it wasn't all that bad. The crust came together easily, rolled out easily. For the seitan, I didn't make the recipe from the book, but instead used plain steamed seitan (like no flavorings at all added, just gluten). Because it was plain, for the sautéeing I tripled the soy sauce (1 Tbsp), and I added maybe 1/2-1 tsp marjoram, some garlic powder, onion powder, and smoked salt. I was worried that the chickpea flour would burn while cooking the vegetables, but it came out fine (I usually make my roux the other way around, adding flour after the onions have cooked). I noticed the recipe didn't say when to put in the seitan ever, so I put it in at the last simmer of 6-8 minutes. I had to bake the entire thing for 15 minutes longer than stated because my crust hadn't changed color much. All in all, a perfectly seasoned, well-rounded dish. The crust was thick and not super greasy. I'd serve this to my omni family. (fb)
My husband liked this better than the one I usually make from Vegan Lunchbox Around the World. I didn't, but it was good. It tasted like I imagine canned beef stew would taste? Everyone ate it up, and I'll probably make it again. If you live at a high altitude, you'll need to steam your veggies before putting them in the sauce, though. (nmpixie)
Asparagus quiche with tomatoes and tarragon
Normally, I hate quiche, but this is absolutely incredible.  It is definitely one of my favorites and I love the fact that it doesn't include tofu! It takes a while to make (since you have to make the pastry crust first) but it's worth it.  I only made two substitutions based on what I had on hand and substituted Great Northern Beans for the navy beans, and I used whole wheat panko instead of plain bread crumbs.  I highly recommend this recipe to anyone who normally does not like quiche. (killer)
followed the recipe exactly and it was not at all what I expected. It didn't look appealing and I was quite disappointed with the texture and flavour. I like the idea of using white beans instead of tofu for quiche and I'd like to try again, with variations. (healthymomma)
I love tarragon and asparagus together; It's the perfect combination, and this quiche is really good. I think the tarragon is a touch overpowering, but it's creamy, soft, delicious and everything I was hoping for. (sb)
It was wonderful. At first, after I had been blending up the filling I thought it didn't look to appetizing, but once it's baked it just transforms into this lovely, fluffy, tarragony delight.  (aggplanta)
Caramelized onion butternut roast with chestnuts
lovely!  I actually couldn't get my paws on any chestnuts, so I subbed with a walnuts.  It was great- I can only imagine how good it would be with chestnuts! (laurakins)
I made this for a Thanksgiving entree, and it was utter perfection!  I cut the recipe in half and baked it in an 8x8 pan.  The chestnuts were out of this world, and the spice combination was perfect.  (icephrosty)
When I decided to make this, I was a little confused at all the different things together...I wasn't really sure everything would go together.  But it did, and it was marvelous!  A good dinner party dish, I think. (spinachk)
make it!!! It's amaaaazing!! I make it every Thanksgiving and Christmas!! (lebkuchen)
Cauliflower and mushroom potpie with black olive crust
The only problem with the pot pie is that it's supposed to serve 6 but my girlfriend and I have been known to polish it off in one sitting! (asenath)
I think the biscuits were a little tough and a lot salty*, but otherwise it was good. *I say this because I subbed in (unsalted) sundried tomatoes for the olives (that's what I had available) and it was quite salty, so I can't even imagine this with olives.  I'd cut the salt to 1/2 tsp., maybe even a third. (mdv)
Love this recipe, but the 'crust' is a tad salty. I've made it several times, and it's really, really good! (sb)
Eggplant potato moussaka with pine nut cream
sooo good!  It made a ton so I brought some over to my parent's house and they loved it also. It took a long time to make but well worth it. (redjen)
not very good. I was really disappointed. I love all of the components--potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, shallots, homemade red sauce, and pine nut cream, but all of it together was really underwhelming, especially with all the work I put into it. Embarrassed I thought the roasted vegetables came out REALLY greasy (and I even cut back on the oil!)... And I was really disappointed in myself for not listening to my gut feeling to leave out the cinnamon in the sauce... I just knew I wouldn't like it, but decided to try it the way the recipe was written. My mom said the dish reminded her of apple crisp--not what I'm going for with a savory pasta dish! I suppose I'm glad I tried it, but it was really expensive for how ho-hum it turned out. The Pine Nut Cream was also just "Mmmm, okay"--not nearly as good as the Cashew Ricotta (YUM!), and twice as expensive to make. Oh, well. Sorry for all my ranting... I was just really bummed. It made a TON, and I don't think I can eat the leftovers. We'll see! (jessacita)
pretty good. Definitely not an everyday kind of dish (read: high fat content), but still pretty delicious. I loved the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg, which added nice depth to the sauce. Next time I'll probably switch up the veggies inside and add some spinach or kale. THis recipe is just asking to be messed around with! (sb)
If you do make it, I say to definitely use the tofu ricotta instead of the pine nut cream! That's actually exactly what I said when I made it--that if I try it again (though I haven't), I would use the cashew-tofu ricotta instead because it's every bit as delicious as the pine nut cream, but half as expensive to make. (I don't know about you, but raw cashews are about $7/lb. at my co-op, where pine nuts are $12-14...) (jessacita)
waaaaaaaay more complicated (and fattening) than it needs to be! My version...clean and trim ends on a small zucchini, a squash, and a few little japanese eggplants run these all through a salad shooter with the wide flat blade place these on a parchment covered baking sheet, spray with olive oil and sprinkle with salt repeat with potatoes bake at time and temp recommended make tofu ricotta (I used 1 extra lemon since the dish was greek, added a pinch of nutmeg, and reduced the oil to a generous spray with Mr. Misto) make the sauce (with or without cinnamon) slap it together and bake (screw the breadcrumbs) Voila - almost fat free, comes together in under thirty minutes (even less if you have access to a really good jarred sauce) and tastes great. (mdv)
Definitely very time consuming. I loved the flavor of the sauces so I'll see how I can modify this to cut down on prep time. Moussaka in general is time consuming (and fattening) so I wouldn't fault this particular recipe. It isn't something I'm jumping to make again though. I'll have to be really craving it and it will be a modified recipe. (iluvtomatoes)
Eggplant rollatini with spinach and toasted pine nuts
VERY time consuming, but quite rewarding. I served it at a dinner party and my friends praised the taste and presentation. I followed the recipe almost exactly and fried the eggplant slices. Next time, I'll probably bake them. Frying them was a pain in the butt! (sb)
Yup, very time consuming. I wouldn't make this regularly but with helpers its's much easier. I made this for my so's bday and a dinner party and both times it got rave reviews. One major change I made is that I didnt' bother frying the eggplant. I did it for 3 slices and a lot of bread crumbs came off and the eggplant drinks oil. I baked them instead, without bread crumbs, and they came out just fine. Also, I added a slice of Tofurkey Italian style sausage to each rollatini and everyone liked it. (iluvtomatoes)
Jamaican yuca shepherd's pie with sweet potato, kidney beans, and plantains
I subbed black beans. Also, as expected of shepherd's pie, real heavy. But also real tasty. I felt like it should have had more spice, though, but that can be fixed. It's well worth tracking down yuca for this recipe... it's a kind of sweeter/smoother than potatoes. (fb)
This is an interesting dish. I was excited to make it because I was hoping that it would remind me of some Ital food I'd eaten before and loved. It really wasn't as good as I'd wanted it to be and it made enough that I got tired of eating it after a couple days. Maybe it would be better to make for a large group of people so that you don't have to eat as much of it but you can still try it, because it is good enough. (algae)
Kasha phyllo pie
filling (didn't have any phyllo) It definitely has an interesting flavour! The kasha tasted very familiar but I couldn't think where from. I didn't have all of the spices on hand which may have contributed to it being blander than I hoped. (Or maybe I just like things with more spice). I ate it on toast with homemade kraut on top in an attempt to stay sort of true to the recipe. I would make this again with some tweaking. So far all the vcon recipes I've tried have been similar in that they seem like a good place to start, if you're looking to put your own twist on things, but overall the ones I've made so far haven't been as good as the stuff in VWAV, IMO. But then I've only tried a few recipes so far. (tino)
Mole skillet pie with greens
I can't believe this hasn't been reviewed yet.  I love this pie. This pie is the best thing I've made yet from this book. I'm going to leave my boyfriend for this pie.  This pie and I are going to spend the rest of our lives together. (spinach k)
Potato and kale enchiladas with roasted chile sauce
They didn't look very pretty when I transferred the enchiladas from the baking dish to my plate since they fell apart, but they tasted great. I might play with the sauce a bit though. I couldn't really taste the roasted anaheim peppers so I might try using more peppers and less tomato next time. I'll probably also add some more chili powder since I like more of a kick. The ancho chilies I used aren't very hot. Definitely add toasted pepitas on top when serving. I like the added flavor and crunchiness. (iluvtomatoes)
loved it. I changed things around a bit. I like some heat in my food, so I used chipotle chiles in adobo sauce in place of the roasted anaheims. I also used about 8 peppers, instead of just three. I used 1 tsp of chipotle chile powder and 1 tsp of ancho chile powder, and 2 tsps of cumin instead of just one. I doubled the amount of kale (you can never have too much leafy greens in your diet!) and only used 1 TBSP of oil in the entire dish. Also, I threw in two zucchinis and some corn into the filling. My omni friends loved the recipe! (sb)
the homemade enchilada sauce I believe is the best I've ever had. (dukkhaqueen)
Soooooooo good. I spread out the preparation over a couple days-sour cilantro cream one day, roasted chile enchilada sauce the next day, then everything else on dinner party day. The sour cilantro cream is delicious (as I mentioned), and the enchilada sauce is great. I think next time I'll leave the seeds in the Anaheims, or use more. I didn't have the fire roasted tomatoes, so I used 2 14+ oz cans of regular diced. I thought about adding corn to the filling, but decided not's a really good filling. My corn tortillas were pretty small, so I wish I had room for more filling..I think it got a bit lost in the sauces, but still really good. I think I added way more garlic than called for, and probably additional seasonings. I think the pepitas are really good in the filling, but not really necessary on top. I didn't do the two tortillas method, because I wanted to make lots of enchiladas..but I ended up having leftover tortillas, anyway. Our guest said the meal reminded him of a Mexican restaurant he went to as a child. He really loved it! (AC)
Hm, these are ok. The enchilada sauce it pretty thick, so it didn't really spread very easily. The potato/kale filling is pretty mild (it's not a ton of kale, so not bitter or anything), and I feel like this whole ensemble is missing something - it's too plain by itself. The first time I ate it I added avocado, which improved it, and the second time I added some leftover garlic "butter", which made it pretty good. All in all, it's a fine recipe, but I think it needs some extra sauce/spice to make it stand alone well. (fb)
sounds weird but it works very well.  Nice and spicy.  Nothing to drool over, but good. (tweety)
quite good, but a bit labor intensive, so one needs a bit of time if you're going to roast the chile peppers, make the sauce and then the enchiladas...and a side it's only for those whom love spending time in the kitchen which I do. (tweety)
Meh. The only thing I really liked about this recipe was the sauce. Besides that, it was just mashed potatoes and kale, sorta boring. I feel like there was too much a limey flavor in the kale, so i ended up picking the leaves out as I ate it. (sog)
Very tasty! The only downside is that this dish is kinda labor-intensive, since you're making the sauce from scratch as well cooking up the filling mixture.  (kristinv)
Spinach noodle kugel
It was my first time having a Kugel and I enjoyed it. I might cut down a touch on the red onion (it was good, but they didn't cook all the way through and were very crunchy and ended up being a dominating texture in every bite. Tastewise it was great though. Dill and spinach. WHO KNEW?! (sb)
Very dry, very bland, very disappointing. (biodancer)
I substituted slightly pre-wilted and chopped kale for the spinach which turned out yummy. I eyeballed the dill and so used plenty of fresh chopped which was amazing in it. I also increased the lemon by A LOT. I think I could have left it at increasing it by two tablespoons. I also found that the onion stayed a bit on the raw side, it would have been better sauteed before hand. It was really yummy fresh out of the oven, although a tad dry. Unfortunately, the recipe made a TON so storing it in the fridge just made it more dry. Maybe decreasing the amount of breadcrumbs to just one cup might help? I added a few tablespoons of water to my plate when reheating and that seemed to help as well. (wassernixe)
Southwestern corn pudding
served with BBQ sandwiches and coleslaw.  The pudding was really tasty.  The fresh corn that I used was super sweet and delicious, which I think is key for this recipe.  I did expect the final dish to be a little more creamy and pudding-like in consistency, but it's pretty solid.  Next time, I may add a bit more coconut milk, use a little less cornstarch, and bake it a few minutes less.  (willwolf)
made it in my cast iron skillet and it was a huge hit! I made it with soymilk + a drizzle of olive oil instead of coconut milk and it turned out fabulous and delish. (mamaanna)
Sweet! And suspiciously similar to the corn bisque recipe.  (fb)
Sweet, delicious. I would probably double the cilantro next time, because it really loses its flavor after being cooked. Or maybe just top it with some fresh cilantro. But this is good shit. (sb)
Sweet potato pear tzimmes with pecans and raisins
Good recipe. I also added some green apple. (sb)
I'm a big fan of Veganomicon, but I hated this dish... I think this is only the second time it happens with this book, but nothing could be done to improve this dish... (haricot)
Yummy.  This tastes like Christmas.  I think it needs to be paired with something refreshing though, because it is pretty sweet. (spinach k)
Tempeh shepherdess pie
FANTASTIC. I followed the recipe almost completely, but again used fresh herbs rather than dried. I added diced carrots into the mashed potatoes and left the skins on because I like it that way. I also added Bragg's into the mashed potatoes because, again, I just like that way (sb)
Forgive me for not liking this. I think I have finally determined that I just don't like tempeh. And I'm never looking back.  (fb)
I altered the Pie a decent amount, mostly by making it less healthy (it was for a potluck).  I added some brags and liquid smoke to the tempeh part, and put in some extra earth balance in the potato part, along with some nutritional yeast and garlic powder.  I actually just finished the leftovers, and they were great. (camillus)
this is AMAZING. If you haven't made it yet, you should definitely do so. I followed the recipe exactly, aside from adding some vegan wocestershire sauce to the tempeh & veg filling. Real tasty, hot or cold (tino)
It's was very good.  Worth all the work it takes.  My DH and I had some for dinner that night and he really liked it, even though he doesn't like tempeh.  I thawed out a package for lunch today and it reheated really well.  I think that like a lot of foods, the favors had time to develop better even while it was frozen.  One thing I did different was to use shelled edame instead of green peas which I don't like.  This is definitely something that I will make for my freezer lunches again. (tintexas)
I really really like that pie.  It's definitely better after a day or two.  So yummy! (lotus)
Ooo - good to know it freezes and reheats well!  It makes such a large amount that it was difficult for 2 people to get through it all in a couple of days.  Even though we really loved it, we didn't exactly want to eat it for breakfast. (vegrunski)
I've tried several vegan versions of "Shepherd's Pie" and this one was by far the most interesting.  The mushroom gravy was very flavorful, but it didn't thicken enough to my liking (probably my fault and not that of the recipe).  The recipe was time consuming, but worth it to pull this beautiful pie out from the oven.  Other notes:  I used half white potatoes, half sweet potatoes for the topping.  Next time, I would omit the fresh parsley. (dalveg)
So tasty! I used a little less oil than the recipe suggested but still turned out great! The portion sizes are pretty big so you definitely get 8 meals out of this. (gabby)
AMAZING. Tempeh is the shiz but I usually have it bacon-style or with maple. however, this was awesome.  (tino)
very good... i used half the amount of tempeh and subbed lentils for the rest. next time i would use all lentils. this is a better than average shepherd's pie and it's great with branston pickle. (thirteenblackbirds)
One-pot meals and stove-top specialities
BBQ black eyed pea collard rolls
I don't know if that's the exact title because I don't have the book in front of me.  It's not a recipe I ever even looked at before but my BF picked it.  It was simple to make especially since I used store bought BBQ sauce.  I had every intention of making the Backyard BBQ sauce from the book but realized after I took out all the ingredients that I didn't have any liquid smoke.  It seemed like an important ingredient to have in bbq sauce so I didn't want to make it half-assed.  I had never made blackeyed peas or collard greens before so it was truly an experiment. Anyway, they were enjoyable but nothing spectacular.  I'm going to try them again when I can make the homemade bbq sauce so I can give it a true review.  (biodancer)
Quick and easy meal right here. Pretty good recipe for one of those long days when you don't want to spend all night in the kitchen. (sb)
This was my first experience using collard greens and black eyed peas. I loved the rolls but the homemade Backyard Barbecue Sauce from this book was just too sweet for my tastes and I scraped all the extra sauce off the top since there was sauce inside the rolls as well. I also got 2 extra rolls out of this recipe. (amymylove)
Braised seitan with brussels, kale, and sun-dried tomatoes
good over the broccoli polenta - not a concoction that sounds good, but is oh so wonderful, also.  (dukkhaqueen)
the BEST!  i finally like kale.  and i got to cook with shallots!  exciting!  we left out the seitan and added more kale and sprouts since we were making a different protein. (allularpunk)
I thought it was a little oily (I did use oil-packed SD tomatoes, though).  DH really liked it. (mdv)
Loved it!  i used a medium sized onion in place of the shallots (sauteed in a bit of water -no oil), regular sundried tomatoes (not in oil), cooking sherry for the wine, and the last of my turkey style seitan from the vegandad blog.  i added some sauteed baby bellas to the leftovers & in the future if i don't have seitan on hand i think a can of chickpeas would do fine.  i just ate it as is - not over anything and got 2 hearty servings out of it.  im sad it's gone. (ppc)
Awesome recipe.  I used mustard greens instead of kale and no one noticed the difference.  I may use a tad less veggie broth next time because it took a long time to cook down.  The brussels are perfect in this. (icephrosty)
really liked it. It doesn't have a strong flavor, but definitely winter comfort food -- it's very thick though, so if you are looking for a soupy stew, this isn't the recipe. (vegan1)
I didn't have enough TVP, so I added some extra lentils and kidney beans. Despite all the stuff in this, I found it kind of plain. At the same time, I wasn't a huge fan of the caraway + tarragon flavor. It would be good food when sick. (fb)
The flavors are pretty mild in this dish, I've mad it twice now and next time I will likely add more garlic or some other herbs. The dish smells divine while cooking, the thick texture is really nice. I have made it once with the limas and once with the peas. I prefer the limas. My huband really loves the comfort food quailty of the dish. Overall, it is a solid recipe that I will keep on the dinner menu rotation. (NJgirl)
Kabocha udon winter stew

Leek and bean cassoulet with biscuits
This dish is completely FABULOUS!  I definitely recommend this one.  This cassoulet would be a great entree for mixed company (veg/nonveg).  (By the way, the recipe calls for 2 leeks, cleaned and sliced--about 2 cups. My leeks must be on the gargantuan size because I only used one, and it was probably more like 3 cups sliced.) (willwolf)
loved it. supremely delicious. (sb)
i can't believe i haven't made it earlier.  it's probably the best thing i've ever put in my mouth. i can't wait to go home and eat the leftovers for lunch. (allularpunk)
we used red kidney beans and it  turned out really good as well.  it had a thick, creamy texture. (thirteenblackbirds)
This recipe is no joke!!!  Since it looks like I'm going to be spending Thanksgiving alone, I think I may make a batch of this and eat all six servings. I made three changes (two out of necessity): 1) used chickpeas for the beans; 2) subbed dried thyme for fresh; and 3) added about a teaspoon of dried crushed rosemary to the biscuit dough. (mdv)
realllly good!  we used great white northern beans, i didnt have soy milk (subbed water) and no shortening (subbed marg.) and it turned out just fine! yum yum yum (kelsi)
very good. I think the directions were overly complicated & wordy, so I sort of did my own thing following their guidelines... It was delicious! I cut the recipe in half, as I had heard the leftovers weren't all that great (soggy biscuits), and it still filled a 9x9" baking dish! I added some soymilk & nutritional yeast to the stew part, as well as onion & garlic powders. Also added some dried spices to the biscuit mixture. Very good comfort food! I am having some leftovers for lunch today, and I'm sure it will still be pretty tasty. (jessacita)
It's good. I wasn't shocked by its awesomeness, but it's hearty. I did use green lentils instead of beans, and added herbs de provence to the biscuits.Oh, and I used EB in the biscuits instead of shortening. I also doubled the whole thing, and had leftover filling and biscuits after filling up a huge casserole dish. I did bake my biscuits a bit beforehand, so I'm sure it changed the whole dish (it was basically just like biscuits sitting on top of the filling). I'm glad I tried it.  (AC)
I had been avoiding it because it seemed long and complicated, but it really wasn't!  And I really, really enjoyed it!  The biscuits totally made the dish.  I wouldn't think of making it without them.  I'm glad I finally got around to making it. (biodancer)
My favorite so far.  I double the biscuit part and bake half seperately so I can use them with leftovers without them being soggy. (bcnutrition)
I didn't make the biscuits, and I didn't do the final baking at the end as a result. And this came out pretty bland. I used one leek, which yielded a little over 2 cups. It's a pretty hearty stew, but it just didn't do it for me - there needs to be some sort of herb or something. Maybe thyme. Anyway, it's not particularly bad either, and would be good comfort food if you have a cold or something. Maybe this is because I didn't bake it? (fb)
this was really good. the biscuits were flaky and butter-milky. The only problem I have is that it just seemed to be lacking flavor. It definitely needed more salt/pepper/SOMETHING. (wannagovegan)
This is like a deconstructed pot pie. Very hearty and homey. No crazy flavors, so it might be good to serve to a meat and potatoes kind of person. My bf enjoyed this because he had just read the word cassoulet in a book he was reading and hadn't known what it was, so the timing was fun when I made this. (algae)
I honestly expected this recipe to be more flavorful based on the reviews.  I also used cooked beans instead of canned beans which probably impacted the saltiness. I tasted it before I added the biscuits and it was so bland I had to do something or I knew my husband wouldn't eat it. I added Braggs, onion powder & white pepper to taste to save it. I think next time I will start with a richer roasted vegetable stock, as I just used the box variety for this recipe. The biscuits were really good, however the dish did not reheat well the next day. I will definitely try this one again though! (NJgirl)
really liked this.  Nice and simple to make and a good wholesome dish.  I love leeks so I thought I'd like it.  I did end up having to add some extra veggie stock powder otherwise it would have been bland.  As niall isn't too keen on beans I asked him if he wanted me to add the optional seitan and not surprisingly he did!  When I asked him what he thought of it, he said that the worst bit of it was the seitan!! So I'd recommend NOT adding it.  I liked the 'biscuits' on top.  I had to sell it to niall as dumplings, which I think is pretty spot on.  They were nice and simple to make and came out great.  Overall a good solid recipe that I would make again. (shelloid)
Delicious comfort food.  I mostly followed the recipe, except for adding about 1/4 cup nutritional yeast to the sauce.  I feel like I always have to add to nooch to Isa's recipes.  I don't know.  Maybe she doesn't like it. Anyway, I used drop style biscuits rather than forming them into discs.  She said that they've never had a problem with the sauce bubbling over, but I guess her cast iron is bigger than mine.  It was full to the top, so I cooked it on a cookie sheet.  Good thing because it did bubble over!  Anyway, I think the sauce should be a tad bit thicker, but it's delicious and I'll probably use this recipe again. (lotus)
I didn't like this at all. It turned out slimy, both the stew part and the biscuits. And it didn't taste much either, despite adding a lot more seasoning. (eldsjal)
Lentils and rice with caramelized onions and spiced pita crisps
this was OK, but I prefer my own way of making mujadarah (this lentil/rice/onion middle eastern dish--goes by many names).  My mujadarah is based on the Injudra recipe from this site (  This recipe definitely needs some salt and pepper.  I actually just cook my lentils and rice in broth, rather than plain water, and this gives salt and additional flavor.  I prefer to prepare my onions on the stovetop, instead of in the oven.  It's easier to keep an eye on them and make sure they don't burn, but get great caramelization (generally takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get the right effect). I usually add some of the spices (cumin and cinnamon with a bit of salt) to the onions while they cook down.  I use a little less oil for the onions, but still quite a bit.  I usually use regular brown lentils, instead of the red, for this.  This recipe says to cook this for an hour total (15 min + 45 min more), but I reduce the cooking time by around 10 minutes or so.  I really like to top my mujadarah with the Sunflower Seed Sour Cream from this site ( and a bunch of hot sauce. (willwolf)
I cooked my onions on the stovetop instead of the oven in a cast iron pan with some cumin seed and four cloves of garlic (I'd amp it up to six, though). I didn't have ground cloves, so I added whole cloves and added a few too many, so I added some ground coriander and extra cumin to make up for it. I thought it was delicious and my mother (who hates all legumes. Every last one of them) even liked it. My house reeks of onions now, though. (lapetitepoire)
I liked that a lot as well. It's a really basic recipe, but I don't know how I've lived my whole life not knowing about this particular food combination?!? Next time I think I'll add more cumin and maybe some cayenne and double the roasted onions. It makes a ton, though. Good thing I liked it. (pp)
basic, but really good.  I actually cooked the rice and lentils in a pressure cooker and carmelized the onions with about 1 tbs. of oil - 3/4 c - good lord! and it was finished in less than 20 minutes. (mdv)
Very basic recipe, but was good. Could use some heat though. Next time I'll add jalapenos. And it definitely needs salt! (sb)
I make this a lot, and I usually double the spices, add tons of crushed red pepper, and triple the onion, 'cause they're great. I make them in a skillet on the stove and don't use anywhere NEAR 3/4 c. oil. Also, last time I made it, I toasted the rice along with some cumin seeds in the pan prior to cooking and added a bullion cube to the water. That upped the flavor considerably as well. I ate it cold for breakfast! (pp)
it was so good!! really kind of savory (i think thats the right word)  with the cinnamon, cloves and allspice.  it was awesome.  i wish i made more. (kelsi)
First meal-type recipe from Vcon that I've made so far. I did the onions in the oven, and used red lentils, short grain white rice, and wild rice. The mild taste was good, but not strong enough for me. I made the spiced pita chips to go with it and put ground garlic pepper on them, which went well with the lentils & rice. Next time I'll use brown rice but probably keep the wild rice in there, and fry the onions in the same pot before putting the rest in to really get the onion flavour mixed in. I'd probably also use broth instead of water. I also had to add more liquid as it was cooking - after the first 15 minutes the rice had absorbed most of it. (tino)
this didnt do it for me, for some reason...I was so excited for the caramelized onion goodness that I felt kinda let down. It took a long time to make too. The spiced pita crisps were good though. (tino)
Didn't really like this. I scaled this down quite a bit which I'm glad of, but there was still a lot. I don't understand the option to use white or brown rice, but still cook it 45 minutes? I don't even think it cooked that long, and it was still all so mushy. I thought maybe the lentils would be mushy, and the rice would have some good texture. I dunno. I think there's also a typo in my copy, because all the spices aren't mentioned in the ingredients. I didn't do the pita. The flavor was actually ok, but won't make again. (AC)
didn't care for the Lentils and Rice with Caramelized Onions.  The recipe calls for long-grain basmati (brown or white).  I used brown, but didn't think to adjust the water quantity and cooking time (the recipe didn't provide any info on this) .  As a result, everything got kind of dried out, and the lentils never got very tender.  I tried adding more water, but without success.  The caramelized onions were tasty though. (peaceablepalate)
Manzana chile verde
with a can of extra beans since we had thrown in a few extra tomatillos and used two HUGE apples. It was REALLY delicious! Better the second day, though, for sure. My best friend and the other friend I fed it to were both omni and loved it, and, I loved it, so, happy for everyone. A word to the wise who want to try it: don't bother chopping up all your vegetables nicely. We did such a beautiful chop job and then we ended up pulverizing the whole thing with my immersion blender. And felt like fools for having chopped everything so nicely (lapetitepoire)
fantastic. I didn't even blend it, because I like chunky chili and plus, I don't have a blender so I just kind of mashed it around a few times with a potato masher and it was perfect. (pp)
I've never had chile verde, so it's hard to compare to the 'real thing'. But, I liked it! I love salsa verde, so I guess it was natural that I'd like this. It's kind of sweet/sour/spicy. To that end, I think the apple works with it - there wasn't any noticeable apple flavor, but since green apples are sweet/sour it just kind of blends in. I didn't slice the apples, though - I was lazy so I grated them in, leaving no solid bits of apple in the final product. Without the potatoes and beans, this stuff might even pass as salsa verde, maybe. We ate this with the Whole Wheat Drop Biscuits from Vegan Brunch, but this could probably be eaten by itself. Also, I was concerned 3 jalapeños might be a bit much, but it wasn't - it was somewhere between mild and medium (but I can handle spicy foods, so when in doubt, reduce the number of peppers). (fb)
Pineapple cashew quinoa stir fry
i totally adapted it to what i had. i cooked the quinoa in the juice/water. then it was mixed with the red peppers, cashews, pineapple, and garlic. super easy and not what it "says" but it was good (baypuppy)
the method of preparing the quinoa in this is really nice!  It makes me want to cook my grains in liquids other than water more often. (KMK)
I used to make something very similar to this all the time. This version is really good too! (sb)
I went ahead and cooked the quinoa in the pineapple juice, which was a worthwhile endeavor. I didn't use cashews. In total, this is a good dish, at just the right sweetness. I used a combo of crushed and diced pineapple, and I ate this with the Lentil Salad. (fb)
This is pretty good.  I cooked the quinoa in water, because I used fresh pineapple and didn't have much juice.  Next time I make it, I will probably use canned pineapple so I can cook the quinoa in juice.  I don't like much spice, so I didn't use chiles and I also left out the mint.  Good stuff, though! (lotus)
This was good but not incredible.  My husband and I did not find this very satisfying as a main course. the more soy sauce you add the better it tastes (thirteenblackbirds)
Parsnip chips
very reminiscent of sweet potato chips in flavor and texture. (mdv)
i accidentally burned the chips, but i ate some that were not all burnt and they tasted awesome. (kelsi)
I couldn't quite get this like chips, but I liked it anyway. But no one else did. Screw them. (fb)
Plantain and pinto stew with parsnip chips
It was pretty good - a little thick for my taste.  I think next time I'll chop the plantains smaller and add a little more broth.  (mdv)
holy hell, it was good.  so sweet, yet thick and savory.  but yeah.  this was so good if you can get your hands on some plantains. (kelsi)
(I subbed black beans) Eh... It's good, but we're so used to eating fried plantains + refried black beans that the tomato etc in here seemed unnecessary. I don't recall what the recipe said, but we used black plantains (the recipe might have suggested yellow). (fb)
also amazing! I found a pair of conjoined plantains that i just had to get, & didn't know what to use them for..glad I decided on this recipe. I'd make it on a regular basis if plantains were a part of my regular grocery trips. (tino)
Pumpkin saag
pretty darn good. (hibiscus)
Not worth the work. It was just so bland. (intheend)
Red lentil cauliflower curry
wonderful. The pasnip added great texture. The next time I made it, I used potato in place of the parsnip and it was great that way as well! I'm looking forward to toying around with this recipe because it lends well to tweeking. (sb)
It was okay.  Didn't taste very authentic to me, but it wasn't bad.  Probably won't make it again. (mdv)
I liked this, but I think it's more of a dal than a curry. Either way, tasty, and well spiced. (fb)
I followed the recipe pretty precise, but used two jalpeno peppers instead of one, and I didn't have any shallots so just skipped them.  I also reduced the cooking/sitting time by about 10 to 15 minutes total to keep the chrunch in the veggies and the lentils from turning too mushy. It has parsnips in it, which I think added a very nice flavor that I wasn't expecting.  I even served it with spinach as she suggested.  A very good recipe! (tweety)
I enjoyed this even thoughh i did not have all the ingredients for it.  I forgot ginger, turnip and cilantro when I went to the store.  Next time I make it I will follow the recipe.  This is good over rice. (monkey7)
I found out through this dish that I absolutely hate parsnip. After picking it out, this dish is awesome! It has the perfect amount of spices. (intheend)
I thought this was pretty tasty.  I didn't simmer for nearly as long as indicated...the lentils began to mush after about 10 min and all the broth had been absorbed, so I added some more water and then simmered until the cauliflower was tender.  I also used a potato instead of a parsnip. (lotus)
I thought this dish was fantastic, loved the flavors, added an extra chili pepper (both with seeds) for extra spice, took awhile to get everything together because of all the chopping, but well worth the effort. (amymylove)
is was okay. Like someone else said, I didn't like the parsnip in it- I don't think it belongs there! I usually use red lentils for stuff but I had some yellow lentils on hand so I used those, but I can't imagine that would cause any problems. Oh, and I cooked this for much longer than it said to, maybe twice as long to get the cauliflower nice and soft. (algae)
This was really yummy and a great help with the 5 pound bag of lentils I bought. I used a mild Madras curry seasoning, but next time I will probably try something spicier. I served it on top of millet, topped with spinach and with homemade roti on the side. (wassernixe)
I've never had a curry/dal with cauliflower before, and I liked that. But I thought this dish was pretty bland. A curry without garlic just doesn't work for me, and it needs more spices too. I used cayenne instead of the fresh pepper and omitted the cilantro. (eldsjal)
Sauteed seitan with mushrooms and spinach
Really good and filling.  Bland in a good way.  I halved the recipe and it was plenty for me and my fiance to be quite stuffed.  I served it over rice with mashed yams on the side...good comfort food on a cold snowy evening.  Yum! (taraja)
very good (sb)
I made this tonight, but used snappeas instead of the spinach.  I really liked it, and it was quick since I cut everything up ahead of time. (gardengirl)
Too bland for my preference. It's a good base to start with but I would add more seasoning.  (iluvtomatoes)
Absolutely delicious and one of those recipes that just feels so healthy that you can have seconds. And thirds. I caramelized onions at the beginning, and this added a ton of flavor. We had this over rice. (veganrun)
Seitan in mole sauce
I still don't know what Mole means but this was good.  It smelled amazing when I was putting the sauce together, with the anise and cinnamon and other spices really standing out.  But when we actually ate, it basically tasted like spicy and chocolate.  So it was enjoyable enough, but I guess we thought there would be more depth of flavour given the ingredients. The only other 'mole' things I have made are the 'mole rojo' from VB and the chilli sin carne al mole from VWAV and we both decided we prefer either of those recipes over this one so I probably wouldn't make again. (oww)
Seitan piccata with olives and green beans
I didn't really enjoy this dish.  A friend of mine made it for a potluck and I thought it was lackluster.  The olives were the best part, but I'd rather eat them plain. (icephrosty)
SO DELICIOUS. I love anything piccata, and this is great. The simple seitan worked great for this. I followed the recipe, but used onion for shallot, and didn't have nearly enough kalamata olives (which I was ok with; I like them, but overpowering). I also omitted the parsley, since I'm not a fan. I let mine reduce too long, so I had to add some extra broth. Great flavor. I did serve it over the mashed potatoes and green beans, but used canned green beans because I like them, and that's what I had. Next time, I would just leave out the green beans. Will make this again. (AC)
Seitanic red and white bean jambalaya
under-spiced, so I probably wont make that again.  I also omitted all of the oil in the recipe. hated it. (mdv)
this was my first time eating seitan (i used store bought soy sauce marinated seitan) and it did not disappoint! I halved the recipe and just used red kidney beans.  I did all the spices to taste, adding a lot of cayenne, and this was really really good.    i will definitely be making this one again soon. (thirteenblackbirds)
I cheated a little to cut back on time buy cooking the rice in veg broth in a seperate pot, then following the directions for adding everything else in a large pot & added the rice once it was cooked and just let it simmer a little on the stove. I think one thing that really made it was that I used seitan o greatness from the ppk site that I made the day before. That was the best seitan I ever had! (lisa)
Again, a bit weak on the execution. Here's how to fix that: use tempeh instead of seitan. Marinate it in Bragg's, mustard and Tabasco and saute with the vegetables. Double the spices, stir in a whole package of soyrizo towards the end and don't worry about baking it---just simmer on the stove for about 30 minutes. Add a couple of dashes of liquid smoke at the end. I know it's a lot of modifications, but it makes some bangin good eats in a huge quantity. (mamaanna)
Pretty good. Makes a huge amount though! I had to split it into two pans. Instead of seitan I used some "Shanghai Vegetarian Chicken", and it turns out that it was really tofu that was chicken-colored. :/ Anyway, still good. We never got tired of it even though it made a boatload. It wasn't overly spicy, and the rice baked fine without an excess liquid or dryness. (fb)
I made this because kidney beans and white beans are pretty much the only kind of bean available in a regular supermarket here so I happened to have both kinds.  I didn't use seitan though because my bf doesn't like it. I thought this tasted good but I felt like I was eating too much rice. I would use maybe half the amount of rice if I made this again because it made soooo much food and it was mostly rice. I would add more vegetables instead of the rice.  (algae)
I WISH I had taken heed from previous reviewers, who were spot on.  Less rice and more spices would have made this better.  The rice overshadowed the other ingredients. Granted, it turned out to be an okay comfort food, but it made a LOT (I could scarcely fit it into the biggest casserole dish I own, and it spilled over in the oven), and more spices would be be nice.  (I even used the fresh thyme- I LOVE thyme!).  I'll definitely make it again, but with revisions.  (kindnesstoall)
I cut back on the rice, used seitan sausages instead of plain seitan and upped the spices A LOT but it still only tasted tomato. Will absolutely not make again. (eldsjal)
Spaghetti squash mexicana with tropical avocado salsa fresca
I made this extremely spicy and my roommate couldn't eat it. I haven't made it since, but I'll probably get around to making it, while following the recipe perfectly. The salsa is really good though! (sb)
i thought it was kind of bland.  michael enjoyed it.  it was good and i certainly ate it all, but it could use more seasoning. (kelsi)
I really liked this. It's something very different and unexpected. I actually liked the squash on its own without the salsa.  (willwolf)
good, but as stated, kinda bland. Not sure how to fix this... (fb)
Spiced pita crisps
good. put ground garlic pepper on them, which went well with the caramelized lentils & rice. (tino)
Sweet squash in mole sauce
there was way too much sauce, good thing, because it was DELISH! (kelsi)
Tomato and roasted eggplant stew with chickpeas
This is a seriously jammin' dish. I served it over the poppyseed polenta and it was just PERFECT. Stop what you're doing and try this one out! (sb)
I LOVED this dish. My husband didn't care for it at all, but honestly he doesn't love eggplant and I really, really do. The veggies smell amazing when they are roasting.I added a spritz of lemon juice to my bowl when I served the stew and I think it helped bring out the flavors. There were a lot of steps, so not a weeknight dish for me, but I will definitely make it again. I did serve it over the poppy seed polenta as recommended. The polenta was bland to me and mushy, It wasn't the best compliment in my opinion. I think next time I will serve it over pan sauteed or grilled polenta for a texture contrast to the stew. (NJgirl)
Vegetables or seitan simmered in mole sauce


Pasta, noodles, and risotto
Asparagus and lemongrass risotto
really good. I love asiany citrus things and asparagus, so this worked really well for my palate. It was quite time consuming, as risotto always is, but worth the effort. I would definitely make it again! (sb)
really good except! ( i dont think this was the fault of the recipe) it was WAY too salty. i was really upset but i think its my fault because i use better than bullion for broth (1 teaspoon plus one cup water for every cup of broth) and i guess thats really salty AND the recipe also calls for soy sauce. sigh. i did that "stick a potato in there" trick to try to get rid of the over saltiness..but..its still a little much. le sigh. other than that it was pretty tasty. i loved the basil in there. (ponycakes)
Curried udon noodle stir fry
so good.  I used this jar of 'oriental curry powder" that I bought years ago, it was perfect. (hibiscus)
really yummy! I used tofu in place of the seitan because that's what I had on hand. I doubled the curry powder and used two jalapenos instead of just one because I like my curries fiery hot. (sb)
Ugh.  It was way to heavy for me - the oil in the roux, oil for the veggies (which I omitted), and oil to saute the seitan.  Shawn liked it, but I just thought there were too many things going on.  I didn't like the flavor of the sauce either.  I think that a Panang curry sauce (curry paste and coconut milk) would be much better.  I would also use half noodles and half sauteed potatoes and steam the veggies.  With some work, it could be awesome, but as it is - meh. (mdv)
WOW it was great, a lot of preparation but worth it!  However with 4 tblsp of peanut oil, probably not the healthiest dish, but sooo good. Im excited to try more recipes.  Also roasted an eggplant whole for the first time in my life as the book suggests and smashed up with a little cumin, salt and pepper, lemon juice-oooh eggplant heaven. (loulou)
good. not great, but tasty. the boy liked it a lot, so i gave him the leftovers. (kelsi)
This is pretty good, but not quite as ultimate as I was hoping. I used fresh noodles ramen instead of udon, and used TJ's "beef" strips instead of Seitan Cutlets. The curry sauce wasn't as strong or as sweet as I wanted it to be, so I added more curry powder and sugar. I don't really see the point of stir-frying the dish after the noodles are added (they stick like hell! and start to get overcooked), but maybe this is because I'm using fresh ramen  rather than udon. Still, I'd sooner just toss the noodles after the heat is off. I can't help but compare this recipe with a curry udon recipe from a Japanese cookbook I have; this one isn't as good. I'd recommend less oil, less flour (or more curry and sugar) and just tossing the noodles in. All that being said, we still enjoyed this & ate it all. (fb)
another good recipe. i didn't know what i was doing with the whole "roux" thing, which i should add is not the most fun thing to make in the summer.  probably not something i would make again, but i liked it.  (thirteenblackbirds)
Green pea and lemon risotto with roasted red peppers
I wasn't blown away.  Again, I think my reaction is mainly due to personal preference, but next time I will definitely add some more roasted red peppers, and maybe something else, if I can think of what else it seems to be missing... (killer)
I didn't have peppers and was too lazy to go to the market, but the risotto was awesome anyway.  I was particularly impressed with the low fat content in the dish.  I served this with pan fried seitan cutlets and steamed swiss chard. (mdv)
awesome, but this needs a really good quality veggie broth.  i used the cheap stuff, and it tasted fine, but i could really taste the broth, and i knew it could have tasted a lot better. (kelsi)
It was really good. (heterotechno)
I liked the lemony flavor of the risotto. I cut the peas in half because my roommate hates them. I hate making risotto, because it's time consuming so I don't know if I'd make this again. (sb)
I didn't use any roasted peppers. I was afraid the lemon flavor might be too strong, but it was fine - noticeable but not sour or overwhelming. This did have a sort of "summery" feel to it, probably because of the zest, and it's nice to have a different take on risotto. Wasn't too much trouble putting together either, and the flavors were pretty balanced. I ate it with soup. (fb)
We really enjoyed it! I didn't measure the lemon, and added maybe a tiny bit too much, but I really like the overall flavor. I cheated and used jarred roasted red peppers. Risotto is not my favorite thing to make, but this would be great for a holiday dish (red, green, and white...).  It's the best vegan risotto I've made. (AC)
Lasagne marinara with spinach
The lasagna as a whole was really good though, and even better the second day. Both of my cheese- addicted parents liked it a lot. I shredded half a brick of FYH mozzarella on top (first time i tried it- not bad!) I think next time i'll use a bit less of the ricotta and more spinach. This thing is huge though, guys. Isa says it serves 6-8. I think she's off her rocker. I would say it serves at least 9 or 10. On a side note, how do you cook lasagna noodles without breaking them up into tons of pieces? (lindsayloo)
used the cashew ricotta and I was very pleased with the result. I think it tasted better the next day, though, after the flavors had time to blend. But as good as it was I think it was still missing a flavor dimension compared with dairy lasagna and I think next time I will throw a couple of pinenuts into the cashew ricotta. (jkl)
really wonderful!  I made all of the components yesterday and assembled it, then threw it in the refrigerator until today.  I halved the recipe and made this in an 8" x 8" glass pan, so I could bake this in my toaster oven.  A half recipe seemed perfect--I got 6 nice servings out of it.  I did just the basic spinach version with Marinara Sauce, Cashew Ricotta, and Almesan.  I didn't bother with the Pine Nut Cream (that seems kind of overkill to me).  All of the components were tasty on their own.  This was my first time making all of them.  I'll definitely be making these 3 components again in the future, as well as this tasty lasagna.  I did the no-cook pasta version, as I never pre-boil the lasagna noodles and always just throw them in uncooked, using a little extra sauce or water.  I agree with the recommendations on sauciness in the tip section.  I thought the lasagna was fine, but extra sauce is always good.  If you like a saucy lasagna, make extra Marinara Sauce. (willwolf)
my parents were raving about the lasagne and are even making it for their christmas dinner!  They said that it took much longer than the suggested time, so put aside enough time to make this! (kelsi)
This needed more sauce for me, and I didn't even really like it until the next day. I think pasta sauces should be cooked all day, not just in thirty minutes. That being said, the leftovers for this were great! (sb)
perfection!  I make this dish for guests, or to bring to gatherings where I know there won't be vegan fare, so my hubby and I have something to eat.  Anybody who tries it loves it, and can't believe the ricotta is dairy free.  The Cashew Ricotta is the only vegan ricotta recipe I use.  Don't leave out the Pine Cream.  It's delectable!  If you have leftover ricotta and pine nut cream, make stuffed shells, and drizzle the cream over the top! (peaceablepalate)
Mushroom spinach

White and red

Mac daddy
I wasn't sure if I would like the tofu in it, and the thought of another nooch sauce recipe was uneeded, but that sauce was awesome.  I loved the thyme in it, I love thyme in anything though.  The tofu texture was ok, but I didn't feel like it really added anything to the dish.  I also felt like something was missing, perhaps the 1/2 cup of earth balance I have grown accustomed to, using the New Farm recipe.  A lot of people on the ppk seemed to think it was too lemony, I ran out of lemon juice about halfway through, so I didn't add any to the tofu, and it was not lemony at all to me.  To summarize, I will be happy to eat it, but next time, I will use my old standby in the Farm.  I don't need to be healthy every night. (hibiscus)
awesome as a leftover.  yum.  ive made other mac and trees recipes that call for a lot of marg. or oil, and i loved how this one used veggie broth.  it gave it such a good flavor.  yum! (kelsi)
I was very disappointed by this dish, too, especially because I've tried some AMAZING vegan mac & cheese recipes. It wasn't terrible by any means, but I was underwhelmed & won't try it again. (jessacita)
The reheating directions they included didn't work for me.  After 30 minutes it was still frozen solid in the middle.  I ended up sticking it in the microwave with some leftover queso (a recipe from here) for almost 8 minutes it hot.  The added queso made it really creamy. (mirrya)
should be called MAC BADDY, thats all I have to say about that! (bcnutrition)
My cheezy sauce didn't thicken, but it worked out anyway. I thought it was too lemony though. Next time I make it, I'll omit the lemon juice and maybe replace the tofu mixture with cashew ricotta (without nutritional yeast though, the sauce has enough of it...) to make it even creamier. All in all, I really liked it! (eldsjal)
Autumn mac daddy

Broc mac daddy
we really enjoyed it. We really liked the tofu texture. Modifications I made:My tofu had been frozen/thawed, I used lime instead of lemon, didn't quite double the garlic, didn't measure oil, added some tahini, added the small broccoli florets, as suggested, used vegetable pasta shells. Modifications I would make next time:use non-frozen tofu, smoosh the tofu more, and stir everything better, make the sauce a bit thinner, double the garlic, not fully double the NY (AC)
Mac and greens
pretty good. Not the Velveeta I sometimes long for (gross, I know...), but satisfying. I added finely chopped kale to the mix to make it more "healthful" , and I liked it. I'll definitely make this again! Oh--I halved the recipe because the recipe-as-written serves 8-10 people! I'd say half is more than enough for 5-6 medium-sized portions. Oh--AND, one last thing---I made it for lunch today & left it sitting out on the counter. My parents tried it before I could warn them that they might think it's weird, but they loved it! I don't think it tasted very "cheesy" to them because they kept referring to it as a "casserole," but no matter. They kept raving about how my "casserole is really delicious." So, yay! Crowd-pleaser! And the book warns against feeding this to omnis, as they tend to be a little sketch about nutritional yeast. My fam seems to love it. (jessacita)
Mac and peas
I have to say I wasn't that big a fan of it.  I couldn't get the cheese sauce to thicken and the taste was a bit weird with the mustard in it. I'm going to finish it since I don't want to waste all the ingredients but it won't be anything I'll ever make again. (mirrya)
Yum, made this last night and will Def make again.. I added some peas to the mix to get my veggies and and it was delish. It is even better the next day.. The only thing I would do differently is double my batch of cheezy sauce, It was like I did not have enough but it was still very good. Oh and I used rotini instead of elbow macaroni because it was all I had on hand. (berryvegan)
Spicy mac daddy

Pasta della California
it was.... ok... there wasnt enough sauce.  BUT!  the reasoning might have been because i used red leaf lettuce instead of arugula.  i thought they were pretty similar.  but if this change ruined it then, so be it, the recipe might be good otherwise. (kelsi)
made it w/ one avocado (the other one I picked up was rotten), no oil, and added some white beans.  It was pretty good.  By the time we got around to eating it, the pasta was a little dry, but I think that is probably my fault for taking out the oil.  Next time I'll make one of the light pasta sauces from Fat Free Vegan and throw that in the mix to keep the pasta more tender. (mdv)
pretty good. Nothing really special, and I think I like my avocado sandwiches better..but it's a nice change. I don't have any cooking wine..need to get some! that probably would have made it better. I did, however, just make some homemade veg. I was excited to use that. I used lemon instead of lime..which seemed like it would go better, to me (plus the store didn't have ANY limes!). I also added some sliced tofurkey-really good!. (AC)
I think this is a pretty good starting recipe. I think I could probably trick it out and make it more to my liking. Avocado needs to be in pasta more often. (sb)
I was worried this might be too bland, since there's no tomato sauce involved. But it definitely wasn't, thanks to the copious levels of garlic. I think this would be a good dish to take to a potluck, since it's kind of pasta-salad-ish, and it's got a good & likeable (at least for me) blend of ingredients. But if I were to bring it to a potluck, I'd probably cut the garlic down from 8 cloves to 5-6. Also, this goes well with parsley. (fb)
seemed pretty simple and I didn't have much time. It was fabulous, although I overcooked the arugula a bit. Strong hints of lime and spicy deliciousness combine with a generous amount of avocado for a great summer pasta, although I made it in winter. Could use a bit more color for presentation, maybe throw in some red and yellow peppers to add to the green of arugula, broccoli, and avocado. Overall a very tasty dish! (jakewillcook)
not very good. i used whole wheat linguine (or it may have been fettucini) and it overpowered the sauce.  I didn't think this was very flavorful but it did get better the next day.   (thirteenblackbirds)
liked it pretty well.  It was a nice combination of green food to include lime, arugula, broccoli and avocado, so it was pretty healthy.  It called for white wine which always adds a lot of flavor, and plenty of garlic which I loved. I used a 12 oz. box of whole wheat penne instead of 1/2 pound of linguine, but otherwise made no changes (eliminated the extra salt like always).  Interesting combination of green foods.  The warm avacodo was weird at first but tasty in combination with the food.  It called for a whopping 8 cloves of garlic, and you'd best believe I used 8 big fat cloves. (Tweety)
Pasta e fagioli
nice, basic, tasty pasta dish.  This is not a soupier pasta e fagioli, but more just pasta with tomatoes and garlic.  I liked the clean, simple flavors.  I used macaroni for the pasta.  Leftovers reheated fine and were just as good. (willwolf)
Simple recipe. Nice, clean flavors. I've made it a couple times... quick and easy dinner. (sb)
I really like this recipe. The flavors are simple, but it is a good ,basic, hearlty pasta and beans dish. It isn't the soupy kind of Pasta E Fagioli, you can eat this one on a plate. The recipe is super easy and quick. I prefer cooked beans to canned, so I make some on the weekend and then use this recipe for a quick work night dinner. I used mini pasta shells that were a vegetable and wheat blend and used wine instead of the vegetable broth option. I like to squeeze a lemon wedge onto each serving, we like how it enhances the flavor in my house. My husband was skeptical about pasta and beans but he really loved this dish and even requested the leftovers for lunch. It reheated really well the next day. (NJgirl)
Eh. It's ok. The tomato mixture smelled really flavorful, but it didn't really come through in the complete dish. However, I do think I added too much pasta, and did a different shape. I liked the beans in it, but nothing super. Won't make again. (AC)
Simple and delicious.  All food should be traditional Italian food. (spinachk)
Penne vodka
now this is what I'm talking about. I couldn't believe how rich it was! This is going to be a staple in my kitchen from now on. (sb)
wow! I've heard great things about this dish and can definitely see why. Seriously good stuff. It kind of reminds me of baked ziti in taste, minus the melty mozz  on top. But the ricotta flavor was replicated with the ground almonds. My mother made a lasagne once with ground almonds in place of ricotta. It was fabulous in terms of both texture and flavor. (iluvtomatoes)
Eh.I thought it was ok but not spectacular.  I may be a bit snobby about italian food having grown up in an all Italian family. It also may have been the brand of crushed tomatoes I bought. (biodancer)
I've been wanting to try it for a really long time, and made a special trip out to get vodka. I don't know how much it matters, but I bought a pretty cheap brand! Anyway, it turned out really good. It's really tasty. I was expecting to be blown away, but wasn't quite. I think I'll just tweak the herbs a bit? I'm not sure. It's good. I don't have an immersion blender, so I blended the almonds, and then added some pasta sauce to process it, and make it creamy. I added a bit of nut. yeast to the almonds. Oh, I used spinach twisties instead of penne, but I def. think penne would be better. I love, love the basil. (AC)
OMG! this dish is to die for. I seriously could eat the whole recipe myself. It is absolulely perfect and I pretty much follow the recipe to the letter. I use a pretty cheap vodka (we aren't vodka drinkers so I couldn't see buying an expensive one). Sometimes I use fire roasted crushed tomatoes instead of the plain is fantastic either way. I make it 2-3x a month. (NJgirl)
very good, easy to make, and satisfying.  i wasn't amazed by this, but it is a lot better than jarred pasta sauce.  my husband loved it. (thirteenblackbirds)
Awesome!  Now I'm not sure if it would be an omni-pleaser due to the grainy texture, but we thought it was fabulous!  I don't know if letting the almonds soak in the sauce a little longer before blending would help or not - I might try that next time.  Really good flavor though. (erinmonster)
hmmm, I wasn't overly impressed with this when I first made it, but make it ALL the time now (minus the vodka coz we didn't really see the point in that).  N is omni and he loves the red sauce with the ground almonds in. (shelloid)
I made this because everyone was saying it was good and my bf likes vodka sauce so it sounded like a good plan. I'd never had vodka sauce so I didn't have anything to compare it to, but I wasn't a big fan. Maybe because I didn't have fresh basil. Whoops. But the graininess from the almonds was weird and it was sort of thin tasting. Oh well. (algae)
Pumpkin baked ziti with caramelized onions and sage crumb topping
This was really, really, good.  I usually don't have luck using a version of tofu-"cheese" with pasta, but this one turned out great. Unfortunately, I didn't have any actual bread on hand, so I went against the tip that encourages to make your own bread crumbs, and I used some of the old plain store-bought ones.  The flavor is still the same, but I can see how using real bread would help give you the crunchiness you may want.  It takes a little while to get this going since you have to make the "cheese", process the walnuts and the bread, and you have to use a few extra pans, but it's totally worth it.  This is now one of my favorite recipes. (killer)
better than I expected.  I was this close  to tweaking the recipe and not putting the brown sugar or nutmeg in it because I was afraid it was going to taste sweet and pumpkin pie like.  It didn't at all.  I thought it was a bit dry, but maybe that's because I'm used to pouring gravy (aka tomato sauce) over baked ziti.  I also think I used too many breadcrumbs on top.  Overall, I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to having leftovers for lunch tomorrow.   (biodancer)
wasnt blown away.. maybe cus i didnt have any cayanne so i subbed a little chili powder, but it was kinda bland. the carmelized onions were the high point.. I used pecans instead of walnuts and i also used panko crumbs cus they were the only vegan crumbs at the store but there were WAY too many breadcrumbs called for in this!  2 and a half cups!  The layer was so thick and as soon as you scooped into it they went everywhere and every noodle had a coating of them, it was way too much.. if i ever make it again i'll only use 1- 1 1/2 cups of crumbs.  also - they were browned with 7 minutes left to cook.  Not bad, but i was definitely expecting more (ppc)
loved it! I had to use pine nuts in the riccota because there were worms in my cashews! but it still turned out great. I also just used regular bread crumbs with some sage added because I was too lazy to make the fancy breadcrumbs. I bet it'll be even better next time with the fancy breadcrumbs. I don' think it needed to bake the full amount of time though. I think it would be even better a little saucier. (lisa)
It made ALOT.  after about the 4th day of leftovers........I had had enough (the Cashew Ricotta was very good on its own, thinking of using it as a filling for ravioli (bcnutrition)
Doesn't this one sound sooo good? I thought so too, but it ended up kind of bland and really just...meh. It wasn't worth the effort in my opinion. (mamaanna)
I would add more seasoning to the pasta mixture and cut waaayyy back on the breadcrumbs, by at least half. The ricotta was awesome as well as the onions. LOTS of yummy leftovers. (iluvtomatoes)
Yummmmmmmm. I made some changes based on the reviews. I more than halved the amount of bread crumb topping, added more liquid to make the ricotta mixture saucier, and added more flavorings. Also, I used penne, one big onion, used lots of fresh basil in the ricotta, lime instead of lemon, ran out of cayenne, so I used lots of black pepper, had to use water instead of broth, and added some maple sugar and liquid smoke to the onions. I used lots of s and p! I did make the fresh bread crumbs. I really like how it turned out. It is a bit time consuming, but not too overwhelming, and it makes a ton. Oh, I think I also baked it for only about 20 minutes. I'm really glad I made it! (AC)
This was good but it wasn't anything I would make again in the future. I felt like the best part of the dish was the bread crumbs. (intheend)
I used roasted butternut squash instead of pumpkin. I love pretty much all baked pasta dishes, and I liked this too, but it wasn't all that special. The caramelized onions were really tasty though, and the sage crumb topping was a nice surprise. I usually hate sage!  (eldsjal)
I love this recipe!!! It's probably one of my favorites from this book. The combo of the creamy sauce, pasta and caramelized onions works well together. I sometimes eat this with hot sauce...yum! (kristinv)
Spaghetti and beanballs
Excellent. (hibiscus)
really good! I wanted to make the Beanball Subs (with pine nut cream & homemade marinara), but I was too lazy after work, so I just made the beanball part... They're delicious! I bet they'd be better in a sub, too, as I had a very hard time keeping the balls together... By the end, after flipping so much, it kind of turned to beanball mush, so it wasn't very pretty, but they tasted very good! I think next time I'll bake them so all that flipping in oil won't break them apart... They'll be healthier that way, too. Yum either way, though! (jessacita)
Really, really good. My only complaint is that I didn't think that one recipe of Marinara Sauce was enough to coat the bean balls and the spaghetti.  Next time, I think I'm going to add a can of tomato sauce too, since I prefer a less chunky sauce also. (killer)
I forgot the garlic, omitted the lemon zest, put to many beans and even after all that they tasted absolutely amazing! Next time I'll definitely be putting less beans so that they hold together properly and of course I'll put in the garlic. Perhaps I ought to try out the zest too, the time after that that I make them! Family favourite already! (healthymomma)
My only bone to pick is that they weren't firm enough and kind of fell apart and ended up becoming bean mush rather than balls... but they tasted great. The sauce says it yields 5 cups, but mine only came out to be about 2 cups worth. I read the ingredients list and double checked to see if I fucked something up and I hadn't, so I went ahead and added a 15 oz can of tomato sauce and let it simmer for another 15 minutes. It still wasn't enough sauce, but was simple and delicious. Next time I'll probably add more gluten to the beanballs and triple the sauce recipe (sb)
Confirmed!  The bean balls don't need the fat.  They were delicious. (mdv)
Mine have only turned out mushy if they're too big.  I also prefer to bake them with no sauce (dries them out a little) the add them to the sauce before serving. (mdv)
I got better results from baking the bean balls rather than frying them, they were delicious either  way, they just held up better with the marinara sauce when baked. (loulou)
not the worst faux meatball also not the best.  (bcnutrition)
my beanballs (pan fried) were total mush and made me cry (mamaanna)
I followed the recipe as directed and baked them instead of frying. I was lazy, so I used bottled pasta sauce and cooked that separately on the stovetop. After the balls were done baking, I transferred them to the pot of sauce and stirred the sauce to coat. Filled sub buns with the balls/sauce and topped with shredded parmesan. I found them to be tasty with a nice crunchy ouside and soft inside. My BF gobbled his two sandwiches up, but the only comment he made was 'what's this?' So, I am not sure what his actual reaction was or if he liked/hated it. I am sure I will make these again, but probably just for myself since he is not veg and gets a little leery of all the bean things I make. (iowachick)
I baked the beanballs and they came out fine. I made them walnut sized and they got kind of firm on the outside, but still fell apart in sauce. But I don't mind bean mush. It was very tasty and I'd make it again. Maybe with some additional gluten flour. (iluvtomatoes)
I thought these were good but they did not hold their shape too well.  I don't think I baked them long enough.  They have a nice flavor and were easy to make.  I made my own sauce to put on them.  It was good on a wrap. (monkey7)
hmm, not as good as I expected or hoped.  I followed the recipe exactly (minus lemon zest) and thought it seemed to mushy, but carried on a I wanted to see what the recipe was like as written.  I made 20 little bean balls out of the mixture as the recipe said that smaller was better and they looked like a good size.  I baked them and they seemed to be fine.....until I started eating them.  They really were too mushy for my tastes, and they lacked flavour.  The outside crispy bits were really good, but the rest were meh.  Disappointed and not sure I'd make again, or it I did there'd be major tweaking (shelloid)
It was alright. If I want beanballs, this is not the recipe I go to first. (eldsjal)
Minus the spaghetti. I made these and served them with the Marinara Sauce and Daiya Mozzarella on Frenchbread, with a side of sauteed spinach. I really enjoyed the flavor of the bean balls, but for a sub I wish they were a little less mushable. Still good though and I probably will make these again sometime. The sauce was delicous and super easy. (aggplanta)
Spicy tempeh and broccoli rabe with rotelle
I couldn't find any Broccoli Rabe, so I just tossed the hot pasta with a little olive oil and lotsa garlic and a package of organic arugula before I added the tempeh. It is sooooooo tasty, I cannot stop eating it. (pp)
great! Nice balance of flavors. I used kale in place of the rabe because that's what I had on hand. Next time I'll probably double the greens in it out of personal preference. (sb)
I made it again and its sosososososo good. I think I might make it for my family someday to introduce them to tempeh.  (pp)
I have made it for many omnis and it's a real crowd pleaser. (sb)
So extremely good.  I love the fennel and tomato paste combination in the tempeh sauce. (tweety)
I ate this with rice instead of noodles.  The broccoli rabe was too bitter for me.  I will make it with kale next time. The tempeh part was really good though. (monkey7)
I didn't like this at all but I guess it's because I like tempeh in certain things and not others. I made it for my partner and she said it was edible but she wouldn't request it again. (intheend)
I loved this! Very simple, very yummy. I only had 8 oz of tempeh so that's what I used, just reducing the amount of simmering liquid. I also upped the amount and replaced the broccoli rabe with just plain ol' broccoli (I HATE broccoli rabe). I have no idea why I waited to long to try this recipe. (dannibazaar)
I changed this up a bit, but it's so delicious. I used 2 large portobello mushrooms for the tempeh (and therefore simplified the method a bit), but kept the tempeh sauce the same (yum). I used tricolor rotini for the pasta, and added some broccoli along with the rabe. Really good! Very nice blend of everything. (AC)
I used kale in place of rabe because it's cheaper. This was so incredibly disgusting that I ended up throwing it out (and I never throw food out). It tasted horrible, almost like puke. I will never make this again. (minke)
Spinach linguine with basil cilantro pesto and artichokes
awesome!!  even without the spinach noodles.  i bet they would have been stellar with them though. (kelsi)
Yum! yumyumyumyumyum. This is a really good, garlicky and flavorful dish and it was a breeze to put together. I've made it a bunch of times and it rocks. (mamaanna)
I really like the pesto. The cilantro adds an extra summery feel, and almonds are a good, inexpensive alternative (but if I had pine nuts, I'd definitely use them here instead). I could take or leave the artichokes here... you could probably mix and match pastas and vegetables here, just because the pesto is so strong & converts everything it touches to tasty. (fb)
Really, good.  This would even be good cold as a pasta salad.   Couldn't find spinach linguine.  The best I could do was tri-colored rotini.  I think it would be good with any pasta. (biodancer)
Not as good as I thought it would be! I love pesto, but couldn't even tell the cilantro was in there, so it was just a not quite as good version of pesto. I added a zucchini to the saute which I really liked, but I didn't think the whole mixture/artichokes added much to the dish. The pesto just takes over in pesto fashion. I also didn't use the spinach linguine, but had whole wheat capellini. Still a good dinner, but won't make again. (AC)
Udon with shiitake mushrooms and kale in miso broth
It was awesome! I would highly recommend using a dark miso (I used a hearty brown rice miso) since it really lends a lot to the flavor. The only thing I changed what that I used dried shiitake mushroom slices instead of fresh since the local asian store was out of them. Go figure. I used the soaking liquid in place of 1 cup water. Very, very good. (iluvtomatoes)
I really enjoyed this.  I already had mellow white miso in my fridge so I used that.  I didn't think I needed to add more because it was mellow.  I also added tofu chunks and I used frozen shiitake mushrooms because that's all I could find. I plan on making this again. (biodancer)
Hell yes! This is so insanely delicious. I make this any time I make sushi at home.  (sb)
Yum! I did make a couple of changes. 1. I used a mixture of mushrooms (mostly crimini) instead of shiitake, because they are so expensive. 2. I used wide dried udon. 3. I used white wine instead of mirin. 4. I used red kale instead of green. I used a dark red miso. This dish is pretty easy, and extremely healthy. It's also really filling! There's really nothing to making it, except the little bit of chopping. It has subtle flavor, but is really satisfying. I'm sure it'd be even more flavorful with the shiitake. It's maybe not the best SUMMER dish, but really good! (AC)
i love this. i'm pretty sure that this is the only recipe that i've made twice this summer.   i've used cremini and portobello mushrooms.  it has a lovely mellow flavor that is delicious as is, and also very good with some added heat from rooster sauce.   (thirteenblackbirds)
Call me a bad vegan, but I didn't have kale so I left it out. I didn't want too many things floating in my soup anyway, so there. I like this with a little less miso and a bit of sugar added to make it a little sweet, like the udon soup at my favorite Japanese restaurant. Then, with the chewy shiitakes and and noodles, it's the you perfect cozy soup. (algae)
Sauces and fillings
5 minute mango chutney
served it with homemade stuffed spicy-potato chapati like bread. Also very, very good. (pp)
Apricot BBQ sauce
used a bag of frozen mango chunks instead of fresh apricots. it's absolutely delicious. I brought some to my dad and he put it on his steak (I know, I know) and loved it too. I will make this recipe time and time again. (sb)
I usually make it using a bag of frozen mango chunks and don't puree it because I like it chunky. Very, very tasty stuff! (sb)
Made this with friends tonight. We could only find dried apricots, but they worked just fine. The sauce really turned out delicious, just enough of each flavour - sweet, savoury, smoky...awesome. (tino)
SWOON. DROOL. words cannot describe how amazing this is! The first time I made it I only had dried apricots, which didn't do it justice...fresh ones make it absolutely amazing.  (tino)
even though I'm not too keen on apricots I decided to try this.  I'm glad I did, even though I mucked up the recipe.  I generally don't have molasses in stock but did....only I realised after I had added most the called for amount that it was blackstrap molasses (don't ask!).  I really thought I had ruined it, but after it had simmered and been blended I really liked it.  Will try again with normal molasses.  Oh yeah and I didn't use liquid smoke coz I didn't have any. (shelloid)
Backyard BBQ sauce
Very good recipe. Probably one of the best homemade BBQ sauces I've made. I can't wait to try the Apricot version of it! (sb)
good! I think it was my first time to make my own BBQ sauce, and I was pleased with it. I didn't measure anything, and I added a little too much cayenne..but I'll remember that next time. I used some chopped up whole tomatoes (canned) with the sauce, and added ketchup. I also added more liquid smoke..because I love it! I think I'll be making this the majority of the time that I want BBQ sauce..and maybe change it up a li'l! My sauce was a little bit 'chunkier' that usual..b/c my tomatoes were just kind of smooshed up. I'll puree it when I want a smoother sauce. (AC)
used homemade adobo sauce for the pepper flakes, apple cider vinegar, and 2 tsp. of maple syrup for the sweetener.  I also added some coriander because I think BBQ tastes weird without it and used less liquid smoke.  Oh, and I used Liquid Aminos instead of salt. Well, I guess I kinda made Backyard BBQ Sauce. Anyway, it was awesome!  (mdv)
oh my goodness!!! it was soooo amazing.  im so glad i made extra. (kelsi)
ommm nom nom nom nom.  So good.  I only had diced (not crushed) tomatoes, so it was super chunky and I had to blend it with my stick blender.  I followed the exact recipe and I probably wouldn't change anything except perhaps more smoke because I like it.  I'm gonna use it for ribz.  Yay! (kmk)
Love this. My favorite barbecue sauce, including pre-made store-bought stuff. It's perfectly tangy and sweet, and has a touch of spiciness. I used golden molasses rather than blackstrap, so it was not as dark as typical barbecue sauce, but still had good molasses flavor. (fb)
I'm going to make these all the time. (aggplanta)
too sweet for my tastes (amymylove)
Tasty, but next time I'll make it a little less sweet. (eldsjal)
I followed the recipe exactly and it is awesome!  I've made a few different BBQ sauces and I think this is one of the best, so I'll be making it again.  Really good mixed up with tomato paste and used as pizza sauce.  I have a jar of this in my fridge and when it runs out i'll be making more. (shelloid)
Basil cilantro pesto
great. (sb)
all good, easy, inexpensive basic that you can rely on for a zillion different recipes. (mamaanna)
Couldn't tell the cilantro was added, and much prefer a regular pesto recipe. (AC)
Amazing! I think this is the first homemade pesto that is a hit in my kitchen. I liked the addition of cilantro. (haricot)
Cashew ricotta
amazing!  I made it to put on pizza last night, and I have been eating the leftovers with homemade marinara on water crackers all day today! It was awesome on pizza, and tastes a lot like goat cheese (which is the only cheese I still miss) on crackers! Wow! This stuff rocks. (jessacita)
I thought the ricotta was a little weird and tofuy, but not too bad. (lindsayloo)
delicious (ppc)
very pleased with the result.  next time I will throw a couple of pinenuts into the cashew ricotta. (jkl)
put it on some pizza and mix into pasta, it's so good and i always just used roasted salted cashews and then don't add as much salt if any to the mix.Anyway, I used frozen/thawed/pressed regular firm tofu which made to the leftover ricotta turn into a really firm spreadable cheeze. it reminded me of that garlicky herbed spreadable goat cheese (without that super strong goat cheese taste).. it was so good spread on crackers & topped with a slice of fresh tomato! (ppc)
tasty (willwolf)
good, easy, inexpensive basic that you can rely on for a zillion different recipes. (mamaanna)
Quick, rich and tasty! (sb)
really fabulous. I love it with fresh basil and lime. I'm going to be making it more often! It has perfect texture, and great flavor. (AC)
(added to baked rigatoni)  This stuff is AWESOME!  I really did not believe it would be good. I only used half the block of tofu and I thought it came out perfectly.  In case you try this recipe, see if you like it with just half and add more to your liking.  (eoberhauser)
the only vegan ricotta recipe I use.  (peaceablepalate)
This is awesome. I don't use as much lemon juice as the recipe calls for though. (eldsjal)
tasty (willwolf)
Eh. This didn't do anything for me.  (iluvtomatoes)
Cheezy sauce
put it on top of pizza, a baked potato and mixed it in with some elbow macaroni for a quick version of the mac daddy (ie. no baking).  the only thing i changed was i left out the tumeric cus i don't have any, but it was really good.  it really didn't thicken up on the stovetop, but as it sat it did.  i'd make it again and definitely try the actual mac daddy recipe. (ppc)
I made it once exactly as directed.  It was good but I was not a fan of the overwhelming tumeric taste.  I ate it on boiled and thinly sliced potatoes and then topped tortilla casserole with the leftovers. Was good. Last night I made it again but left out the turmeric and mustard and replaced half the veggie broth with unsweetened soy milk.  This I served over noodles as a faux mac n cheese.  It was awesome even if it did not thicken after I added the soy milk at the end.  Was light and so tasty.  Do this! Do this NOW! (Cali)
has a good flavor and beautiful color, but doesn't thicken enough. It thickens as it cools, and then thins out again when you re-heat. I've made it a couple times, but there are better cheeze sauces. (nmpixie)
tasty. pretty standard compared to others i've made, but thickened up better. (tino)
I wanted to make mac & cheez, but didn't want to make the usual veganyumyum one which includes food processors, potatoes, and other things, so I made this and added some pasta and veggies. YUM. I thought about making the Mac Daddy recipe, but the added tofu and other things sounded too complicated for what my laziness allowed. I quartered this recipe (but used the full amount of garlic, he he) and it was still enough to cover an entire package of trader joe's brown rice elbows. Mine also thickened up a lot, I'm not sure why others' didn't? (sog)
it's been a while, but I remember this being good and not too complicated. (tino)
I found this sauce rather bland, although I'm addicted to nooch. I know cheezy sauce recipes that are much simpler and tastier. (haricot)
I was very pleasantly surprised by this sauce!  I wasn't expecting much but it was cheezy, zesty, creamy, and delicious.  I served it one night on top of steamed purple sprouting broccoli, and then the next day over potato and leek cakes.  Yum! (spinach k)
Chile chocolate mole

Citrus date sesame sauce

Cranberry chile dipping sauce
Delicious. Very surprised by this. I followed the recipe, but used jalapenos for the chiles. I think I left seeds in 1/2 of one; I didn't want it to be too spicy. The flavors work really well together. The consistency was great for a dipping sauce. I made mine the day before, so it chilled overnight/day. Great for the butternut squash rice paper rolls. I liked how there were a couple more intact cranberries, and varying cranberry consistencies. I would make this again. It's really pretty, too. (AC)
Dill tahini sauce
good. I ate the remaining sauce with crackers and chips. (sb)
I can't get enough of this sauce. I put it on everything, when I'm not eating it by the spoon. (haricot)
Green pumpkin seed mole

Holiday cranberry sauce
Fantastic!!! (sb)
which I have already reviewed as the best in the world... but I added some cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander into it because last time I used a spiced apple cider and it was fabulous that way. I couldn't find any spiced apple cider, so I just went with regular and improvised the spiced part (the recipe actually just calls for apple cider, but the spices took it to a whole new level!) (sb)
Horseradish dill sour cream
love it, but I love anything that is horseradish-related! (sb)
Instant love. I make it with prepared horseradish and I love it so much I sometimes eat it with a spoon. I tried it too with half the oil that was asked for and it was still perfect. (haricot)
Jalapeno corn gravy
It was so flippin' delicious. I am going to cut the jalapeno in half for thanksgiving so it's more hearty with only a little kick. For everyday use, it's perfect as is!!! (sb)
wasn't thrilled with it. I wanted the "gravy" to be creamier.  Did I miss something, or was it just my expectations?  It tasted nice.  A bit sweet, due to the corn.  I dunno.    (nutdragon)
had to sub fresh plum tomatoes for the corn. It was really good! I added the tomatoes right before serving because I didn't want it to taste like spaghetti sauce. (mdv)
had it over over mashed potatoes/seitan/veggies tonight.  holy shit.  it was awesome!!!  i am so glad i made a full recipe.  i cant wait to slather it on other things. (kelsi)
I'm not sure whether to call this a gravy, a chowder, or a sauce. It's somewhere in that region. Anyway, I love yellow corn, and this was on the spot. It's not super spicy either, so I think I might be lazy next time and just leave the jalapeño seeds in. (fb)
I love corn. And jalapeño. And onion. This gravy hit the spot! It was very thick, but I didn't mind. (eldsjal)
awesome! i am so happy i made this - I loved it. my only changes were that i was lazy and left in the jalapeno seeds, only had vanilla soy milk, and was out of sage.  I served this over baking powder biscuits and alongside a marinated/grilled portobello mushroom.  one of the tastiest dinners i've had in a while! (thirteenblackbirds)
Marinara sauce
I love it's simplicity. (vegan1)
The marinara was nothing special- what you would expect of a canned pasta sauce. (lindsayloo)
bland and tomato-ey.  I think the seasonings would work better with fresh tomatoes.  I felt the urge to leave the dinner table and grab olives and roasted peppers from the fridge to liven things up. (mdv)
tasty (willwolf)
Simple, but needs to be cooked longer. It's also really awesome if you use freshly picked tomatoes, roast them in the oven and triple the cooking time in the pan. Bombbb (sb)
Blah. Too bland, needs a little sweetness. (eldsjal)
delicous and super easy. (aggplanta)
I made this and used it for lasagna and it was great, no complaints. I should try some of the variations sometime to eat with pasta instead of jarred sauce. I'm just wasting money on that stuff. (algae)
Caramelized onion
I do usually make my own marinara, so the main difference here was just less seasoning. I used stewed tomatoes that I crushed, and added some fresh basil at the end. Good for the beanballs. (AC)


Roasted garlic

Roasted red pepper

Mushroom gravy
best gravy ever.  Seriously, these two recipes go together like peas and carrots.  You must try. (kendrakat)
pretty disappointed.  It didn't have much flavor at all.  (biodancer)
delicious on mashed potatoes and chickpea cutlets.  comes together really easy, too. (ppc)
good, easy, inexpensive basic that you can rely on for a zillion different recipes. (mamaanna)
this is a decent recipe. I've had better, but it was easy. Can't complain too much about that (sb)
Yeah, this is a good gravy. I like the method of always mixing the flour with the broth; always works well. I added a bit of chopped bell pepper that I had leftover. Halved the recipe, and was still a good amount. Would make again. (AC)
yummy with chickpea cutlets, but the next day it looked like jello, which kind of sucks since I'm serving it to my coworkers tomorrow for cash... It still tastes good but looks gross. (amymylove)
Love it!  Full of rich flavour.  Served it on top of chickpea cutlets, mashed taters, and green beans.  Mid-winter heaven. (spinach k)
Mustard sauce
Really good. (willwolf)
I would probably add a tsp or two of agave if serving the mustard sauce to others, maybe my mustard is just extra zesty? (mdv)
I didn't care for the mustard sauce. Normally I love capers but I didn't like them in this sauce. Maybe I just bought some really cheap quality capers. The dijon mustard I used is kind of potent too so this may have been too much as well. I might change up the recipe a bit and try again. (iluvtomatoes)
i was expecting better form the mustard sauce, i have to say. i did feel quite ina garten-y though while i was making it..she does like to use mustard a lot. a "good dijon mustard" haha. (ponycakes)
I liked the mustard sauce a lot--poured it over cutlets and the roasted potatoes I made to go with.  I did cut the amount of mustard in half and stirred in a bit of plain soymilk to cut the saltiness.  Very tasty. (kaykayaa)
uhmaaazing (allularpunk)
really good, but i had to use salt instead of soy sauce cus i was out which probably made it lose some flavor. (ppc)
This sauce rules. Fuck the haters. I use a really sharp tasting dijon, and it really cleas the sinuses!! (sb)
I LOVE this Sauce. It is great on the chickpea cutlets, mashed potatoes, asparagus, etc. The first 5 times I made the recipe, I didn't have whole grain dijon, just regular dijon. The sauce came out kinda potent but my husband and I really liked it. The last time I made it I bought whole grain dijon and we actually didn't like it as much...thought it was too sweet. Next time I'll go back to the regular plain dijon. (NJgirl)
Loved it! P liked it, too. I used a bit of spicy brown mustard, and then regular Dijon. My edition actually didn't say to add the veg broth/cornstarch mixture, so I just added it with everything. Thickened up nicely, nice sauce texture. I'm sure I'll make it again. Good flavor! I might cut back even more on the capers, because they are always strong. (AC)
Nice!  I ended up omitting the capers because the capers I have are really old and I was a bit suss about ruining the sauce.  I'm pretty new to liking mustard but enjoyed this and it went really well with the chickpea cutlets. (oww)
I didn't like this sauce. (haricot)
Red wine roux
very gravy-esque and works wonders on mashed potatoes and the chickpea cutlets. I prefer it to the mustard sauce. (sb)
I didn't like the red wine roux as much as I thought I would. It didn't have much flavor to me. I'm thinking I may make it again, but use more wine than water & increase the garlic, shallots, & herbs. (lisa)
delicious with the chickpea cutlets.  I am so excited about this book! (jakewillcook)
This did not come out anywhere near what I was expecting. I was imagining a type of red wine reduction/sauce, or something. It's more like a savory, herbed gravy with some red wine. I'm not a big fan, and I didn't really like the method. It's an ok gravy, but I won't be making it again. (AC)
Salsa verde
I was so glad that I got me some tomatillos, first of all. Secondly, I went looking for other salsa verde recipes on the 'net to see how 'authentic' this one was (and this one won). We loved it, and managed to eat it all between the two of us. (fb)
I've made this using fresh tomatillos and canned. Fresh is better, but canned is also really good if you're in a pinch. (sb)
Sour cilantro cream
i made the baja tacos with the sour cilantro cream instead of lime crema this evening for dinner.  wowwww they were still sososososososooo good. im in awe. (ponycakes)
yum! i made some corn tortillas and put seasoned mashed potatos (cilantro, cumin, EB and soymilk) in the middle and then grilled them in my cast iron. yum. it does make a TON so plan a party! (baypuppy)
Sooo good! I was not expecting it to be so good. I actually used firm tofu, because there was NO soft or silken left, but it turned out just the same, I think. Great, anyway. Yum, yum, yum. (AC)
I thought this was very good.  So perfect with any Mexican dish.  It makes too much for just one or two people though.  I don't know what to do with it all.  I wonder how it would freeze. (purpledancer)
Tangy and delicious, this sauce will really liven up any texmex creation you're cooking! (sb)
pretty good on some black bean and corn quesadillas, and I'm saving it for the black bean burgers I'm making this week. The only thing that threw me off was the suggestion to add the cilantro with the stems and not chop it or anything. I prefer for it to be chopped, stems removed. (wannagovegan)
Spiced yogurt sauce
great (sb)
Sweet vidalia onion sauce
made with my chickpea cutlets and mashed potatoes tonight for dinner. Very delicious stuff! I added some black pepper because it was a touch on the sweet side and I wanted something to counteract it. It worked perfectly as a gravy and as a topping for the cutlets. (sb)
I made this according to recipe, using the white wine. I think I could have cooked the onions a little longer, because they were soft..but maybe not quite caramelized. The "sauce" by recipe is not really saucy at all. It's more like an onion topping. I ended up adding some more white wine, a bouillon cube, water, and pepper. I made it saucy that way, and it was delicious. The flavor was really good, but I don't see how it would be saucy, as written. For onion lovers! Good for chickpea cutlets. (AC)
Tofu ricotta
really good, i put it on a pizza and it definitely added to it. (ppc)
I add way more dried herbs than the recipe calls for but I keep everything else the same. Great for lasagna! (iluvtomatoes)
Great! I think I added a lot more salt because I used it in a calzone, and skipped the pepper. I had no idea what I'd do with the leftovers, but I just mixed it with diced tomatoes and ate it as is. Yum. (glittermoon)
great recipe, and quite versatile! (sb)
Excellent! This was perfect in a lasagna I made. Very versatile.  (algae)
This is good, and worked really well for manicotti, but I prefer the cashew ricotta. The cashew one has much more flavor, and doesn't taste like tofu (which I don't mind, but don't always want that). I do think the texture of this one is better for some things. P said he liked this one better than cashew. They are both good! This is super easy to make. (AC)
Great! Very cheezy. Especially good in lasagna, with vegan cream cheese. Mmmm... (eldsjal)
Tropical avocado salsa fresca
(didn't have tomatoes, so I just used 2 mangoes, some chopped red bell pepper, and a tiny bit of red onion, plus a tiny bit of cayenne pepper).  wonderful. Restaurant quality! (pp)


Breads, muffins, and scones
Almond quinoa muffins
delish! I thought they were going to include almond extract or chopped almonds, but it's actually almond meal/flour that's in them. I have no idea why, but I just happened to have this in my cupboard, so I was glad I didn't have to go out for any special ingredients. I used whole wheat pastry flour, added dried cranberries, more cinnamon, nutmeg, almond extract, and chopped pecans to the batter. They are very moist, only slightly sweet, and really filling for breakfast! Yum yum! (jessacita)
I was pleasantly surprised by the delicate balance of ingredients-agave, almond meal, cinnamon, cardamom, flaxseeds, quinoa-in this moist muffin. I folded a dried fruit mix of apricot, pineapple and coconut into the batter since I didn't have any dried apricots or currants. Even without any dried fruit this would be a great muffin. Healthy. Hearty. Filling. Not overly sweet. Rose nicely.  (saskia)
I can't adequately review these muffins, because I didn't have any dried fruit to add. I wasn't sure it if the quinoa was supposed to be cold, but I prepared some specifically for this, so it was still warm. I used about 1/8 cup agave, plus some raw sugar (not enough), so they weren't quite sweet enough. I ground my own almonds (is that the same?), and added some slivered to the top. I also added almond extract, and coconut extract, plus some shredded coconut. I was disappointed that I didn't sense any "crunch" from the quinoa, or really notice that it was there...maybe it needs to be cold? I love the idea of these, and really should try them with the fruit. Oh, I had to add an extra splash of soymilk, and was afraid about the batter, but the muffins rose very nicely, and looked great. (AC)
Applesauce oat bran muffins
I like these. They don't have that "low-fat taste," and they're not just plain old muffins spiced with cinnamon - they have a healthy dose of cardamom too (which I love). Pretty moist. (fb)
One of my top 5 favorite muffins of all time. I did half the muffins with chocolate chips mixed in, the other half with blueberries mixed in. Both were amazing. They are so filling and taste really rich, yet healthy. Absolutely love these muffins (veganrun)
Banana date scones
pretty tasty. My bananas weren't quite overripe though, so I topped the scones off with some brown sugar. They are light, fluffy and delicious and I am brewing some Indian Masala Tea to dunk them in! (sb)
They tasted great right out of the oven, warm, moist, puffy scones naturally sweetened with ripe bananas, dates and brown rice syrup.Dried dates finely chopped work fine. I only had 5 ounces of dried dates, and used dried fruit bits to fill the rest of the 8 ounces. I also left out the walnuts and they still had a wonderful flavor. I made 11 medium scones, instead of 8 large scones, from this recipe. I'll be making again. (saskia)
I made these a few weeks ago and forgot to review them.  These were very good.  The dates and ripe bananas made for just enough sweetness.They also kept well for several days in the fridge...I recommend toasting and adding some earth balance.  Yum!  (lotus)
Meh. I wasn't so impressed with these. I thought they tasted like bread. In a scone shape. I was hoping for something more, but it basically just tasted like banana bread (which is fine, although next time I'll just made banana bread). I gave half the batch away. I know--they tasted like I used applesauce for the oil, when I didn't--kind of that same moist yet kind of crumbly at the same time texture. I think I'll keep looking for a good scone recipe. (veganrun)
Banana wheat germ muffins
i made a half batch in a giant muffin pan and got 4 larger size muffins.  instead of oil i chopped, microwaved, & mashed half of an apple, and then i diced up the other half and mixed it into the batter.  i sprinkled some chopped pecans on top & they were tasty & healthy.  not something i would crave, but good. (ppc)
Yum! So dense and filling yet still delish. I used half applesauce for the oil and did half brown and half white sugar. I should have baked them a little longer than 22 minutes, because they're borderline too soft in the middle (probably thanks to the applesauce).  I topped them with chopped pecans and turbinado sugar for crunch, and because my bf can't seem to decipher between muffins and cupcakes, he asked for an icing. I compromised and did a chocolate drizzle, which is beautiful and delicious. I call them muffcakes. (veganrun)
I made these sans bananas...and used dates instead (always check your supplies before you bake...oops). They actually turned out good. I'd love to try them with bananas next time  (dannibazaar)
Good! I used an extra banana, and applesauce for the oil. Because of the extra banana, I filled my cups to the top, and baked the additional five minutes. Even though the tops were browned, I should have baked a bit more because they are slightly underdone inside. Good flavor, though. Easy to make, nice rise. I recommend using applesauce. (AC)
Carrot pineapple sunshine muffins
I have made these many times since my mom loves them.  They have a good flavor (there is a very similar low-fat muffin at Trader Joe's but I forget the name) but they come out very wet and dense similar to a gooey-banana bread if you are following me at all.  I am going to try to omit adding the reserved pineapple juice that is calls for since I assume I am not squeezing enough out of the crushed pineapple initially. Seems like a dumb step to me-squeeze out juice, add juice back in, ugggh!!!!  Oh, and forget about orange zest, not necessary in my opinion. (redhedm)
Holy moly are these awesome! I made two batches in a row. They're dense and moist and super yummy! Go make them now! (iluvtomatoes)
I really enjoyed the combination of pineapple, carrot, ginger and orange flavors, a surprisingly delightful blend of fruits and spices. Next time I probably will use less juice, as another reviewer suggested, since they were plenty moist. I don't think the person i had breakfast with enjoyed these muffins as much as I did though. Left one half eaten on his plate. In flavor, I think these muffins are wonderful. Visually though, they're not as sexy on a plate as other muffins I have baked with puffy, golden domes. These muffins only rose a little. (saskia)
I didn't really like them. The flavor was fine (I like carrot + spices), but the texture was totally off. They sank after taking them out of the oven (though they passed the toothpick test), and they were really dense. I don't think I overmixed, but last time I made a pastry with pineapple juice (the right side up cupcakes) the same thing happened. Maybe I need to mix more lightly when using it... I don't know if the acidity of the pineapple juice reacts with the baking powder really fast, or if it tends to develop the gluten, or what, but... the texture ruined these for me. It's too bad. (fb)
Cranberry orange nut bread
smelt divine! I didn't get to try any because I am sending the loaf off to my boyfriend for his finals week, but I stole a tiny nibble from the bottom & yum! I think I might have to make another loaf tonight to keep at home... (jessacita)
so good! I added nutmeg & cinnamon, in addition to the allspice, and some molasses (I have a hard time sticking to recipes exactly as written), and it is just delicious! Perfect for this time of year. (jessacita)
Really delicious, especially during cold winter nights (sb)
Fresh rosemary focaccia
great. My roommate and I brought it to her birthday dinner at my friend's house and it was devoured with olive oil and balsamic! (sb)
Weird looking, but very good. I haven't knead it well I think, so it's not really a nice round focaccia. In my defense, it was my first bread ever. (melthibs)
It's a good bread. Probably not the best focaccia I've ever had..but good. I used the rosemary inside, and then used sea salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and flax seeds on the top. I used all whole wheat pastry flour. (AC)
turned out great. And it made a whole lot too. Everyone loved it, even though I forgot to add the salt into the dough. (wassernixe)
it didn't brown, but became firm, so next time I would probably stick with the 35 minute bake time, even though I was totally satisfied with it. (camillus)
I thought this was a tid bit lackluster, although I had to use dried herbs instead of fresh. The recipe closely resembles my pizza dough recipe, so I couldn't help but think it tasted exactly like pizza dough. I will give it a try with fresh rosemary and olives and then make my final decision, although I'm not terribly impressed at the moment.  (veganrun)
This is good, would probably be even better without whole wheat pastry flour that I used, but whatever, thats health for you. I also brushed the tops with roasted garlic, good stuff!!!! (babysgotsauce)
Home style potato rolls
The dough for this is might sticky... I added more flour, but it was still pretty sticky. Anyway, aside from issue with handling the dough, this recipe came out well. The rolls are the perfect sweetness, and though they harden quickly, they're easily rejuvenated in the microwave. I'd be making these more often if the dough wasn't such a pain. The instructions say to stretch out the dough in a rope, cut it, roll into little balls, and use three balls per muffin cup, but forget that. It was too soft to do any of those things, so I just plopped the dough in and it came out fine & smooth. I would have added even more flour, but I didn't want to overdevelop the gluten or mess things up. Still... very tasty. (fb)
Well, unfortunately I had the same problem as fb. My dough was so sticky! I did keep adding flour, but you only want to add so much. I just think there is too much liquid. I'm no bread expert, but doesn't seem like there needs to be that much liquid. I did use olive oil for the margarine (2 tablespoons). Anyway, the dough did rise nicely, but there was NO way I could do that technique for making the rolls. I could barely even plop the dough onto the sheets without it all sticking everywhere. I had to use a ton of water to wet my hands so the dough would slide off. That being said, they came out very well. The taste and texture are both really good. My rolls also stuck to my (oiled) sheets. I didn't do the glaze, because I ran out of milk, but I did spray the tops with oil. They are really good rolls, but hopefully others have better luck with the dough! (AC)
Lower fat banana bread
I added about 1/2 c. of malt-sweetened chocolate chips to the batter.  It was a good, basic, banana bread.  It rose well, had a nice crust, etc. Maybe it will be more amazing as it cools. (mdv)
I enjoyed a slice right out of the oven. It's hard to believe there is only 1/2 cup sugar and 1/4 cup oil in this moist and flavorful bread. I didn't add nuts or chocolate chips, either. It was a straight-up banana bread with a nicely-browned, crunchy top. The hints of molasses, nutmeg and cinnamon make this banana bread a special recipe.  (Saskia)
This worked out! Which is more than i can say for me + most banana bread recipes. I liked the molassesy twist on it. I added chocolate chips. It's different than typical banana bread, and I wouldn't say that it tastes low fat or anything. (fb)
baked it again, this time as muffins with chocolate chips in them. works better as a banana bread than as a muffin..I think it's best without the chocolate chips, and I love chocolate chips. But in this recipe, I think the chocolate chips overwhelm the wonderful banana, molasses and spice flavors. This is really a fabulous banana bread recipe which I plan to bake again. (saskia)
Good recipe! Delicious with some melted earth balance. Added some chocolate chips and have used different nuts. Great! (sb)
I make this recipe all the time as muffins instead of a loaf and it always comes out great.  The spices are really well proportioned and the molasses makes it perfect. (icephrosty)
More praise for this recipe. This time my non-vegan Mom baked it for me when I went over for dinner. She's made it at least three or four times already and it's never failed. This time she completely eliminated the 1/2 cup sugar, added a little more unsweetened applesauce, and raisins, instead of chocolate chips or walnuts. Right out of the oven, this slab of banana bread was warm and wonderful, ... molassesy and naturally sweet with a crunchy dark top and moist center with plump raisins, touches of cinnamon and nutmeg. I love my Mom! (saskia)
I've made this easy, foolproof banana bread so many times now as printed and with modifications. The latest version with no processed sugar(for a few friends who have eliminated processed sugar from their diets). With this recipe, I eliminated the sugar and chocolate chips completely. Doubled the applesauce(unsweetened), increased the oil and stirred in another banana, some raisins. The result--a delicious, moist, naturally-sweetened banana bread. (saskia)
i've made this a few times. it is pretty good when you consider that it is lower in fat  and sugar than most other banana bread recipes.  i have made this with 1/2 cup applesauce and no canola oil without noticing a difference.  it also turned out fine with white whole wheat flour. when i don't care about calories though, my favorite banana bread is definitely this one: (which is good with veg oil and ww pastry flour)  (thirteenblackbirds)
I think it's obvious how versatile this recipe is. I was planning on adding walnuts, but forgot. She talks about adding chocolate chips, but there's no mention of how many she would add (I wasn't planning on using any, but noticed). I used 3 bananas, 1/4 cup+ a bit oil, no applesauce, and some added almond milk. It's good, but not my fave banana bread. It's addicting and tasty, though. I think I baked 50 minutes. Nice dark color with the molasses. (AC)
This turned out wonderfully!  I loved the flavor (and color) the molasses added.  I used 2 med/lg bananas and went all out...added walnuts AND chocolate chips.  I used probably around 1/4 cup of each...a few handfuls.  Otherwise, I stuck to the recipe and then baked it for about 50 minutes. (lotus)
This turn out really moist and yummy. I added a dash of nutmeg and a half cup of mini chocolate chips. I did have to increase the baking time to about an hour because mine was still not testing done in the center. (wassernixe)
I did a few things differently:  I didn't have applesauce so I just used all oil.  I didn't have molasses, but added some vanilla.  I also added a healthy handful of walnuts to the batter.  I topped it with a sprinkling of sugar and walnut pieces.  I thought this was really really good.  I could use this recipe for any and all future banana bread making. Also, I used a hint I learned from a baker about quick breads.  Set your oven to 400 or more (I did 420) and cook the bread for about 8-10 minutes at that higher temperature and then just knock it back down to the 350 for the rest of the time.  The high heat makes the bread rise in those first few minutes so you get a taller bread.  It works really well. (eoberhauser)
Easy and Yum, my house smells like yummy banana bread and it was probably the most painless baked good I have ever made.  I added chocolate chips and am only wishin I had some walnuts or almonds in the house! Also a great recipe to let young kids "help" with zero hassle! (babysgotsauce)
Maple and brown sugar pinwheels
very similar to cinnamon rolls in construction, but more orange/brown sugar-y. I'm not sure how much orange zest there is supposed to be (I think it says 1 orange's worth for both the dough and the filling, but one says that's one tsp and the other says it's one Tbsp), so I used less zest in the filling, and that worked fine. I liked the orange flavor, but I'd be curious to try this as cinnamon rolls instead (no zest in batter or filling, and adding cinnamon and some flour to the center). The dough itself was easy to work with, though the finished product dried out quickly. (fb)
Poppy seed cornmeal roti
kind of labor intensive and turned out just okay for me. I probably won't make it again.  (sb)
The best flatbread I've ever had! I want this to accompany all of my future Indian dishes. I'm sure it would work very well with tex-mex too! (eldsjal)
Pumpkin cranberry scones
more cakelike than I tend to enjoy, but the authors warned of that in the recipe.  (darlintara)
i mixed everything together, and it was a really really really sticky dough. and i know scones are supposed to be sticky but this was EXTREME sticky so i was like "ill just add some more flour." we had no more flour in our little flour jar thing. "no problem," i thought "ill just get some out of the closet.." there was no flour in there except for a bag marked "PDO" which meant its for the preschool where my mom works. ive used the pdo flour before, so i figured it would be ok if i just borrowed a cup. no. it was not ok. there were playdough pieces in it. my mom uses that flour to make playdough and i guess she put the stuff from kneading it back into the bag. and now there are playdough pieces in my scones.  Sad and the dough was STILL extremely sticky, even after the cup of flour. did anyone else make these and have that issue, or is it just me? (sticky dough issue, not playdough pieces issue haha) (ponycakes)
The batter for these was sticky for me, but I just went with it and they turned out perfect! I am so glad I didn't add any more flour. (sb)
For half of these, I used dried cranberries (I think fresh would be too sour), and for the other half I used chocolate chips. These have a nice blend of spices - I like it when pumpkin (or apple) pastries don't *just* have cinnamon as the spice; these were more interesting. I can't really comment on texture because... I somehow forgot to add the baking powder D: So yeah. They were like brownie-textured pumpkin scones. (fb)
Scallion flatbread

Skillet corn bread
It was ok.  Not fabulous enough to rave over.  Just ok. (Cali)
fabulous with the gumbo (sb)
(half batch)I did not bake in a skillet, but rather in a mini muffin pan.  I made a few plain, but most I made into corn dog mini muffins.  For the corn dog mini muffins, I put a bit of batter in the bottom of each muffin cup, then put in 1/4 of an Yves Good Dog, then covered with batter.  I baked them at 350 F in my toaster oven for 20 minutes.  The outsides of the muffins got nice and golden and crunchy without deep frying--yea!  Tonight was my first time trying this corn bread recipe, and it works really well for the corn dogs; they were super tasty dipped in ketchup and mustard.  From what I remember, the batter actually tastes a lot like corn dog batter.  My usual corn bread recipe is softer, fluffier, and sweeter; whereas this corn bread recipe is more dense and less sweet.  When I want corn bread, I will continue to use another recipes as I like fluffy, sweet corn bread.  However, I'll keep using this recipe for my corn dog mini muffins, as it is perfect for this use. (willwolf)
Excellent! I've made this many times already. Both plain and with jalapenos and onions added. So super easy and cornbread was meant to be made in a cast iron skillet. Very quick to throw together. Even on a weekday. (iluvtomatoes)
good to. Right up there with the recipe from La Dolce Vegan. (dannibazaar)
I just halved this and made it in a 9 inch round pan. It was pretty good cornbread, but I've had better. I also think that my baking powder is dead because my cornbread didn't rise at all. (dannibazaar)
This is a good cornbread. Maybe not the best best, but I liked it. I added jalapeno. (AC)
Whole wheat soda bread with millet and currants
adore this (asenath)
Cookies and bars
Almond anise biscotti
incredibly delicious... I made some chocolate-almond that was based off the Chocolate-Hazelnut biscotti recipe, and some orange-cranberry that was based off of the Almond-anise recipe. So awesome! My co-workers loved them, too, and couldn't believe they were homemade!  Even better is the fact that only whole ingredients are used (like flax seed instead of Ener-G egg replacer)! Don't get me wrong--I'll use Ener-G once in awhile, but if I can replace it with wholesome, nutritious flax instead & still get an amazing result, I definitely prefer to! (jessacita)
EXCELLENT!!  (teepee)
Cranberry pistachio


Orange chocolate chip

Apple peanut butter caramel bars
damn. do they smell good. i tried a little corner and i have to tell you all, do NOT be scared by the steps in this recipe. it really was very simple to put together and the result is delish. a crunchy grahm cracker base with soft, gooshy cinnamon sweet apples topped with rich, smooth and creamy peanut butter caramel. oh gooodness. each bite tasted differently from the last and was amazing. I haven't shared them with all my friends yet cause they're coming later, but I had to tell you all how fabbbbulousss they were. mmm. my subs were 1.5 T molasses and 1 T water for the brown rice syrup in the caramel and 2 red apples for 2 of the granny smith called for in the apple filling. I also left out ginger only because I didn't have it, I will definately add it next time (owalkerjillo)
These are really delicious!  I'm eating one of these bars warmed up a little with some Soy Dream vegan vanilla ice cream on the side right now--mmmm! (willwolf)
The flavor was delicious, my only complaint was that the crust ended up too crumbly and didnt hold together very well. (ppc)
I think "The Apple Whore" would be a better name for this recipe. Apple cobbler? Caramel apple? Apple with peanut butter? I want the multiple-orgasmic effect of all  of the above so let's make a wild sugary orgy mess on a soiled graham cracker bed until it breaks. (Saskia)
Chewy chocolate raspberry cookies
The recipe says the cookies don't spread, so I put them about 1/4" apart so I could get all of the cookies (30 of them) onto one cookie sheet. They spread a little and slightly touched, but not that bad. Because they're not a thick cookie, I was worried about them not being chewy but Isa Chandra was right (duh).  They had a crisp outer layer to bite through and the inside was chewy.  My favorite type of cookie. This is the recipe I'm taking to the cookie exchange. (hh)
really delicious!  They're quick and easy to throw together, too.  I'm definitely making these cookies again!  (Oh, and as humboldt_honey stated earlier in this thread, the cookies do actually spread some, so don't place them too close together on your cookie sheet.  Also, the dough will look really dry, but if you do as the directions state and work that final bit together with your hands, everything should come together well without adding additional liquid.) (willwolf)
Yummy! Bookpapa is a major raspberry fan and was excited to have a new cookie to try. I used seedless raspberry all-fruit (Polaner) because the seeds drive me nuts. (bookmama)
They turned out good.  Nothing spectacular, but very good and no complaints or problems. (KMK)
really good! Moist and fluffy and chewy and delicious! My coworkers killed them all in less than an hour (sb)
Really yummy.  The dough is really, really sticky and I was tempted to add more flour to it but I didn't and they came out perfect. (biodancer)
easy to make and pretty good.  The raspberry taste is really subtle, but like they suggest.. they make great ice cream sandwich cookies!  i put a layer of temptation brand chocolate on them and it's great.  If i were to make them again without having ice cream around i'd definitely add chocolate chips or dried cherries or something. (ppc)
My cookies didn't come out as chewy as I expected. Maybe I flattened them a little too much or need to lower the cooking time. Also, I will leave out the almond extract since I don't think it went well and in fact, added a sort of (mildly) bitter flavor. I'll probably make these again though with the modifications since chocolate and raspberry is one of my favorite combos. This recipe comes together very quickly too. (iluvtomatoes)
Very quick and easy to make and they tasted awesome. Raspberry + chocolate = yumminess.  (Iluvtomatoes)
I liked these - not too fruity. They stayed fine out of the fridge for a whole week! And stayed chewy. Good balance of flavors. (fb)
I really enjoyed the Chewy Chocolate-Raspberry Cookies too. Although I think next time I might use only 1/4 teaspoon of almond extract because it overwhelmed the raspberry and chocolate flavors a little. The omni I baked these cookies for described them as "rich" and "one of the best cookies I've ever made," which is saying a lot coming from someone who is a deathly honest food critic. (Same person who left the Carrot Pineapple Sunshine Muffin half eaten on his plate). In this recipe, chocolate, raspberry, vanilla and almond flavors are packed into one soft and sweet little cookie. They are easy to bake. Since they don't puff out much, I was able to fit them all on one cookie sheet. I think next time I might shake powdered sugar over them so they look especially elegant on a white doily-lined plate. (saskia)
They weren't chewy. They got pretty hard, and they spread quite a bit, which the directions said they wouldn't. They tasted pretty good, but I thought the title was deceptive. Meh. I might make them again. (nmpixie)
this time used 2/3 grape jelly & 1/3 blackberry preserves.  i like the flavor alot but they're not as soft as id like them to be, i only baked for the 10 minutes it says but they are pretty hard/crunchy. (ppc)
I love chocolate and raspberry, but for some reason the flavor of these seemed a bit weird. The chewy texture was spot on though. (algae)
These were definitely chewy, almost to the point of being boring. They were just...there. No texture changes, no super awesome flavor. Don't get me wrong, the raspberry/chocolate combo was good...but boring at the same time. These would be good as ice cream sammy cookies, or something to give them more pizazz. (veganrun)
Chewy oatmeal raisin cookies
I thought they were okay, but everyone else thought they were fabulous. I found them to be just a little bland, so i made a caramel-esque glaze and drizzled the rest with them and that made them AMAZING. My boss said they were the best cookies he had ever eaten. (sb)
when they came out of the oven, i was a little disappointed by them. They were only very slightly chewy, and tasted good, but not fantastic. I decided to put them in the freezer to make them into ice cream sandwiches sometime, but i ended up eating them all straight out of the freezer before i got the chance! They were pleasantly crunchy and very flavorful that way. My mom liked em a lot too. I think i'd make them again, but i've come to believe that out-of-this-world vegan cookies just don't exist (blasphemy, i know). (lindsayloo)
I really like these cookies.  They are not too sweet (I don't have a big sweet tooth) and are very chewy (as the name suggests!). (dalveg)
These are pretty good. I didn't notice the recipe made so many until I added the oats and I realized it was going to be a ton of dough. I would recommend halving it unless you want a ton. They are solid oatmeal raisin cookies, but not the best. I followed the recipe, but made sure to press the cookies because they don't spread at all. They are slightly dry after a day or so. I don't think I'd make them again. (AC)
fine, though not particularly memorable. (saskia)
Chocolate chocolate chip walnut cookies
Really good. I've been having a difficult time staying away from the cookies, they're so good (very thin, crispy, chewy!).  (willwolf)
It was hard not to eat them all, they were so good.  (storm)
okay. I wasn't bowled over by them, but they're edible. We'll see how they go over with the group I'm  taking them to tomorrow. My biggest gripe is that they just taste oily. And feel oily. There was 2/3 c oil in the recipe and it definitely showed! That could be my more sensitive palette, but I'd definitely sub apple sauce or even margarine next time around. (lapetitepoire)
fabulous! I halved the whole recipe and got about 21 cookies. I also didn't have almond extract, used pecans instead of walnuts, and safflower oil instead of canola. I used my trusty silpat, and they came out crunchy outside with a chewy middle. Yum! (AC)
used macadamia nuts instead.  they were better the next day and were a really good chewy texture with a yummy brownie flavor. (ppc)
VERY good, I doubled the recipe and cut down on the flax seeds by a teaspoon, so they didn't taste all flaxey....Highly recommend this recipe, yummy, they are still chewy the next day too! Yum! (babysgotsauce)
These cookies were really, really good. I made them for my mother's birthday and she just about fell over when I told her they were for her. Though I have to agree with the other reviewers--they definitely had an 'oily-feeling.' In any case, these cookies are fairly easy to make and were the first REALLY successful batch of vegan cookies I've ever made. (IdrilAsphodel)
I took it to a party full of hungry omnis. They turned out far less oily than before. The end result? At least 10 omnis begging for the recipe. (IdrilAsphodel)
I made these minus the walnuts. They're a good, easy, chocolate chocolate chip cookie. Plus it makes a freaking HUGE batch. (dannibazaar)
I made these for my German language class, which has students from all over the world, from Cuba to Russia, and everyone loved them! I used the toasted hazelnuts instead of walnuts, but didn't use the hazelnut liquer and kept in the chocolate chips, because why would anyone omit chocolate chips? These cookies rock! Soft and chewy and chocolately. I will definitely make them again. (algae)
Orange chocolate chocolate chip

White chocolate chip cherry chocolate

Chocolate hazelnut biscotti
I put in sliced almonds instead of hazelnuts, because I always have almonds on hand, and I also throw in about 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips! Yum yum yum! (jessacita)
I like these the best (baypuppy)
Chocolate hazelnut espresso

Fig smushed anise, almond cookies
These are fun cookies! I like the crunch of the sugar and almonds. The anise, almond and fig flavors work well together. (kristinv)
Fudgy wudgy blueberry brownies
I subbed in raspberry and they were TOO good. seriously, really good. definately not a cake-like brownie, DEFINATELY fudgy. but just the way I likes em. (owalkerjillo)
Well, they weren't so fudgy. I'm not sure if it was something I did (though I followed the directions exactly), but they turned out very cake-like. Not my cup o' brownie. (I've still been stuffing my face all day, though... So, they're not bad. I just don't think I'll make them again.) (jessacita)
They were not fudgy at all, and I followed the recipe exactly. They taste OK, but the texture is not to my liking. Oh well. I shall put them in the teacher's lounge on Monday. (pp)
I used frozen blueberries instead of fresh, and I didn't puree my blueberry spreadable fruit.  They turned out pretty fudgy and everyone liked them alot. *edit - wanted to add that i chopped up a endangered species blueberry chocolate bar to use as the additional chocolate chips that you mix in to up the blueberry-ness. (ppc)
I made these a couple months ago, and man, they were wet.  Like, past fudgey to stuck in wetness.  Did this happen to anyone else?  Any tips?  I followed the recipe verbatim.  I want to love them and try them again and would appreciate any input for my next attempt. I'm an experimental baker and don't trust myself to just start mixing in more flour or what-have-you. (queenbee)
This is one of the only dessert recipes of Isa's (and Terry's) that I've ever been disappointed in... And extremely disappointed, at that. I thought they were totally nasty, and you're right--wet. Not fudgy; just sticky & wet, with not a lot of flavor. I won't bother trying them again. There are far too many fabulous vegan desserts out there (brownies, too!) to bother with these (jessacita)
EXTREME YUMMINESS. I am really loving this cookbook so far..its fun to read and exciting to try! (iowachick)
I like these, and with blueberry preserves there's not too much of a hint of fruitiness. Good chocolate balance. (fb)
Very popular with my fellow roomates and friends. By the end of the night, there was only tiny piece left and I brought it to work the next day. The only different thing I did was that I put strawberry spreadable fruits instead of blueberries, but I did put fresh blueberries in it, though. It was so moist and chocolatey... one of my roomate told me that he is usually difficult when it comes to brownies, but he loved that one... (melthibs)
The flavor is delicious but they came out in between a brownie and a cake...not so much on the fudgy wudgy side. I didn't have enough chocolate chips so I didn't include the melted chocolate. Next time I'm going to make sure I get that in there and also reduce the baking time. Then, I think, they will be perfect. (aggplanta)
Lemon bars
My very non-vegan family adored these. (darlintara)
They were very tasty, but the crust was very crumbly and fell apart.  Also I didn't think there was enough lemon filling, it was just kind of a thin layer.  I used a 9x13 inch pan like the recipe said.  Still they were tasty and not too strong lemony tasting.  Maybe next time I'll double the lemon filling.  (biodancer)
they were good. My first good experience with agar.  I was VERY patient to make sure the agar as completely dissolved, and I think thats why they turned out. (babysgotsauce)
These were OK, not great.  The lemon layer was way more gelatinous than I was expecting and hoping for.  Don't get me wrong, they tasted okay but the texture/consistency wasn't right. (aaiya)
I finally made the lemon bars from on Friday. I liked them a lot, but they weren't as tasty as I remember the baked version that used eggs. I'd still make them again though. (tamasin)
Pistachio rose water cookies
At first, I wasn't sure about them after I added the rosewater but rest assured the end result was a delicate little cookie and all the flavors complimented one another so well. I need to go make the pistachio rosewater cupcakes out of VCTOTW now. (sb)
looking for input from anyone else that made them.  I followed recipe to a T, except I used pastry flour instead of the AP flour the recipe called for.  The dough was very sticky, even after adding additional flour.  You are supposed to be able to roll the dough into balls & dip into pistachios.  This was not posible, due to the stickiness. The cookies turned out just fine.  They are very hard & chewy & delicious.  I could not taste the rosewater at all though.  The lime was very overpowering.  Also, this the 1st time my nonstick baking sheets have failed me. Definitely spray your pans if you make these! Question#1 - Was using pastry flour a bad idea?  Question #2 - Are the cookies supposed to be hard & chewy? Question #3 - Was the batter unrollable & sticky when you made them?  (purpledancer)
These turned out terribly for me. They totally spread as they baked and became very hard. I followed the recipe exactly and I'm a decent baker so I don't know what went wrong. The flavor is amazing though. I might try these again. (iluvtomatoes)
It's a wonder to me that there isn't "lime" in the title. I can kind of taste the rosewater (more when they first came out of the oven), but they wind up pretty limey. Not so much lime that they can't be enjoyed or anything, but it's too much lime for something that's supposed to taste like rosewater. They do get a bit hard (& are chewy), so I microwave them for a few seconds. I was hoping for a cakier rosewater cookie :/ (fb)
I loved loved loved them- for cardamom lovers, these are heaven. I think that these would be a million times better with butter, but oh well. Isa and Terry rock. (prunesaregood)
Peanut ginger sesame cookies
I like these a lot.  The ginger flavor is definitely "there," but not overwhelming.  They are kind of like a soft shortbread and the sesame seeds give a nice texture.  I made just a few modifications; I used maple peanut butter, which is reallly sweet, so I cut the sugar in the batter down to about 1/3 cup.  I also didn't roll them in sugar, only sesame seeds.  I will definitely make them again. (lotus)
I made these because I LOVE the peanut ginger chews by the Ginger People. And they did not disappoint. Super delicious and really beautiful, too, if you use 2 colors of sesame seeds. I rolled in sugar because I thought that would make them crispy on the outside, but they totally don't need it. The seeds add all the crisp you need. Great change of pace from your ordinary cookie. (veganrun)
Rumnog pecan cookies
For some reason, I had a world of trouble with these.  I am 99% positive I measured properly, and I didn't make any substitutions, but I felt like something was wrong.  The dough never really formed, even when I added an extra half-cup or more of flour (to my half-batch!)  You are supposed to form them into balls, but that was impossible.  The dough was so sticky and not roll-able.  So I just dropped them onto the cookie sheet.  They still worked, however, and they taste very good.  I'm just kind of confused.  And then the frosting....I am 100% certain I measured that right, but the rum really...shone through? this recipe!  It was almost too rummy, with a slight burn of the alcohol.  So if you don't want too much rum flavor, go easy on it.  Maybe add it little by little and keep testing.  I quite like rum, so it's ok, but these cookies are.....spunky. (KMK)
I had to add way more flour to these to get them anywhere close to being able to roll into a ball.. probably close to an extra cup.  they are time consuming with the mixing, nut chopping, ball rolling, and frosting making (for only about 2 dozen cookies) but they baked up beautifully and got really puffy.  they're fluffy without being too cakey or chewy, i really like the texture with the crunchy nuts on the outside and soft cookie on the inside.  even though there is rum in both the frosting and the cookie, the stronger rum flavor is in the frosting so if you want a less alcohol-y taste to them thats where i'd reduce the rum.  i like em lots! (ppc)
I already reviewed these once, but I just made them again so I thought I'd update.  I really do love the flavor of these, but the recipe is so problematic that I wonder how thoroughly it was tested.  Just like the first batch I made, this batch was way too soft to form dough and I had to add 1/2 - 1 cup of extra flour.  Even then, they were still soft.  Next, you are supposed to form them into balls, then roll in chopped pecans. OK, but then afterward you are going to frost them, which is very difficult when there are pecans jutting out all over the top (and it looks ugly).  The pecans should really be mixed INTO the dough (I keep forgetting that).  The frosting is good, but you don't need more than a scant tablespoon of rum and it has plenty of flavor. I really do like these cookies!  There are just so many little things that you have to remember to adjust in the recipe.  Sometime I want to try a coconut variation--add toasted coconut and top with a frosting made from coconut rum instead of plain. (KMK)
I, too, had to add more flour.  I figured it was just me though (I have repeated issues with dough in Miami due to heat and humidity).  The flavor was delicious... very rummy (but I like rum!).  I also ended up using a LOT more pecan to roll them in which was a pain because I ran out since the recipe called for such a small amount. (laurenlovesgoodies)
Terry's favorite almond cookie
They're sooo tasty!  Although it's been years since I've had them, they definitely taste quite like the almond cookies that you get at some Chinese restaurants.  Between my boyfriend and me, I think half of the batch of 24 large cookies will be gone tonight!  I'll surely be making these again soon.  Of all the sweet recipes I've tried so far from this book (3 different cookie recipes (Chocolate-Chocolate Chip-Walnut, Chewy Chocolate-Raspberry, and these Terry's Favorite Almond), the Apple-Peanut Butter-Caramel Bars, and the Vanilla-Yogurt Pound Cake, I think these Terry's Favorite Almond Cookies and the Vanilla-Yogurt Pound Cake are my favorite sweets so far!! (willwolf)
They are good!  They remind me of a really good quality cookie from a bakery--they come out nice and big and flat and slightly chewy.  I didn't have sesame oil, so I left that out (only a teaspoon) and I used almonds that I'd processed in the blender for the almond meal.  I can't wait for people to try them! I also learned from doing this recipe that brown rice syrup might be the gooey-est, thickest, stickiest baking ingredient ever.  It's stickier than molasses! (KMK)
The second batch came out exactly as it should have, flat and a little crunchy.  The first batch is rounded, but rather hard.  Perhaps I didn't bake them for long enough. (evergrian)
Excellent cookie. Chewy and tasty. I used agave nectar instead of brown rice syrup and it still came out great. I might decrease the sesame oil and increase the almond extract to make them more almondy next time. (algae)
I liked these! I made them without almond extract which is really sad but i didn't have any and i really wanted to try these. i am sure they are a thousand times better with the necessary extract, but i liked them nonetheless. (sog)
I guess I hadn't made these before, because I didn't have brown rice syrup until recently. Anyway, I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, and they are fabulous! Some of my favorite cookies ever. They are like a much better version of those Asian almond cookies. I love the idea of the sesame oil in these, and I guess it adds touch of flavor. I used ground up almonds. I was thinking that my dough might not come together in the right consistency, but it looked good, and they came out perfectly. I made the big cookies, and my sheet on the top rack were done in 10 minutes, and the other in 12. I like softer cookies, so these are good. The tops were getting pretty golden, though. Love these, and will make again. (AC)
really are pretty much perfect for ice cream sandwiches. I don't think I had ever made an ice cream sandwich before, so I wasn't sure how easy they would be to eat, but they were perfect. The praline ice cream was great for them.  (AC)
Wheat free chocolate chip cookies
delicious.  they're pretty much an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie - super good! (ppc)
used uncontaminated oat flour. They spread a lot, so I may add more flour next time, cause it was really humid here. Good flavour, though! (healthymomma)
These spread A LOT. The flavor is pretty good; a bit different from standard chocolate chip cookies, but not chunky like oatmeal cookies. These seemed greasy, even though they have less margarine/flour than my regular chocolate chip cookies. I'd make these again. (fb)
I made these exactly to the recipe & they came out very.. soft and crumbly. I know it says in the description that that is how this recipe is supposed to be, but i wasn't really into them. (sog)


Banana chocolate chip bread pudding
really delicious, even after i made some healthier alterations to the recipe.. i only used a scant 1/4 cup of soft packed brown sugar (instead of 1/2 cup maple syrup) , 3/4 cup chocolate chips (instead of a full cup) and only 2 bananas.  I did have to use at least a half cup more soymilk to make all the bread soggy cus it was really stale to begin with but it turned out great.  definitely sweet, chocolatey, & banana-y enough even with my cutbacks. (ppc)
good.  the bananas give it a good texture.  i made 1/2 the recipe with choc chips and 1/2 with raisins (at my husband's request).  Strangely, chocolate lover that I am, I thought the version with raisins was better, so I'm not sure what to make of that. (thirteenblackbirds)
Basic single pastry crust
Made it for an apple pie, and it is PERFECT! My mom (who was a little nervous to make a pie crust with vegan butter has been raving all day & saying that "This is the best pie crust I've ever had in my life!" It is flaky & buttery & just awesome. (jessacita)
This was good, pretty much like any pastry crust, but I have never used the vinegar + baking powder combo before. It tasted good and was of average "flakiness" So yes, it was good...oh and I subbed WWpastry flour, because thats all I usually keep/use, and it was still pretty flakey.  The recipe doesn't give baking info, probably because it is meant to be used w/ one of the pies, but when I looked at the Lost Coconut Custard it just said to make one of the crusts, and bake it.Didn't matter though, its a pretty self-explanitory thing....I baked at 400 for about 20 minutes, (until outsides were golden.) outside of the review...I was going to make either the smlove or the Lost Coconut Custard, but I remebered I had a container of Tofutti, and got lazy and made  a no-ake "cheesecake" (just a container of tofutti cream cheese, and 1.5 cups of melted choc chips, 1 cup soymilk 2 TBS sugar and a splash of vanilla-all melted, mixed together, and then chilled in the crust...yum!) (babysgotsauce)
Berry coconut crisp
My friend said it was one of the best desserts I've made for him. I wish the filling was a little thicker, so next time I'll probably make a littl emore. The crisp part was good... I didn't have quinoa flour so I subbed four AP flour, and used sweet rice flour for the other half of the flour. Delicious dessert that I will definitely make again. (sb)
Really, really good! I love the coconut in this and I ate the whole thing myself over 2 days. Definitely double the berry filling since it is a bit thin. I need to make this again! (iluvtomatoes)
Caramel apple spice cupcakes
soooo yummy. i didnt change anything and they came out awesome! (ponycakes)
I think I'm going to use this recipe:, subbing earth balance for the butter, unsweetened silk (which seems thicker than plain soy milks), and adding a pinch of vanilla. I used the penuche frosting from recipezaar with the subs I'd planned and the cupcake recipe. PERFECT! They were loved by all... (mdv)
Very moist (but I think I accidentally doubled the juice... the batter was pretty thin). I didn't make the penuche just so they'd be more like muffins. (fb)
Coconut lemon bundt cake
delicious!  I didn't have quite the amount of zest that it called for, but it was still yummy.  I also ran out of sunflower oil, so I threw in some coconut oil.  Delicious!  I had three (3!) pieces last night (kb)
It is super delicious!  To be honest, this was my first attempt at bundt cake, and if I do say so myself, it turned out fabulously!  This cake is really moist and coconutty, with a brightness from the lemon juice/zest.  It reminds me of the Vanilla-Yogurt Pound Cake, which is also marvelous, but this recipe has the addition of the coconut.  Also, the color of the cake is a perfect lemony, sunshiney, yellow.  Thankfully, I had no issues with sticking.  I simply sprayed the inside of my pan with some canola oil, waited around 15 minutes after baking for the cake to cool a bit in the pan, and then placed a cutting board on top of the pan, flipped it over, and popped it out easily!  I did bake mine for 5 minutes less than the recommended 1 hour time, and I probably could have even knocked another 5 minutes off (Of course, I'm baking in a small toaster/convection oven; you may need the full hour in a full-size oven.). I served my cake with the simple Strawberry Sauce and Macadamia Creme from the Strawberry Shortcakes recipe in VWAV, both great additions.  Oh, and the flavor of the cake developed nicely overnight, making it even tastier today for breakfast! (willwolf)
OK, today's the 25th, and this Coconut-Lemon Bundt Cake  is still incredibly moist and delicious.  I'm so surprised.  I made this on the 19th--that's just shy of a week old.  The cake has been sitting in a covered container on my kitchen counter the whole time.  I'm not generally a fan of keeping baked goods this long, but this cake has held up perfectly well.  I hate having to eat up baked goods right away (small household) or wind up throwing out a bunch (I don't usually freeze baked goods as a) My freezer is usually quite full already and b) I prefer baked goods fresh, and I'm not sure what exactly freezes well.).  I'll definitely keep this in mind for future Vegweb Swaps.  (willwolf)
I made two 9-inch round cakes with this recipe and froze one.  The other I topped with the vanilla buttercream frosting from VCTOTW for my hubby's birthday.  it was awesome and seemed to get better the longer it sat in the fridge.  i liked the first piece i had, and i loved the last piece i had later in the week.  (thirteenblackbirds)
when I made the batter I declared, "this is going to be the best cake ever!" I was kind of upset when I took the cake out of the pan and it split in half even though I waited the 10 minutes it said. It makes a really really tasty cake though. It's moist but has a large crumb. Great balance of coconut and lemon. Next time I'll make it for an occasion so that I don't have to eat the whole thing myself and just hope it doesn't break again. (algae)
Good cake. It's not too strong in either coconut or lemon, which makes it quite agreeable. Nice moist texture, wasn't too dense for a bundt cake. (fb)
This turned out perfectly moist with a slightly crunchy outer crust.  I used a little less sugar than indicated because I was using cheapo sweetened coconut, but otherwise followed the recipe.  (lotus)
Crumb crust

Individual heart shaped apple galettes
They were good, but the crust got hard after they sat for awhile. Next time I might bake them at a slightly lower temperature. (vegan1)
These were pretty bad because there was way too much crust for the amount of apple. I will take regular apple pie over these any day. (algae)
Jelly donut cupcakes
the jelly sunk straight to the bottom of the cupcake liner so it wasn't much like a jelly donut, but it tasted great. (sb)
I figured out what went wrong. I was talking to my buddy who is a pastry chef and he said that I overmixed my batter! Something about how if you overmix it, the batter thins out and creates air pockets and the jam will slide straight to the bottom. DO NOT OVERMIX THE JELLY DONUT CUPCAKES (sb)
I used cheapo jelly that i had refrigerated and it sunk straight to the bottom.  i was careful to not overmix the batter, but it still sunk. otherwise, they tasted great and the texture and flavor of the cake was definitely like a cakey donut.  In the future i will add the jelly maybe halfway thru the baking time and see how that works.  i've done it with cherries in other cakes and they've stayed suspended. (ppc)
I pretty much followed the recipe (for me), but I did add some water to my soymilk, because I didn't want to use it all. I used arrowroot for cornstarch, and whole wheat pastry flour. I really like them! I love the touch of nutmeg. I couldn't wait overnight to try them, so they weren't donut-like yet, but I think they will be tomorrow. I used strawberry jam. They were really easy to make, and they are a great texture. It was the perfect amount of batter, and they popped right out of the pan! Oh, I did add some additional flour to the batter, because it seemed really thin. I don't know if it needed it, but they turned out great. I'm excited to see how they are in the morning. My jam did sink toward the bottom, but not too bad. (AC)
yum!!! These were sooooo good, and when my non-veg friend tried one, she said "these taste better than REGULAR cupcakes." The jelly did sink to the bottom, but oh well, it was still inside the cupcake, and still delicious. (wannagovegan)
I made some without jelly, some with. I used about 1t of jelly per cupcake, and it didn't sink to the bottom. In fact, for some the jelly hardly sunk at all. Maybe it just depends on the jelly you use? (I was using TJ's blueberry preserves.) They don't really taste donut-like to me, just like vanilla cake with a little spice. But, at the time I also had Larsen's bakery donuts, so maybe the comparison isn't fair. (fb)
I halved the recipe and used cinnamon sugar as a topping instead of jelly (I actually made one with jelly and it did sink in, but the cinnamon ones were better.) These were more like muffins than cupcakes, IMHO. (icephrosty)
the first time I made these, they were amazing!  I made them for my dad's birthday and everyone loved them....the jelly didn't sink, it was perfectly in the middle....didn't look that pretty, but they were so good!  But then I made them again, and they turned out awful...I followed the recipe exactly...the only difference was that I used a different jelly....but it was the batter that was weird....very dry and dense...but I choose to remember them the way they were the first time. (erinmonster)
came out really well.  I don't think I let them cool enough, however, because the powdered sugar I sprinkled on top was absorbed into the cupcakes.  I reapplied, but it got absorbed again!  Still yummy though. (peaceablepalate)
I have made these so many times--they take such minimal effort while still looking cute and tasting delicious. I get many compliments on these from omnis. I've let them  sit overnight to get crusty, and I've also served them 20 minutes out of the oven--very good both ways. I've used raspberry jam, strawberry jam and jelly, orange marmalade, and just chocolate chips as filling. I haven't had problems with the filling sinking at all. In fact, I sort of wish the tops would close up so you don't see the filling on top (or a hole). I found that if I let the jelly sit on top for 20 minutes or so, it will sink in and the hole on top will close over. If you're really worried about that sort of thing... (veganrun)
These tasted so YUMMY! However, I didn't use cupcake liners and my strawberry jelly ended up falling out of the bottoms. So I just turned them upside down and served them that way. I also didn't do that whole let sit for 24 hours thing, plus they were devoured long before I could even let them dry. Everyone loved them and they were SUPER sweet. I loved them and judging by how fast they got gobbled up everyone else did. The name is a misnomer though, they didn't taste a particle like donuts. (wassernixe)
These are great! I used really cheap raspberry jelly (no seeds or fruit chunks), and it was perfect. I even impressed a few omnis with these. (kristinv)
Lost coconut custard pie
amazing!  Thick and custardy.  Used vanilla cookies for the crust, using the recipe for crumb crust that follows the one for the pie in the book.This is intense vegan dessert at its best, highly recommend for sharing with omnis. (taraja)
It was extremely popular.  I found the crust to be soggy and too thick, so I'll stick with my own graham cracker crust recipe.  Actually, I think that the pie would be better with a flaky pastry crust. (mdv)
with chocolate soymilk. let's just say DR and I ate 75% of it last night  (baypuppy)
I want to make love to Isa for this recipe. (sb)
Out of this world. Firmed up beautifully and very coconut-y, even without the coconut extract. Maybe a bit too sweet, but hey, it's dessert. I didn't have graham crackers, so I made a cookie-like crust using 1 cup flour, about 1/4 cup sugar, and enough canola oil for it to hold together, which worked perfectly. I wish I could eat this every day. (algae)
..except not a pie.  I just made the filling so we'll call it Lost Coconut Custard pudding or something...  Anyway, it was nice but insanely rich and super sweet, neither of which I'm used to so it was pretty overwhelming.  Delicious flavour though.  I don't have coconut extract but my mum recently gave me some lime extract so I put a smidge of that in instead of the coconut, though I don't think you could taste it. (oww)
I've already reviewed this, but I've made it again and still love it. I used coconut extract the second time and honestly couldn't tell the difference, so I wouldn't bother investing in it if you only want it for this recipe. I will admit I strayed from this recipe once to try Hannah Kaminsky's coconut pie in My Sweet Vegan, but never again! This pie is the shiz. (algae)
Lower fat deep chocolate bundt cake
nice, simple chocolate cake.  It rose well and tasted great with frozen fruit and shredded mint. (mdv)
This rose *a lot*, almost to the rim of my bundt pan, and I was using the larger size (10"). It kind of has that low-fat taste, but not in a bad way. I think there's so much cocoa in it that it doesn't matter. Although there's about 2c of coffee in it, it still tastes more "chocolate" than "mocha." It has a soft, almost sponge-cake type texture, probably thanks to all that coffee and the applesauce. (fb)
This turned out perfect! It was so easy to make and it was delicious. Very moist. I'll definately be making this again. (dannibazaar)
Mango pear pandowdy

Not tella
I love this!  I didn't have hazelnut liquor/extract or soy milk powder, and I used peanut oil.  Skinning the hazelnuts was a chore (and I didn't even get all the skins off but whatever), and I didn't think the nuts would EVER get to marzipan consistency.  But they did with enough time!  I added some extra vanilla and a splash of almond extract.  Soooo good.  (KMK)
This is so delicious! I believe it is even better than that non-vegan chocolate hazelnut spread.  You can really taste the hazelnuts!  My husband loved it, too.  Like the other reviewer, I didn't have any soymilk powder or hazelnut extract/liquor (I don't think it needs this) and I used peanut oil.  I only used half the amount of oil, and it was very liquid--perhaps because my hazelnut were still slightly warm?  We'll see how it is after being in the fridge.  I did add a little extra powdered sugar - maybe a tablespoon or two, as indicated for the "dark chocolate" variation.  I was hoping to find an inexpensive source for roasted and skinned hazelnuts, but to no avail.  Removing the skins is a pain, but I think you really just need to remove the loosened parts that might be burned.  I'd say I had up to 50% of the skins still on, and it is still delicious. (vegrunski)
Pumpkin crumb cake with pecan streusel
Overall, it is delicious.. the cake part is moist and spongey.  The topping however - though really tasty, doesnt look that pretty.  It looks like pecans were mixed with sand and thrown on top, it's not crumbly chunks (which i think are prettier).  anyway, i think it's cus instead of using a soy butter they call for you to use canola oil.  I spruced it up a little bit by mixing up a simple powdered sugar/water icing mixture and drizzled it on top, this helped the looks and also it helped to keep the pecans stuck in place so they didnt all just fall off when i cut it.  Next time i'd use a soy butter to make the crumbs more crumby. (ppc)
I followed the recipe exactly, except that I ran out of powdered ginger so I only added about 1/4 tsp. It seemed very gummy in the middle at first, but it's much better completely cooled the next morning. (sb)
quite yummy! It ended up being a little gummy, even though the recipe explicitly said that pumpkin can turn gummy with overmixing & that a fork should be used for mixing when adding the flour (as opposed to a spatula). I followed all directions to a T (including the fork method), yet the texture was a little off for me... I did sub some applesauce for the oil (as I almost always do, always with great results), so maybe that was the culprit?  Regardless, I still like it... I might just have to do some tweaking next time. (jessacita)
I didn't use pecans in the streusel. I used 2/3-3/4 the full amount of sugar (it seemed like too much!), and it still came out pleasantly sweet. I baked it in a 9" tart pan, and it puffed up A LOT, almost over the edges of the pan. The streusel seemed a little dry when I was making it, so I added a little bit more oil to make it more... crumby. Good cake! I shall look no further for pumpkin crumb cake. (fb)
I read these reviews beforehand, so I tried to do a few things differently. I added a bit of extra liquid to the streusel, but then I just had to add more flour. I used a bit less sugar and oil in the cake, and was extra careful about mixing. I think my pan was 11x7, so the cake rose really tall! I baked for 45 minutes, but my topping got a bit too done. (I even tried the powdered sugar glaze, but it just oozed into the cake) I would call the cake moist, but not really gummy. It's getting close, but not gummy. It might have used the 5 more minutes, but the topping would have been completely burned. Anyway, I think it's lovely. I think it could use even more spice, and I'd probably leave the sugar as is, but it's good. I like the height, so I'd stick with the 11x7 next time. (AC)
Smlove pie
very rich and not healthy by any means but boy is it good! (sb)
delicious! I used Kahlua instead of hazelnut liquor, and it worked just fine. I was a bit worried before baking that the pie part tasted too much like tofu, but after baking & sitting in the fridge overnight, all the flavors melded beautifully. The pie was a bit time-consuming with all the steps, but it was not difficult. The candied pecans were my favorite part--so good! My whole family loved the pie, too. ...What else do I have to say about this? Oh, I used chocolate cookies mixed with toasted hazelnuts for the crust instead of a graham cracker crust, and I loved that. Also, I have read that one slice of this pie has something like 600 calories & almost 40 grams of fat... But that's if the pie serves 8. My pie got at least 16 servings out of it, as we had small-medium sized pieces because it is SO RICH. I almost couldn't even finish my piece. (Almost.) I also loved the Peanut Butter Caramel layer, which was awesome because I normally hate brown rice syrup & was afraid I'd hate it here. It was perfect! (jessacita)
It was the first time I made this pie, and it lived up to its reputation.  It’s a chocolate tofu-based pie that you bake and then cover with peanut butter caramel sauce, chocolate drizzles, and candied pecans.  It was so delicious that I had no qualms about making it a week later to bring to dinner with a family of omni’s.  Only after they sang its praises did I tell them it was made of tofu.  Epic win. (KMK)
Strawberry plum crisp
The flavor combination was yummy-great spices, but the topping was kinda bland. Next time I'll use brown instead of white sugar, and earth balance instead of canola oil, and less flour, more oats. Thats probably just my chubby girl tastes... (nmpixie)
I really liked this crisp and strawberries and plums go well together. If you don't like anis seeds particularly though, you should simply leave them out, as their taste is quite dominant in this dessert. (haricot)
Strawberry rose water cobbler with lemon poppy seed pastry
great. I served it after the Moroccan Tagine out of VWAV and my omni friends devoured it all. (sb)
Tea poached pears in chocolate sauce
thought they were good, but I didn't like the chocolate sauce on them. I preferred them with just the tea, orange zest and vanilla. (sb)
Vanilla ice cream
delicious.  I didn't have silken tofu (used the last box in the cream) but subbed with plain soy yogurt, added more vanilla than called for, and 1/2 c cane sugar.  Next time I will use less sugar, it was really sweet.  But it made just enough for my SO and me to finish in one round, so that was a huge plus. (taraja)
This is the first ice cream I made in my ice cream machine. I wanted mint chocolate chip so I added 1 1/2 teaspoons of mint extract and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla instead of 2 tablespoons (and chocolate flakes). It was perfect! I am sooo happy with how it tasted. It was really soft when it was done in the machine but when I put it in a container in the freezer it hardened nicely but was still scoopable. I think I will continue using this recipe as a base. (algae)
This ice cream has the best consistency of any I've tried making so far.  It is great right out of the machine, and has a nice creamy consistency even after putting it in the freezer.  I am curious if this is due to the addition of tofu, or the coconut cream, or both?  I might have to do some experimenting.  This is also very easy compared to other vegan ice creams I've tried, which all involve heating the liquid and using arrowroot to make a pudding, then chilling (which takes several hours or overnight) before freezing.  My only gripe is that there is quite a strong coconut flavor - it is almost as strong as the vanilla.  I actually don't mind it, but it would make me a little hesitant to bill it as "vanilla ice cream" if serving to guests.  We made some chocolate chip cookie dough and sprinkled chunks over the top - delicious! (vegrunski)
Any berry
I tried the blueberry variation and I thought it was very good. The blueberries give a very nice color to the ice cream, but next time I make it, I might cook down all the blueberries with sugar because I didn't like how there were icy and hard blueberries to chew... although my mom and bf liked that. Personally, I'd prefer if all the blueberries were incorporated. (haricot)

Chocolate chip


Green tea
Very good. I liked it even more than the plain version (vanilla). (haricot)
Peanut butter

Pistachio anise

Vanilla yogurt pound cake
My boyfriend and I just ate our first pieces, and it's wonderfully moist and delicious!  By the way, I used both the lemon and orange extracts, as well as the zests.  Also, the recipe says to bake the cake for 60-65 minutes, but I let it go for 70 minutes as it still seemed a little underdone with the toothpick test at 65 minutes.  Rachlove2, I don't know about letting the cake sit for a couple days.  If I were making it for Thanksgiving, I'd probably make it Wednesday, possibly Tuesday night.  Just make sure that you keep the cake in a sealed container or large ziploc bag. (willwolf)
kind of pound-cakey...good, but not the pound cake i miss. *sigh* (lindsayloo)
really good. I topped it with a very syrupy raspberry wine, powdered sugar and fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. It was very good, but kind of dried out by day three. (sb)
So, I knew I had to make this when I saw it. Especially because the omni bf loves poundcake. I wasn't expecting a whole lot when I made it - it seems to have the right ingredients to work, but I've had trouble making vegan loaf cakes, so I just kind of waited to see. Well, it has turned out *perfect* every time. It's rich but not dense, and adding the orange/lemon zest definitely adds a nice touch. The first time i added chocolate chips, the second I didn't (not necessary). If this were by any stretch of the imagination healthy, I would live on it. (fb)
Not my favourite. It tasted okay...not very sweet considering the amount of sugar in the cake. It was super dense, but not in the way a pound cake is supposed to be. I am not sure if I used too much silken tofu or something, but it was just too heavy for my liking. Still, it was eatable enough. (dannibazaar)
Chocolate chips


amazing.  Topped with raspberry sauce = HEAVEN.  (Disclaimer: I have never had non-vegan pound cake, so I can't compare, but I just know that this recipe rules.)  It's so moist & flavorful, yet not dense.  Definitely better the next day, too, so make it the night before. (jessacita)
Was digging on the taste and texture. It's so light and super moist it feels like it melts in your mouth. It took me a lot longer than the 65 minutes for it to bake but it ended up setting nicely. (intheend)

Rose water


Backyard BBQ Sauce -

ommm nom nom nom nom.  So good.  I only had diced (not crushed) tomatoes, so it was super chunky and I had to blend it with my stick blender.  I followed the exact recipe and I probably wouldn't change anything except perhaps more smoke because I like it.  I'm gonna use it for ribz.  Yay!


Tofu Ricotta

Great! I think I added a lot more salt because I used it in a calzone, and skipped the pepper. I had no idea what I'd do with the leftovers, but I just mixed it with diced tomatoes and ate it as is. Yum.


I'm going to review a shitload of things I've made:

Autumn Latkes: These are really tasty! I have only made them once, but they have a really nice, earthy flavor. Make sure you fry them all the way, because they get soggy quickly if you don't!

Potato Latkes: Delicious. See Autumn Latke review for further info. Served them with horseradish dill sour cream.

Acorn squash & black bean empanadas: These were a success. A bit fussy and labor intensive if you're not used to rolling shit in a pastry crust type deal, but well worth the time to do so. I brought some to work and my coworker, who claimed to dislike squash, tore these up. My carnivorous dad ate these too. Don't skimp on the hot sauce!

Creole Stuffed Peppers: Good recipe. I've had better stuffed peppers in my life, but I liked this version. The thyme seemed a little heavy for my taste, so I'll probably cut down on it next time I make them. Or I'll just used dried thyme instead of fresh.

Creamy Kalamata Spread: For serious olive lovers only! Definitely a nice little treat. I think I ate this entire recipe with my roommate during a night of heavy boozin'.

Guacamole: Good recipe, but not the best I've had. I think guac usually comes out of preferences. I like mine a bit spicier, and with less garlic.

Blue Flannel Hash: Didn't use blue potatoes, but some mixed fingerling potatoes. Good stuff!

Banana Nut Waffles: Good waffle recipe. I just need a better waffle maker. Mine always come out rubbery and soft instead of crisp and delicious.

Potato Mushroom Blintzes: Made this a while ago, and remember liking it. haven't made it in a while. I definitely served it over some quinoa.

Caesar Salad: Holy banana pancake batman! I made this for thanksgiving and it was a raging hit. I couldn't believe how delicious the dressing was... AND THOSE CROUTONS! YUM! Fantastic salad recipe.

Corn & Edamame Salad: Good recipe. I love anything with sesame seeds, though. I think the dressing could use a bit of tweaking though.

Roasted Fennel & Hazelnut Salad w/ Shallot Dressing: This dressing is worth its weight in gold. I made it for xmas, and my friends DEVOURED it. I can't wait until winter, to make this one again. Seriously unbelievable.

Maple Mustard Dressing:  This is a pretty good dressing. I make it from time to time, when I'm not in the mood to cook anything. Great on a spinach salad with cranberries!

Miso Tahini dressing: Yum!

Beanball Sub: These just fell apart in the pan. They tasted good, but I ended making a scrambled bean'ball' sub instead.

BBQ Seitan and Coleslaw sandwich: Hell yes. BBQ and coleslaw, dripping with mayo. Sign me up! Good recipe and doesn't take long if you've got some seitan already made!

Baby Bok Choy w/ crispy shallots and sesame seeds: Great side. I make this any time I have an asian-type dinner. Anything topped with sesame seeds gets an A+ in my book!

Sauteed Collards: I love me some collards! This is quick and painless, and tasty too!

Mashed spiced sweet potatoes: These are a really nice side dish to accompany any holiday meal. It's a welcome change from the usual candied yams you always see at holiday suppers.

Soft Poppyseed Polenta: This is a good recipe. I'm not a huge fan of the texture of polenta most of the time, but this worked very well alongside my mediterranean meal.

Messy Rice: Used quinoa instead of rice, but it was delicious. Will definitely make this again!

Black Beans in chipotle adobo sauce: Holy shit. I double the peppers because I like it extremely spicy, but these are spicy enough as is! I've used this recipe in tamales, and enchiladas and all kinds of other stuff. Really awesome, and too easy not to make often!

Chile Cornmeal Crusted Tofu: I made these again, fried them this time, though. FUCKING AWESOME! I make these all the time. They are a great way to fool any tofu-hating omni into eating and ENJOYING tofu. great, great great recipe.

Basic Broiled Tofu: Okay, this is definitely a keeper! It's really simple, but oh so flavorful and QUICK. Great recipe, and a go-to when I'm in a 'healthy' mood.

Smokey Grilled Tempeh: This is a good recipe, but not as good as the hot sauce glazed tempeh.

Simple Seitan: This is my go-to seitan recipe and it comes out perfect every time. Love it!

Seitan Cutlets: These things are good. Nice and chewy, but I prefer the Simple Seitan recipe.

Chickpea Noodle Soup: I used noodles that soaked up all the liquid, but it tasted great hot off the stove! Comforting and tasty.

Fresh Corn Stock: Heck yes! I use this in EVERYTHING I cook over the summer. It is in constant rotatio and I'm so excited to have fresh corn back in stores for summer. YESSSS

Spicy Peanut & Eggplant Soup: Fatty, comforting and delicious. Fantastic on those cold winter days!

Creamy Tomato Soup: I made this with some grilled cheez sandwiches  with jalapenos and sun dried tomatoes... and watched Clueless with a long-time friend. Really hit the spot! I added some fresh basil, and that really kicked it up a notch.

Southwestern corn pudding: Sweet, delicious. I would probably double the cilantro next time, because it really loses its flavor after being cooked. Or maybe just top it with some fresh cilantro. But this is good shit.

Asparagus Quiche w/ tomatoes & tarragon: I love tarragon and asparagus together; It's the perfect combination, and this quiche is really good. I think the tarragon is a touch overpowering, but it's creamy, soft, delicious and everything I was hoping for.

Sweet potato-pear tzimmes with pecans and raisins: Good recipe. I also added some green apple.

Almost all-american seitan pot pie: Comforting, delicious and everything I could ever dream of in a pot pie. So, dare I say, meaty... and just great. Solid recipe!

Cauliflour and mushroom potpie with black olive crust: Love this recipe, but the 'crust' is a tad salty. I've made it several times, and it's really, really good!

Black Eyed pea collard rolls: Quick and easy meal right here. Pretty good recipe for one of those long days when you don't want to spend all night in the kitchen.

Pineapple cashew quinoa stir fry: I used to make something very similar to this all the time. This version is really good too!

Spaghetti Squash Mexicana with tropical avocado salsa fresco: I made this extremely spicy and my roommate couldn't eat it. I haven't made it since, but I'll probably get around to making it, while following the recipe perfectly. The salsa is really good though!

Tomato & Eggplant stew w/ chickpeas: This is a seriously jammin' dish. I served it over the poppyseed polenta and it was just PERFECT. Stop what you're doing and try this one out!

Pasta Della California: I think this is a pretty good starting recipe. I think I could probably trick it out and make it more to my liking. Avocado needs to be in pasta more often.

Pasta E Fagioli: Simple recipe. Nice, clean flavors. I've made it a couple times... quick and easy dinner.

Lasagna Marinara w/ spinach: This needed more sauce for me, and I didn't even really like it until the next day. I think pasta sauces should be cooked all day, not just in thirty minutes. That being said, the leftovers for this were great!

Green Pea and Lemon Risotto w/ roasted red peppers: I liked the lemony flavor of the risotto. I cut the peas in half because my roommate hates them. I hate making risotto, because it's time consuming so I don't know if I'd make this again.

Udon with shiitake mushrooms and kale in miso broth: Hell yes! This is so insanely delicious. I make this any time I make sushi at home.

Mustard Sauce: This sauce rules. Fuck the haters. I use a really sharp tasting dijon, and it really cleas the sinuses!!

Marinara Sauce: Simple, but needs to be cooked longer. It's also really awesome if you use freshly picked tomatoes, roast them in the oven and triple the cooking time in the pan. Bombbbbbb

Tofu Ricotta: great recipe, and quite versatile!

Cashew Ricotta: Quick, rich and tasty!

Sour Cilantro Cream: Tangy and delicious, this sauce will really liven up any texmex creation you're cooking!

Salsa Verde: I've made this using fresh tomatillos and canned. Fresh is better, but canned is also really good if you're in a pinch.

Mushroom Gravy: This is a decent recipe. I've had better, but it was easy. Can't complain too much about that

Pumpkin Cranberry Scones: The batter for these was sticky for me, but I just went with it and they turned out perfect! I am so glad I didn't add any more flour.

Cranberry orange bread:  Really delicious, especially during cold winter nights

lower-fat banana bread: Good recipe! Delicious with some melted earth balance. Added some chocolate chips and have used different nuts. Great!

Lost coconut custard pie: I want to make love to Isa for this recipe.


Holy shit, that took a long time.


Great reviews sb! I was wondering if the beanballs would hold together, now I won't bother with them.

What seitan did you use for the bbq seitan & coleslaw sandwiches? I think I need to make those


love u, sb


i wish i lived in sb's house. i would eat all the foods forever.  :)>>>


What seitan did you use for the bbq seitan & coleslaw sandwiches? I think I need to make those

I used the simple seitan recipe. It's my go-to.


Curried carrot dip

-funny thing-I set out to make this, I boiled my carrots, I got everything else processed, and then my stupid mini processor wouldn't grind the carrots (like 1/3 of them!), and my blender is even worse, soooooo, I ended up with a small portion of dip with all of the ingredients as stated in the recipe, except about 1/3 of a lb of carrots not really processed..mixed in. Turns out, the flavor is superb (means the recipe needs more spices for our tastes!). I'll probably make it again some day once I have a functional processor, and maybe double the spices. It's a good dip. I used pumpkin seeds, instead of sunflower.


Banana nut waffles
These are ok. I like to think I have a kick ass waffle iron, but these came out chewy and not very crispy. I'd rather make banana pancakes...

Prospect Park Potato Salad
I made a quarter batch of this and added fresh dill in addition to the dried. It was pretty good, though I ended up adding a bit more mayonnaise (maybe a total of 1.5x what the recipe states) because I like my potato salad creamier. I didn't grate the carrots, just chopped them 'cause I'm lazy. Still good. But not my absolute favorite potato salad recipe, just glad I tried it.

Midsummer corn chowder with basil, tomato, and fennel
Oh, tasty. It's definitely more of a vegetabley chowder than creamy, but still good. I like the faint licorice flavor the fennel gives it (and I hate licorice), and I think Thai basil goes well with it (what I used). I pureed more of the soup than it said to, just because I like it smoother. Overall a sweet, refreshing soup.

Fresh corn stock
I like that I can make this from the casualties of the previous recipe. It's kind of unclear in the directions though - it seems to say that you simmer the stock uncovered, but you lose a lot of liquid this way. I had it mostly covered, and I still lost enough liquid that I had to add more water. And it still didn't yield 5 cups. ?


My bean balls fell apart too. 

Loved the snobby joes.


I forgot to say that when I made the chickpea cutlets, I made them pretty thin and baked them. I loved how they got kinda crispy! I can see how these would be so good slightly blackened on a stovetop grill.

snobby joes- I added a lot of things...a few more spices, celery, only a little onion, homemade bbq sauce instead of maple syrup, and 2 chipotles. Super good!


Vietnamese seitan baguette with savory broth dip
I made this following SB's recommendation to use up my funky results of the seitan cutlets! I have never been a sandwich person and this is probably only like the third one I've made in a year.. but it was really good! I used a silken lime sauce I had in the fridge in place of the mayo 'cause I don't like it, and added a little sliced red cabbage instead of onions (don't like them either). I loved the broth- except I scaled the recipe to make one just for me, and accidentally kept the original amount of ginger so it was SPICY hotness but I love spicy hotness and ginger anyway so it was cool. I used a lot of cucumber to balance the flavors.



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