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Quintess' Radiant Health/Inner Wealth

So, since one of our fellow VWers has created her own awesome cookbook, I think we should dedicate a cookbook thread to it.  Whoever has ordered this book or tested recipes prior to the book's publication should contribute and maybe it will persuade others to order it and make quintess lots of $$$  ;D

So far, I've made:

Creamy Potato Leek Soup with Caramelized Scallions:  delicious!  Very smooth, great flavor, hearty but not heavy.  Wonderful with some homemade tofu sour cream drizzled in as a garnish!

Whole Multigrain Bread:  the best whole wheat bread I've ever made.  It rises great, has a nice texture, very healthy, and just plain tasty!  I would get the book just for this recipe!

Grandma's Apple Crisp:  mmmm....I love apple crisp!  I added some more margarine and about a 1/2 cup of rolled oats to the "crumb" mixture.  Was very yummy!

Note from editor: The compilation of reviews for RHIW can be found on page 2 of this thread: Official review for Radiant Health Inner Wealth

my mommy got this for me for christmas!
i have yet to try anything, but there was a sesame tofu recipe that sounded yummy, and there's a block of tofu in my fridge...


I recommend the creamy adzuki beans (pg. 140)

And Fatoush Salad (pg. 109)

I made both of these back in the recipe testing days and they were great! 


Hmmm, I have this lovely book also and will make a list for my trip to Whole Foods so I can start making some of the recipes, they sound GREAT!


I don't have the book (yet), but I was one of the testers!  Off the top of my head, my favorites were:

Creamy Adzuki Beans
Black Eyed Peas with Kale
White Beans with Artichoke and Sundried Tomatoes
Banana Bread (now my regular recipe)
Lemon Cupcakes (I didn't make the icing)

I've made all of these several times now.  I'd buy the cookbook just for the bean recipes...the ones I've tried have been pretty easy and soooo good.


Wow! I was just posting for an event I'm doing tomorrow night (in Reston, VA) and stumbled across this thread...thank you so much for starting it and keeping it going, you cuties!!!


Beans rule!!!!!


I received mine today. Thanks, Quintess! I think I'll probably make one of the review compilations for it, so we can have an updatable list.  ;)b


I received mine today. Thanks, Quintess! I think I'll probably make one of the review compilations for it, so we can have an updatable list.  ;)b

Glad you got the book ok! What is a review compilation? And an updatable list? ???


Glad you got the book ok! What is a review compilation? And an updatable list? ???

Oh, like this: for Veganomicon, or this: for The Joy of Vegan Baking. Like, I'll type out a list of all the recipes, then add everyone's reviews to the recipes, and continue to add/update the list as more reviews are added. I like to do them, and enjoy having them around. I'm in the process! Oh, and I just found the blog (again), so I can add my comments/reviews from there from the testing. Would anyone else like reviews added here that were posted in the testing blog?!

Oh, and of course Quintess, if you don't want an ongoing review list..let me know!


Glad you got the book ok! What is a review compilation? And an updatable list? ???

Oh, like this: for Veganomicon, or this: for The Joy of Vegan Baking. Like, I'll type out a list of all the recipes, then add everyone's reviews to the recipes, and continue to add/update the list as more reviews are added. I like to do them, and enjoy having them around. I'm in the process! Oh, and I just found the blog (again), so I can add my comments/reviews from there from the testing. Would anyone else like reviews added here that were posted in the testing blog?!

Oh, and of course Quintess, if you don't want an ongoing review list..let me know!

Thanks, AC! You rock!  :) I think it would be very helpful for anyone using the book.

The only funny thing is, is that people are all so different sometimes on recipes. One person will think something is too salty, and another person will add more salt. Someone who recently bought my book said she loved everything she tried except the caribbean black beans, which everyone else in my testing group loved. She thought pineapples and black beans were too weird together and threw them out!  :P Crazy madness.

Anyway, I think it is a great idea and would be happy to add comments that I've received from others as least the ones I can remember.
Thanks again!! :-*


Oh, and I just found the blog (again), so I can add my comments/reviews from there from the testing. Would anyone else like reviews added here that were posted in the testing blog?!

AC, I just took a peek at the comments on my blog and I think most of them would work great! The only thing I would say (and you may already know this) is that some of the comments were used (and appreciated!) by me to improve the book and would no longer apply. For example, the directions were a little unclear to one tester at first in my Bread Salad, but in the book that aspect is now much clearer, thanks to that tester's feedback. So, if that original comment was in the new review, it might not make sense and confuse get the idea!

Again, thanks so much! :)>>>


Quintess, you should contact places like Whole Foods and other places that sell books to have them order your sounds like it's awesome and chock-full of amazing, healthy, yummy recipes. You rock!


Oh, and I just found the blog (again), so I can add my comments/reviews from there from the testing. Would anyone else like reviews added here that were posted in the testing blog?!

AC, I just took a peek at the comments on my blog and I think most of them would work great! The only thing I would say (and you may already know this) is that some of the comments were used (and appreciated!) by me to improve the book and would no longer apply. For example, the directions were a little unclear to one tester at first in my Bread Salad, but in the book that aspect is now much clearer, thanks to that tester's feedback. So, if that original comment was in the new review, it might not make sense and confuse get the idea!

Again, thanks so much! :)>>>

Yeah! I definitely thought about that. I think I'll probably just pick out the most applicable ones.  ;)b

eta: Also, if you used a different name on the blog, but want your VW name listed next to your review..let me know. I don't remember who some names are, from the blog.


Yeah! I definitely thought about that. I think I'll probably just pick out the most applicable ones.  ;)b

I figured you were smart like that! You're ON it! :)

Quintess, you should contact places like Whole Foods and other places that sell books to have them order your sounds like it's awesome and chock-full of amazing, healthy, yummy recipes. You rock!

Thanks so much! I am currently in a catch 22 since I did all of the publishing, etc. on my own. The books are very expensive for me to purchase since I can only afford to print them in small batches. Stores have asked to purchase them and I have had to say no!! It is because I wouldn't make a profit w/ a middle man. Now...if I could by a few thousand books, the price would go down enough so that I could wholesale them to stores. If anyone knows any investors, send them my way! ;D


Continue to add your reviews for Radiant Health, Inner Wealth to this thread, and I will add them to the compilation.

A beautiful start to your day
Apple cinnamon flapjacks
these turned out pretty good. i always like the apple-cinnamon combo.  I typically use white whole wheat flour or whole wheat pastry flour along with some oats for pancakes/waffles, and these came out much heavier and "healthy" tasting with the multigrain mix.  they were extremely filling. (thirteenblackbirds)
Batter up buckwheat pancakes

Berry good morning shake
terrific flavors, and it's nice and creamy. sometimes i have this and some of the thai rolls for a light dinner when i still want a ton of flavor. (aggplanta)
My standard breakfast smoothie. I usually add 1 tbsp ground flax seeds as well as some greens. (blinknoodle)
Blueberry waffles

Carob shake

Carrot apple ginger juice

Carrot orange juice

Chocolate chocolate chip waffles

Cranberry orange granola

Dark chocolate shake

Earth's healthiest waffles

Four goodness shake
I haven't used carob much, but it was very enjoyable. I like how the flavor is sweet enough without using sugar, too. I shared some with a friend, and she also really liked it. Good start to the day! (vegshari)
Frozen bananas
I had actually never frozen bananas before, but I had some really ripe ones, and thought they'd be perfect. However, I didn't leave them in long enough, and ended up with a smoothie instead of shake. I also put them in a tupperware like container, instead of a bag. I will definitely do it again, if we don't eat all of our nanners! (AC)
Googy granola
I made this to use with the parfaits. I had no idea homemade granola was so easy to make! This was really tasty and we loved it, but you have to be so careful not to burn it (I learned the hard way!!) It's also just fun to read how she writes the recipes with lots of humor, my bf and I are always cracking up reading this book. (jemaineslover)
Grandma's favorite French toast

Indian spiced supergrain cereal
I loved the flavors in this. It was like chai flavored warm cereal and it made the kitchen smell delicious. I am trying to force myself to get used to the flavor/texture of amaranth...I think I need to rinse it better. I might make this again with just the quinoa and add some walnuts or pecans. Overall, tasty change from oatmeal! (VeganSapien)
This hot cereal combines quinoa, amaranth, with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and is sweetened with maple syrup. I used a teaspoon, instead of a tablespoon, of maple syrup. A splash of apple juice complemented the flavors nicely. (saskia)
I adapted this slightly, to include 1 tbsp chia seeds with an extra 1/4 cup water. Used both raisins and currants and used 1/2 tbsp agave nectar instead of the maple syrup. I liked it. It wasn't smooth like my typical steel-cut oatmeal, rather a bit crunchy. But I liked it as something different. The flavours worked well together. I may increase the spices next time. (This recipe is also in TWWS). (blinknoodle)
Juice of empowerment

Kiddie power drink

Lemon rosemary home fries

Love bug parfaits
YUM!!! I love the strawberry sauce that went with this. I would eat this as a dessert it's so delish, but it still felt healthy enough for breakfast. (jemaineslover)
Magical multigrain pancake mix
Very yummy and easy!  A healthy alternative to the JOVB pancake recipe--and I like the crunch of the millet/amaranth!  We make the apple cinnamon version and topped them with peanut butter and maple syrup.  Made for a quick and yummy dinner (yes, dinner!). (kb)
I really like the pancakes made from this. I love that they are whole grain but seem very light. (jemaineslover)
I like the millet/amaranth in there to give it some crunch.  I made chocolate chip waffles with it this morning. Delicious!  I keep a big batch of the dry mixture in my cupboard for pancake emergencies (kib)
we thought this was just okay.. rather than "crunchy," my husband described the texture as "gritty". (thirteenblackbirds)
Mango ginger mint power smoothie
quite refreshing!  It had a little bite to it which I don't know if it was the ginger or the frozen mango, but I since all the fruits I used were frozen, I ended up using a spoon - it was delicious! (stacydan)
Peanut butter cup shake
So good!! This is a meal replacement for me when I need something quick, easy, and super delicious! (jemaineslover)
Raspberry lemon zest pancakes

Super antioxidant smoothie
Delicious smoothie. I've made this with banana, mixed berries and pomegranate juice with great results. Usually add 1 tbsp ground flax seeds as well as some greens. (blinknoodle)
Sweet banana pancakes

Triple green purple power shake

Tropical smoothie

Vanilla shake
As I mentioned in the frozen banana review, I didn't let my bananas freeze long enough, so I ended up with a smoothie instead of a shake. I should have added less soymilk! The bananas were small, too. I added coconut extract and vanilla extract. Something was a bit off, but I still enjoyed it. Will do it again. (AC)
Yellow tofu
i made the yellow tofu this morning. yum. (baypuppy)
Wanted tofu and wanted something simple and fast, using stuff I already had without going to the store.  "Yellow tofu" came through.  I was a great combination of tastes.  I didn't have onion or garlic "granules" but had powders. (Tweety)
It was perfect, because I had 1/2 block of tofu leftover in the fridge, and wanted something just for me. Plus, I had leftover brown rice, so I could have it just like tweets! I like the dill addition, and the flavor was really good. Mine was a bit salty, and I didn't add the additional salt. It was realllyyyy easy (like under 5 minutes), and very tasty! Oh, and good with sriracha. (AC)
I made this this morning and it was delicious!  Like Tweety, I didn't have granules, so I used onion powder and garlic salt.  This was fast and I made it into a breakfast burrito like suggested with sauteed mushrooms, chopped avocado & tomato, hot sauce and veggie bacon!  I will be making this again! (LLG)
Sublime starters
Artichoke, kalamata, and sun dried tomato mini pizzas with garlic and rosemary
These were a little expensive to make (gourmet-type ingredients) but really easy and quick to assemble. They were also extremely delicious and my guests were very impressed! (vegshari)
Asian asparagus wraps
My friend had some leftover phyllo from the apple puffs so she made these. Asparagus is one of my favorite foods, so this recipe is now on my top fave list! Really good and impressive! (jemaineslover)
These are so easy to make and look very impressive. It's easy to just munch on them and eat like a pound of asparagus. Sometimes I make the asparagus up until the part where you wrap them and toss them with pasta instead. I found they didn't keep overnight--they're best when fresh and cruncy, but this isn't hard because you'll want to eat them up when they come out of the oven anyway. (aggplanta)
Asparagus, portabella, and kalamata triangle puffs

Creamy hummus with variations
I made the lowfat version of this (as suggested in the recipe). It's flavorful yet versatile and easy to make. I like the amount this makes too. (jemaineslover)
served as an appetize before dinner.  The verdicts out on this one.  My sister liked it, but I found it too lemony (which I knew it would be lemony and tought I would like it lemony but I don't) and the tahini seemed to be overpowering it.  I might have to play with this one some. (tweety)
Made the lower fat hummus, with less than 2 tbsp of olive oil and used water for the remaining of the liquid portion. Delicious, creamy hummus. Not too tangy which surprised me since this is from Tess! My father gobbled this up as fast as we could make it, who does not like this "health food stuff", so this is a huge compliment! (blinknoodle)
Delectable lowfat egg rolls
YUM! These are so easy to make and really delicious. They remind me of the egg rolls at the local Chinese restaurant, but way healthier! (jemaineslover)
fun and easy to make and eat. i winged things a bit for the filling and thought it tasted a little off. i should try making it the *right way* lol but the idea of using phyllo for something like this is awesome. (baypuppy)
My friend made these, and they're some of the best grape leaves I've ever tried. Really flavorful but not as greasy as the ones at most hfs. (jemaineslover)
Edamame miso dip with black sesame crackers
Yum! I couldn’t find black sesame crackers, but the regular kind worked fine. This dip was really delicious, and reminded me of sharp cheese. I wouldn’t change a thing, it was so good! (vegshari)
This is an excellent dip! Creamy, smooth, salty with a bit of zip. It is hard to place the flavours exactly, but I know it tastes great. I served it with veggies and bread (didn't have any sesame crackers). (blinknoodle)
Fresh Thai spring rolls
(with peanut sauce) -They were the best spring rolls I've ever had, no joke. This recipe is worth its weight in gold! Also the best peanut sauce I've ever tried too. I was tempted to omit ingredients from the sauce, but I ended up making it exactly according to the instructions. SO glad I did! Totally worth it, really amazing, rich flavor. (vegshari)
I just made these last night and they were very fresh tasting, visually appealing with all the light colors and the peanut sauce really gave it that something extra. I was being really slow and careful because it was my first time using rice papers but it was way easier than I thought. (aggplanta)
Green bread
We made up a ton of this spread and are keeping it in the freezer to use anytime. It works great and it's really the best garlic bread EVER. (jemaineslover)
Lemon cilantro pakoras
OMG! Freakin amazing. I made these for guests (I did an Indian dinner with recipes from this book) and they were gone so fast. Everyone was so impressed and said they were the best pakoras they’d ever tried! (vegshari)
These were delicious. Since we didn't want to deep-fry them, we experimented to see what we liked best: baked, pan-fried or fried in an aebleskiver pan. The baked version was the easiest and tasted the best. Wahoo! (blinknoodle)
Mango cucumber spring rolls
I asked my husband "Is it good?" he's all like "Hell yeah dude!" So thats good cuz he never gets very excited about food hehe..I was asking him what he thought while he was eating it and his only comments were it was a little heavy on the mango, but otherwise really good.. Also the sauce is REALLY sweet, and not spicy enough (tho we are heavily addicted to super spicy food) maybe cut down a little on the sugar in the sauce, and maybe try using chili paste instead of chili flakes for the spicy?.. it would also make the sauce thicker, which wouldnt be a bad thing..One other thought is that they would be really good with a squeeze of lime in each roll before you roll it up.. you can never go wrong with lime and thai food hehe..All in all these were great.. they were a nice change of pace from the spring rolls i normally make, the mango is a nice change.. (oktokrewl)
These were really good and fresh! I thought the sauce was a little too sweet as well, but my husband thought it was perfect. (dancer)
Olive oil with crispy garlic and rosemary (with sourdough)
I really like this dip. It's so easy and you can never have too much garlic. I may take a bath in this at some point. (jemaineslover)
Nori rolls with creamy ginger wasabi and lemon lime soy sauce
The sauces make this extraordinary. I really like the way they complement each other. They were also easy to make and really fresh. So good. (jemaineslover)
Indian papadams

Indian phyllo samosas

Rosemary mushroom strudel

Sourdough bruschetta
This was delish. Of course, how can you go wrong with lots of basil and fresh tomatoes! I ate a ton of this for my "breakfast" yesterday...and then had serious garlic breath...LOL...It was worth it! I didn't have sourdough. I used plain italian bread that I toasted. (VeganSapien)
Southwest spring rolls
these required you to make up a sauce before making the spring roll, because the sauce is right there in the wrap. But really, they were very easy to make. The green chili sauce did only take me 9 minutes to make, just as she promised! And this was a very unusual blend of flavors, but very very good! Kind of like a fiesta in your mouth! (vegshari)
Sun dried tomato hummus with sourdough

Tempura asparagus nori rolls
1. the sweet dipping sauce, i used agave instead of BRS. it was VERY GOOD!! DR really liked the tempura asperigus (and i ended up making a pound b/c she wanted to nibble). the whole frying them was pretty easy, and i hate frying in oil. i would suggest a splatter screen! i think these were good, but the rice was bland not having anythign in it. i also made some avocado rolls for dinner with this, which had seasoned rice vin on them, and i wonder if that would give them a little something something. i was unclear if i was supposed to wait until things were cool before making these (like the rice--usually you cool it before rollin' sushi). i made them when things were still warm, but not "hot warm" and it worked well. but the dipping sauce: yum! i might try 3:2 soy/agave to let it be a little more salty next time but it was gooooooood stuff. (baypuppy)
I LOVE these! That is a favorite dish of mine at a sushi bar locally, but it is so nice to be able to make them myself! The sauce is simple and yummy and the tempura is to die for. Literally, I would take a bullet for the stuff. YUM! (jemaineslover)
Thai spinach nests
Really, really tasty and flavorful! So healthy too, and easy to make. (vegshari)
Three citrus asparagus

Vegetable tempura with ginger daikon sauce
(tempura on asparagus nori rolls) I really like the tempura. (baypuppy)
Vietnamese spring rolls
Wow, talk about flavor! I am absolutely addicted to these now. but that is fine because they make me feel great when I eat them! they are really light and full of antioxidants and great ingredients. I have a new favorite food. (vegshari)


Simple sides
Anna's zucchini
really easy to make but really, really good! I had never used that exact technique with zucchini, it was so simple but really tasty (vegshari)
Apple pie acorn squash
I had this at dinner and then breakfast the next day. My mom actually made it, not me. I love the amaranth in it--I'd never think to do that. It's a really wholesome but sweet tasting dish. Like a vegetably oatmeal. Guess that's why it called to me at breakfast. (aggplanta)
Cilantro lime rice
Another winner! Really delicious and super flavorful. I love all of the complex, bold flavors in this. So good. (vegshari)
Very good - Andy loved it!  I'm not a huge fan of cilantro, so I didn't use that much, but it was still a very dominant flavor....I served my bean, corn, salsa and avocado mixture over it - perfect! (erinmonster)
Coconut lime rice

Creamy polenta
I’ve always avoided homemade polenta because it seemed like such a pain to make. But this recipe is so easy and quick. The results were fabulous too, really smooth and rich. Everyone who ate this was raving and thought I’d spent hours making it! Ha! (vegshari)
Cucumber dill toss

Easy and addictive eggplant chips
They were SO GOOD!!!! Really easy to make too. I love how simple they were to make, but how totally delicious the results were. I can see why quintess says you could eat a whole eggplant this way! I could have kept eating these forever! (jemaineslover)
fast and easy side dish I made the other day.  I had to force myself not to eat the entire eggplant at once.   (tweety)
awesome!  I make a whole eggplant for myself.  I do vary up the spices each time and never use that much oil. (erinmonster)
SO GOOD. A great tamari flavored, definitely addictive snack. (aggplanta)
yes, these are delicious!  Very simple to make. I love eggplant and typically use it in italian style dishes. I liked how this came out tasting very asian inspired dish thanks to the soy sauce.  I will make these again for sure. (thirteenblackbirds)
Ful mudhamas
I made these because I needed a quick meal and had all of the ingredients. They were surprisingly delicious, and I followed the recipe exactly. I will be making these like every week from now on. Perfect. (vegshari)
VERY good!  I was actually surprised at the Ful Mudhamas, (I used canned pinto beans), they were delish! (stacydan)
Garlic mashers
I actually have this recipe memorized, I use it so much!!! Really perfect and delicious, flavorful mashed potatoes. Yuuummmm.... I almost always serve them with: Scrumptious Shiitake Gravy (jemaineslover)
big hit at my Xmas dinner....very good!!!  Mom said she couldn't tell that I used almond milk instead of real milk. (tweety)
Joe's guacamole
served as an appetizer before dinner and it was a big hit, especially with my BIL.  Mom commented that she never heard of using garlic in guac before and loved it.  I made it and then went to the store for fresh cilantro and they were out, so I added a bit of powdered coriander and cumin. (tweety)
Kid's choice guacamole
I leave out the cilantro because I hate cilantro, but otherwise I love the perfect blend of flavors in this. (jemaineslover)
Kid's favorite veggie fried rice
I couldn't wait to let my rice be "leftover," so it didn't have the right texture, but it was still a tasty, easy dish. I used kale instead of spinach, and some fresh corn. I also added some veggie broth powder. Realllyyyy simple if you already have the rice done. (AC)
Kid's kale
Not too different from one of my usual kale preparations, so it was good. I didn't use black kale, and I didn't do ribbons. I did stick with the 2 cups, and it turned out to be a lot less than we usually eat, but that's fine. It was good with the pasta. (AC)
In a word:  AMAZING! Love it so much much I made a 2nd batch on the spot using up about 8 cups of kale that I got from the CSA last week. (tweety)
Krazy kale chips
They were really addicting and easy to make. I could eat them all day, every day! Great flavor! (tempehtime)
Count me among the fans of Krazy Kale Khips.  I could do with the salt, as I found it a tad too salty, but sooooo good. (tweety)
This is my first time having kale and it was freaking delicious!!  I ate it all by myself.  I will probably add more garlic granuals next time (just because I really like garlic). (LLG)
Mexican fiesta rice
I really liked this rice. It's a great Mexican rice! (AC)
Moroccan quinoa
really easy to make but really, really good! The quinoa had a really wonderful flavor, especially since it's a "green" recipe (lowfat, ultra-healthy). I love all of the contrasting spices and flavors, so yummy!! (vegshari)
very tasty.  I had raisons on hand and used those and I used orange zest and fresh squeezed OJ.  Very good! (tweety)
Tasty quinoa salad. I wondered if the water-quinoa ratio was off, though, because my quinoa slightly mushy. I am also not really a fan of plumped up dried cranberries, so I may add them at the end next time. Really liked the flavours, though. (blinknoodle)
Oven fries
very good (kb)
Yum...I love french fries and I really like the spices in this recipe.  Perfect with lots of ketchup! (lotus)
amazing. I've always disliked oven fries because they're not at all like real fries, but these were really really good. All that garlic and the yummy spices.. yums. (ponycakes)
I made these with sweet potatoes (3 cups) and thought they were great. Nicely flavoured and I loved the bits of fresh garlic goodness.  I paired them with a miso gravy dressing and they were awesome! (blinknoodle)
Oven roasted cauliflower with rosemary and garlic
These are DELICIOUS! My husband raved about them all through supper. He didn't want anyone else eating his cauliflower. He even raided the fridge for cold cauliflower later in the evening. Try these, you will love them. (jessesmum)
Yum! I love roasted cauliflower. I used the vinaigrette for the oil/garlic, added a splash of wine vinegar (no balsamic left), and the other ingredients. I let it marinade for a while, and then roasted it. A yummy way to have cauliflower. (AC)
I don't think I will ever make cauliflower any other way, ever again! I could eat it daily. (jessesmum)
I was surprised just how great this was.  Best cauliflower dish I've had. (thirteenblackbirds)
Perfect pinto beans
this is a staple for us. really simple, yummy, and versatile. (christinaknoell)
my first attempt at making pinto beans in the pressure cooker - and they came out pretty good.  I couldn't find any kombu, so I don't know if that made a difference or not, but I ended up adding a bunch of spices to them right before eating.  (erinmonster)
Quick and healthy herbed garlic bread

Seasoned Indian basmati rice

These were good. I'll have to make them again to add some more comments! We enjoyed them. (AC)
Yummy fat free refried beans
Good. I was expecting more, though. I prefer the "refried black blacks" from the triathlon tostadas, though! (blinknoodle)
Zen rice with seaweed gomasio
I would have never thought something this simple would be so good! I loved the combination of flavors in this and could eat it every day as it is very easy to make as well. My bf said he loved it too and wants to make it a staple for our dinners. Yes! (jemaineslover)
Zesty kale with cranberries
This was yummy!  I love kale almost anyway it can be eaten, but this was different from any other way I've tried it.  I liked the sweetness that the orange juice added.  I used agave instead of maple syrup and fresh cranberries instead of dried.  Before adding the kale, I cooked the cranberries in the oj until they split open.  I really liked the flavor of the cranberries with the kale.  I'm guessing it would be more subtle with dried cranberries though.  I think there are lots of fun ways to experiment with this recipe.  I look forward to making it many more times. (lotus)
I loved loved loved this recipe!   The combination of everything worked very well was sweet...zesty....tart....and spicey. I used dried cranberries that were sweetened, and with the maple syrup I found them just a tad too sweet and might use real cranberries or leave out the maple syrup. My only regret is I only made one batch. (tweety)
This is a nice, different kale recipe. I added more orange juice and lemon zest with the juice. I didn't add any sweetener, and don't think it's needed. (AC)
Scrumptious salads
Asian salad with peanut dressing

Avocado and grapefruit salad with chili roasted almonds

Baby greens with arugula, apples, and caramelized pecans
It was really delicious and pretty quick, especially since I just used Annie's raspberry dressing. The pecans were so yummy and really put this salad over the top! (vegshari)
one of my favorite salads! this is a great way to kick off dinner.  I've made it several times, but haven't bothered with the arugula.  The maple-pecans and apples are delicious. My husband and I both love the dressing (I use strawberry jam cause he's crazy for strawberries) which tastes kind of like a syrup.  I am impressed with how easy the dressing is to make, and I make it frequently to just put over baby greens when I don't feel like making the entire salad after work. (thirteenblackbirds)
Baby greens with light miso ginger dressing

Black bean, cilantro, and apricot salad
It was so good!! I didn't expect it to have so much flavor for being so low in fat and calories, but it was absolutely mouth-watering. I tossed everything together and ate it without marinating it much and it was still good. Absolutely fabulous! (vegshari)
both DR and LF love this. LF said it was "the best salad she ever had" and that is "tasted like heaven." she was talking about this this morning. i added a BIG can of blackbeans, forgot the corn (i put it in a cup to defrost and...oops!) and it was excellent. i will be making more of this soon. (baypuppy)
very good!  I could really taste the ginger and that took some getting used to, but I loved it with fresh organic baby spinach leaves, it was very filling and delicious, I loved that I didn't have to heat anything up; very easy to make and so colorful! (stacydan)
OMG I so loved this!  Fantastic!  I followed her emphatic advice to marinate it for several hours and I agree that is a crucial step because it tasted much better many hours later.  The mixture of all the various ingredients like appricots, cilantro, mango juice, lime, soy sauce and ginger is brilliant.  I omitted the salt.  I used some lettuce I got from the CSA rather than spinach and served the beans on top. (tweety)
YUM! The dressing is phenomenal! I cooked my own black beans, used mango nectar (instead of juice), lemon juice (instead of lime - lime would be even better) and increased the carrots because I omitted the corn, but otherwise followed the recipe. Delicious! I love the mix of crunchy from the carrots, soft from the beans, silky from the spinach and delicious sweet and fruity dressing. (blinknoodle)
Chili ginger cabbage
This dish was also really delicious. So full of flavor, and I felt really good about eating it! I love all of the matchstick pieces of ginger in there and the combination of flavors was spot on. A keeper. (vegshari)
I was an interesting mix of lime, chili,. ginger,  and crunchy cabbage which made a delish sidedish to accompany a veggie burger for a lunch work.  I used Thai chili's and loved it! (tweety)
pretty good....very reminicent of the salad they serve at the Thai restaurant we go to....maybe next time I'd half the recipe so I wouldn't have so much left over. (erinmonster)
Fatoush salad
I recommend this; made it back in the recipe testing days and it was great!   (Storm)
French lentil salad with sourdough croutons and pomegranate balsamic dressing

Greek salad

Indian kuchumber salad
I made this to go along with my Indian dinner. It was quick and easy to make and so delicious. I’ve had this in Indian restaurants and this is the best version I’ve ever tried! I’m so excited to be able to make this at home! (vegshari)
super easy and very good! (stacydan)
I am not entirely sure what this is supposed to taste like, but I found this a bit bland and oily as written. I added more lime juice and salt to brighten the salad. Otherwise, simple to prepare, but will not be making a repeat performance here. (blinknoodle)
Italian bread salad with tangy basil vinaigrette
this recipe is so amazing!! the flavor combination of the dressing and the sourdough bread is absolutely delicious! i usually hate salads because everyone thinks that's the only thing a vegan eats but dang!!! this was mouth watering! i think the taste of the kalamata olives really compliments the tangy basil vinaigrette. (jessesmum)
I love garlic and bread and salad so this was bound to be a pleaser. Great way to use stale bread. Everyone loves this when I make it. Probably not something you want to eat on a date though, it's very garlicky. (aggplanta)
super easy and very good! (stacydan)
Japanese salad with ginger magic dressing

Princess salad

Shiitake, walnut, and dried cranberry salad
Really really yummy! Easy to make and the flavor combo was really divine. I will be making this again for company and special events. It's also good for everyday, though cuz it's quick and easy. (vegshari)
I really liked this salad! My typical flavour combo is almond-lemon-cranberry, so I pushed my boundaries when I listened to Tess to use walnut-orange-cranberry. Delicious! I never would have thought to combine it with shiitakes, either. To make this a main course salad, I plated the baby spinach first, then topped with cooked adzuki beans. I panfried 3 cups of sliced shiitakes caps and added that to the marinade with the onions. I added that on top of the beans, then I sprinkled the entire salad with the walnuts and dried cranberries. Lovely! (blinknoodle)
Spinach, orange, and toasted almond salad
I really liked this. Light, tasty and healthy. A starter salad, though. I used 2 large navel oranges to feed 4 people and sectioned them to remove all the pith. I marinaded the red onion in the dressing for at least 20 minutes prior to plating (a tip I've picked up from America's test Kitchens for people like me that are scared of spicy raw onions). Delicious with the light balsamic and toasted almonds. I subbed agave nectar for the maple syrup without problems. (blinknoodle)
Spinach strawberry salad
I decided to make this because of the beautiful picture in the insert. It was really easy to make and had tons of flavor. I will be making this again and again, really wonderful. (vegshari)
(I think I already reviewed this one, and it was really good as always!) (vegshari)
Thai spring roll salad with peanut sauce
Like most of the recipes in this book this dish is refreshing and light and packs tons of flavor. I feel healthier after eating this! My mom loved it too, for it's crunchy, fresh taste and the beautiful bright colors. (aggplanta)
Thai tofu and tropical fruit salad
I used 2 Tbsp of minced yellow onion in place of the shallot. For the dressing I only used a shake of the red pepper flakes and tamari (as opposed to shoyu or soy sauce). I used canned pineapple instead of fresh, and added an extra kiwi. I omitted the garnish due to possible allergies.I blindly put all of the dressing onto the salad, but it was a lot of dressing!! I found the dressing overly acidic but maybe just because there was too much of it? It had a strong sesame oil flavour, but I liked it. Not overly minty and not overpowered by the cilantro. It smelled heavenly. Next time I will use only half the dressing. The kids gobbled it up. No spoon feeding tonight! But what 4-year-old doesn't like kiwi, mango and pineapple! We even got L to eat spinach. I asked P how he liked it, "too sweet, too acidic?" and he said "too yummy". (K2)
I loved this salad. The tofu was awesome tasting. I picked all of the pieces out of the salad I wish I had more! This was the first time I actually used a real shallot...I always sub in onions...The flavor was yummy and I think its what made the tofu taste so nice. I used fresh pineapple and it tasted amazing with the dressing. It was a lot of dressing. I had a lot left at the bottom of the bowl. Next time I will halve it or save some before pouring it all on. Overall, awesome and healthy! (VeganSapien)
so amazing. My first time using shallots! Stunning flavor combo! (VeganSapien)
loved it, loved it, loved it!  Having fruit for supper was interesting and cool.  I had some papaya and cut back on the pineapple, used red pepper flakes, and the store was out of shallots but onions worked well.  I didn't have an peanuts or coconut to garnish.  I bet the coconut would have made it super awesome.   I'm having rouble finding unsweetened coconut, but am going to the HSF tomorrow to look.  (I also served it the portabellos from the Vegan Table). (tweety)
A very tasty main-course salad. I liked the addition of the lime-tamari tofu with the multitude of tropical fruit. As suggested, I halved the dressing and found it worked well because I am not a dressing-heavy person. I omitted the mint completely and just used cilantro. She says serves 2 as a main course, but I got more like 3-4 main course portions. Yum! (blinknoodle)
Sauces and dressings that will change your life
9 1/2 minute green chile sauce
I made this to put in the southwest spring rolls. It really did only take about 9 minutes to make and was so, so flavorful. Our family has been a little under the weather this week, and I feel like this recipe (as with quintess' other recipes I tried this week) are acting as good medicine to improve our health. Oh, and this was delicious! I will be using this on all of my Mexican food from now on. (vegshari)
Alex's pineapple habanero HOT sauce

Blueberry citrus sauce

Chunky ginger pineapple sweet and sour sauce
i didn't care for this. i'm not sure what it was, but it was a bit spicy-sweet vs. savory sweet like i was thinking. LF and DR liked it enough to eat it but i think we still have some in the fridge. (baypuppy)
Cilantro chutney elixir
This was so fresh tasting and flavorful. It wasn’t the same as what I’ve had in Indian restaurants because I think they use lots of dairy. But I think I actually like this version better. Plus, it was still really authentic-Indian tasting and everyone loved it! Also really easy to make (just swirl in a food processor) and felt so healthy to me. (vegshari)
Classic vinaigrette
This is a good classic vinaigrette. I halved it, and the garlic was a bit overpowering, but that was expected since it's a vinaigrette..with raw garlic! I used it on a salad, and it enjoyed, but didn't enjoy the garlic taste afterward. I also used it as a marinade for the cauliflower recipe, and that was really good! I think I'll use the rest for cooking. It's great that way, though. (AC)
I made this for my Greek salad and it was delicious.  I really don't like using that much oil, but it's ok for special Mother's Day. (erinmonster)
Cleansing miso lime dressing

Creamy ginger wasabi sauce

Creamy mayo to play dead for
The recipe was so fun to read and really talked me through all the steps. I was nervous at first cuz it was kind of runny, but it firmed up quickly in the fridge, just like she said it would. The taste is phenomenal and I love that it's HOMEMADE! No soy, so I can serve it to anyone. It has a really addictive flavor and now I can't wait to use it on everything. YUM. (vegshari)
Delicious and quick Asian brown sauce
I think this is quite a bit more sugar that we're used to in Asian sauces (that I've made), so it wasn't our favorite. (AC)
I have the recipe memorized for this, it is so yummy. I have fed this to lots of people and they always want the recipe. I use this all the time, and I love how quick and easy it is. I always use TOASTED sesame oil in this, so much better that way. (jemaineslover)
loved it! I had to thicken mine with flour (had no arrowroot and corn starch would not work). It was delicious!!! (L2A)
Four flavors dressing
I love sesame, so I tried this. It was SO GOOD! Thick, emerald green, and so flavorful. I would put this on anything. (jermineslover)
Ginger magic dressing
Wow, this is incredible! I could put this on everything. Today I had it on a salad, but I think I'll use it in a veggie wrap tomorrow. It really has a unique and delicious taste that I can tell will be addictive!! (jemaineslover)
put this on a salad. heaven. a very flavorful dressing compared to "store stuff." i've been eating more salads/raw veggies and think this will become a staple in my fridge. it has a lot of good stuff in it for you and a deep flavor that develops with time. (baypuppy)
Got dressing
I made this because I noticed it had lots of my favorite ingredients (tahini, ginger...). It did not disappoint. Now I am craving this dressing on everything! It's even better (and I'm sure healthier) than the tahini-ginger sauce I've had in fancy restuarants. (jemaineslover)
Lemon lime soy sauce

Light balsamic dressing

Light ginger miso dressing
SOOO GOOD! I'm just eating it on some spinach, but the salad that it's used in in the book sounds really good too. Yum yum, and not super fatty either. (ponycakes)
Moroccan pomegranate sauce
I used cornstarch to thicken up my sauce because I had no arrowroot & it came out to the perfect consistency. This sauce is very good & not as sweet as I thought it was going to be. (jessesmum)
Pomegranate balsamic molasses
This took quite a while to cook down for me. I had it on a low simmer for 1 3/4 hours & it finally looked like it was beginning to thicken. I took it off the heat & let it cool. Once it cooled down, it was very molassesy....and the colour is beautiful! I used a little to make the Moroccan Pomegranate Sauce & still have some left in the fridge. (jessesmum)
Quick, creamy, and dreamy miso dressing

Rich tomato sauce
I had to use a 28 oz can of diced tomatoes, instead of the mix with tomato sauce (so it wasn't as saucy). I usually make my own sauce, so I decided to try this mixture. However, I did use a small onion processed with the garlic (instead of the granules). I'm sure the lack of sauce was part of it, but the color came out a bit off..just not as red as regular. That's fine, though. It tasted good, but it was a bit too sweet! I don't usually add sugar to my sauce, but I think the onion might have made it sweeter, too. Nice to try. (AC)
Scrumptious shiitake gravy
I never went near a mushroom before this gravy. Now, I actually eat them on a regular basis because of this recipe! So incredibly good, I could eat this by the cupful. Seriously. You think I'm kidding. I'm not. Get me a cup and I'll show you. (jemaineslover)
Simple sesame miso sauce

Spicy onion chutney
fantastic!!  I will be making this all of the time! (erinmonster)
Tahini lemon dressing

Tamarind date chutney
I really like this too. Easy, although a tad time consuming. Lots of straining. I ended up eating the second non-strainable goods because it was mainly dates. I will likely have to make it again, and soon, because I dropped it on the floor today and lost 70% of it all over my cupboards.. I think I should have enough to make the red lentil, spinach and tamarind dish, though. (blinknoodle)
Tangy basil vinaigrette
(with Italian bread salad) i think the taste of the kalamata olives really compliments the tangy basil vinaigrette. (jessesmum)
Thai green curry sauce
This was good and flavorful, but I added too much garlic, and it came out a bit overpowering. (AC)
Thai sweet chili sauce
(with mango-cucumber spring rolls) maybe cut down a little on the sugar in the sauce, and maybe try using chili paste instead of chili flakes for the spicy?.. it would also make the sauce thicker, which wouldnt be a bad thing (Oktokrewl)
(with mango-cucumber spring rolls)I thought the sauce was a little too sweet as well, but my husband thought it was perfect. (dancer)
The peanut sauce
This is the best peanut sauce I have ever had. I cannot get enough of this stuff. Incredibly delish--lots of ingredients, but I always make it exactly because it is so amazingly scrumptious. Another bath item. (jemaineslover)
ha, this is THE peanut sauce. lots of flavors in this one and some nice healthy additions like molasses. i did about 1 tb sriracha (i'm not a spice baby) and thought it was a touch too much sugar. i'll cut the sugar down next time but--even a little sweet-- this is a fine sauce! very good with veg, tofu and some brown rice. (baypuppy)
Toasted sesame orange teriyaki sauce
This was easy to put together.. and nicely flavoured. A bit sweet for me, though (although yes I realize this is a teriyaki sauce). I originally forgot about orange juice and zest completely but once added, it was nice. Not too overpowering at all with freshly squeezed OJ. I made half a recipe for the Skinny dinny, but I am not sauce-heavy so I still have oodles left over. Next time I would only make a quarter recipe. (blinknoodle)
Vanilla bean caramel sauce
I served this to my mom and she almost fainted. So incredibly good. I have used this with the Apple Turnovers recipe and also on other things. Really, really delicious. And it is really quick to make. I never used a vanilla bean before this, but it's worth it. (jemaineslover)


Everyday Entrees
Alethea's Caribbean black beans
very yummy!  I love the combination ofpineapple and beans. (katzenfreund)
This was easy to prepare/make and delicious!  Even though I accidentally (only slightly) burned the onions.  I used coconut milk to cook my rice in and the whole meal was yummy. (LLG)
These are really flavourable beans. I liked the addition of the pineapple with its burst of sweetness. My onions were really caramelized which worked out well, too. My only suggestion for next time is to double the pineapple - this dish could take it. Plus, half a pineapple was 2 cups, so this way I could use the whole pineapple for the one dish.  A tasty twist for black beans, though. (blinknoodle)
Bailey's tofish with tartar sauce
Really good. I also like the beer battered tofish, but I feel less guilty eating this version! I love how lemony it is and the tartar sauce is the best I have ever tried. And I've tried a lot of tartar sauces...just sayin. (jemaineslover)
I know I'm like Quintess' worst nightmare, because I don't really measure when cooking, so I'm always just reviewing my own variations of recipes. Anyway, I thought this was ok. I made my own tartar sauce, which was good, but my tofish wasn't crispy at all, and I think the tsp of kelp was a bit too much. I did use kelp powder, so that's probably different than granules? It is good with tartar sauce, though. (AC)
Black eyed peas with kale
One of my favorites. I've made this several times now.  I'd buy the cookbook just for the bean recipes...the ones I've tried have been pretty easy and soooo good. (permanentgrin)
i make this a lot for our family. it is so quick, easy, healthy and delicious. we usually have it with rice and even my meat-eating husband loves it! (christinaknoell)
PERFECT! I can't think of anything to do to the recipe to make it any better (which says a lot for me. I always have to 'fix' something in a recipe). (sb)
This was wonderfully simple and delicious!  Chicky Baby definitely makes this amazing.  (lotus)
delicious!  Very creamy! I think black eyed peas are my new favorite bean (pea, I guess).  (erinmonster)
I loved this!! So did the whole family. It was my first time making BEPS and I was pleasantly surprised. My son had his kale raw and plain beans (with salt) but he did have a bite of mine and liked it. Next time he can just eat what we are eating. Red Hot sauce is awesome on this. thanks Tess!!! (L2A)
After making AFR's Mango BBQ beans with black eyed peas, I was hankering for more black eyed peas! This is a great dish! Lemony, garlicky beans with the kale. I didn't use any hot sauce, but maybe next time will add chili flakes. Yum! (blinknoodle)
Creamy adzuki beans
I made this back in the recipe testing days and it was  great!  I recommend it! (Storm)
One of my favorites. I've made this several times now.  I'd buy the cookbook just for the bean recipes...the ones I've tried have been pretty easy and soooo good. (permanentgrin)
I have made alot of the recipies, but I have to say the creamy adzuki beans are a favorite...even my non vegan hubby like them (potatohead)
Everyone seems to really love this, but I wasn't a huge fan.  This was my first time trying adzuki beans, and I just don't think I like them. Maybe it's because they remind me of kidney beans....but I loved the peanut butter/coconut combo. (erinmonster)
Adzukis are my favorite beans! I've been looking forward to making these.  I made in the slow cooker and the smell of coconut milk filled my kitchen all afternoon.  I would maybe lessen the lemon juice a little, it masked the pb/coco flavahs a bit. (babysgotsauce)
I tried to make the creamy adzuki beans but it didn't quite turn out due to operator error and is not the recipes fault! but it was the first time I had used my pressure cooker (which is an electric digital one) and I didn't know what adzuki beans tasted like and I cooked them too long.  I may try these again though and do them on the stove this time because I think these would be good if I hadn't burned them! (stacydan)
This was very very good. I was expecting it to be absolutely amazing, which it wasn't (it just seemed to be missing something)… but it's still a great dish and something I will make again.  I soaked my adzuki beans over night and they took 45 mins or so to cook. (thirteenblackbirds)
I had such high hopes for this dish with all the rave reviews, but I was not a fan. I wonder if it is because I added 2 tsp of salt (recipe says 2.5 tsp), which made it too salty. I wonder if I should try again without so much salt. (blinknoodle)
Deluxe almond veggie burgers
I really like these. They hold together well, are neutral yet yummy, and go great with lots of different toppings. (jemaineslover)
They were really good.  My parents and I really liked the texture, although I forgot to add the rice (i cooked it, then forgot about it.  don't ask...).  I fried them the first time and was surprised at how well they held together...really soft though.  I baked the second batch and think I like them better baked.  They were obviously a little drier that way, but it's just a personal preference. (lotus)
we didn't like this much. It's a very heavy burger with all the nuts and grains, so it is a bit too much to eat these with bread. The flavor was also a little lacking, and the pinto beans (one of my faves) didn't shine through in the final product.  Not bad, but definitely not something I would make again. (thirteenblackbirds)
Easy Indian mung beans
also spelled "moong" in India.  I enjoyed these a lot.  They were quite easy to make and my first try at moong beans, even though I bought a bag several months ago at the Indian store.  I had moong bean dishes in India and this is comparable.  Loved it. (tweety)
Fat free red lentils and spinach with tamarind
After knocking over my chutney, I only had a smidgen over 1/3 cup, so I had enough to make a 2-person serving of this red lentil dish. It was incredibly easy to make once I had the chutney, and the chutney brought an immense amount of flavour to the dish. I really enjoyed this! (blinknoodle)
Fresh Greek delight
Who knew? This whole time I've been making quintess' hummus from this book but never tried this recipe. It is AMAZING. Be sure to use poofy, good pita bread for the most delicious results. Everyone I served this to went nuts! (jemaineslover)
I made this with a collard wrap and omitted the olive oil. Added garlic sprouts. Loved it! (blinknoodle)
Illegal pizza

Late night asparagus bean curry
This is my favorite so far!  It is truly amazing!  I added a whole can of tomatoes and topped it with sriracha.....I love the lemon - at first I thought it was going to be overpowering (I didn't measure, so I thought I had added too much) but it turned out perfect.  I did use a whole lot more red curry paste though.  I can't wait to make it again - and I'll probably double it so I have leftovers.  (erinmonster)
Talk about unique!  This combines Thai red curry with spices usually used in Indian curries (cumin and mustard seeds and corriander).  The fusion totally worked for me as I love both cuisines.  I loved it so much I hate the whole thing in one sitting (it was supposed to make two servings).  I was true to the recipe but only had yellow mustard seeds and not black, but that's trivial. I used pinto beans because that's what I had and it worked well.  Easy and painless to make.   (tweety)
This was really lovely. I was expecting it to be very spicy--although I'm not sure why--but instead it had a really mellow, smooth flavor. I used chickpeas for my bean. I'm not sure how to describe this--none of the ingredients took a central stage, it all just kind of combines in your mouth to make yumminess. This will be a staple dinner, and I thought it tasted even better the next day. (aggplanta)
Lemon tempeh burgers
very good, but I would cut down on the tamari for the burger marinade.  It was pretty salty for my tastes, but other than that, very delicious and easy! (kb)
I love tempeh, so I wasn't surprised at how good this was.  I baked them instead of pan frying them, cut them into slices and put in a whole wheat wrap.  Yum.  (lotus)
Super delish! I thought it'd be too much onion but it didn't taste oniony, just added a savory element. When you bite into it you get some of the lemon juice too, which gives it this juicy burger effect. I ate one while I was cooking dinner and saved the rest for lunches this week, with all the "fixin's." And, this was a very quick recipe to make, not alot of steps or dishes used which is always nice. (aggplanta)
Low fat basil garlic linguine
This recipe came together in no time & was so tasty. I love fresh sweet basil! (jessesmum)
I lived on this for weeks after trying it the first time. It is addicting and sooo easy and quick. I long for summer and its garden fresh basil. (VeganSapien)
This is perfect for a weeknight dinner.  I loved the spicy raw garlic and fresh basil.  I'm pretty sure I added more than 1/4 cup basil. (lotus)
Soooo good!  I wasn't sure about not cooking the sauce, but it was perfect!  I added red pepper flakes and sprinkled some parm on top....this will be a regular!  (erinmonster)
Light and easy. I used 4 grated garlic cloves, the crushed tomatoes (how do you drain crushed tomatoes??), and 4 roma tomatoes, plus some marinated artichokes. (AC)
pretty basic and pretty fantastic tasting.  I used whole grain lingine and because I had a 16 oz. pack and a 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes, I doubled the recipe and have a HUGE amount for lunches this weekend.  I think the addition of the balsamic vinegar is genious and really makes for a more unique taste.  I added crushed red peppers.  Loved it!  I might throw in some kalamata olives in the leftovers. (tweety)
a simple and very good dish. i used whole wheat linguine and it came out perfect. i like this as an easy dinner after a long day at work. (thirteenblackbirds)
I christened my spiralizer by making zucchini noodles with this raw sauce. Delicious!! I love how you just mixed everything together, no blender needed. Super easy, tasty and healthy! (it must be a blue recipe when you use wheat noodles, because with zucchini noodles, you're laughing at how healthy and simple this is!) (blinknoodle)
Low fat lo mein
fast and tasty. used organic ww odon noddles. i would make this with half the noodles and more veggies in the future. the flavor of the sauce is very nice. recipe was pretty easy to toss together. i used some mixed mushrooms (what i had). great leftovers. (baypuppy)
I substituted the vegetables a bit to fit what I had and what my daughter likes.  It was very, very good.  She has been eating it all day and requested multiple times for me to make it again.  I did omit the ginger, because I haven't like it in any recipe except cookies. (lbarte)
Excellent!  I've made it several times now (and learned that Andy does not like shittake mushrooms, so now I omit them)....I used chili-garlic paste instead of red pepper flakes last night and made it ultra-spicy!  Served with mini egg rolls and hot mustard - so yummy! (erinmonster)
Wow, This dish was amazing!  I took it to work for lunch and shared with two of my co-workers (since my family wouldn't touch it - ewww it had vegetables in it ...) anyway, they Loved it also!  I finally found shiitake mushrooms (after going to 4 stores), they were fresh. (stacydan)
Was expecting more based on the reviews. Would not add all the tamari, 3 tbsp was too much and the recipe called for more. Subbed kelp noodles. (blinknoodle)
Mommo's DLT sandwich
I made this because I had all of the ingredients on hand and just wanted something quick and satisfying. I would have never thought to use dulse this way, but it was great! So quick and healthy, I love it! (vegshari)
Moong dal
ohmygosh, so awesome!  I absolutely loved this dish!  I followed the recipe exactly - my only complaint is that I didn't have enough 'Tomato Deliciousness' for all of the dal - next time I'll either double the tomatoes or half the dal - but either way, it was sooooo good!  At first I was afraid the dal was going to be a bit bland, but in combination with the tomato sauce, it was perfect.  I served it over brown basmati rice.  Oh, I also might use a little less water to cook the yellow peas..... (erinmonster)
Pan fried polenta with rice tomato sauce

Pan grilled burrito or big taco

Rosemary white beans with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes
One of my favorites. I've made this several times now.  I'd buy the cookbook just for the bean recipes...the ones I've tried have been pretty easy and soooo good. (permanentgrin)
This was so good! I didn't have kombu so I didn't use any (what does it do anyway? I might have to get some). I also used just 1 large clove of garlic, since it doesn't get cooked (sorry, I love garlic but not garlic breath!). The flavors went so well together! Garlic-y salty herby goodness. Rosemary is one of those herbs that I love but I rarely think to use. The beans turned nice and could water this down a bit and eat it as a soup/stew. I actually ate it in a wrap with lettuce and tomato in a whole wheat pita. Like an Italian burrito. I highly recommend this one. (permanentgrin)
I thought these were good. I have never had beans with this flavor combo before. It was good. I love the rosemary and sundried tomatoes. Yum! I cooked mine for about an hour...I had soaked them overnight and half the day. A refreshing change to pasta! (VeganSapien)
I soaked my beans overnight and cooked them for at least 2 hours the next day (in a reg. pot, not a pressure cooker). Im not usually an artichoke person, but i think im becoming one! this was quite yummy. but for me, i think the rosemary was a little strong. Its just my taste preference i guess. (LA)
This was tasty and filling.  I never would have come up with this combination, but I loved it!  I added some kale for additional yums.  I added the leftovers to tomato soup the next day.  That was really good too! (lotus)
I liked the Mediterranean flavours.  This was made with canned white kidney beans (2x19oz) with good results! Added in chopped rosemary to the salad since I didn't cook my own beans. I know this would be wonderful with flageolets. (blinknoodle)
Skinny dinny
This is a bowl with quinoa (I used it instead of rice), sauteed veggies and baked tofu with the toasted sesame orange teriyaki sauce. Nothing mind-shattering but nicely flavoured and a good dish. Next time, I would add more broccoli (I didn't have enough so I supplemented with cauliflower). (blinknoodle)
Spinach quesadilla
Amazing!  I sauteed the onions with some chopped mushrooms first and used some fancy garden vegetable tortillas....I had never thought of putting the lid on my pan when making quesadillas, but they turned out perfectly browned and the cheeze actually melted!  (erinmonster)
very quick, filling and Delicious!! (stacydan)
Tasty lowfat tostadas
lives up to its name. A quick and easy recipe to knock out if you are too tired and hungry from work to spend much time in the kitchen. The tostadas use (canned or homemade) refried beans seasoned with dried onion, cumin, garlic, seasoned salt, paprika and lime to give it a nice zip. I usually fry my corn tortillas in oil and appreciated the oil-brushed and baked approach which saved me from washing a greasy fry pan. I thought the "Mandatory Toppings" were not all that mandatory, and used toppings I'm used to for dressing my tostada-shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cilantro and salsa. Light, flavorful and filling! (saskia)
Thai drunken noodles
This is super delicious! Both my husband and I loved it! It's going to be one of our favorite recipes from now on! I looked forward to the leftovers today. Yummers! (dancer)
i made this tonight, subbing LG brown rice for the noodles. it was pretty good. i do feel a little drunk now, having eaten it. my first impression was "i wish there were more veggies in here! its just noodles, sauce, and greens" but then, eating it, i can't imagine it with veg in it. DR really liked it (she squealed) like with the sauce, i think the garlic is overpowering. i can't really taste the mushrooms at all, which is sad to me b/c this was my first shiitake adventure. (baypuppy)
Vegetable pancakes with lemon lime soy sauce

Vitality noodles
delicious!! i followed the recipe closely, but added a little more carrot, cucumber and cilantro. fortunately, i have more noodles and another half cucumber to make more, since we have no leftovers! and! even though i ate a good half of the recipe, i don't feel like a gross fatty, but i'm still full and satisfied. yum. (ponycakes)
At first I wasn't sure about the flavor combo of ginger, lime, soy etc. It's a real punch of flavor--it is so delicious. And the name is perfect because it really wakes you up and makes you feel ready to go! Good lunch for a work day to avoid an afternoon slump. (aggplanta)
Extravagant entrees
Aloo gobi chole
I can’t believe I made this at home! No one else could believe it either. The author says to adjust it with less potatoes if you want it thinner, which I did. I like “runny” curries. So I left out a little bit of the potatoes. It was perfect! So rich and delicious. Everyone was really impressed that I actually made this! (vegshari)
Beer battered tofish with tartar sauce
I made this awhile ago, but forgot about it.  So good!  The batter was really tasty and crispy.  As suggested, I used the remaining batter for onion rings.  The only thing missing was malt vinegar.  I don't fry a lot, but I'll make this again (with malt vinegar). (lotus)
Chili lime noodles
I don't usually like spicy food, but I loved these. Again, I left out the cilantro but otherwise made it exactly. Super, super tasty and made me feel really good too! I love the boldness of flavor. (jemaineslover)
a hit. I'll definitely be making them again! Nice and tangy, lots of flavor! (katzenfreund)
These were INCREDIBLE!! I figured they'd be really good, but OMFG. They were like the best noodles ever. I will be making these all of the time. I also like how the author says they're so good for you and why. I actually felt good about eating these delicious noodles! The instructions made me laugh out loud too! (vegshari)
AWESOME!  I knew these would rock and I bet I'll start making them once a week...I only used 1 tbs of sesame oil and omitted the cilantro....soooo delicious!  (erinmonster)
Thanks to Erin's review above, I had to try them (funny how this forum has been influencing my eating lately).  I agree they were awesome!  I used pure sesame oil (all three tablespoons), was heavy on the siracha, light on the sugar and elminated the salt.   I used Japanese buckwheat soba noodles, so I ate it cold.  I think the leftovers will be good chilled. (tweety)
I decided to make this when I saw tweety's and erinmonster's reviews.  So, I will echo them in saying this is delicious!  I used the "Thai Sweet Chili Sauce" recipe instead of sriracha and used a little more than a tablespoon.  I didn't have peanuts, so it is garnish-less.  Yummy all the same!  I served this as a side to the Sesame Tofu with Fresh Basil and Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. (lotus)
Enjoyed these. I used spaghetti, and decreased the garlic. Also added some red pepper. (AC)
Cornmeal tofu and Asian vegetables with sweet and sour sauce
Made the tofu exactly as said....I had divided the coating in half in case I needed to do 2 batches, and half was enough for the whole tub of if you are like me and like to save on ingredients, just make half of the cornmeal coating. My kids loved this tofu.....Lyle even asked for seconds (a RARITY!!!). We made the sauce but did not have that asafideta stuff so we skipped it and it still came out great. We used different veggies to try and use up stuff from our CSA. Peppers, onions, carrots, and I think that is it. None of us likes mushrooms anyway. I might try pureeing the sauce for the leftovers just to try it smooth instead of chunky (in the Vitamix). Overall, a great meal that I would make ate the tofu and rice plain, but at least I did not have to cook two separate meals. Thanks Q!!!! (L2A)
Crunchy tempeh with Moroccan pomegranate sauce
This meal had to be made in 3 steps but it is not time consuming. Everything came together very quickly. The coating recipe for the tempeh made more than I needed, so the leftovers are stored in a container in the freezer....very nice, crunchy coating. A resounding "yum" from all of us. (jessesmum)
Crusted tempeh with avocado mango salsa
yummers! salsa: -underripe mango (d'oh! it was a bit sour but still good!) -no fresh pepper, used 1/2 tsp dried powdered cayenne -no cilantro, left out -no red onion, subbed white -used coconut oil--2 TB is a bit strong with coconut, but better after it sat for an hour or so. coating:used reg whole wheat flour - used thyme instead of oregano the frying (i don't do it often!) made a total mess and set off the fire alarm. the cutlets, on their own, are very good. i'm not generally a fan of tempheh, but the marinade and coating are yummy and go well with the salsa (or prob a whole lot of other things) DR also tried some and was all "oh yummy nom nom nom." she also went on and on about the flavors in the salsa. she doesn't even really like tempeh. i have a feeling i'll be making it more often now. (baypuppy)
I really liked this dish. It was so yummy and my kids like it too! Perfect! Don't alter the recipe. (ccknoelle)
best tempeh I've ever made or tried--so delicious and crisp! The salsa was really great too, my favorite foods worked great together here (mango and avocado) for a very tasty and unusual dish that I will for sure make again and try out on people who have never eaten tempeh. Yummy. (jemaineslover)
my family really loves this dish! I love tempeh and this dish is really perfect, especially with the crunchy coating and delish salsa. (christinaknoell)
Green chili and tomatillo tamales
I've never made tamales before, but I've eaten them lots of times. These were actually the best tamales I've ever had! I can't believe I made tamales all by myself! But I did it, and I feel so proud of myself! They felt really light (as quintess says, they have way less fat than regular tamales), but were really satisfying. I used the green chili sauce recipe from RHIW to top them and it was a delicious combo. They were especially good with some vegan sour cream on top with some beans and rice on the side. Oh, and I should mention that I was concerned at one point that the mixture wouldn't firm up. But letting them steam the whole hour made them firm up great. They really need that whole hour I think. Overall, an excellent recipe---Success!!! (vegshari)
OMG I love these! DR was eating leftovers and making "yum" sounds as she ate. i woke up thinking about eating these. pretty easy to make, i added about 1/2 c water to the mix to help it come together more (it was still a little crumbly) but after steaming they were moist and together. 5 stars! also, i didn't add the chilis and they were still very flavorful. (baypuppy)
I used this recipe more as a guide for a different filling, but I loved it! You don't need masa filling with tons of margarine!  I used the filling for sweet potato and black bean tamales from Viva Vega, added 1/4 cup Earth Balance (melted it in the pan) with the black bean mixture. Then I added all of the black bean filling to the masa filling. I kept the sweet potato part separate. 500g of sweet potato did not even come close to filling all my tamales, so that needs to be doubled, if not tripled. I ended up making around 50 tamales, but they were obviously more on the small side. But dude, these were great and nearly guilt-free!  (blinknoodle)
Kung pao tofu with broccoli and shiitake mushrooms
I love this dish. So good. I am not a fan of orange-flavored sauces, so next time I think I'll use my favorite sauce instead. That would be...(jemaineslover)
Lemon asparagus linguine
I love lemon and asparagus...and linguine. So naturally I liked this dish a lot. The balance of the flavors were spot on and it was a huge hit with everyone who tried it. Really easy to make since I have a new citrus zester too. (jemaineslover)
this was delicious! Perfect for the asparagus (I had lots of it because it was on sale!) and my guests loved it. I really enjoyed the different textures in this dish and the taste was fresh and delightful. (vegshari)
This was so easy to make.  I added white beans and it came out fantastic! (LLG)
Amazing!!  Soooo effing good, seriously!  I followed the recipes pretty closely, just adding a little less oil and maybe a bit more lemon juice....I think I'd really like this with penne pasta too - I'll try that next time. (erinmonster)
Luscious lasagne
everyone who ate this was blown away and couldn't believe it was vegan!! I can't ever remember liking lasangna better in my whole life, this is really fresh tasting and flavorful! (jemaineslover)
Mexican polenta bake

Saag paneer
Less mild than restaurant saag, but I still really liked it. Which is unusual, because I don't usually like Indian food. This is so much healthier than the usual saag, as I didn't feel like I needed a nap after eating it! (jemaineslover)
I REALLY liked this. I am slowly introducing Indian food into my repertoire because I don't like curries, but I loved this. Creamy and flavourful. I loved the hint of dill (which is probably totally inauthentic) with all the spinach! It is actually quite a rich meal, serving 2-3. For the recipe, we used more tofu (half the package). My suggestion would be to double the whole recipe, use the whole pack of tofu, because it was so delicious and I was begging for more! The other (minor) changes we made were using yellow mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp Aleppo chili flakes, a bunch of fresh spinach (instead of frozen), and olive oil instead of the margarine. (blinknoodle)
Sesame tofu with fresh basil and Thai sweet chili sauce
this one is awesome! my family loves this, and they don't usually even like tofu at all. i don't even make the sauce because we like this just plain, just the delicious tofu. (christinaknoell)
wow. the sesame gives the tofu an added crunch and a nice nutty flavor, with the chili sauce the combination is delish! (aggplanta)
This is really tasty!  I pretty much followed the recipe except I omitted the basil.  I also baked it at 400 degrees for about 15 min on each side instead of pan frying.  (lotus)
Yum! I made this without the sauce, (used a dijon mustard/hotsauce/veganaise sauce instead) The tofu was great and very crispy! I love the way the black and brown seasme seeds looked on it too.  I may try baking it next time, using panko breadcrumbs with it. (babysgotsauce)
Made this again and baked it at 375 for about 20 min for the first side and 10 min for the second.  Its great baked too! (babysgotsauce)
This super tasty recipe makes a nice crispy tofu that absolutely defies the innate blandness of tofu. It also looks pretty with the sesame seeds and basil ribbons. I didn't use the chili sauce because I had a little jar of the prepped kind. (aggplanta)
Shiitake and tempeh puffs with rosemary

Simple and spicy Thai red curry vegetables over jasmine rice

Soba noodles with tempura vegetables and ginger-daikon sauce
Dear Goddess, this is amazing. I could eat this all day and still want more tomorrow. Soooo good, and really yummy with the sauce. So flavorful. My favorite vegetable to use in this is asparagus, but lots of veggies work really well (I even use broccoli, cut up in smaller pieces). I think this may be one of my favorites from the book. (jemaineslover)
Spinach artichoke pizza with rosemary

Thai emerald noodles

Tomato, basil, and roasted pine nut penne
I loved this.  Ivan, who thinks, when eating pasta it has to have tomato sauce commented on how tasty this was. Yummy  (jessesmum)
really super delicious and very easy to make. this is a great one to serve my parents or anyone else who doesn't usually like vegetarian food! (christinaknoell)
Another simple and delicious recipe!  I used toasted pumpkin seeds because I didn't have pine nuts.  The pumpkin seeds were good, but I'm sure pine nuts would be even better. (lotus)
I even took it to my mom's for thanksgiving.  LOVED it!  It was so funny because my family had been making fun of me about the beans that no one could pronounce and when I was packing everything up and my mom got a spoon and took a bite of the penne and her eyes got real big and she said OH MY GOSH, I LOVE THIS!  I just smiled and said, yep it's vegan!  (stacydan)
YUMMY!  Definitely a favorite! (stacydan)
this is a wonderful and easy dish that i've made several times. works great with whole wheat penne.  there's no nutrition info, but the (healthy) ingredients seems pretty fattening, which is unfortunate because otherwise I would make it all the time. I agree that this is ideal to make for company. (thirteenblackbirds)
I loved this.  Rocked the taste buds on so many levels.  I screwed up and only used 8 oz. of penne instead of 16 oz. so it made it all the more better for my taste buds.  (tweety)


The raw dimension
Almond banana power morning shake

Almond milk

Blackberry peach cobbler
I really liked this. It is more of a crisp than a cobbler, though. The proportions are WAY off, though. I made half of the topping (with almonds instead of walnuts) to serve 4. Used around 6-7 cups of fresh fruit for that amount of topping (I used blackberries and raspberries, but next time I will try it with mango), but actually just made the topping and topped the fruit fresh each morning. I thought it was going to be ooky sweet with the additional sugar, but thought it was fine. It all depends how sweet your fruit is. (blinknoodle)
Divine mango pie
so good. I love how healthy it is, and easy to make. If you love mango like I do, you will flip for this dessert. (jemaineslover)
I really liked this. I made half the recipe and split it into 3 ramekins. The crust was a bit crumbly, and worked really well in the ramekins, otherwise I think it would have been hard to serve like an actual pie. The dried mango infused such a pervasive mango flavour, it was awesome. I also happened to use Alphonso mangoes which are to-die-for. Topped with blackberries. Lovely, healthy dessert! (blinknoodle)
Funky chunky guacamole wrap
I used a different guacamole but I loved the combination of ingredients in the wrap. (blinknoodle)
Main dish salad with lemon tahini dressing

Moroccan barley spinach toss
Love this! Light from the orange juice, yet powerful with the cinnamon and cumin. I haven't sprung into sprouting my own grains yet, so I made this with cooked barley. Toasted it first, then simmered for 40 minutes. Added in 3 cups of chopped pea shoots because the greenery was really lacking with only 1 cup of spinach. I found it more balanced with more green. I can't wait to eat the leftovers since the dressing will have had a chance to be absorbed more. (blinknoodle)
Nori rawls with sprouted barley

Raw pesto pate

Raw radiance superballs


Triple omega dip

Triple omega wrap with basil and tomatoes

Zucchini chips to dry for
These were really good. Not as crispy like potato chips because you don't use much oil bu the flavours are great! A great way to christen my new dehydrator. (blinknoodle)
This, that, and bread
Alethea's apple dip

Banana muffins to write home about
really something to right home about. And they were naked muffins. No nuts. No chips. No streusel top. The recipe is easy and deliciously healthy, sweet and moist. I went the the gluten-free route and they came out much better than the babycakes recipe. The muffins blend rolled oats, flour (whole wheat  pastry or gluten-free), flax seed egg and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. I used 1/2 cup evaporated cane juice instead of 2/3 organic sugar or sucanat and they still were plenty sweet. I also tried the Arrowhead Mills gluten-free flour, per Vegwebber suggestion, and found that I liked it much more than the beany Bob's Red Mill brand. Perhaps my only complaint is that the muffins didn't rise much, although that could be because of the gluten-free flour. I like my muffins pure and unadultered, but I think I just might try the (optional) cinnamon brown sugar streusel. Great recipe. (saskia)
good, basic recipe. I was planning on making the topping, but I couldn't find my molasses. The flavor and texture are both really good, and they rose well. I don't think I changed anything, except I didn't use separate bowls for the wet and dry. I bet the oil could be replaced with applesauce? I dunno, we liked them. (AC)
Super yummy! I love the streusel topping. These have a great texture and I love that you use four bananas because it makes me feel healthy. (aggplanta)
OMG, these are AMAZING!  (I didn't tell my kids they were vegan, although maybe I should have, there would have been more for ME!)  My oldest son had 3.  Even my husband had one and said it was good!  My 15-year old liked them also. (stacydan)

Chicky baby seasoning
This a great seasoning recipe! I halved this recipe an it still made a lot. The only thing I didn't have was lemon pepper seasoning. I used this in the Mexican Rice recipe and it was yummy. I wanted to know what the seasoning tasted like on its own, so I add 2 tsp to a cup of hot water and OMG, it tastes just like soup I remember eating as a kid (you know, that powdery Mrs. Grass's soup...) I think I might add some vegan noodles and carrots. Quick and healthy soup and seasoning mix! (VeganSapien)
I made this tonight for the Potato Leek soup and its neat. I need to make up a cup of broth and give it a taste but if the finished Potato Leek soup is any indication of this recipe's goodness, I just may never have to buy bullion again! Yum. (Cali)
I just wanted to note that I have been using this seasoning in place of my typical Knorr Veg bullion cubes. I made mashed potatoes with two tablespoons and rice with three scoops. Fabulous, simply fabulous! Thanks so much Quintess! This is so going to save me tons of money on bullion. (Cali)
i made this. yum. i am eating it plain, but i plan to make soup. (hesp)
I am going to make this up by the double batch just to keep on the stove to spice up everyday things. Plus I plan on making some up and sending it to my Mom! Just because I know she is trying to keep her house low sodium for my Dad. And this, this is perfect! (Cali)
I'm so glad I mixed this up. I did a half batch (used all my NY), did all black pepper, dill seeds, lemon zest, and garlic salt. A great mix to have around! Really great for the "chicken" noodle soup. (AC)
found it really handy for all kind of things. I use it any time a recipe calls for stock or chicken seasoning. So yummy. (jemaineslover)
This book is worth buying for the Chik 'a baby seasoning alone.  I use that stuff all the time, it's not "clumpy" like a lot of the store-bought powders, and the flavor is just awesome! (kb)
I'm obsessed with this seasoning.  I've been adding it to everything.  It's amazing how much flavor it adds. (lotus)
It took me a while to find all the ingredients, but it is so worth it. This seasoning is golden! I am hooked. It is my go-to veggie bouillon and I love to cook beans with it.  (blinknoodle)
Creamy fresh herb spread
I really enjoyed this spread on vegetable sandwiches! I used vegenaise, and added extra herbs. (AC)
Easy apple cinnamon compote

Everything nice popcorn
SO AMAZING!! really delicious with the vanilla and cinnamon. This will be used all the time in my house! (jemaineslover)
Addictive with its sweet/savoury combo topping for the popcorn. It was a bit thick but worked well.. and super tasty! (blinknoodle)
Fruit be bops

Hot cocoa

Indian seed and spice blends

Lemon poppy seed muffins with lemon zest glaze
They rose really well and were super delicous. Definitely a keeper! (vegshari)
These are going to be a treat for breakfast.  I may add a tiny bit more lemon juice next time, but they are really good.  I didn't have maple syrup, so I used agave.  They were very quick to make and like vegshari said, they rose nicely.  I garnished with extra poppy seeds.  Thumbs up! (lotus)
Pan toasted croutons

Peach mango kanten
This was incredibly easy and perfect on a hot summer day. I used just a little over 2 tsp of agar and the result was a little less firm than a jell-o cup and far tastier. I don't know how to describe the texture, kind of like if you mashed jell-o slightly...try it! Hmm....any idea if the agar and juice could make vegan jello shots? (aggplanta)
Quick and delightful zatar wedges

Rosemary herb pizza crust
I've got to say that my kitchen smelled so good while the crust was baking it was almost making me drool. It really came out very nicely and it didn't crumble or break at all when cut. (Storm)
I loved the flavor and my kids liked it too. I loved the herbs and might add extra next time....I am a flavor freak! I might throw in some garlic powder, too. Mine seemed a little heavy...probably because I am not used to whole grain pizza crust. For mine, I made a "cheese" sauce out of vegan cream cheese, vegan mayo, nut yeast and garlic. Topped with baby spinach and tomatoes, then sprinkled on more herbs. It was so awesome! Overall, it was very good and fairly easy to make. (VeganSapien)
Yum! I liked this crust a lot- rose wonderfully. (AC)
i halved this for dinner tonight. very nice! the flour/water ratio was fine (used unbleached for the pastry). the herbs were nice in there! i was surprised at how easy this was to through--it got super big super fast and i ended up mashing it together and starting over so it would fit on my stone. (baypuppy)
Savory mineral sprinkle

Seaweed gomasio

Spiced lime tortilla chips
obvious right?  No, because it never occurred to me to make my own tortilla chips....but it's awesome - I make them constantly, however I've found that different brands of corn tortillas make different types of chips - one brand I got stayed chewy until they were completely brown (burnt).   (erinmonster)
Summer surprise lemonade


Vegetarian chicken broth

Whole grain and flax banana bread
one of my favorites, now my regular recipe (permanentgrin)
GREAT also. yum. i wish it was cool enough to bake these days. (baypuppy)
This is some good banana bread.  I was a little skeptical of the ww flour and cornmeal, but it worked.  It was dense, but not dry.  (lotus)
YUMMERS!!! (baypuppy)
pretty good. Tastes like a banana/cornbread. It's more nutritionally packed than many banana breads.The lower fat banana bread in Veganomicon is still my favorite. (saskia)
It is very good, but not quite like any banana bread I've had before.  I guess the best way to describe it is to say it is more bread like and less cake like.  I don't think it tastes at all like cornbread, but the cornmeal gives it a bit of a crunch.  My daughter is devouring it.  I did reduce the nutmeg and next time will leave it out.  I'm just not a nutmeg fan. (lbarte)
Whole multigrain bread
the best whole wheat bread I've ever made.  It rises great, has a nice texture, very healthy, and just plain tasty!  I would get the book just for this recipe! (kb)
Delicious bread! I've never had 100% whole wheat bread turn out for me before--never rises correctly and is dense and gross. This is a great recipe! I didn't have any amaranth on hand, so I just subbed oats, which worked well. Amaranth would be great in this though! I only got two loaves out of this (2 8" x 4" bread pans) instead of three because I am an idiot and forgot to let it rise a third time. Still turned out great, though I'm sure it would be much lighter and fluffier with another rising--must learn to read directions better. I used all except maybe 1/8-1/4 of a cup of the flour/gluten mixture. (kb)
This bread was sooooooooo good!!!!!!! I couldn't stop eating it! It is nutty, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. My mom loved it also. Great recipe! I was a little skeptical at first because it had three rise times, and the last time I made bread that had three rise times, it came out like a brick. But not these! NO, NO. NO! They were fluffy!  Great!!!!!! (nessa)
Specialty soups
Creamy potato dill soup with pan toasted croutons

Hearty vegetarian chili
Loved it!  Once again, a beautiful recipe. So flavourful. Maybe it's the balsamic vinegar that makes it taste so yummy. It was great the next day warmed up at work for lunch.(jessesmum)
I didn't like the Hearty Vegetarian Chili recipe.  It sort of tasted sweet and sour...I am not sure that is an accurate description but that is what it reminded me of.  It just didn't taste like the way I am use to chili.  I was disappointed. (thhf)
I made a few changes, but this was pretty good. I reduced the sugar and balsamic vinegar to a little less than 1 tbsp and added a chopped green pepper. I also added some cumin and a little celery salt.  My chili powder is flavorful, but not very spicy, so I added a little cayenne.   I used crumbled tempeh with a mixture of dried black beans and pintos, and there were probably more than 2 cans. (lotus)
Immune power soup

Lemon ginger miso medicine
I mentioned this in another post and thought, hey I should officially review it. This was just super-fantastic for my sinusy infected self. It's lemony-salty which sounds funny but was really good and it made my head feel clearer and my whole system feel freshened up. It said medicine so I thought it would taste gross but it does not. Yay, medicine! (aggplanta)
I made this because I was feeling under the weather. All I wanted was a cup of miso soup and this did the trick. It is super quick to put together with pantry/refrigerator staples, which is great when you are actually sick! I liked the combination of lemon, ginger and miso. (blinknoodle)
A real surprise, as I normally hate cilantro. But it was so well balanced in this that I didn't mind. This soup made everyone moan when I shared it with them!! So good, creamy, and lemony. I really loved it. I can't believe I actually ate cilantro. (jemaineslover)
My first bust of a recipe.. I didn't like it, but my guests did (one even asked for the recipe), so there is still hope!  I don't know what mullitgawtny soup is supposed to taste like, but this was basically a coconut-based cilantro and lemon soup. I did not use asafoetida, though, as I have heard it is very pungent. Instead I used a homemade mixture akin to garam masala (3/4 tsp cumin, 3/4 tsp cardamom, 1/4 tsp cloves, 1/2 tsp coriander, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tsp chili flakes and 1 bay leaf). It was a subtle soup, very lemony, to boot. The coconut milk definitely tames the heat, so add more spice if you want it spicy.. and I would likely decrease the lemon juice next time. (blinknoodle)
Old fashioned chicken noodle soup
Yum! This is extremely fast, healthy, and very satisfying. I added a couple more cups of water because I was using a huge pot, and I'm not used to that little amount of water for pasta. I used soba noodles broken in half, quite a bit more "chicky baby seasoning," and some diced cabbage. Oh, and a little bit of lemon juice. I added even more seasoning, and some salt, after tasting. This IS like a ten minute meal. (AC)
Yum yum!  I doubled the recipe and replaced a couple teaspoons of the "chicken" seasoning with a teaspoon of miso (since Josh was sick and needed some miso healing).  I added a bit more carrot and celery and also threw in about half a can of garbanzo beans.  I used mini bow tie noodles.  Delicious and super, super easy to make.  No sauteing or anything! (kb)
Potato leek soup with caramelized shallots
delicious!  Very smooth, great flavor, hearty but not heavy.  Wonderful with some homemade tofu sour cream drizzled in as a garnish! (kb)
yum! (Cali)
We both really loved this soup! It's a great soup. (AC)
A lot of work, but really worth it. This soup is another "moaner." Really spectacular. I served it with the Pan-Toasted Croutons along with the caramelized shallots and it was so good that way. I will be making this for special occasions (so my tofurky has some company!) and anytime I want a really superb soup. (jemaineslover)
i put this in my vitamix to blend it, thus forgetting that is a no no with potatoes and the soup went gummy - yuck! i'll have to try again later. on a good note, the crispy shallots were EXCELLENT!! (baypuppy)
Red lentil, spinach, and lemon soup
This recipe intrigued me with it's interesting ingredients. I ended up using the juice of one whole lemon (after zesting it) & honestly, I could have added more. DH said it was perfect. Tess mentions in the book to start with 1/4 cup of lemon juice but go for it...add a little more. This soup is creamy & lemony & so delicious. Along with the soup, I made Roasted Cauliflower with Garlic & Rosemary & Rosemary White Beans with Artichokes & Sun Dried Tomatoes....supper was good (jessesmum)
I really liked this soup. I just used the juice from one lemon, so it wasn't particularly lemony, but the soy milk made it very creamy with the red lentils. The spinach added nice bulk. Tasty! (blinknoodle)
Oh, sweetness! Delectable desserts
Apple cinnamon raisin pie

Apple puffs with vanilla bean caramel sauce
Holy shit! I died and went to heaven. My friend tasted the sauce when I made it and loved it, so she made this dessert. It seemed really easy to make but it was incredible. I am going to make this for when I have really special dinners! (jemaineslover)
Blackberry peach goodness
so wonderful. Very light (even though I doubled the topping) but rich in flavor. (vegshari)
Blueberry streusel cake with lemon icing
i used unbleached for the cake and whole wheat for the crumble topping. needless to say, i'm officially out of flour. i find the end result very good and omni friendly. a little sweet for my personal tastes, but if i was somewhere i wouldn't turn it down! (maybe it is just looking at that pan knowing we're eating it!) the cake was very moist and light. the topping was enough to easily cover the cake and it got nice and crunchy/yummy, even with the WW flour. this goes into the "things to bake for omni events" / "DR will request this again" box. (baypuppy)
AMAZING!!  This stuff is delicious!  I made it with fresh blueberries (they were super cheap at Safeway for some reason) and Meyer lemons (all I had, but the slight orangey flavor paired nicely with the blueberries).  I think it would be good even without the icing, but the citrus is a nice touch.  It's a good thing that blueberries aren't usually this cheap or I would eat waaaayyy too much of this! (kb)
GREAT also. yum. i wish it was cool enough to bake these days. (baypuppy)
Caramel corn
I made this for my kid's classroom snack and all the children were stalking me afterwards! They kept wanting to know when I would make it again. this is one of my favorite recipes ever. (christinaknoell)
Caramelized banana bliss bombs
AMAZING!! I had made up the sauce a few days earlier, so it only took me a few minutes last night to put this dessert on the table. Really quick and easy, but oh so impressive! I also didn't feel like a fata*s eating it! It was really light, but everyone was moaning at how good it was. Can't wait to make this again for a special dinner! (vegshari)
Carrot spice cake with creamy lemon frosting

Chocolate bliss pie
Can you bathe in a pie? I think I might have to try. This is soooooo good--one of my absolute favorites and I make this a lot for friends. No one can ever believe it's tofu! The extra chocolate topping isn't too hard to make and really sends this over the edge into serious bliss. I guess that is why it's called chocolate bliss! (jemaineslover)
This tasted really good, but for some reason, it never really set.  I ate it like pudding though.  I'd like to make it again to see if I have more success. (lotus)
Chocolate decadence cake
We loved this cake. It is just as good, or better, as all of the other great vegan chocolate cakes that I've made. The only negative thing (totally my fault) was that my frosting was not thick enough. I didn't have enough powdered sugar, so I just added all that I had (almost 2 1/4 C), but added the same amount of choc. soy milk.When I tasted the batter, it was a little bit I was wondering about the cake, but it came out perfectly . My cake rose properly (fell a little bit after coming out of the oven), and I think the liquid amount was great. I think I baked it exactly 30 mins., maybe a couple more. (I used a round cake pan..that was probably 8-9 inches). Yum. (AC)
I doubled this for a bundt pan and it worked great. I did have to bake it a long time. Almost 60 mins. Next time I think I will do about 50 and see if it is okay. I cooked it so long because I wanted to be able to take a pic without it sinking in the middle. I loved the frosting. I purposely made mine a little runny so I could drizzle it on top. BTW, it also makes a fabulous, and I mean fabulous, strawberry dip! Next time I plan to make chocolate covered strawberries to serve with each slice. mmmm...(VeganSapien)
Well, I made my first vegan cake yesterday. Although the presentation was not quite what I had hoped for, the cake itself tasted DELICIOUS! It was my best friend's birthday yesterday, so I had been searching madly for a cake recipe I would feel confident I could pull off without screwing up. (chelsea)
I want to marry this cake. And have a honeymoon with the frosting. Easy to make, and chocolately bliss for sure. (jemaineslover)
Chocolate dipped treasures

Chocolate peanut butter mini cups

Cocoa mint mousse nests
A lot easier to make than I thought at first. Really delicious, as I love mint and chocolate together. I really impressed my boyfriend with these, as they seem like quite a creation when they are served. I like to just make the pudding sometimes and eat it plain too, without the phyllo shell. A really nice, balanced flavor. (jemaineslover)
Coconut rice with mango, mint, and crystallized ginger

Flippin' fresh key lime pie
I haven't made this but tried it, since my friend Aliya has this book too. She made it exactly to the recipe and it was really flavorful and delicious. I love avocados, so it is neat to use them this way too! We both really loved this pie (she made it for Thanksgiving and it was gone that day!) and I will be making it myself very soon. The flavors were perfect and so bold and yummy. (jemaineslover)
Fresh pumpkin pie

Fruit mandela tart with apricot orange glaze

Glorious chocolate truffles
They are so good that my boyfriend said they were like heroin! I could eat like 50 of them, but I stopped at...10. (jemaineslover)
Grandma's apple crisp
mmmm....I love apple crisp!  I added some more margarine and about a 1/2 cup of rolled oats to the "crumb" mixture.  Was very yummy! (kb)
Lemon lover's cupcakes with lemon zest buttercream frosting
(didn't make the icing) one of my favorites! (permanentgrin)
I had a difficult time with these cupcakes, for some reason. I think I did several things wrong (on multiple occasions!), but it's obviously a personal thing. However, I really LOVED the frosting. (AC)
these are amazing. sooooo delicious. my children were freaking out over these and i had to hide them! (christinaknoell)
Light and delicious peach cinnamon bake

Luscious lemon bars with ginger shortbread crust
omg! I purposely haven't made these recently because they are so good. I love lemon and these are super flavorful and turnout beautifully! *drooling in memory* (VeganSapien)
These are really tasty. I've wanted to make these for a long time! I don't think I can really taste the ginger in the crust, but maybe it's just a subtle flavor addition. I love the lemon flavor, and maybe used just a little bit more! I used an 11x7 pan, but I think next time I'll try it in an 8x8. Mine turned out a little bit flat, and my crust was stretched a little bit thin in a couple places. I really love the flavor! I would also like to try refrigerating the crust for a bit, next time. (AC)
These are so lemony and flavorful, not like the bland ones you get anywhere else. I was so pleasantly surprised at how tasty these were, since I never liked lemon bars so much before. I had to give some to my mom and boyfriend though, way too tempting to have a whole pan around!! (jemaineslover)
I think I did something wrong with these because they came out really thin and jelyyish and not sweet at all. It could be that it's just a taste I don't care for but everything else in this book has been just phenomenal so I'm pretty sure I made a mistake somewhere. I'd love to hear if other people have made this recipe and how it came out for ya.  (aggplanta)
Mommy's chocolate chip cookies
I made these tonight, and they are good. They aren't our favorite chocolate chip cookies, but c.c cookies are P's favorite, so I've made a lot! But, they hit the spot, and they worked nicely. I used oil instead of EB, just because I didn't feel like melting it, and I didn't measure my chocolate chips, so I couldn't mix them all in! I would also add more salt next time, just because I like to taste the salt a bit.  I got 12 cookies out of it, but maybe I make bigger cookies. I also baked them about 12 minutes+. I'm glad to have tried a new cookie recipe! (AC)
I make these a lot because they are so easy and delicious. I love how good they are as a vegan cookie--I'm trying to eat more vegan foods, and this book helps tremendously in that department! These cookies are addictive, and really good with earth balance as the margarine.(jemaineslover)
This is my go-to cookie now. Move over Tollhouse. You don't need a review for these. Just make them! (aggplanta)
Oatmeal raisin cookies with vanilla icing
Awesome!  I have never made oatmeal raisin cookies before - but these were delicious....and I loved the icing!  It wasn't very white though, so next time I'll probably add more powdered sugar...the cookies kinda soaked it up, so they stayed nice and moist.  (erinmonster)
I don't know why, but these were semi-disastrous for me. My dough was SUPER runny and gritty, and I thought I should add more flour...but I don't really like messing with recipes the first time I try them. And I trust Quintess, so I just let them be. They melted together and I ended up with a cookie cake! The good part, is that I would probably never make a cookie cake and now I have two. The whole big thing is really thin and I'm not sure how I will cut it apart. It's for my class tomorrow. I wish I had stuck with muffins like I usually do. The cookies taste pretty good, but the presentation will be funny. oh, and I made mine sans frosting. (L2A)
Old fashioned frosted sugar cookies
made them for a class of 18 omni 3rd graders. They were a hit, and in fact, I was just called today and asked to bring in heart shaped sugar cookies for VDay. I'm doing it! It makes SOOOOO many. I was really worried since it was for a class of kids, but not one of them thought they tasted weird or anything. (L2A)
Orange spiced baklava
i just got this out of the oven. it looks good and was easy to make. only problem i had was that DR didn't know the sauce pan with stuff in it wasn't ready for washing...that that sauce was for the baklava! so i only sauced it once. the sauce: i used agave. it smelled very good when i was cooking it and pouring it. i used smart balance light for the marg--it is really watery when melted and i would use EB instead next time. my phillo sheets were more like 9x13 sized, and i considered making it in a bigger pan and just increasing the filling and stuff more. i don't know if different companies make different sizes or what! i really like it. i might up the salt a tad next time to bring out the sweet a little more, but then again i will make sure the syrup isn't dumped. (baypuppy)
i forgot to say that i accidentally used 1/2 cup sugar in this. must have been the "half cup half cup" thing but it turned out nice. the sauce browned a little and was about the consistency of a maple syrup. DR and i ate the rest last night for our 2 am snack but i have the other roll of dough. will have to make again! (baypuppy)
i made this again, this time with maple syrup and the right amount of sugar. i think i like the 1/2 c sugar better. the sauce seemed to be thicker, but this might be the difference between agave vs. maple syrup.  anyways, this is heavenly. i love it. cammers got like 2 pieces out of the two batches because DR and i ate them all! (baypuppy)
I hate nuts. I loved this. The sauce was divine, and everyone who tried this wanted more! Way easy to make too. A great thing for someone just getting used to using phyllo. (jemaineslover)
Quick, light, and outta sight turnovers

Raspberry season pie

Ultra light blackberry cobbler


OK, I don't think I have your e-mail address so I'll just cut and paste some of my e-mails from people commenting on the book...whatever you do or don't want to use is fine. I just appreciate all of your enthusiasm! If you were here I'd give you a hug. And a cupcake. :)>>>

Here is an email from a woman named Lena...someone I've never actually met and not a vegan (she's the one who didn't like the black bean dish...):

My favorite so far was the vietnamese spring rolls. Delicious. I made 24 of them and had them inside damp paper towels (great tip) inside plastic bags for my boyfriend and I to take as very portable snacks to work all week.  I used the Laptop Lunches salad dressing container to keep the sauce in, which is very small and spillproof, and it made us both very happy Saturday-Wednesday when we ran out.

The Fresh Greek Delight is perfect the way it is.  Instead of suggesting using pita, just say to use pita, and put it in the oven for that just-baked warmth. 

I liked the almond-veggie burgers, and we also found the leftovers were good crumbled over a rice noodle stir-fry like a mock-chicken.  My boyfriend liked them even better that way.  (He created it. Brilliant.)

We were not fans of the Caribbean Black Beams. The pineapple-bean combination did not seem right to us. We ate it for dinner, but the leftovers weren't eaten.

We LOVED  the black-eyed peas with kale.  We substituted swiss chard.  It was so creamy and reminded us of a comfort food like macaroni and cheese.  We had it for dinner and it was gone after lunch the next day.  We omitted the lemon juice because he doesn't like things as lemony as I do.

I really liked the do-ahead tips and the recipes that were noted as taking shorter amounts of time.  I am a first grade teacher at a new charter school, and I really don't have time to cook during the week - I leave home at 5:45am and get back around 6pm.  I always make a bunch of things on the weekend and then cook quick things during the week. It was easy to organize what to do ahead and what to have on hand to make these recipes for the week.

Here is a letter from someone else named Lindsay Morgan (not vegan...yet!!):

I have been cooking out of your cookbook!
> Along with several other recipes
> I made the Shiitake Gravy and had some left overs
> so I added some artichoke hearts and a few more mushrooms
> and am using it for a warm tipping sauce. Yum, Yum,Yum!

> Served the garlic mashers to contractors working on our
> house and they said it was the best mashed potatoes they had ever had!
> Thank you so much for introducing me to a whole new way of cooking
> and loving food!

A final review from Courtenay Verret in Austin (also not vegan):Your chocolate cake is amazing!!!! I made it into cupcakes and took it to my neighbor who absolutely would not believe they were vegan.

OK, those were the only ones I could find...I think I must have deleted the rest!! ::)


Here are a few reviews to add AC. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction :)

Lowfat basil-garlic linguine- This recipe came together in no time & was so tasty. I love fresh sweet basil!

Oven roasted cauliflower with rosemary and garlic- These are DELICIOUS! My husband raved about them all through supper. He didn't want anyone else eating his cauliflower. He even raided the fridge for cold cauliflower later in the evening. Try these, you will love them.

Hearty vegetarian chili- Once again, a beautiful recipe. So flavourful. Maybe it's the balsamic vinegar that makes it taste so yummy. It was great the next day warmed up at work for lunch.


Tomato, basil, and roasted pine nut penne -I loved this.  Ivan, who thinks, when eating pasta it has to have tomato sauce commented on how tasty this was. Yummy

AC- should I delete the old comment after you post it in the thread? It might keep things neater

quintess, I am lovin' the book  ;)b So far, everything has been very easy to prepare & delicious.



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