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Quintess' Radiant Health/Inner Wealth

So, since one of our fellow VWers has created her own awesome cookbook, I think we should dedicate a cookbook thread to it.  Whoever has ordered this book or tested recipes prior to the book's publication should contribute and maybe it will persuade others to order it and make quintess lots of $$$  ;D

So far, I've made:

Creamy Potato Leek Soup with Caramelized Scallions:  delicious!  Very smooth, great flavor, hearty but not heavy.  Wonderful with some homemade tofu sour cream drizzled in as a garnish!

Whole Multigrain Bread:  the best whole wheat bread I've ever made.  It rises great, has a nice texture, very healthy, and just plain tasty!  I would get the book just for this recipe!

Grandma's Apple Crisp:  mmmm....I love apple crisp!  I added some more margarine and about a 1/2 cup of rolled oats to the "crumb" mixture.  Was very yummy!

Note from editor: The compilation of reviews for RHIW can be found on page 2 of this thread: Official review for Radiant Health Inner Wealth

Edamame miso dip with black sesame crackers
This is an excellent dip! Creamy, smooth, salty with a bit of zip. It is hard to place the flavours exactly, but I know it tastes great. I served it with veggies and bread (didn't have any sesame crackers).


Red lentil, spinach, and lemon soup
I really liked this soup. I just used the juice from one lemon, so it wasn't particularly lemony, but the soy milk made it very creamy with the red lentils. The spinach added nice bulk. Tasty!


Indian spiced supergrain cereal - I adapted this slightly, to include 1 tbsp chia seeds with an extra 1/4 cup water. Used both raisins and currants and used 1/2 tbsp agave nectar instead of the maple syrup. I liked it. It wasn't smooth like my typical steel-cut oatmeal, rather a bit crunchy (perhaps it needed more than 15 minutes to be cooked?). But I liked it as something different. The flavours worked well together. I may increase the spices next time. (This recipe is also in TWWS).


Moroccan barley-spinach toss
Love this! Light from the orange juice, yet powerful with the cinnamon and cumin. I haven't sprung into sprouting my own grains yet, so I made this with cooked barley. Toasted it first, then simmered for 40 minutes. Added in 3 cups of chopped pea shoots because the greenery was really lacking with only 1 cup of spinach. I found it more balanced with more green. I can't wait to eat the leftovers since the dressing will have had a chance to be absorbed more. :)


Spinach, orange, and toasted almond salad
I really liked this. Light, tasty and healthy. A starter salad, though. I used 2 large navel oranges to feed 4 people and sectioned them to remove all the pith. I marinaded the red onion in the dressing for at least 20 minutes prior to plating (a tip I've picked up from America's test Kitchens for people like me that are scared of spicy raw onions). Delicious with the light balsamic and toasted almonds. I subbed agave nectar for the maple syrup without problems.

Shiitake, walnut, and dried cranberry salad
I really liked this salad! My typical flavour combo is almond-lemon-cranberry, so I pushed my boundaries when I listened to Tess to use walnut-orange-cranberry. Delicious! I never would have thought to combine it with shiitakes, either. To make this a main course salad, I plated the baby spinach first, then topped with cooked adzuki beans. I panfried 3 cups of sliced shiitakes caps and added that to the marinade with the onions. I added that on top of the beans, then I sprinkled the entire salad with the walnuts and dried cranberries. Lovely!


Light Night Asparagus Bean Curry

This was really lovely. I was expecting it to be very spicy--although I'm not sure why--but instead it had a really mellow, smooth flavor. I used chickpeas for my bean. I'm not sure how to describe this--none of the ingredients took a central stage, it all just kind of combines in your mouth to make yumminess. This will be a staple dinner, and I thought it tasted even better the next day.


Lemon ginger miso medicine

I made this because I was feeling under the weather. All I wanted was a cup of miso soup and this did the trick. It is super quick to put together with pantry/refrigerator staples, which is great when you are actually sick! I liked the combination of lemon, ginger and miso. :)


Divine mango pie - I really liked this. I made half the recipe and split it into 3 ramekins. The crust was a bit crumbly, and worked really well in the ramekins, otherwise I think it would have been hard to serve like an actual pie. The dried mango infused such a pervasive mango flavour, it was awesome. I also happened to use Alphonso mangoes which are to-die-for. :) Topped with blackberries. Lovely, healthy dessert!


Blackberry peach cobbler - I really liked this. It is more of a crisp than a cobbler, though. The proportions are WAY off, though. I made half of the topping (with almonds instead of walnuts) to serve 4. Used around 6-7 cups of fresh fruit for that amount of topping (I used blackberries and raspberries, but next time I will try it with mango), but actually just made the topping and topped the fruit fresh each morning. I thought it was going to be ooky sweet with the additional sugar, but thought it was fine. It all depends how sweet your fruit is.


Apple cinnamon flapjacks - these turned out pretty good. i always like the apple-cinnamon combo.  I typically use white whole wheat flour or whole wheat pastry flour along with some oats for pancakes/waffles, and these came out much heavier and "healthy" tasting with the multigrain mix.  they were extremely filling.

Magical multigrain pancake mix - we thought this was just okay.. rather than "crunchy," my husband described the texture as "gritty".  

Easy and addictive eggplant chips -  yes, these are delicious!  Very simple to make. I love eggplant and typically use it in italian style dishes. I liked how this came out tasting very asian inspired dish thanks to the soy sauce.  I will make these again for sure.

Oven roasted cauliflower with rosemary and garlic -  I was surprised just how great this was.  Best cauliflower dish I've had.  

Baby greens with arugula, apples, and caramelized pecans -  one of my favorite salads! this is a great way to kick off dinner.  I've made it several times, but haven't bothered with the arugula.  The maple-pecans and apples are delicious. My husband and I both love the dressing (I use strawberry jam cause he's crazy for strawberries) which tastes kind of like a syrup.  I am impressed with how easy the dressing is to make, and I make it frequently to just put over baby greens when I don't feel like making the entire salad after work.

Creamy adzuki beans -  This was very very good. I was expecting it to be absolutely amazing, which it wasn't (it just seemed to be missing something)… but it's still a great dish and something I will make again.  I soaked my adzuki beans over night and they took 45 mins or so to cook.

Deluxe almond veggie burgers -  we didn't like this much. It's a very heavy burger with all the nuts and grains, so it is a bit too much to eat these with bread. The flavor was also a little lacking, and the pinto beans (one of my faves) didn't shine through in the final product.  Not bad, but definitely not something I would make again.  

Low fat basil garlic linguine -  a simple and very good dish. i used whole wheat linguine and it came out perfect. i like this as an easy dinner after a long day at work.

Tomato, basil, and roasted pine nut penne - this is a wonderful and easy dish that i've made several times. works great with whole wheat penne.  there's no nutrition info, but the (healthy) ingredients seems pretty fattening, which is unfortunate because otherwise I would make it all the time. I agree that this is ideal to make for company.


Black Eyed Peas and Kale

I loved this!! So did the whole family. It was my first time making BEPS and I was pleasantly surprised. My son had his kale raw and plain beans (with salt) but he did have a bite of mine and liked it. Next time he can just eat what we are eating. Red Hot sauce is awesome on this.
thanks Tess!!!


Side note:  Reading tbb's note above I wanted to try the Tomato, basil, and roasted pine nut penne but used up my basil on other things.  So when a family member of a patient brought me some homegrown basil I checked it out again.  It was fate, because the basil was exactly what I needed, I had grape tomoatoes in exactly the amount needed, I had partial jars of pine nuts and olives in exactly the amount needed.  It was weird.  Anyway...........

Tomato, basil, and roasted pine nut penne - I loved this.  Rocked the taste buds on so many levels.  I screwed up and only used 8 oz. of penne instead of 16 oz. so it made it all the more better for my taste buds.


My mom made these recipes for me, so I will review the taste-test!

Moroccan quinoa
- Tasty quinoa salad. I wondered if the water-quinoa ratio was off, though, because my quinoa slightly mushy. I am also not really a fan of plumped up dried cranberries, so I may add them at the end next time. Really liked the flavours, though.

Creamy hummus
- Made the lower fat hummus, with less than 2 tbsp of olive oil and used water for the remaining of the liquid portion. Delicious, creamy hummus. Not too tangy which surprised me since this is from Tess! My father gobbled this up as fast as we could make it, who does not like this "health food stuff", so this is a huge compliment! :)


Super Antioxidant Smoothie
Delicious smoothie. I've made this with banana, mixed berries and pomegranate juice with great results. Usually add 1 tbsp ground flax seeds as well as some greens.

Berry Good Morning Shake
My standard breakfast smoothie. I usually add 1 tbsp ground flax seeds as well as some greens.


Peach-Mango Kanten

This was incredibly easy and perfect on a hot summer day. I used just a little over 2 tsp of agar and the result was a little less firm than a jell-o cup and far tastier. I don't know how to describe the texture, kind of like if you mashed jell-o slightly...try it!

Hmm....any idea if the agar and juice could make vegan jello shots?


Rosemary white beans with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes
I liked the Mediterranean flavours.  This was made with canned white kidney beans (2x19oz) with good results! Added in chopped rosemary to the salad since I didn't cook my own beans. I know this would be wonderful with flageolets. :)


Chicky Baby Seasoning - It took me a while to find all the ingredients, but it is so worth it. This seasoning is golden! I am hooked. It is my go-to veggie bouillon and I love to cook beans with it. :)


Saag paneer - I REALLY liked this. I am slowly introducing Indian food into my repertoire because I don't like curries, but I loved this. Creamy and flavourful. I loved the hint of dill (which is probably totally inauthentic) with all the spinach! It is actually quite a rich meal, serving 2-3. For the recipe, we used more tofu (half the package). My suggestion would be to double the recipe, use the whole pack of tofu, because it was so delicious and I was begging for more! The other (minor) changes we made were using yellow mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp Aleppo chili flakes, a bunch of fresh spinach (instead of frozen), and olive oil instead of the margarine.


Creamy adzuki beans - I had such high hopes for this dish with all the rave reviews, but I was not a fan. I wonder if it is because I added 2 tsp of salt (recipe says 2.5 tsp), which made it too salty. I wonder if I should try again without so much salt.


Low fat basil garlic linguine - I christened my spiralizer by making zucchini noodles with this raw sauce. Delicious!! I love how you just mixed everything together, no blender needed. Super easy, tasty and healthy! (it must be a blue recipe when you use wheat noodles, because with zucchini noodles, you're laughing at how healthy and simple this is!)



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