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Raw cookbook recommendations?

I am interested in more raw meals, but don't know where to start.  Any Ideas?  Am going to pose this question on the Raw chitchat forum to see if they know, I'm sure they will.

Raw Chit Chat is the place to go

A few of my favorite books are

Dr. N.W. Walker Diet and Salad


Ani Phyo

Ani's Raw Food Kitchen

If you are looking for straight un cooking books these are not it.


Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis

The Complete Book of Raw Food: compilation of recipes from many chefs, over 400 recipes.

Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens


I recently decided to try to add more raw to my diet.  after much research on the web and looking for a good recipe book I found "Raw Food Made Easy-for 1 or 2 people" by Jennifer Cornbleet. 

Her recipes are fairly simple and nice for a newbie at the raw thing.  They dont require a lot of
equipment (dehydrater, vitamix, juicer ..........)  like most "uncookbooks" do. Many of the recipes can be done with a reg blender and a good knife (although I use my food processor whenever able.)


I am loving the new cookbook by the Turtle Lake Refuge folks--everything is so good! They're really great people too (I know them, they live an hour away from me). Here is their site:

My cookbook has a raw chapter in it, but isn't entirely raw. I also like Jennifer Cornbleet's book, as her recipes are simple and good.
Good luck! :)


I just got Ani Phyo's Raw Kitchen and I absolutely love it. It's fantastic! I've only made a couple of things and I've already made them several times each. The garden pate is sooooo goooood!!! And so is the taco nut meat and the corn salsa. I also think her raw recipes seem less time consuming than many other raw recipes.

My first (and only other) raw cookbook is Jennifer Cornbleet's Raw Food for 1 or 2 People. I really like this, too. It's a good first raw book. However, after getting Ani's, I can say that Jennifer's is more basic, while Ani's is more...exciting. More like what you'd get in a raw restaurant.

However, you can't beat Jennifer's raw desserts...her raw cookies are so delish and so easy to make. Ani's raw desserts seem really decadent so I haven't made any yet.


Ani's Raw Food Kitchen!


Ani's Raw Food Kitchen!

This!!  I <3 her recipes!


I have The Raw Food Revolution Diet by Cherie Soria, Brenda Davis, and Vesanto Melina. I  like this one--like Ani P. and Jennifer C. books, the authors give a lot of information on the benefits of the recipes in the book as well as other diet and exercise related information. I'll be completely honest, though, some of the recipes are a little difficult for me. I'm a terrible cook/non-cook and oftentimes can't find good ingredients here (I live in the middle of nowhere), but I think someone with a good pantry and decent skills would find these recipes fun and challenging. There are a few easy ones that I enjoy (the mexican corn and avocado salsa is so good--minus the cilantro. grrr cilantro).

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