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Recommend a cookbook

So next month I'm leaving the U.S to study abroad in Japan for a few months.  I'm not sure if a lot of the items I use to cook are going to be as readily available (or as low cost) in Japan so I was hoping that someone could recommend a good vegetarian cookbook w/many Japanese recipes. 

Thanks baypuppy! ;)b  I don't have one around but have been planning on going to one for a while so this is a really good excuse to make the trip.


I'm so envious.  Japan is on my "must see" places to visit.  I love all things Asian. 

"The enlightened kitchen:  fresh vegetable dishes from the temples of Japan" is a pretty good cookbook.  It's not big , but it's good interesting food and nice pictures.

I also have "The Asian Vegan Kitchen" by Hema Parekh...which is a very good cookbook, again small, but good.  Japan is pretty international, especially when it comes to pan-Asian food, so using this cookbook, or another pan-Asian book might be relatively easy...

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