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Sweet Utopia

I just got this book and probably have half of it bookmarked. There are so many great looking recipes in this! You know the drill people- if you have it and make something from it, post it here!

Whiskey creme bread pudding - Best bread pudding ever! The bread pudding itself is perfectly seasoned but then topping it with the whiskey creme kicks it up a notch. After I made the whiskey creme and tasted it, I instantly thought of Baileys. I haven't had it in forever but I could swear this tastes exactly like it. The only thing I would recommend is to make half of the creme since it makes way too much.

Delicious vanilla cake - I use this recipe every time I need a kick ass vanilla cake recipe. It comes out perfect every time and is super soft. The method is kind of odd since the butter ends up kind of clumping but it works and that's all that matters. I use this to make pineapple cake which is so beloved in mi familia.

Coconut heaven cake - I just made the actual cake part which has bits of dried coconut and really enjoyed it. It seems like the cake recipes in this book are the best I've made from any so far. They come out perfect and flavorful. I didn't make the buttercream frosting so I can't comment on that but this is a great coconut recipe.

Ultimate peanut butter cupcake - Talk about peanut butter overload! This cake is literally Reese's in cake form which means it has to be eaten with a cup of almond milk otherwise you'll be dying of thirst. It is so decadent, I can't recommend it enough.

Carrot spice cake - This was pretty crumbly but the taste was fine. Wasn't anything to brag about.

Coconut crust - This stays way too moist even after trying to bake longer to see if it would dry out. I ended up having to throw it away.

Coconut-almond cheesecake pie - This doesn't set up very firmly but the taste is badass! Seriously one of the better cheesecakes I've had. You definitely need to be a fan of coconut to enjoy this as it has coconut milk, coconut extract, and dried coconut.

Rice pudding - Gross. I'll stick with my old school aros con leche that I learned how to make from my papa.

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