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tofu cookbook

Does anyone have a cookbook they really like that is mostly based on tofu recipes?

Thank You!

Well, I can't say that I "really like it" because I've never used it, but I have a copy of "Tofu Cookery" that I picked up at a garage sale a while back, and it has some interesting-looking recipes with nice pictures...  You might check it out.  It has good reviews on


Haha, this is actually kind of funny. I have a book that looks strikingly similar to yours, Ungree. It's called "Tofu & Soyfoods Cookery" and also has an aged looking photo as the front picture. I never used it either and I also picked it up at a garage sale. Coincidence?

The other soy book I have is "More Soy Cooking," but I don't recommend it because every single recipe asks for a special brand processed soy product, and even though sometimes I indulge in tofu dogs or tofurky sausages, I really really prefer recipes that have generic ingredients or are completely from scratch. I don't want to skim through a cookbook feeling like it's just one big advertisement for the processed soyfood industry.
Randomly opening a page of it, I can give you an example:
Dill Spring Asparagus Dip asks for things like "package Tofu Hero Italian Herb Medley" and "soymage cream cheese"
"Chicken" Cacciatore asksa for things like "package Vegi-Deli Chicken Strips" and "package Lean Links Italian"
Even the desserts are given with brand names of cocoa powder and liquid sweetener.
Like I said, I don't like advertisements disguised as cookbooks, so I don't recommend this. I've only made one recipe from the book and that was creamy rice pudding and it was yummy.


I have This Can't be Tofu by Deborah Madison and I love it.


Anything by Louise Hagler.  Tofu Cookery, Soyfoods Cookery, Easy Tofu Cookery, etc.  I have cooked most of the recipes in each of these books and I LOVE THEM.  I have not eaten anything I didn't like, though the kids were less than fond of some of them.  I prefer Tofu Cookery most of all and then probably The New Farm Cookbook which is old, but in print again.  The New Farm one is good for tried and true good old American food like spaghetti with spaghetti balls and how to make yuba and tofu, as well as information about nutrition. 

There is old standby by the Shirtleffs (sp?).  I think it is called the "The Art of Tofu." 

If you go for Hagler, the Easy Tofu Cookery has a recipe for stuffed shells which I used to make manicotti a few weeks ago and it was very good.  I fed it to a nonveg friend who could not believe it was tofu and has asked me to make it again.  I loved it.

In Tofu Cookery, there are several really good ones.  I love the tofu cheez Danish (no dairy), the Korean BBQ tofu, the Almond Tofu and the Seaside Cakes. I have become very fond of the spinach souffle as well.  I will tell you, however, they she doesn't state silken tofu over fresh tofu in the books, but I have found that silken works better for anything that needs to be creamy and fresh for anything that needs to have body or stand up to cooking techniques. 

Of course, I have all of Hagler's book, the Art of Tofu, Diet for a Small Planet that is older and Laurel's Kitchen because I dislike what I call world fusion vegan food.  I am not a fan of Thai flavored fajitas in a pita sort of deal.


Thanks for the reccomendations, LadyDragonfly, maybe I'll finally make something from Tofu Cookery tonight!  :) 


I know there's a new Book Out Call Tofu 1-2-3, atleast it's new to me... I purchased it but haven't gotten around to looking over the recipes.


Yes, the Art of Tofu by Akasha Richmond is good too.  But her book uses all Mori-Nu silken tofu.  I guess you could substitute regular tofu in the recipes.  The Tofu Piccata recipe in that book is my very favorite tofu recipe anywhere.

I have the Louise Hagler book but I've never cooked from it, so now I'm inspired.


I bought Tofu Cookery when I first went veg, and was new to tofu. I almost ripped up the book in frustration- lol. NOTHING I tried from it was good. So I've been wary of trying anything else from it. But maybe I should give it another shot since I'm more familiar with tofu now... I'll give updates on whether I shredded the book for real this time ;)

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