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Vegan Lunch Box

I just bought this cookbook today, hoping for some good ideas for my daughters lunch and this book looks amazing so far, so many incredible original ideas for lunches.  I was wondering if any other Moms out there have this cookbook and if so if they have tried any of the recipes, or what is your childs favorite packed lunch?

Did you buy the new edition?  I dont have either but I followed her blog when she was putting it out.

I always thought she gave short shrift to pb&j.  You can make them the night before and freeze them and they will be perfectly thawed by lunchtime (put pb on both sides of the bread and the jelly in the middle).

Some of her creations were just too elaborate to make for lunch (she had one kid and was a stay at home mom with a stay at home husband and the blog was a main hobby of hers).    But I did invest in a bunch of thermoses and it broadened my kids' lunch horizons exponentially.  Some of their favorite things are soups and muffins; refried beans with chips; spaghetti and meatballs (Nate's); macncheese (vegan or not); chikn patties or nuggets with ketchup; smartdogs rolled up and baked in crescent roll dough (which is vegan btw).  Also, my children do not like "deli" slices so I don't go that route.  Under the kids section of this website is a recipe for tofutti cream cheese and grated carrot and raisins rolled in a tortilla--I thought it was really great but the kids didn't.  You might want to check out that section too.

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I'm still not sure what I'm sending with them!


I got the old edition, I have looked at her blog and I will check it out more.  You are right, some of her recipes are quite elaborate and my daughter is not into sushi or anything yet.  I did make the tofu fish sticks and both my kids ate them and that was the first time they ate tofu and believe me I have made many tofu recipes that they have taken one bite and yucked it! 

My daughter does like deli slices, I have found a vegan ham and turkey she likes so I cut circles of each with toffuti cheese and crackers for a vegan "lunchable" complete with three carob almonds, melon balls, grapes, juice. That was a big hit and came home all gone.

Nut butter and jelly cutouts, back to school chocolate chip cookies, and veggies cut into shapes, also was a hit this week, but she yucked the ranch dip recipe.  I have yet to find a ranch dip she likes.  I should just find a vegan ranch mix and mix it with vegan sour cream.

I would recommend the cookbook, she has alot of good ideas and lots of simple lunches, thats what Im starting with and I am going to buy a thermos so I can send soups and Im going to try her mini pizza's next week as well as the veggie pups.  So I will keep posting the recipes I try.  I like your peanut butter and jelly idea, I will try freezing mine for when Im in a rush.


Tonight I made the "back to school chocolate chip cookies"and they were fabulous!  The kids loved them and they turned out really well and were easly to make.  They are the first chocolate chip cookies I have tried that are vegan and they were wonderful.  I havn't however  tried any recipes here on vegweb. so I have nothing to compare them too.  But they were a hit with the kids!


Love this book and the vegan laptop lunchbox with modular pieces inside-- so cool and bento-like!


I love love love the lunchbox fondue! I was one happy vegan eating fondue this winter...we had all sorts of veggies and fresh baked bread  :)>>> It was so freakin awesome.  :D

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