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Vegetables to Replace Meats in Recipes

This question is for those of you who are experienced vegan/vegetarians. This is not related to finding protein sources. I would like to know what vegetables other than eggplant, portabella mushrooms and zucchini you would recommend as a meat replacement that could give a thickness and somewhat similar texture as a piece of meat in a recipe. I know we can get our protein from beans and lentils. And, since we are still eating certain cheeses, I don't feel that a lack of protein will be an issue for us. We may fully transition later on, but for now we are working on acclimating ourselves to this new way of eating. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, you should try jackfruit! It's a great, meaty replacement -- particularly perfect in slow cooker recipes. There are many on here and around the internet!

Yams, potaotes, sweet potatoes, yuca (cssava), plantains are all good, too! 


Thanks for the suggestions.  I had never heard of jackfruit.  I researched it and found some online sources for the canned jackfruit.  Is that the best way to purchase it?  I've never seen this sold in any of the stores in Southern Illinois.

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