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vegetarian cookbooks

I just bought my first two vegetarian cookbooks from a used book store and I'm super excited!

One is called Regina's Internationsl Vegetarian Favorites  and the other is The occasional vegetarian (which includes  tasty vegetarian dishes for people not neccessarily used to the vegetarian diet....figured it would be helpful when visiting family soon)

Anyways, wondered if you guys have read them/like them or what your favorite vegetarian cookbooks are?

i have the occasional vegetarian..  or is it my mom that has it..?  if it's the one i'm thinking of, the recipes are a bit fancy-pants, but i did learn how to infuse couscous with flavors from it!


Vegan With a Vengeance

I use these three like crazy!


I'll have to check those out..

The Soy of Cooking is a pretty cool one..has some interesting recipes in it.


Veganomicon, Vegan With a Vengeance, La Dolce Vegan, How it All Vegan, The New Vegetarian grill, Vegan recipes for Singles.

I am addicted to buying cookbooks. crazy.

But if you want more suggestions, I recommend you check the forum on cookbooks.

Have fun!


I'm a new vegetarian so I went out and bought 3 cookbooks this week, all of which i love so far:

fresh vegetarian slow cooker
vegetarian cooking for the whole family


I find Nava Atlas' cookbooks to be pretty simple and accessible. The Vegetarian Family Cookbook is great, and don't let the name put you off if you're vegan because just about all the recipes have vegan options. Vegetarian Express is out of print but if you can get a copy I use it all the time. Vegan Express is her new one, which I like, but it does use a lot of REALLY EXPENSIVE vegan convenience type things, like tofurkey sausages, and other expensive proteins like baked tofu ($8-$10 a pound! ouch!)


yeah definately can't afford a lot of the convenience foods right now, but I'm not vegan (yet).  I might one steps =-)

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