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I finally got a copy of VWAV thru an interlibrary loan... oh dear... my hips are getting wiiiiddddeeeerrrrrr. Lil' L ate three (!!) corn lemon waffles w/ blueberry sauce yesterday morning, I thought he was gonna pop!

Last night, I was putting little stickies to mark the pages I wanted to scan and realized (after going thru the first section) I'd tagged just about every page... maybe I should just buy the book!!! :D


I bought  a copy and I'm glad I did.  8)  Sunday morning, my DH made the Banana and Pecan Pancakes, substituting Walnuts for the Pecans because that's what we had.  It was so good.  I try to stick to the entrees and vegetable side dishes, for the most part.  The Ethiopian Seitan is extremely tasty.  I'm anxious to try more recipes from there!


oh yes, those lemon corn waffles with blueberry sauce is amazing!!!  Yes, I own the book.  Definately worth your money!


VWAV is one of the few cookbooks I have actually bought and own. My husband regularly requests the Heavenly Coconut Cupcakes. They are way too good. We had a very non-vegan friend over on Friday night who ate three of them before he left for home! We were a little worried that he would crash from a sugar high during his drive home!


I just bought this over the weekend.  I haven't gotten a chance to go food shopping yet- but I'm dying to, so I can try some of these recipes.  They sound amazing.  I have no idea what to make first!


I really need to get my hands on this book...all the raves about it sound too good!


Buy the book!!!

VWAV frequently ends up in my book bag to take to work & look through during slow times. It also goes to the grocery store with me. One day when I went through the car wash I totally forgot I tossed my bag in the back of the truck. As soon as the water turned on & started spraying I remembered my bag in the back.  :o  So my US Constitution, Tao Te Ching & VWAV are all water soaked on one edge!

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