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Yet another VWaV review

I'm sorry if people are getting tired of hearing about this book, but the recipes are so great. I made the falafels with tahini dressing last night. They were sooo good. The mixture looked quite crumbly and I was skeptical but they turned out great. I made sure the oil was hot and didn't flip them more than once and they held together.  I just can't tell you how good it was.

Ditto what Baypuppy said! I've never made so many recipes, so quickly from a new cookbook as this one!

This evening I'm going to pull out all my spices & check quantities. I generally know the contents of my pantry, but not always my spices. I hate when a recipe calls for something & I open the jar & have half of what I need. I'm also getting a few new ones that I've never used before.


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