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Baltimore/DC/The 'Burbs...

I know there are lots of us within a 2-hour drive of the DC metro area.  Anyone want to get together and eat or something?

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C'mon, DO IT.*

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FWIW, Deep Creek Cellars near Mdvegan does not filter their wines. I met the owner of this vineyard once or twice and adore that place! And actually, it's a small world because he knows a friend of my dad's, who has a vineyard in California and also does not filter wines. (Unfiltered wines are still kind of rare in these parts, so I keep my ears open for this stuff. Plus, my family is big into wine, so I know some people in the biz.)

So it looks like trueveggie, veggydog, greenT, Mdvegan, and myself are in for the 2nd, and several of us for the 15th as well. The 2nd is Sunday next weekend. What are we in the mood to do for this first date? Is that a hike out in VA, or are we meeting up closer to the city for a potluck or restaurant? At this moment, the weather is supposed to be partly cloudy and high 63.

As I mentioned, I'd be interested in carpooling for the hike. Would someone be willing to pick me up at a metro station if I schlep out to VA?

I forgot about Deep Creek Cellars.  Canoe on the Run, also in Deep Creek, has vegan food, too.

Anyone want to come over here?  Deep Creek Lake is about 2.5 hours from DC and has vegan food, wines, and hiking trails.


sorry MdVegan, but that's further than GreenT's suggestion.  Gas prices haven't dropped at all in Arlington.  They are steady at $3 a gallon for regular.  I don't think I'd be up for that kind of trek.  I'm really close with my sister, but since she lives in Haymarket (45 min drive) I hardly ever see her.  These days outside of work, I try to keep everything on metro. 


I just read some reviews of Yuan Fu and I'm drooling.

And we could take a field trip to Pangea...

What happened to gardengirl?  :search:


Yuan Fu is delicious and I haven't been out to Rockville in quite a while.  I'd be up for that. 
Yuan Fu is walking distance from Rockville metro and Pangea is walking distance from Twinbrook metro.  ;)b

What time on Sunday Nov 2nd?


Yeeeee! I haven't been to either of those places, so seriously, yeeeee! Maybe lunch at like 1:00 and then over to Pangea to support the US economy by shopping?


Yeeeee! I haven't been to either of those places, so seriously, yeeeee! Maybe lunch at like 1:00 and then over to Pangea to support the US economy by shopping?

I don't want to get you overexcited about Pangea.  It's tiny.  But it's a vegan store, so yeeeee!


I could do this!  ;)b


I won't be able to attend the gathering this time because I've decided to go to the Boston veg fest this weekend!  T. Colin Campbell is speaking and doing a book signing after- I can't wait to meet him!


Good for you GreenT.  I put the Boston Veg Fest on my calendar too, just in case I was free. 
I need to spend some time with my niece and nephew though since I'm moving out of the area in June.  I agreed to babysit them on Nov 1st. 
Hope you have fun.  I went to the NY Veggie Expo in Saratoga Springs back in Sept and will definitely be at DC's Green Fest Nov 8th. 

I have to confess that I haven't read the China Study.  :-[  I did know who you were talking about though, as soon as you mentioned him.


DC metro Area Meet up Sunday Nov 2nd
Yuan Fu vegetarian for lunch, then vegan shopping at Pangea afterwards

Those taking metro  :howdy:  meet at Rockville Metro station at 12:45 pm
Those driving there is free parking at Yuan Fu, but it is a small parking lot 798 Rockville Pike, 20852  meet at 1 pm

Is this a good plan?  Who else is taking metro?


So we have at least 4 in:

Who else?  I'm excited!


I just invited joshb777-- he doesn't post much, but he's been in chat a few times.

I'm taking the metro! Will see you just inside the station (gonna be coooold) at 12:45, TrueVeggie.


I might be interested in doing the drive down, only problem is I'd have to bring my 2 1/2 yr old along.  She would be so happy to ride the train, oh, um, the metro.  :D


Problem?! C'est pas un probleme!!

(Errrr, that's me anyways... I adore kids.)


Well, I didn't want to assume that everyone likes kids or that perhaps this might be a day without kids if anyone had any.  Is everyone else ok with me bringing her?  No problem if it isn't, I will just try and make it next time.  I would leave her with my IL's but with it being so close to Halloween I am scared they will feed her nothing but candy and put her in front of the tv.


The more happy veg*ns the merrier!  Any age!

PS - I think I am bringing my L/O friend along.


Yeah!!  I agree veggie kids are cute as buttons  ;)

    Maybe we should try to get reservations, if our group is going to be 7 to 10 personnes. 
Even if we end up just being six (which they handle all the time), we'll already have a table reserved. 

I'll call tomorrow and see if they'll hold our one o'clock reservation.  I'll say VegWeb as the name / place holder. 


Right now I think we are going to have to pass on Sunday.  Yesterday she was just a bear and missing another nap the day after the change of time just might put her over the edge.  (We just moved so there were many days she didn't nap.)  I don't want to spoil anyone's fun.  I am coming next time though, even if I have to make my hubby take the day.

also if anyone wants to meet up in Hunt Valley, there's a Jesse Wong's there and they have the veggie fake meat dishes.  I've had the General Tso's and it is pretty good.

If anything changes I'll let you know that morning.

Have fun!


We'll miss you, gardengirl!

So I think we're back down to five?... Do you want to make those reservations, TV14? I've never been, so I don't know how busy they usually are on a Sunday.
MDVegan + friend (2)
me (1)
TrueVeggie (1)
Veggydog (1)

I don't think Josh is coming this time-- will keep you posted on him.

FWIW, I had dinner at Java Green (FINALLLLLLLY) last night. Sososo good! The boolgogi was amazing, truly.


Oh I missed the posts by GardenGirl and Sharway about who's coming.  I've already called and got us a table reserved for 10 people 1 pm Sunday Nov 2nd. 

She understood every thing I said except for the VegWeb part.  She may have written down degwed or a # of other combos you can come up with mistaking the letters V, G, W and B over the phone.  Sometimes it is hard for anyone to differentiate those letters on the phone, but then throw in accents and not being raised here in the US.  Poor lady didn't quite know why I was saying Victor, Edward, George. 

Anyway, there is room for more at our table and I can always call with the official number of people an hour before hand. 


Okay, everyone remember to turn your clocks back.  We don't want anyone showing up an hour early!  See you at the restaurant tomorrow.  Woohoo!



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