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Mass-hole/ NYorker/ NewEnglandish type peeps schindig

Ok, folks its been too long since our last *and first ever VW potluck in history* of the New England/ Mid Atlantic -esque crew...

so i have mentioned this to a few of you, but i would be willing to have a get together at my place here in Western Mass this month. Time  is a little tight for me, but how about Sun March 23rd or the 30th? would anyone be interested?
ill do the whole mass PM thing once some peeps chime in.

let me know what y'all think.  :)

I don't know what to bring, yo's!  I will be in the car for much of the day so I was thinking of making some kind of sturdier baked good.  Something that the rest of you haven't mentioned bringing.  Is that ok?  Too many baked goods?  I can also bring a couple varieties of homemade hummus.

Dang, hummus was my default item to bring... now I have to think of something extravagant and bring that.  How about vegan caviar with spinach pate and olives?


yeah, cams, make that.  ;D

i think you should bring different things to potlucks. how many times have we gone somewhere with a bowl of hummus?


Well, most of the places I bring food to are omni gatherings, so I bring something at least a little familiar to them, hummus.  I could only imagine what they would say if I brought a tempeh dish... serve them right though, never making me anything.


oh, you can still bring hummus if you want!  i can think of something else.


I claim Lasagna and Lemon Cupcakes. 


I saw a picture of the Ehtiopian Ful and it looked really good.  I'm going to make some as soon as I find me some fava beans and hopefully it will be delicious and I can bring it next weekend!


we can have a hummus face off!!  :-D

my current plans are for:

-meatz and cheeze tray
-a hot main dish (pea soup, lentils of some sort, or bbq seitan)
but i might make an indian veg dish, seeing this is where things are going.

also a cold salad of some sorts (spelt and rice?)

and maybe some vegan french onion-style dip (aka tofutti BTS with onion soup mix in it and a bag of ripple chips---pure heaven!)

no desserts here this time. unless DR makes something. i haven't asked her yet what she plans to bring or have me make.



I've been swamped at work and out of the loop 'til cams IMed me. It looks like so far there's some kind of hummus competition that I would lose, BP's making all the rest of the food (or at least the first 6 courses), so I'll cover dessert! Of course, I won't make much 'cause everyone's gonna want Cali's lemon cupcakes!

Wheet! 'Kay, see you guys on Sat. I may not log in before then, so wish me luck!


okay, i actually read everything and it looks like there's vegan-loads of food. how about i bring presents and decorations and promise to wash all-a-y'alls dishes? okay, that's my plan. seriously now, i'm going back to getting work done!  :-D


okay, i actually read everything and it looks like there's vegan-loads of food. how about i bring presents and decorations and promise to wash all-a-y'alls dishes? okay, that's my plan. seriously now, i'm going back to getting work done!  :-D

yes, bring us all presents. that sounds fine by me  ;D

also, do we have a time for this thing? the ENY crew is needing to set up some carpools.


soooo    11 am ???!!! Sun March 30th.

Cams...i think you should make your Spicy Peanut BUtter Tempeh! yeah!  ;)b


I'm already pumped for this weekend.
Just sayin'.

  :):D ;D :w00t!: :w00t!: :w00t!: ;D :D :)


Here's what I made:

Chewy Raspberry Chocolate Cookies (Vcon)
Rumnog Cookies (Vcon)
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies (KMK original)
fresh pineapple for pizza and perhaps ice cream
Ice cream toppings: peanuts, walnuts, chocolate chips, chocolate espresso beans, something else I can't remember....

I got on a cookie spree--a half batch of each kind.  Too many cookies? 

Nah, didn't think so.  :-D


so far cams and i have:

texas trash (some bean/veg salsa-style dip)
some chips (the "scoops")
icecream (i bought some cause i was concerned my freezer wouldn't stay cold enough to freeze after the drive!)
spinach dip (ya!)
cheeze and meatz tray (i made sharp cheddar and gouda flavored cheeze. the meatz are starting in a bit here)
beer (for DR)
mushrooms (for pizza!) and whatever other pizza stuff i have in the crib
carrot/celery sticks (cause its a VEGAN potluck)

i might also do a salad of some sort. spinach or rice.

note lack of baked goods. ha!


Well, I was going to bring a mexican pizza, but when I stopped home before leaving for the night I walked into the kitchen and my sister was making the exact same thing!  Errrrrr!  She used all my ingredients, which I had only had just enough to make one pizza.  So as a quick replacement I had to go with a bean dip.  The pizza was delicious though!

See everyone tomorrow!


see y'all tomorrow! woo!  :)>>>


see you all in a couple hours  :-D


hooray for food and fun people!

I feel bad that we had to leave in such a hurry without proper goodbyes.. car-sharing squeezes our schedules at times and as will happen when faced with cupcakes and ice cream, we let our time get away from us - we would have liked to stick around!

thanks for a lovely potluck, everyone.. and especially LA for so hospitably opening her home.
it was great to finally meet everyone and EATSOMUCHFOOD.  Still digesting... still savoring the tastiness.

looking forward to the next one!


I had a wonderful time as well, and had my fill of delicious vegan foods.  BP and I had a little competition going to see who would make the best vegan snausage, and even though I conceded that I liked BP's better, at the end of the day, there was only 1 piece of mine left, while there were 3 or 4 of BP's.  Woooooo!  Honest to goodness, I didn't eat 10 pieces of mine....

Thanks again everyone who came, and especially LA, our gracious hostess.

P.S. The Beano didn't even work!!!!



But I'm glad you guys had fun!  I have to tell you all my story later....



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