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Missouri/Kansas Vegweb potluck?

By now the vegweb potlucks are infamous...and freakishly tasty.

Anywho, I'm gonna be in KC the weekend of December 8th for my brother's graduation. I'd be willing to head a little west of there if folks would be interested in gathering. Come on someone - offer up a great location!


Oh crappers - we ARE close to May, aren't we? Okay, roll call again, who we got?

PineapplePrincess - MN
CarrotWench - IA
Hespedal - aren't you in CA?
BP - you'll drive anywhere for a potluck, wontcha?

We lost the KS and MO folks, so IA it might be. Anybody else?!


Hey everyone--

I know it sounds like the potluck's moving northward, but I wanted to put in a good word for the KC vegetarian/vegan meetup group, which has a vegan potluck the fourth Saturday of just about every month. Great group!

Try this link:



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