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northeast meetup

I'm going home to eastern PA for 2 weeks this summer and I would LOVE to meet up with some of yall, i know a bunch of you guys live up in the north east, so this will be my only chance for a while.

here are my options

1. we could have a potluck at my parents house in the lehigh valley (PA).  they have a gorgeous back deck with a grill and..  its just nice and perfect for a partyyy.
2. i could meet yall in philly, new york or anywhere within a couple hours of the lehigh valley.  i dont mind driving.

i'll be free from july 4th-9th

Awww sorry kelsi!  I totally missed the recent posts.  I wouldn't have been able to make it.  I hope you have fun in NYC! 


Sorry Kelsi, being away threw all my post trip scheduling into chaos and I totally forgot!  Feel free to head to my house anytime you want!  Im only about 90 min North of NYC.



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