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san diego(ish) vegwebbers

So, I am going to be in San Diego in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if anyone was down for a little tiny-itsy-bitsy get together?
It wouldn't have to be a full blown potluck, maybe just even get together to go out and eat? There are enough places around SD to choose from, I think. Anyway, if anyone is interested (Humbolt_Honey, AdamCrisis, and Susan.Brackett are the people I can think of in SD), well, post here to keep this going so people can see, AND either PM me or wave hello to me and I will send you a PM.


i'm sending you cool cats a message.


ha ha ha, you all crack me up  ;D

seattle... we have our stuff together. we have a date and time and everyone is gonna come get some vegan doughnuts. and we're gonna make a video. or at least i'm going to make a video.

wa ha ha!!

bp <--- still jelous of cali party

you need to come to the other cali party. it's gonna be gooood.


we're a little more laid back down here....its cause the weather never changes so time just stands still


The San Diego (non-potluck) went well! We all had some yummy vegan goodness at a place that has tons of vegan options! We don't have any pictures for you guys, because none of us are cool enough to have had a working camera, apparently  :o
I hope the one in Seattle yesterday went well, too!



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