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what is sausage tempeh crumbles??
i was reading on the site and they sound quite popular not to mention tasty!!!

only i don't know what it is, help me out please

thanx so much

it's a recipe in VWAV (vegan with a vengance, a cookbook)

it is basically tempeh that you crumble up and cook with spices. i love it  ;D ;D ;D



thanx sooo much for your speedy reply :)

i got that book actually,  gonna check it out


Beware, FlowerPower! You will start buying tempeh in quantities you never before imagined!



haha i feel like a royal dork lezly!!!

what the heck IS tempeh?--is is soy bean sumpen sumpen?

some vegan i am i don't even know what tempeh is. i mean ive heard it a million and 5 times and saw it in recipes

i should change me name to dorky dork :P


Tempeh is soybeans that have been pressed into a cake and fermented. Tempeh is higher in protein, iron, vitamins, and especially FLAVOUR than tofu. I <3 tempeh!! The texture is quite soft, but it's especially great as bac'n or sausage crumbles.


and i generally only like tempeh every other time i eat it (no clue why) except for the sausage crumbles. i could eat those every day.

they freeze well, so save yourself the effort and make a double or triple batch!  ;D

na, but they are good and tempheh i hear is easy to digest!


okay fermented soybeans, cool

thanx for not poken fun at my lack of knowledge in the tempeh area haha

im gonna check out the place where i can see you guys so i know who im talken to, ive seen yourr names  a lot(bay puppy and veggie vulture)i don't have a pic of  me up,i feel  kinda  funny bout  posting my  pic??? plus i don't know how ;)


lol, tis fine. ;D i like to pretend that this board is like all my bestest veggie friends...i make up personalitites for everyone based on what i DO know, if that doesn't make me sounds crazy.

anyways, it isn't "strange" to know what something is but not really what it "is", if that makes sense. I have known vegitarians who would eat jello and cheese and had no clue they had/could have animal products in them. they do the "it's obviously not meat" and leave it at that.

just like we can do the "well, i know it's vegan" and leave it at that. it's just a harder thing to assume. but things like tofu have a rep for it, as would tempeh.


FlowerPower, I like the White Wave 5 Grain tempeh -- they had 5 different grains to the tempeh. There is another brand that offers a veggie temeph -- they put tiny bits of veggies in the tempeh. I will try that next time I buy it.

Oh, & we have a vegweb album to post photos?    ???



we're posting photos now? sweet. i have some winners from last night i'll put up  :o


hey baypuppy

thanx, ya this site is cool fer sure and peeps,like yourself have wonderful ideas and information, its a relief  for me because i  finally have answers to my questions, not many vegans in my life ya know

i couldnt find your profile, im sure its a simple thing like clicking on your name or something like that that  brings it up, im just still tryen to figure things out with this site n stuff haha

bla bla bla blargedy blargggg blarg :P



thanx for the info on white wave tempeh, i still haven't tried any money:(

one day i will post my  pic, i don't even  know how to do it hahaha

anyway bless you and be well


ummmm okay i JUST bought some tempeh,,,gonna m ake the sausage crumbles but  what do i serve them with, seriously im worse than a rookie, have no clue what to do


wondering about muffins...

i have a hard time with flour so i am currently using spelt flour in my baking and when i  make muffins they take WAY longer to cook than normal  time in recipe(also cuz of no egg im sure, as i use the flax seed replacement) and they sink in the middle

what im wondering is why this is so?--maybe the  flour is too heavy...should i maybe try kamut flour?---is it lighter?--im  experimenting

thanx for any help

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