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Anyone own a soymilk maker?

I'm thinking about getting one and was wondering whether it would really be worth it or if it would be akin to the bread maker I never should have bought. 

Seems to me like the cost benefits would be incredible but how convenient are they to use?  How much time does it take?  How often do you make a batch? 

If you recommend purchasing a soymilk maker, what brand do you favor?

I have one, purchased for under $100. I really don't make soymilk (not my fave) but I do make almond, rice, sesame, cashew and various mixtures. It takes about 20 minutes with mine and comes out hot. It is different than store-bought, for sure. This way you know what's in it! It Must be cleaned right after it is used or else it is difficult to clean. It is very easy to make. If you make soymilk, it doesn't have the added nutrients, but assuming you eat well, that shouldn't be an issue. I am soo glad I got one! I make it at night and sit back, relax with a warm cup with cinnamon and maple syrup...  MmmmMMMmmm :) Then, it is cold in the morning for granola, or whatever that needs to be done with it. For me, it is very worth it! ;D        Oh yeah, I got the brand on this site in the coupons section, it's the first one  you see, I posted a comment, too. I have nothing to compare this brand to, though. Hope this helps.

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