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bagel dogs

i made bagel dogs tonight. crazy, right? it's like i'm five or something! just thought i would share.

i made a simple dough (2 c flour, 1/2 c water with a bit of molasses, salt, yeast) and then rolled some vegan hot doggies in it. baked at 400 for about 10 minutes or so and they were pretty good. i should have boiled them first for that "chewy bagelness" but, really, i'm lazy.

i drew a picture, which i'll try to put in here ;D i was tired of not having pic in my blog, so i decided tonight to just draw them in the awesome paint program.

yay, it worked. you can see how yummy that is  :D


willing to reveal your blog url baypuppy?


i supose i can do that, i was just so proud of me bagel dogs..

mostly me talkin' about food. when i have time i put up recipies i'm messing around with. not too exciting, but it will now have some awesome PAINT art!  ::)


i shall take a look now baypuppy.  thankyou.


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