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Baking advice: Egg Nog Cake

Okay, Silk Nog Cake.

I have two cups of Silk Nog in my fridge.  I want to make egg nog flavored cupcakes for a party this weekend.  Should I use this recipe ( and substitute the Silk Nog for the water and soy milk?

Bonus question: Could rum frosting be acquired using this recipe ( and substituting rum extract for the vanilla extract?

Have I gone too far?  Are these ideas silly, and if so, does anyone know a better way to accomplish my goal?

Thanks for the advice and guidance, vegweb!


Not silly ideas at sounds yummy. :)

For the cupcakes, I'm not sure if the egg nog flavor would be strong enough just from using silk nog (however, I have never had silk nog, so I may be wrong).  I would probably add some nutmeg to the batter as well.

For the frosting, yes, that should work.  But you might want to start with only 1/2 tsp of rum extract and work your way up as needed, in case it's really strong.


Yes, do it. Though silknog is a little thicker than soymilk and water, so you may want to keep the water as is and just replace the soymilk with silknog. Or just go for it and replace all of it. Baking is all about experimentation and trial/error. Have fun, and let us know how it turns out.

ETA: Wouldn't hurt to toss in some actual rum, and a little extra nutmeg for some added umph.

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