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barley malt

I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about barley malt. i've seen it on the list of ingredients in certain baked goods & am curious about what it is used for in baking, any health benefits, how it compares to things like maple syrup or brown rice syrup..etc. Any info? thanks! :)

I have experiemented with barley malt as a replacement for other sweeteners. It is like
rice syrup and less sweet than maple syrup. Like I said, I have tried it, but mostly
use rice syrup and I didn't notice much difference. It is perhaps a little bit less
sweet, but only by a little bit


Barley malt is a natural sweetener made from a whole grain (I think it is a complex carbohydrate). It's one of the few sweeteners available for macrobiotics. It's very thick and is easier to work with if you heat it a little first. The flavour reminds me of molasses, very distinct and not all that subtle even after baking. It's sweeter than brown rice syrup... I personally prefer brown rice syrup b/c it makes things richer tasting and crispier.

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