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Beer Brewers Unite!!!!

If you're a beer lover like me, but wonder what type of questionable ingredients are used in the beer you buy, brew your own!!!!! There are some very good and accurate instructions on this website. My brother is a seasoned brewer, so I bought all the stuff we needed and he came over and helped me thru my first 2 batches last night. I've just gotta tell you guys, the smell of beer in the making is so heavenly, that I would have to compare it to the smell of bread baking.

The initial cost is a little pricey, however, I think it is definitely worth it. It was about $200, carboys and all. Since I have everything now, it will only cost me the ingredients (hops, grains, malt, yeast)  to brew more. I just threw all the spent grains out in the compost, so there is no waste. Another thing you have to think about is collecting "good beer bottles". They have to be the kind that you don't twist off.

Anyway, if your interested in brewing your own, I'd like to have a little forum going on here. If you like to cook, and you like to drink good beer, then beer brewing is for you!!! And don't think you don't have time, because i'm a single mother of two who works for a living, and I can still find the time to brew my own!!!

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