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The best vegan dessert you have ever tried?

I'm looking for some amazing vegan dessert recipes. Please link any recipes to the best vegan dessert you have ever tasted!

I don't have one favorite, there are too many to choose from! I tend to like my desserts simple and conservative. I am not one for decadence lol. I like a good banana bread; chocolate peanut butter fudge (the recipe on Vegweb for this is outstanding and a hit with omnivores); coconut cake; chocolate chip maple syrup cookies; cashew or almond cream raw tarts; banana ice cream; almond date raw bars/balls; sweet potato pie with coconut whipped cream; tapioca pudding vegan style; chocolate pudding vegan style; and even though it isn't a dessert per say, chocolate cardamom pancakes topped with homemade raspberry compote is something I would eat daily if I could lol. The luscious coconut bread recipe on here is excellent too!

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