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Best Veggie burger recipes?

I hadn't bought veggie burgers in quite awhile, but I bought two boxes yesterday.  The kids and I ate all (but one which I intend to devour over the weekend). My husband had about had a heart attack over the price of the boxes. So, I'm on the search for a good, tasty, veggie burger recipe that DOESN'T require a food processor.  I do have a blender so I can chop nuts and such.  I'm not big on bean-based burgers but I'm willing to be open to a recipe! Needs to be flavorful but not TOO spicy for my boys.  I looked on Vegweb recipes but only found a few...I usually have a lot of grains and tvp around...if you have something you use as a stand by recipe I would love to know about it.

I hope I have the right forum! If not I'm sorry. :(

these are my favourite bean burgers so far..they hold together well and taste yummy;

I changed it by using black beans.  I chop up the pepper, carrots and onion in the food processor first and sautee them in some olive oil til there getting soft and carmelizing a bit.  I use panko for the crumbs and only about a 1/3 cup of salsa.

There's also a really yummy recipe I use from Vegan Vittles;

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