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Camping Food Ideas and Recipes

hi all
My partner and I will be cycle touring for 2 weeks next month, self-supported. I'd like to make some tasty, yet easy, meals. I'm leaning towards the kind that you premake at home and just add one or two ingredients at camp. We'll be able to buy some supplies en route.
Any ideas? We'll have a camp stove, pot, pan.

Hey scooter, not sure if you've left on your biking trip but shoot me an email if you're interested in an easy Bannock recipe. The dry ingredients can be pre-packaged...just add water when you're ready to cook it. Bannock is a native bread that can be cooked inside or outside, over an open fire....super easy!


What about soups?  Dried veggies, bullion powder, beans.  Voila! Instant yummy.

There are some recipes listed on Positive Living as well.


Hmm.. maybe Dr. McDougalls hot cereal/big meal cups?


You can also take potatoes and carrots and tofu (and any extra veggies, and wrap them up in foil with a bit of soy margarine and spices (anything you like). You'll roast the veggies over the open fire for about 15-20 minutes, or until they're soft.


If you have a dehydrator make your favorite meals, spread them on the racks (use the plastic disc thing) and dry away. Curries, pastas, stews and soups all work well. Avoid things that have a lot of water (like cucumbers and lettuce).

My favorite outback meal is yam curry: slice and lightly steam some yams at home, dehydrate them. When you are ready, cook the yams (using plenty of water) with powdered coconut milk and curry paste. Serve with quinoa (you can cook it all in the same pot if need be). 

Happy Trails.


A couscous salad?  You can make the couscous at home, (I usually add some kind of Italian dressing to make it less dry and tasiter).  I add stir-fried veggies (garlic, onions, broccoli, zucchini, summer squash, spinach, artichokes, sun-dried toms-- whatever you have on hand) and I add chick peas or black eyed peas.  It keeps for a couple of days, and is great warm or cold.


Rice and Lentils

1/2 cup brown basmati rice
1/2 cup french green lentils
2 1/2 cups water

bring to boil, reduce heat, simmer covered for 45min. Should be *just enough* for 2.

add chopped tomatos if ya' got 'em




go the store and buy from the bulk section (adjust to your own taste)
1-2 lbs brown rice
.5 lb wild rice/grass
1-2 lbs brown and red lentils
1 lb dried soup mix veggies (usually has peas carrots peppers tomatoes onions etc)
.25 lb powdered nonchicken broth or your favourite powdered veggie broth

mix all ingredients in proportions according to your taste with your favourite herbs and spices (basil parsely cracked pepper cinnamon cayenne paprika etc...) and place in a large (4 quart) ziploc bag for storage

when ready to cook add water to the mix 2:1 and cook covered for 45 minutes for a soup or uncovered for an hour for a drier chow (be sure to check water levels and add more in small amounts as needed
remember that cooking times will vary on a camp stove with such variables as wind, ambient temperature, altitude and humidity
watch for the wild rice to split and curl as it will b the last item that will finish cooking

remember to go easy with the broth powdr or else keep the broth powder seperate and add it tothe water when you cook since it can be strong if you use too much

i use this as a general staple for any camping trip and as lunch type food for burningman typ events where there is a larger meal planned for later but i just have to eat now

its easy cheap (less than USD$30 at my local grocery for all of it if i use the larger amounts of each) quickish and GOOD, especially with the wild rice added

and best of all its filling and provides all the carbs you need for cycling as well as protien for long term energy and alertness


Well, actually, I'm going 'cabining'... but that sounded odd.

Anyways, it's my first long-term vacation with my omni family. I need some food ideas! It's a two day drive, so I can't really bring any refrigerated items.  :( So frankly, I haven't a clue what to bring. There's a stove and microwave at the cabin. I was thinking pasta, peanut butter and jellies, rice... But that's kind of boring. I'll be there about 7 days.  :-\ I'm worried I'm going to starve after all the hiking I'm going to be doing! Anyone have any suggestions? I'd appreciate it mucho!


i had a hard time coming up with ideas - but here a few suggestions:
dried fruit/trail mix (not really a meal...but good snacks, and you can share with your family)
you can use the pasta & peanut butter with sesame oil to make sesame noodles (yeah it's still pasta, but it's slightly more interesting...)
i've seen some pretty interesting (indian/spanish flavors) rice and bean bowls and also noodle bowls that don't require refrigeration that are more exciting than just basic rice.  but you probably should watch the salt content if you're going to be hiking.
soy milk that comes in juice box-like containers...good with cereal
buy some really green bananas right before you go, so they will still be good on your trip.
vegan marshmallows :)

why don't you try to get your family to stop at a supermarket/convenience store right before you arrive at the camping site?  I wasn't sure if you meant there was no refrigeration at the actual cabin, or just that you wouldn't be able to take stuff directly from home because the trip was 2 days long. 


clif bars.  i could live on those things.  they are amazing & would marry one if i could.  then i'd probably eat it.. black widow style.


There are 3 recipes for camping under Events/Holidays. You could check those out and see if any would be helpful.

I think bring dried fruit, rice, store bought hummus in the jars, peanut butter, cans of beans, granola, and bread would be what I'd bring. Also maybe bottled water, can drinks, juice boxes etc...


I'm not sure how you feel about boxed items, but Fantastic Foods makes a ton of (what I consider) great vegan products out of a box. I'm thinking, the boxed hummus (requires hot water and olive oil only), the boxed tabbouli (hot water, olive oil, couple of tomatoes), the boxed black beans (hot water), couscous (regular or whole wheat, you could bring along some currants and almonds and add them in for some flavor), plus they have great soups (just add hot water), I like their split pea and spring onion miso the best. Seriously, I buy and use a lot of their stuff and I like that they don't have a lot of artificial ingredients, and their items are cleared marked as vegan on the box. I'd also bring Larabars, maybe some fruit, some pretzels, popcorn, bread/bagels/english muffins, nut butters, maybe some canned beans and rice....there's probably quite a bit you could bring.


If you're going to be on all day hikes, pb&j or the Fantastic Foods type of items are good.  A trail mix with salted nuts and raisins (basic gorp stuff).  Bring some fresh fruit.  If you're going to be cooking at night, maybe some root vegetables.  I'd bring some seitan jerkey.  If it's a cabin, are you going to be near a store?  You could bring some things that need to stay cool, like seitan o' greatness or BBQ seitan if you're able to pick up some ice during the week.


My hubby and I are going to a music fest/camping thing over July 4th weekend.  I need ideas on easy to make vegan foods to take that won't break the bank.  We have limited space so I was thinking of pasta/bean salads, trail mixes, granola, etc.  Also foods that can be cooked over the campfire would be awesome!  Thanks bunches!  :)


Here are some ideas from a recent thread:

I go camping for a week for a music fest each year.  What I've found is that I really don't eat much.  I wouldn't bring complex meals.  You probably won't make them.  People stay up at the campfire playing music all night and there's a lot of drinking.  So, by the time I make it to bed, sleep in, and wake up, it's time to go listen to music.  

I bring pb&j ingredients.  It's the only time during the year I eat them, but it seems to work well, because nothing needs refrigeration.  Other than that, fruit and veggies that will last for a while in an ice chest, crackers, and some soy or seitan jerky should do it.

Edit:  The breakfast bars are a great idea.  I might make them for this year's trip.  You may want to make some vegan cookies, if you want something sweet to bring along.


Humboldt_honey - that's exactly how our weekend will be - music, drinking, no sleep - you get the idea!  :D  Thanks for the ideas!


Vegetarian chili! I make it beforehand (that's probably cheating), and then just re-heat it over the camp stove or fire. With some bread (also baked at home beforehand, lol) it's so yummy outside, under the stars, in front of a fire. Yum! Plus, it goes well with beer.  ;)


I've had good luck with "just add water" types of things.  Couscous, oatmeal, dehydrated black bean dip, if you shop at anywhere that does bulk foods.

I like PB and crackers to sop up some of the beer  :D

Have fun!


oooooo, I just logged on to find out that very same thing!

I'm leaving in 3 days for a music festival, but we aren't allowed to have campfires, glass, or knives, so I need ready-made things.

Perhaps the breakfast bars, but I just made them over the weekend, and don't think they'll hold up that well outside of the fridge.

Also, would vegan bread that is pre-sliced go stale in 4 days?

I am planning on taking couscous (already made, tastes great cold- tabouleh!), peanut butter, bread, veggies, raisins, nuts, granola bars,  hummus and fruit.  Lots of snacky-type things that you can eat as is.  I'm not much of a hot-food eater anyway.

Have fun at your festival!!!



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