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Cheese Cravings

I don't miss any nonvegan food except for cheese. And, it's usually a craving for a high quality, aged cheese. I'm just curious as to how other people manage these cravings. Do you just put it out of your mind? Remind yourselves of awful dairy farms? Make a vegan cheese? Splurge on fancy nut cheese?

I had the same with meat, but I've just ignored it and it went away, when I'm craving meat I can just eat tofu or or some sort of meat replacement, in my head it's the same now.

For me those replacements only work when the thing it's replacing isn't that important to me anymore.

And sometimes I use a replacement that doesn't look like the real thing, like avocado in place of cream cheese, just because at that moment I want something creamy and it's fine if it's not the same as the stuff I had before.


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