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Christmas Cake

I know it is FAR to early in the year to be thinking baout it but I am. Does anyone have any recommendations for a rich heavy fruit Christmas Cake recipe. The one I have is a family traditional one and has at least 5 eggs in it, and thats not counting the icing! Obviously this year I will not be able to make that one. I am thinking of trying it with silken tofu substituted for some of the eggs and also maybe a banana, and then maybe some egg replacer as well - but will I then be able to keep it for 6 weeks like I do with the old one??? and then what to ice it with?

Does anyone make Christmas Cake?? Help please.

i just googled for 'vegan christmas cake', and thankfully there seem to be quite a few reciepes around, including the following- they all showed up in the first 6 results on google:

i haven't personally made a vegan xmas cake (cos i can't have wheat and sugar and i'm too lazy to mess about switching all of those ingredients about, lol!) but i remember when i was a kid my dad used to make our christmas cake really rich and dark by replacing the liquid content with half orange juice, and half really strongly brewed black tea (no milk added, lol). wow, that cake was lush!
seeing as xmas cake is going to be pretty dense and rich and quite heavy anyway, i don't think i'd use silken tofu or banana, i'd probably use an existing vegan reciepe for the flour and oil and liquid ratios, and put my own fruits and spices and whatever else in as normal, - maybe using an egg replacer if i really felt it needed it- but i don't think most cakes really do need egg to bind.
if you were worried about the cake keeping, you could freeze it once it was cooked and before you iced it, but then it wouldnt 'age' and i guess thats why you'd want to keep it for 6 weeks.
its really smart of you to think about it now, and it gives you the opportunity to try a few receipes out, and make a few half or quarter sized versions of them, to see how they work out, way before the main event. i wish i was that organised!


Thanks. I've had a look, an am leaning towards the German one but I'll still have to do a bit of tweaking as I use Stevia instead of sugar  - at least I now have a reference point. I am feeling super dense as I didn't even think of googling my request - must do that next time!

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