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Coconut Cake Question for Coconut Lovers (cus i am not one)

Ok, long time no post!  hello!

So i want to make some coconut cake (prob cupcakes) for someone who really loves coconut.  I've got vctotw & vwav, both of which have recipes which people seem to like on the review page, but some ppl say they're kinda dense.. which i don't want.  the person also loves coffee flavored stuff so the vctotw one really jumped out at me - but again, denseness.  I've found a recipe online that looks light and fluffy so I'm thinking of going with that one

but if i used the vctotw coffee buttercream frosting with it (subbing coconut oil for the shortening) would it be weird without having the cocoa/chocolate in the cupcake?  does the coconut cupcake need the cocoa to be a liaison between it and the coffee flavor?

ps.  i also plan on using reduced coconut milk which i saw in a recipe for coconut cupcakes on bon appetits website..

as a person who has no deep love of coconut I'm in need of some help, please.

Coconut lover here. I don't think it'd be weird without the cocoa in the cupcake. But if you were really worried about it, you could add a couple T of cocoa powder into the frosting to make a mocha buttercream frosting. Also, another trick to really make the delicious coconut flavor shine through and to win over naysayers is to add 1/4 tsp almond extract along with the vanilla (and some coconut extract for good measure). Also, a warning: coconut oil in frosting is delicious but doesn't hold up as well as when you use shortening or EB. Something to think about if you're trying to pipe on the frosting with fancy tips to wow your friends. 50/50 yields a firmer buttercream, IME.


ooh adding the cocoa powder to the frosting is a great idea!  i'll add a bit of almond extract to the batter, too. 

good thinking on the frosting!

thanks sb!


I don't really remember the coffee coconut cupcakes being that dense...maybe I'm just not remembering it that well? I know what you mean about coconut baked goods being dense. What I've done in the past is substituted almond milk for the coconut milk (so, this is much much thinner), then added coconut extract to add back in that coconut flavor.


Yeah, I think SB  has some good advice there. I too tried to sub in some coconut milk in banana bread once, just to use it up, and it came out heavy and hard and dry. I think it's basically because it's very water-watery, without the other stuff to provide "oomph." Imagine if the liquid you used in a flour-based recipe was just water. It'd come out hard and dry like a cracker.

Good to see you posting, PPC!! I've missed you and wondered how you were.


thanks yabbit!

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