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Coconut Cake Question for Coconut Lovers (cus i am not one)

Ok, long time no post!  hello!

So i want to make some coconut cake (prob cupcakes) for someone who really loves coconut.  I've got vctotw & vwav, both of which have recipes which people seem to like on the review page, but some ppl say they're kinda dense.. which i don't want.  the person also loves coffee flavored stuff so the vctotw one really jumped out at me - but again, denseness.  I've found a recipe online that looks light and fluffy so I'm thinking of going with that one

but if i used the vctotw coffee buttercream frosting with it (subbing coconut oil for the shortening) would it be weird without having the cocoa/chocolate in the cupcake?  does the coconut cupcake need the cocoa to be a liaison between it and the coffee flavor?

ps.  i also plan on using reduced coconut milk which i saw in a recipe for coconut cupcakes on bon appetits website..

as a person who has no deep love of coconut I'm in need of some help, please.

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