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cooking oil guide?

Does anyone know of a resource (print, web, whatever) that lists different types of cooking oils, how long they last (I hear Canola goes rancid quickly), what temeratures they are best used at, etc.??? My boyfried's work has a food bank and Whole Foods donated tons of different types of oil. He brought a bunch of it home, includiing Canola, Peanut, Safflower, and different types of Olive just to name a few. I have been trying to find this information online but I keep getting stuff about how to make my car run off of oil...not exactly what I am looking for.
Any information would be a big help.

I did a bit of searching around and found a website that may be of help. It is a soapmaking website, but I imagine a rancid oil is a rancid oil whether you eat it or use it in a soap (although nutritional quality is probably a different story altogether):

Definitely take the advice to store your oils in a cool, dark place.

This website may also be helpful even though it is brief:


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