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Cooking veg for hundreds!

Hello all! I'm looking for a single dish that I can cook for several hundred people. It would be for service on a college campus as part of a grant to expose more people to local, organic veg goodness! So here are the criteria:

- Vegan (duh!), but nothing too "scary"--it has to appeal to my hippie friends and the meat-eating fraternity brother alike. That also means that it's probably best if it's not too heavily spiced.

- Easily transportable. Nothing that requires assembly--it'll have to be served in a line, quickly.

- Nothing that needs to be extremely hot or cold. 

- Something relatively different--i.e., a pb&j isn't going to leave a resounding impression of vegan cuisine. I was thinking that something with tempeh might be good, as many people haven't tried it before, but it's reliably delicious.

Thank so much in advance for your help! 

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