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Dandelion Greens

Has anyone used them in their salads?  It was only recently that I found out they were edible. 
I made a salad with dandelion greens and spinach.  I added some drained pinto beans, green beans, tomato, cucumber, and fresh mushrooms.  For a dressing I whisked together some vegan mayonnaise and extra-virgin olive oil.  It was very good!

We grew up with dandelion greens. My grandmother always had tons at her house & she would send over bags for us. They aren't my favourite. Dad always made them with a vinegrette (heavy on the vinegar) but they were still bland....god, I haven't had them in years.


I like all types of greens and have had Dandelion Greens. I think the nice on
salads, but I also lightly steam them (for like 45 seconds). I use oil and
vinegar or NancyK's miso dressing.


OMG!  You just reminded me I have some in the fridge and have for about a week!  I hope they are still good.  I steam them and put olive oil and them, or soy sauce and a little sesame oil. 

I haven't eaten them fresh though.  I find them a bit bitter, but I love intense foods (like raw cranberries and fresh lemons eaten like an orange).


Yes, I've eaten them in salads and many other ways too.  My mother grew up in the South and made my sisters and I try all sorts of different greens.  I'll eat them occasionally now raw but they aren't my favorite.  I think because of childhood trauma.  ;)


i often use them in soup with kale, they hold up rather well as opposed to other greens.

also, i make a simple salad with raw beets, fresh blueberries, the beet greens and dandlelion greens.

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