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Decent-tasting powdered "milk" recommendations?

I'm not really fond of giving kids junk food as rewards, but here is my problem.  My daughter's school gives first graders hot chocolate for getting a certain score or better on spelling tests.  It is a tiny private school, so they are willing to accomodate her dietary restrictions, but I need to create a just-add-water hot chocolate mix.  

I have found recipes galore, but they all call for a powdered "milk" of some sort.  I have tried some brands in the past and wasn't too thrilled, but I imagine with the addition of chocolate and sugar they would taste better.  I just don't have money to test out a bunch of products, and I want the end product to taste as good if not better than the Swiss Miss stuff.  

Anyway, can anyone recommend a brand of powdered nondairy milk that tastes decent, is creamy, and disolves well?  


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