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Delicata squash

My squash-neutral partner just discovered delicata squash and has been raving about it for two weeks-- since he tasted it at a friend's house.  Finally, my market had some in stock and I bought a couple and gave them a try.  Oh, they are GOOD! 

If you like winter squash, but haven't tried these, look for them.  They're capsule-shaped, pale orange with bright orange and green lateral stripes-- extremely pretty.  They taste a little like butternut squash, but sweeter and milder, with flavor overtones of chestnut and something-maybe-apricot.

We just baked them and lightly salted them.  Next time I'll skip the salt.  I'm normally a squash-seasoning minimalist, but boy, are these good without any gilding at all.

I've been pimping them to family members and friends all day.  :)  Thought I'd share with y'all, too. 

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