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diet plan?

Does anyone know where I can find a vegetarian diet plan (for free?)  I am too busy (and lazy) to make up my own, and I really need to lose weight.  Dinner I have no problem, but lunch and breakfast, if I don't plan in advance, I wind up skipping!  I have been a lacto ovo for 4 or 5 months now, but eat too much sugar and cheese so weight going no where!  Also my 2 kids are not exactly on the bandwagon yet, still working on them (hubby is though, good thing!) I am a good cook and somewhat of a food snob, so I dont like boring food ("iceberg lettuce salad and a rice cake - ugh!)  I do LOVE vegetables though. Anyone know?

If you find one let me know too, OK? For starters, try the "brown diet"--basically eliminate all refined (white) flour/sugar/fat from your brown rice, wholegrain breads and flours, no industrial cakes etc., or hydrogenated oils. You'll find their "brown" relations more filling as well as more nutritious, which is already a help. Experiment with herbs and spices, as more flavour is more satisfying and helps you eat less. Never skip meals, since this puts your metabolism into "starvation mode"; look on this site for good, quick and portable breakfast and lunch ideas. And remember to drink plenty of clear, pure water! Best of luck! ;)


yes, I do eat all whole grain, I have a degree in nutrition and know what to do, I am just too busy and lazy to sit down and come up with a meal plan!  Thanks


do you mean daily food plans? you can get these online all over the place- i googled for 'vegan meal plans' and found these on the first page:


This is my diet plan. I don't know if it'll help you out lots or not, this is just what I do for myself. In the morning, I always have a smoothie. I put in a cup of almond milk (or about), half a banana, frozen berries, and then I put in some Udo's Oil (it's omega 3-6-9), some Fibre Smart (I'm sure any fibre mix will do), some green powder, a little bit of vanilla extract, and there you go! A power packed nutritous drink that'll keep you full until lunch! The fibre is really good because it'll help "flush" your system, and keep you fuller longer. There's no sugar in the drink, so you're good there, and it has all your essential oils. The key though, to any diet plan, is no sugar. You seem to know that you eat too much of it. I could sit here and tell you to just get rid of it, but unfortunately I know that's not very easy to do. Sugar is an addictive and you can become addicted to it. You might have to maybe slowly wean yourself off of it. Plus, the other thing about diet plans is that portion plays a HUGE part! It doesn't matter if what you're eating is nothing but veggies and fruit. You have to keep an eye out on how much you eat of it. I'm sure there are plenty of websites out there that tell you what a correct portion size is. I wish you all the luck!


If you find that you are eating too much cheese and sugar, stop buying so much. My fiance and I still live with our parents who always buy junk food and we find we eat it because its easy, so our goal for when we get married and live together is to just not buy it.

As far as cheese goes, they make lower fat cheese, I just bought a bag made from 2% milk that tastes just the same.


Just quit the cheese.
Throw it away and don't buy it anymore.
I know it's good, I know you crave it, I know that you have NO idea of what to eat if you didn't have cheese.
But it is bad for you. I'm sure you know all the nasty things animal fats can do to your body, so don't let your habits rule you! You're an individual, not a cheese-monster. you decide what you eat.

The key to good eating, I find, is planning and keeping busy. I read recipes (I agree on FatFreeVegan, it's GREAT) and plan what to make and when. And I try to avoid being around the house with nothing to do, becaust that's what makes (me) eat the the things I shouldn't. (Bread, as I'm allergic to yeast. I LOVE bread!!)

And if you're concerned about your kids, try to include them in the food making. You're obviously into good food, so by including your kids they'll hopefully catch some of your love for good stuff.

Also, remember that when you've once seen the truth, you cab still turn away from it, but you'll always find your way back.
(Meaning: once you've had smoothies for breakfast, quinoa salad for lunch, cantaloupe in the afternoon and lentil soup for dinner for a month you might get caught in a cheeese-trap again, but you'll know how to get the hell out of there!)


Try for a free recipe plan.  Any of his books are great.  Also The 30-Day Total Health Makeover by Marilu Henner.  She has a website, but the program is not free.  Try your library for the books or eBay.  ;)

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