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Easy multigrain yeast bread recipe for kids to make?

Hi everyone. I am planning on making yeast bread with my daughter's girl scout troop in the science room at their school on Monday afternoon.  I would like to plan for each girl to knead her own loaf and take it home.  I checked out most of the recipes on this site but I am looking for a multigrain loaf that involves actual yeast (preferably that is proofed in water before adding) and that can be kneaded right away. We won't have enough time to wait a while after adding the yeast before kneading.  I figure the girls can let the dough rise at home and bake.

If anyone has any great easy to make multigrain or whole wheat or oat bread recipes I would appreciate it.

Also, if anyone knows of inspiring stories/literature involving girls making bread, I'd appreciate it if you'd point me in that direction.

Thanks so much!


I don't have a recipe that fits your description but from my experience, I would think it should be able to be done with any bread recipe.  You would probably need to let the dough rest 10-15 min between mixing and kneeding.  I would concider using less yeast so the flavor from the yeast could develop during only 1 rise.  Do you have a favorite recipe you usually use?


If you can find LM Montgomery's "Rilla of Ingleside", or LM Alcott's "Eight Cousins", there are passages in there about girls learning to cook and make bread.


Hi, thanks for the replies.  I have a multigrain bread cookbook and one recipe in there fits my needs, but I haven't tried it and would rather have gone with something recommended.  We are only going to mix it and knead it and maybe do a partial rise and they will have to take the dough home and bake it there. So I do think it could have two rises. 

yabbit, I loved Eight Cousins when I read it a long time ago. will definitely look for those passages.

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