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i am going to NewYork next week and then to Philadelphia.  when im in NY i usually go to the angelica home kitchen, was thinking id go to Teany this year too, any other suggestions?  i dot all over the place in philadelphia, any suggestions for there?

also any good suggestions for food to take on my flight, i am feeling a bit uninspired.

coolio, thank you, bb

The Cherry Street Chinese restaurasnt in Philadelphia!


Have you ever been to the Candle Cafe? I'd love to try that one. I would also love to make a pilgrimage to MooShoes!  :D

Also, try this site:

Have fun!


hey gingergirl I lost your addy  :'( that´s why I never wrote back *blush*
I will probaby got to London in May!
Have a FAB time i NYC!!!! ;D

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