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excellent stuffing recipe

Since T-Day approaches, I wanted to share my favorite stuffing recipe.  It is actually based--don't laugh too hard--on a JIMMY DEAN recipe which I veg*nized a few years ago.

Here is a link to the Jimmy Dean page:

(in case the link doesn't work, you want the recipe for the regular sausage stuffing)

Instead of the pork sausage, in the past I used crumbled up Morningstar breakfast patties (I cooked them first them crumbled them up).  This year I might try gimme lean italian sausage flavor instead.  Instead of the chicken broth I used the imagine no-chicken broth, and instead of the egg, well, honestly I used the egg, but I think you need something to very lightly bind it together so I'm guessing some ground up flaxseeds would do.  You don't notice the egg at all.  This is a very hearty and filling stuffing recipe--with all the veggies and the meat and bread, it is almost a meal in itself.  And it is something that most people enjoy, except for the few die-hard Stove Top fans in my family.

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