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Experience with tofu & Food Saver?

Has anyone used a vaccuum packing machine in marinating tofu?  I'm embarking on an experiment with this today and couldn't find anything online about it.  The machines are recommended for cutting marinating time on meats to 1/2 hour.

Let us know how that works out.  I think it would be a great way to marinade, especially if you first get as much water out of the tofu before putting in the bag.


I wanted to let you know, this worked out really well with some firm tofu I froze for about 2 hours, thawed for 2 hours, and marinated in the vacuum container for about half an hour.  It was marinated most of the way through in that short amount of time.  (I used teriyaki sauce then BBQed it.  Really fantastic results.
I think it would be a great method with tofu that had been frozen in advance and thawed, and marinated in the vacuum for one hour, or two hours at the most. 
I need to get in the habit of throwing tofu in the freezer right after I bring it home from the store!
Happy cooking!

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