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Favorite Coleslaw recipes? I know, I always have questions!

I've made coleslaw before but have forgotten how.  After reading about 20 minutes of recipes here I have found lots of ideas but I stii am not sure which to make tonight. 

My husband says one only needs 4 ingredients:


I didn't see pineapple mentioned anywhere although I did see sugar added.  We have some fresh pineapple I could use but wonder how much to use; he says it's imperative so I guess I'll try it... I think it's a California thing but I'm from New York state and remember it being made with poppy seeds.

Any thoughts?   

I'd ask for favorite too-hot-to-cook recipes but I feel like I always ask too many questions! 

(It's too hot to cook, to do laundry and the humidity is killing me - I'm not well at all.)

This is my favourite coleslaw recipe; a little different but no mayo or pineapple.


Thanks yabbitgirl.  That looks like a good one.  I am going to have to try it.  I love the ingredients listed for that one and too, how it's a nice twist to a recipe that is unique. 


It's not possible to ask too many questions here, sweetie, particularly about food.
For "too hot to cook" days I love salads of course, or gazpacho (salad in a glass). I make mine without the bread, it's GF that way and less calories too. I add a little more olive oil to help it thicken when it chills. I like Couscous for Breakfast...which isn't just for breakfast, of course!!


just saw this. I have made coleslaw many times but winged it without the recipe. I grew up in PA so I am with you on skipping the pinapple. Yes, I was in shock when served that in CA. I would take his list of ingredients and add a splash of vinegar, preferably cider, and a dash of celery seed, not poppy seeds although they look a lot alike. I would use about twice the pineapple as carrot but both are fairly minor ingredients.

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