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fluffy pizza

does anyone have a reliable recipe for a thick pizza base (vegan) cos i only seem to able to make thin ones.  when i don't roll the dough out as much it just doesn't cook through properly.
any thoughts?
thanks bb:)

Hey there,
when i made my pizza i used the recipe on this site called: Pizza Dough ( and it was good if you don't mind it being whole wheat and thick(like you could probely make 2 small thinner pizza's out of the one huge piece of dough), i am not sure but you probley could use white flour instead(or maybe even half and half), but ither than that i loved it, oh yeah and i usally pile my toppings high on my pizza so i cooked mine for 35ish minutes, just affter 25mins i would just keep an eye on it so it don't burn. Hope this helps a bit.
-Melissa  :D

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