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Food for diabetics? Need a little help!

My grandpa is diabetic and I would like to start making him vegan meals. I don't know much about it, except he shouldn't have sugar unless his sugar is low.  He's pretty picky I think, probably isn't a fan of salads. He is overweight, so low-fat foods are good.

But what should I keep out and what is really good to add?

Any help is appreicated!


Brittany, I would recommend that he see a dietitian to figure out how many carbohydrates he should have per meal, and learn how to count carbohydrates, read nutrition labels, etc. Most men need around 4 servings per meal, 2 per snack. What's tricky with a vegan diet is that it's typically >60% calories from carbohydrates, whereas most recommend diabetics stick to 50% calories from carbohydrates. 

Choose high fiber, whole grain starches

Choose plenty of nonstarchy vegetables (basically any vegetable is nonstarchy besides peas, corn, potatoes, and winter squash) 

Make sure he's getting adequate protein, this can be from nuts, nut butters, tofu, seitan, commercial meat substitutes, etc. Beans and soy products will still have carbohydrates in them however. 

You're right to avoid added sugar, does he like splenda, Sweet n Low, or Equal? 

Also, on a side note, I really recommend that he take a multivitamin and/or a vitamin B12 supplement. As we age we don't absorb B12 as well and vegan diets can be low in Vitamin B12 if not planned well. 

I hope this helps! 





I'm not sure if he like the sugar substitues or not... I'm only going to be cooking for him once a week, and all other days I think he eats take-out. So he probably wont need b12. (fried chicken is his fav!) He's not much of a cooker. I hope I can help him out a little. I'm going to see him today, so I can ask what all his doctor said about his eating.

Thank you Jubaliee! I didn't know they were supposed to have so many carbs! I'm making him Veggie lo mein tonight for him. I HOPE he loves it! Wish me luck! :)


Well I guess I should have specified that it's 4 servings of carbohydrate, but on the other hand 1/3c cooked pasta is a serving. So really if you measured 1c. of noodles with a measuring cup, and then maybe a piece of fuit, that's all the CHO he'd need at a meal.

If he eats takeout every other day of the week I'd just stuff him with veggies hahahah

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