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fruit/veggie chip granola bars??

I've been scouring the recipes in search of a "granola bar" recipe or cereal bar recipe that uses fruit and veggie chips - like banana chip type chips. 
I bought them in hopes that my 3 year old would eat them but, alas, no such luck!  I have discovered, however, that she will eat granola bars with bits of things in them with no complaint.

Does anyone have any recommendations?  Could I substitute these dried veggie/fruit chips for dried fruit?  Anyone know if that would work?

I don't have a lot of ingredients here but I do have:  sunbutter, corn syrup, honey, rice krispies, "cheerios" , whole wheat....


I made this a while ago and added some banana chips: http://Coconut almond granola bar

I made a few substitutions, so mine didn't turn out that well, but it tasted good, and the banana chips weren't a problem. I guess you didn't list those ingredients, but for when you do have them. You could throw in dried fruit chips with most granolas, I would think. Agave or brown rice syrup would be great subs for the corn syrup and honey.

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